Looking for UFOs can Leave a Crick in Your Neck

UFO spotting now a days can yield great results. UFO’s are not only being spotted in the USA but all over the world. Activity has definitely increased and it is becoming more active every day!

I received a report from a friend just the other day. My friend told me he saw what he called 3 unlit chevrons flying over his head.

He could clearly make out the shapes as they flew silently over his head. He told me that while the 3 units were flying over he also observed a large glowing red orb shortly after seeing the 3 chevron/ boomerang objects flying over.


I live in Kansas where I have also been witness to many unexplained sightings of strange objects in our skies . Most are of high fliers that appear at satellite height . After we check to see if they could be satellites we usually come to discover the objects had observed were not anything known in that space at that time. The objects I have seen are usually moving south to north or vice versa.

In October 2008, my wife, a friend, and I all witnessed ,while out one Kansas night, 12 to 14 amber colored orbs moving over us from north west to south east.

They were flying extremely fast yet low enough to reflect the trees on their bottom side. The objects almost reminded me of a grouping of balloons however their speed and agility soon ruled out that idea .

My friends , wife and I all reported this sighting to the National UFO Reporting Service. We all knew we had seen something that was unknown and truly amazing!

Kansas is a state of open skies and bright night skies. Many of us here have seen many things that we know are not the usual air traffic and definitely strange and unknown.

If you want to see something spectacular I will give you a few tips .

First you have to make an effort to see something. They will not fly into your living room! Be sure to make some time every clear night to break out the telescope or binoculars – grab a lawn chair and some bug spray , along with some family and friends and be patient. The trick is to sit there and simply watch the sky.

The first thing that will happen is that you will quickly learn what is normal to your sky and what isn’t.

Once you are accustomed to what is a daily happening as far as normal sky activity you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. You will soon be amazed at how many non- airplane objects that you will see in the sky.

Once you realize you are seeing unexplained activity you need to keep track of the time and direction the craft is moving along with estimated speed, size of craft and every detail you can of your sighting,

Having a witness with you is always a good idea as many seeing the same unknown is far better than just one lone report.

Do you have a camera? A video recorder? Learn to keep it with you as a picture or video is always worth a thousand words. If you can gain photo or video evidence to correspond to your sighting, great!

The main thing to try to train yourself to do – is to just keep looking up! You will eventually see something that you or others just do not understand. The reason so many of us do not see strange things going on around or above us is that we simply do not look at what is happening to us right in front of our own eyes.

You also need to understand that what is really in our skies may not resemble what you have been trained to think of as unknown crafts or objects by Hollywood and TV. Keep an open mind as strange objects may come in many different shapes or forms. The main thing to keep in mind is if you have ever seen anything like it before or if you can come up with a logical explanation for what you are looking at . If the answer is no the chances are you are looking at an unknown craft of some type.

Remember by definition once you have seen something no one can explain or identify the odds are very high that you have seen a UFO.

For a long time now I have a strong intuition that something huge is looming on our horizon. I am not sure what that something is but I can feel it coming . I could make a few suggestions to what I feel it is but would rather just say I know it is coming.

The one thing I am sure of is that UFO activity is increasing worldwide. With that said it is without question, time for all of us to get out those lawn chairs and binoculars or simply to start looking up when we are out and about in the world. I promise you it is only a matter of time before you too will see something that you cannot identify .

I know looking for crafts , orbs or strange lights crossing our sky can leave a crick in your neck but in the end the pain is worth the wait.

Thank you for reading what I had to say about the strangeness in our skies.

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