Medical Professionals and Abductees

By Ed Fleming UFOII
One big problem in the UFO abduction subject is that not many professional’s in the fields of medicine  and psychology are prepared to take accounts of alien abduction seriously.
Tens  of thousands of people worldwide have reported abduction and or missing time events.
All of these share commonalities to their individual experiences. They report the same beings , the same crafts and the same types of scenarios. For these people the events are traumatic and can leave deep emotional scarring.
Some are reportedly taken from their beds at night while others are led to a specified area for abduction.  I have experienced both.
I have been taken many times and have only trace memories of the events such as the paralysis, and  the fear and beings in my bedroom at night.
I have memories as a child of lights in my bed room at night. I could feel them coming as it caused a vibration in the front of my head and it was as if my ears were in a wind tunnel. I have memories of hands around my ankles and wrists and feelings of vertigo as if I was being floated along. During these times I could not move and i could not scream. The only thing I can consciously remember being able to do was roll my eyes. The events as they happened left me with a stark raving lunatic type of terror.
One time in particular when I was 8  years old, I was lying awake in my bed. It was late at night and our house was in the middle of nowhere. There were no street lights and there was a large forest to the rear of the house. My bed room was adjacent the kitchen which was towards the back of the house. There was a shadowy white type of light emanating from the kitchen and it permeated my bed room. I remember thinking about how strange that light was! My bed room door slid open and in walked this tall figure. I could not make out any discernible features as the light was behind it and its face if it had one was shrouded in shadow. It did however appear to be robed and as crazy as this sounds appeared to be wearing a wide brimmed hat of some type. I remember being very afraid of this being.
Naturally I was 8 sure I was going to be scared! I pulled the blanket over my head in my 8 year old mind I figured if I couldn’t see it it could not see me. Boy was I wrong! The blanket was pulled away and I instantly could not move. I remember being touched over the center portion of my chest and then I remember nothing more. I do not recall ever seeing that particular being again.
Of all of the abductions that are reported only a fraction of people actually report the experience.
Others however will keep the experience close to themselves for fear of ridicule or being called crazy. I too have held my lips tight on this subject for many years because I was afraid of ridicule. Now in my adult life I just do not care anymore about that. 
What has happened to me did happen and I do not care any longer who believes it or who does not.
Am I crazy? I think not. There is just to much to tell me that something has happened and continues to happen to me.
My experience is that people should be judged on a case by case basis not on a collaborative whole as most in the medical world do.
There should be more of a wide spread interest in abduction phenomenon by the medical/psychiatric communities and investigations into the events. But unfortunately there is not.
I constantly run into people over these past 10 years who have claimed to have been abducted.
I want so badly to help them or to at least direct them to a QUALIFIED professional.
I am at a loss because of the lack of overall interest into this topic and therefore I can only counsel through my own experience.
I have found through my research and I feel that this is correct that abductions are generational and confined to certain CHOSEN family groups.
 On my mothers side of the family PARANORMAL events were considered a normal part of life.  They all had heightened psychic perceptions that they attributed to witchcraft.
Upon interviewing some in my family, I found that they too were abducted and had adopted the witchcraft theory to cover up and compensate for those experiences.
It is on going with my family even today.
My eldest daughter had once approached me when she was young with tales of what she perceived to be white beings in her bedroom as she slept. I have always sheltered her from my research so I know that something was happening to her. What she described worries me greatly but there is nothing that I can do to make it stop.
Yes I am a bit concerned maybe a bit frightened, and I am convinced that Alien Abduction should be taken seriously by our medical community.

Do not be afraid to share your experiences because when you share you show others that they are not alone.

Ed Fleming UFOII
UFO Investigations International.

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