I have been seeing weird things in the sky for almost all of my life.

In this dispatch I will detail some of them. Some of you out there will undoubtedly think I am crazy while others will be able to identify with what I have seen. 

Sightings today are on the rise. Maybe that it is because that now we have technologies  that are readily available in the forms of Cameras, Cell phones and numerous video capture devices. People now are looking up to the heavens with these devices and are capturing astonishing things.

Way back in the 1970’s these technologies were just coming into existence. Good Cameras were expensive and hard to come by so you will understand with what I am about to share, is my story only. I do not have photographic evidence to back them up. Rest assured I have nothing to gain by sharing these stories nor am I looking for fame.
1979 Chicopee Massachusetts While sleeping outside with my foster brothers we witnessed a star like object zipping around the sky at astonishing speed in zigzag patterns. It came out did its thing and disappeared. To my surprise another star like object appeared and did the exact same maneuver. That in itself was an amazing thing to see. Neither myself nor my foster brothers talked about the sighting with any one other than ourselves.

1998 Westfield Massachusetts my Nephew came into my third floor apartment and insisted that I come outside. I went out with him to see a large pulsing white light in the sky.
It sat at tree top level pulsing and strobing. After watching this thing and trying to figure out what the heck it could’ve been it blinked out and disappeared. We went back in to tell my ex-wife what we had just witnessed and she did not believe us. We went back out onto the porch to see if we could find it again. After about 5 minutes of looking we saw the light again this time to the south. The lighted object moved to the south east and flew directly at us. As it passed overhead we got a very good look at the underside of this craft. It was medium in size and triangular. This object had white lights upon the points of the triangle and a central red globe of light in its center. It also had three much smaller red lights towards the front point and the back axis of the triangle. The object also had a shimmery baby blue in color effect throughout the underside. It was dark outside at this point so it is hard to determine just how high or how big the object actually was. As this object moved to the north west it went dark in triangular segments. Starting at the tip and working back it faded out. It may have still been there as it was moving at moderate speed and I feel that it in fact had cloaked itself. 

2000 Westfield Massachusetts. I was waiting to get my youngest daughter on the morning school bus when she pointed to the sky and said “Daddy what’s that”? She was pointing to a large cloud that appeared as out of place from all of the others. There was allot of silvery objects zipping in and out of it. I did not know what to tell her without scarring her.

2004 Palmer Massachusetts. I was with a large group of friends the sky was clear and blue.  I was a bit bored so I decided to do a bit of sky watching. I saw a passenger Jet high up in the sky emitting the standard contrail. What I did not expect to see was a silvery disc trying to hide itself in its contrail! I alerted all of my friends to look up and they all saw the same thing. It moved to the east and shot straight up into the sky.

October 28th 2008 Kansas. Myself my wife and my friend were sitting in my house when we decided to go outside and watch the sky. We saw a high flying light the looked like a satellite moving from south to north it changed direction and moved off to the north east. Shortly after we witnessed this we saw a group of amber colored orbs moving from the north west to the south east. The were tightly grouped and were self illuminated. They were reflecting the trees ect as they flew over. We heard people in the parking lot next door exclaim “WTF was that”? That sighting was reported to NUFORC by the three of us in separate reports.

People are also reporting sightings more so now then they did in decades past. Many sites including my own UFOII site offer online reporting services that catalog the events and compare to others. So what are you waiting for? Share your sightings !

I hope you have enjoyed reading what I had to share and maybe now you can share your own stories.

If you have yet to see one just keep eyes to the sky because sooner or later you will spot a UFO.

Ed Fleming (UFOII)


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