Did H.G. Wells Predict Roswell Crash and UFO Disclosure?

It’s ironic that UFO sightings are surging just at a time the British Ministry of Defence is closing its UFO hotline. While the Vatican, in no less than five public statements, recently declared the alien phenomena to be real, while the U.N. holds not so secret meetings on the subject, while investigative organizations like MUFON are receiving the highest level of UFO sightings ever, while the Canadian former Minister of Defence, Paul Hellyer proclaims the U.S. is hiding UFO encounters, the official stamp is “silence,” on the subject. So it is a good time to reflect on the “father of awareness of the alien encounter,” H.G. Wells.

Wells’ visions were astounding and the accuracy of his predictions are even more magnificent. Wells was a British writer (1866-1946) who, through his writing, foresaw world war, modern mechanized artillery, the use of poison gas as a weapon and the fall of the British Empire. But UFO enthusiasts and believers might be more interested to reflect on an important aspect of Wells’ work. That Wells’ writings were the first step to wake up the world that we are not alone. In his novel, The War Of The Worlds, Wells wrote of the crashing down of an alien craft from another world and the revelation to humanity that we do not run the universe.

He introduced poison black gas as a deadly weapon as later used in WW1, heat-rays, like the microwave super weapons quietly in use now. He described the aliens as being of a different composition than us and with different tolerances to gravity, atmosphere, sunlight and bacteria, much like scientist are discussing now in relation to the discovery of exoplanets and their possible life forms. Virtually all he predicted has come true. The dark but necessary question is, what about his visions of alien invasion?

His book has been made into movies and radio plays many times but has always been altered to virtually unrecognizable. Now a new movie, War OF The Worlds The True Story, takes the unique approach to Wells’ first ever alien contact premise and treats the material as if it actually happened in the year 1900. The movie is presented as a straight up war docudrama — a war docudrama between Earth and invading aliens. War OF The Worlds The True Story has just been released on DVD and internet On Demand streaming rental to glowing reviews.

Ain’t It Cool News said of War Of The Worlds The True Story, “Highly recommended.” The Los Angeles Times said, “‘War Of The Worlds The True Story’ is clever like Wells. Hugely inventive and ambitious.”

The Hollywood Reporter called the movie, “Impressive.” You Won Cannes said, “Ever since the 1953 movie adaptation of War Of The Worlds there have been numerous other translations of Wells’ novel, even a 1988 short lived TV series, but of all the ones I have seen the only two-yes, only two-I find worthy of repeated viewings is the ’53 film and this new 2013 docudrama.” Steven Rose Jr. of the Sacramento Examiner gave the movie 5 out of 5 stars and said, “‘The True Story’ carries the suspense and drama of both the 1953 movie and Spielberg’s 2005 version but in a more realistic manner through its documentary style.”

Without Wells’ visionary idea, who knows how long it would have been before we awakened to the possibility, and now the likelihood, that we are not alone? War Of The Worlds The True Story is rentable right from the Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/waroftheworldsthetruestory. The movie is on DVD with special features and extras through the War Of The Worlds The True Story official websitehttp://www.waroftheworldsthetruestory.com and can be rented in online streaming through Vimeo as well. War Of The Worlds The True Story is coming to Amazon later in July.

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