Did A Plane Almost Collide With A UFO Over Moscow Airport?

In the skies over “Vnukovo” was seen a UFO

At the airport “Vnukovo” at landing one of the planes nearly collided with a UFO. At least, this information is one of the pilots told the dispatcher. These negotiations have heard personally photojournalist “MK in Nizhny Novgorod” Oleg Zaitsev.

The fact that an American site for amateur radio ( www.liveatc.net ) are translated into on-line discussions at several airports around the world. There often come as professionals and fans of aviation.

“So, with his head at me all right”

Evening of May 26, Oleg went to the portal, choose “Vnukovo” and in the presence of witnesses heard the dialogue memorized almost word for word. (Further explanation in the P – Pilot, D – Manager.)

PS – We then observed the flight of the object. Who flies you have here, I do not understand?

D. – What for? Repeat.

PS – We just went with some object, he just went across our course. We had to reset the speed and went just 50-meters.

D. – I do not see on the locator.

PS – I repeat, we visually observed the object round.

D. – How does he look like?

AP – An object round, 10-12 feet, maybe more, shimmering colored lights and it could be seen … The windows are not windows, but there was something shining in general.

– Then the conversation took a different voice, – says Oleg. – Apparently, intervened to change from senior managers. He briefly surveyed the aircraft commander on the object, the commander said the same thing.

Unfortunately, our press photographer has not entered these negotiations, but managers should they be stored.

However, the spokesman for the airport “Vnukovo” Mary Sharavin reported that such information is in its organization is not received. Even a high-profile laser bullying Airport learns indirectly, from the relevant authorities, who seek pilots and controllers.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Moscow automated air traffic control, Elvira HAMK encouraged by us: they say, the negotiations must be recorded. But later clarified: an entry negotiations, they can pick up and listen only on the orders of Federal Air Transport Agency.

The fact that pilots occasionally encounter on the way UFOs are often discussed in their forums. But managers are trying not to tell about it. According to the pilot of the helicopter Mi-8 Oleg Kiselyov, the cause of “silence” is simple: such a message as soon as the pilot brings the shadow of mistrust. He is subjected to inspection and be removed from flight – on time, and if doctors suspect something, then and forever. Are there many people who believe in UFOs?

Personally, I few years ago I saw a disc-shaped unidentified object, which shimmered with lights on the approach to the airport “Sheremetyevo” – says Oleg Kiselyov. – I was a co-pilot aircraft Yak-40. And not that the controller – even the commander of the aircraft to talk about it did not. The fact that he was very emotional, and control the aircraft should be at rest. And when we are already the object of almost passed, the commander said, “Ah, you see it?!”. Only then I was relieved from the heart: so, with his head at me as though everything is normal.

UFOs are often interferes with the plane to sit

Well-known Russian ufologist Boris Shurinov explained that UFOs are often found within the aerodrome was – kind of like “alien” watching the movements of human aircraft.

– There were even cases where the land had to be postponed, – said Boris Apollonovich. – That is, the plane circled over the airport until they removed an unidentified object. The last such incident occurred at Barnaul, but I can not say outright what year. So did, in fact, surprising in this, “Vnukovo” no incident. I was in such cases, always remember the phrase of the famous French ufologist Velasco: “In our area there are objects that can not be controlled by the civil and military authorities, and demonstrate the technology that exceeds anything known on Earth.”

Source: www.mk.ru/science/article/

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