DIFF-Information is not DIS-Information

By Kevin W. Smith

There is a question that comes up fairly frequently from UFO and paranormal enthusiasts.  I get asked in e-mail.  I have been asked by callers to my show.  I have been asked when I speak at conferences.  I do not get asked every day, but I do get asked.  The question is, “Do you think that guy is a disinformation agent?”  They ask it in reference to various talk hosts, authors, etc.

Certainly, I am aware that there have been, and most likely still are, disinformation operatives working inside the UFO/Paranormal ranks.  These are people who get a government paycheck to lie and deceive, and to mislead people who are interested in UFOs and paranormal phenomena.  This has been a government tactic since the Eisenhower administration, and it has served the black ops boys well.  They made a decision to use very real phenomena as the cover for a lot of their black projects, and they have gotten away with unbelievable transgressions of basic human rights by using this tactic.  I see no reason why they would stop now.

However, real disinformation operatives are highly trained.  Keep that in mind when you point a finger at someone and say, “That’s a disinformation operative”.  If the guy is so clumsy that he has exposed himself to the point where you, me, or anyone else can point a finger and identify him, he would not have that job.  He is, after all, a secret agent.  An exposed agent is not a secret agent. 

Disinformation operatives love it when you point your finger at someone in our field and say, “That’s a disinformation operative.”  They love it because you are doing their job for them.  They will even join in with your accusation and fan the flames on forums, blogs, and with calls to talk shows.   All you have to do is strike the match, and the real disinfo guys will pour gasoline on it.  While you burn this poor guy to the ground, the real disinfo guys are having a party because everyone else is looking at the guy on fire.  No one is scrutinizing the real disinfo guys.  It helps them in their efforts to stay hidden in plain view.

I have been amazed more than once that people want disclosure about UFOs and extraterrestrials, and at the same time will accuse every whistleblower with government ties (past or present) of being disinfo agents.  If disclosure happens, just where do you think it will come from, and who will be speaking?  It will be the very people inside the government whom so many people distrust.  True enough, the government has painted themselves into this corner. 

But on a day to day basis, on talk shows all around the world, there are people talking about UFOs and paranormal phenomena.  Obviously, one person will say one thing about UFOs and another person will say something else.  One will say they have nuclear propulsion while someone else will say they have a gravity wave propulsion.  One person will say they come from another star system and another will say they come from another dimension.  Who is right? 

Probably, both of them are correct.  There are probably all kinds of craft from all kinds of places, using all kinds of propulsion systems, flown by crews of all kinds of species, and having all kinds of agendas.  When you hear a guest on a talk show say “A” and another guest says “B”, it isn’t DISinformation.  It is DIFF-information.  We tend to want everything wrapped up in a nice tidy package, but UFO and paranormal information is far bigger and far more complex than that.  There is not just one truth about UFOs.  There is not just one truth about psychic phenomena.  There are many, many, many truths about each of them, and they are complex beyond description.  Just because someone has a different view of things than you have, that does not mean they are disinformation agents.  It does not mean they are wrong.  It does not mean anything at all except that they have a different view.  Just because their information is not the same as what you have already heard does not mean it is wrong.  It is simply different information.

It isn’t disinformation, it’s DIFF-information.  It is far past time for the UFO/paranormal community to evolve beyond its current raging cannibalism. 



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