Dirty Politics Second Edition, 2013


Here at last is Pat Regan’s brand new 2013 ‘Updated’ Second Edition of Dirty Politics….

Pat Regan’s book Dirty Politics is most certainly `not’ a work of fiction. All information within its remit is based on hard facts, personal experience and evidence gleaned from years of tough campaigning against various forms of social and ecological suppression.

If Pat Regan’s words at first upset or even offend you in any way then please give the author the benefit of the doubt. Read the whole work through, before you make judgements. Dirty Politics will tell it as it `is’, from the heart, and not how it is supposed to be. It is written from first-hand experience, not passed on gossip from other factions with dubious agendas.

Dirty Politics endeavours are well-meant and based on genuine concern for what Regan holds dear. Many concerned people of a similar mindset to Pat Regan have been urgently seeking to expose similar or indeed the very same facts to a wider audience for some time.
The passion behind Dirty Politics is to resist mismanagement, oppression and cold-hearted officialdom that have run out of control.

Dictatorial bullies, that hate to listen and love to shout, clearly hold a strange magnetic quality for crusader like Regan. He clearly gravitates to them and if they fail to control their malevolent ways he is always happy to oblige, via returning the favour three-fold times.

The latest waste collection debacle, that is affecting so many ordinary families everywhere, is a prime example of this authoritarian misconduct and it needs to be roundly exposed for what it is – right now!

The vast majority of information contained in this work is related to the controversial waste collection issue, yet Dirty Politics also includes data regarding the way those greedy authorities and firms etc mistreat the ecosystem.

Most of this type of thing is of course interrelated anyway; consequently it is all highly relevant to the subject matter.

Freethinker Pat Regan has also tackled the divisive issue of global warming allegations, not as any great scientific expert but as a long-time campaigner who has seen exactly how clever politicians are manipulating the public via that subject for their own selfish ends.

Dirty Politics follows the vast international topic of energy issues, which are again related to the matters at hand and ultimately concern us all – whether we like it or not.

People have fairly asked Regan how he ever got involved in the widespread campaign against the UK Government’s notorious and greatly unpopular two-week bin scheme. That is a very good question yet one that he has honestly never really bothered to address before now.  He habitually addresses the cause and effect of things, always has, preferring to rely on pure gut instinct for the best advice rather than trust the word of so-called `experts’ who frequently have carefully hidden agendas. Community activist and author Pat Regan has been involved in several significant eco-campaigns and others to change residential matters for the better.

In the inimitable words of Pat Regan himself:  “I wrote this book because sooner or later someone had to!”

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Publication Date

January 20th 2013


ISBN/EAN13: 1482031248 / 9781482031249

Page Count: 460

Binding Type: US Trade Paper

Trim Size: 6″ x 9″

Language: English

Colour: Black and White

Related Categories: Political Science / Government / Local / Environment


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