Incoming “New Players In The Game”…Or Are They?

Ed Fleming (UFOII)

In 2002 above a night sky in the Yosemite National Park a strange object was captured on video. This object comes streaking in with a glowing white tail appears to stop and then throws off a comet type effect. After watching the first video I was ready to call it a fake.
I then learned that there was in fact another video shot at the same time but from an opposite side of the park. Both videos depict the same event. Following are the two videos.

Some are calling this a missile. I do not believe that is what it is. This object does not act like any missile that I have ever seen.

This UFO appears again in July of 2010 in an event that shut down a Chinese airport. Notice the startling similarities to the Yosemite event.

And again in Russia taken by an airline passenger in 2009.

And yet another sighting of this UFO in China.
It will not let me post the video so I will just put up the link to it here.

All of these videos got me to thinking about the old religious frescoes which showed an object that is rounded at its front and spiked on its back side. I am of the opinion that maybe the artists were seeing the exact same UFO and depicted them in the frescoes as the spiked objects. It is just my guess but I am almost certain this is what happened.

Following are the images of which I speak.

You can view more by looking at the following PDF file.
Historical artwork and UFOs by Matthew Hurley

Are these objects a new player in the game?
It does seem to me that this UFO has been seen lots of times but in a different age.
Why now is it appearing again? I can only speculate. It is up to you the reader to either believe of disbelieve.

The UFO is real and for once I can say that the videos are not faked.

As always keep looking up, you just might see something incredible.

Ed Fleming (UFOII)

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