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Human beings tend to put their faith into things that they cannot see.
Then why is it that they are so unready to accept the realities of Alien visitation to our planet? You do not need to see the air to know it exists! Hundreds of thousands have seen and reported UFO activity. Then are you to sit there and say that all of these people are crazy?

Numerous PROFESSIONAL people ,such as Police,Military Personnel,Astronauts and Airline employees have reported these UNIDENTIFIED objects.

What’s that you say? Just an Airplane?
Do you think people are so dumb that they do not know what an airplane looks like in the night sky?

Could it be ball lightning or a Chinese lantern? Possibly as those have been misidentified in the past. When you decide what the object was not then what are you left with? It is something that you have not seen before so by definition it must be a UFO.

What I am trying to get at here is that people need to be just a bit more open minded and realize that WE HUMANS are not alone in this great big Universe.

Yes there are many images and videos out there that have been hoaxed by those with nothing better to do with their time. There are REAL videos and images out there as well.
It is up to you, the viewer of this type of evidence as to what is real and what is not.

Yes there are misidentified objects out there but what of the percentage of real credible reports? These people are actually seeing things in the skies and reporting them the best way that they can. So condemnation is to be expected as there are people out there that refuse to believe, sighting the fact that they have never seen anything in the sky either day or night.

One day you will see something strange in the sky and you will either choose to believe what it is that you are viewing or disbelieve. I hope you at least take that sighting into consideration with eyes open enough to see that what you saw was not normal.

Following is report and image I received just the other day. It was taken in Wilson KS.
Report is as follows.

 I caught this shot out side the  door of the hotel on Saturday night 10/14/11, I had a private tour there, this  flew to the north east at about 30 miles an hour and it gave us ample time to shoot a picture , I was hoping you could look at it and give me your opinion about it.
This was taken on a Panasonic 16  megapixel on full zoom 10x.

Clearly there is something strange about the object in this picture.
We can immediately tell that it is not an Airplane. It appears to be entirely comprised of energy.  Very Strange!

Unfortunately as I have stated in the past night time shots do not show depth or distance. With this image it is  hard to say what it is or is not so unless you were actually there you really do not know what to think..

It is a good thing to maintain at least a small percentage of skepticism but to be entirely closed minded about things is in my opinion not a healthy practice.

Keep looking up you just might see something spectacular!

Ed Fleming (UFOII)

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