Disclosure and Public Readiness – is anything going to happen?

Ed Fleming (UFOII)

As we approach 2012 one has to ask themselves “is anything going to happen”? There is a lot of speculation out there surrounding the year 2012. Some say it is the year for full disclosure.

Do I believe that disclosure is imminent?

I believe that disclosure has already happened to a limited extent. Countries around the world have released files that prove without a shadow of a doubt that we are in  fact being visited by ET’s from other worlds as well as other dimensions.

Why is this one might ask?

I believe the reason is that contact with the earth is going to happen. The governments of our world have been preparing their peoples for this contact. The aforementioned preparation has been done though every form of media over the past 60 years or so.

Additionally UFO sightings are at an incredible high as opposed to years past. More and more people are seeing and reporting these objects. Is this because of the public readiness program?

People like Dr Steven Greer of the disclosure project are to be commended for their efforts to end UFO secrecy. Additionally all of the former military personnel, pilots and scientists that have come forward with information should be commended as well. We need this to happen more!

It is my feeling that WE Humans are ready for the truth no matter how disturbing that truth may be. If that truth were to become evident lets say about 60 years ago the result would have been total and utter chaos. Let us never forget the radio broadcast of Orson Wells “War Of The Worlds”. Panic ensued during that broadcast with people thinking we are actually being invaded by a force from outside of this world.

I do not think that would happen now because  People are ready.

There is a document out there called Project Tobacco the document is as follows.

Project Tobacco? What exactly is it?

By: John Greenewald, Jr.

Original Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 09:00:08 -0800

Running an internet web site, I get many pranksters, jokers, and liars write me and tell me they are from the government, they are going to kill me, or other ridiculous claims, but there have been a few where it made me think, “Maybe this one is for real.”  I got a letter, and< by request, I will call him Benjamin”.

Now, “Benjamin” wrote me in regards to my web site, telling me about the Snowbird Aircraft photograph I have on my web site. For those who are not familiar with this photograph, it is a supposed alien aircraft, and the picture is the craft mounted on top of a pylon, possibly at a Lockheed plant or even Area 51. Now, “Benjamin” told me that this was an X-151 aircraft from Project Torridor.  “Benjamin” went on to say that you would never get a picture of an alien aircraft in the daylight.

This was “Benjamin’ first letter to me, and being taken back by his knowledge about the craft, I still was not convinced of his claims.  I made a FOIA request to the United States Air Force, requesting a

picture of the X-151, unfortunately, I have been given no answer as of yet.

“Benjamin” worked for the National Reconnaissance Office.  All “Black Projects” are compartmentalized, that way no agency can really know what the other is doing. He went on to tell me a bit about a base in New Mexico, in a mountain called Baldy. The base is 200 feet deep, and 30 acres square. There are 1,500 from another world  working there. They come from a dead planet in the Cygnus Ra Star System.  “Benjamin” worked there, and gave me the exact coordinates: 21 hours 13 minutes

52 seconds D33 degrees 10′.

The aliens, in exchange for us giving them

a place to live, will help us advance to join some kind of an alliance of planets.  They hope that we will be ready by the year 2025.

This is where Project Tobacco comes in. Project Tobacco is a project to get the public ready for this event.  It is done through movies, media, books, television, and magazines.  Project Tobacco was given it’s name because if anybody else would find out about it, it would burn up like Tobacco. So, on December 09, 1997, I wrote a Freedom of Information Act request to the United States Air Force, and also to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, which “Benjamin” told me was part of the project. I received 2 letters back, both dated December 29, 1997.  The first was just an acknowledgment receipt.  The second, was a letter starting off saying “This office is not a repository for UFO information.”  It went on to give me information on UFOs and Project Blue Book, and they attached a Fact Sheet on UFOs, a page I have been given many times. Confused, I checked back to my letter, not 1 mention of UFOs, aliens, anything for them to spark a response like that, NOTHING.  Was this a goof-up? “Benjamin” was very surprised I got this response, and he told me it was definitely a mistake. Wright Patterson is still to respond, but what will I get, if anything, from them?  Now I am getting very interested, possibly “Benjamin” is telling the truth. Or maybe the Air Force did goof-up, but maybe they just figured I was talking about UFOs?  Highly unlikely, because not all my requests to them deal with UFOs.

Now, I am going to do an excerpt out of one of “Benjamin”‘s letters, because I figure if I paraphrase it, I will just get the information mixed up. So here it is: “I worked on the Gravity Catapult. Einstein General Theory has a  number of similarities to the Maxwell theory of electromagnetism. In  electromagnetism, the basic source of all the forces is the charge in  the electron. The charge generates an electric field. If you move the charge to form an electric current, the current generates a magnetic field. If you increase or decrease a magnetic field, that hanging magnetic field in turn generates an electric field. The same thing happens in gravity. The basic source of all the forces is the mass of whatever particles you are using. The mass generates a gravity field. If you move the particles to form a mass current, the current generates a new field that is the gravitational equivalent of the magnetic field. (an anti-gravity engine).

We have it, have had it for several years now and I worked on it. Why do you think NASA is slowly trying to down-size. They keep calling for smaller cheaper engines and so forth. They know that the present form of space-flight as well as transportation here on Earth is about to change. They don’t want to waste the money. but they have to or everyone will wonder why. The use millions of dollars of tax-payer money on useless stuff!  This engine uses no fuel, has no sound and can never break. Since it uses gravitational fields for motion. as long as you have gravity, the engine will work.”

Is this information real? Did the United States Air Force make a huge mistake by referencing UFOs on a Project Tobacco FOIA request? You decide, here is the information, and the United States Air Forc letter can be seen on my web site, at http://www.blackvault.com/foia/af_index.html


As always keep eyes to the sky you never know what you might see!

Special thanks to the Black Vault.

Ed Fleming (UFOII)


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