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Alien ET UFO Story: TAKEN UP by TJ – Intro.

My Paranormal articles may include alien, ET UFO topics. It requires a high level of creativity and nothing compares with the energy at the tachyon level. Instead of sharing what is hard to share without algorithms and quantum physics, I share and support others with their concerns for this world and species.
They may also include all that exist since the beginning of time, as we know it to be. I deal on plane levels and dimensions of the game of life in various realities based on my past reincarnations and past life memories. Our spiritual theology is now sharing science in the area of quantum entanglement for the purpose of discovery. 
My level and powers are much different from yours in many ways that you presently cannot understand or relate too. That is why in some cases, you are feeling fear of religions in words of this world. I teach in various ways with parables and words to learn myself. I would tell you my age but honestly, I do not even know it. I am a reincarnated spirit that has a very old soul.
All I have seen and deal with in the “ZONE” of the mind is much more than only this world. I do not concentrate on religions or times and places in our world history alone. I share various levels and places including other galaxies, universes, poly-verses, multiverses, xenoverse, in this omniverse.
You will learn in the next twenty years that we have standards and combining science and theosophy is where we are headed with algorithms in space. I am teaching others who have the adaptability and open mindedness to excel in a short period and soon!
I use knowledge and speak languages that will unite for one mission and that is of ascension. The Ascension Center is for enlightenment of the future of the entire Omniverse.
We will be sharing etymology and the future of humankind as a very young species on earth.
I have seen aliens, extraterrestrials, and UFOS. I share more of my life with these three words than you can even imagine in this one lifetime.
The reason you are feeling annoyed or hassled I would like to know. People have to be able to find that which enlightens them on their path and to leave the rest for others who will obtain what they need to find.
One in your young level should become more acquainted with older souls before warning others. You and I have no connection as I have tried to tell you in the past and not in an interrogation.
Please do not think that my readers are stupid because they are not. They are seekers of the truth and some need what I have to share. I am not for everyone but only for those who are ready to see, hear, or share that which I offer. We are all a part of the whole, which means we are all shards of something somewhere.
I am about finding those to prepare for the future of my shard group and future universal authorities. We have work to do. However, I shall not gloat. I will share some of me so that you can see that I am aware of comments and what you are trying to do.
I am presently working with certain beings on the history of the world, which includes MU, Atlantis, Lemuria, Pangaea, and other civilizations that existed on land and in the oceans and seas.
We cannot share much of the future, which is considered above top secret because the technology does not need to get into the wrong hands. Working to go public is not easy especially if the technology has been compromised.
At great personal expense, I say that I am not about creating fear not am I about creating a Utopian society on earth. I am an Ambassador of Goodwill and the past world religions are very interesting to me and others dealing with how they could have been misunderstood in the past. I want to help with creating questions for analysis. This is something that is done by writers.
There is obviously much you do not understand and should probably continue sharing your insights based on your own history, truth, and opinions. I share my writings with my real name and am not anonymous. Many people share words but are not willing to use their real name and personal information. I am public to create a trust in me as a writer of many topics not just, the “Origin of Humankind based on Aliens, ETs, and UFOS. Although I admit that, these three key words are popular on my websites and on UFO Digest.
We have many topics and I am asked to work on Time Travel by others as well as, my interest in the ancient past prior to Atlantis and MU. In my minds eye, we had aliens, ETs, and UFOS during that time as well. This will shake up our manmade religions.
We are gently sharing more about world religions since the Da Vinci Code was so popular around the world.
Most of my history dates back to that of Atlantis and even prior.
You have not even read a small snap shot of what I write about and you certainly have not absorbed any part of who I am as a writer on UFO Digest. The future is about compromise and not going into fear. The knowledge is there for you to obtain. If you have nothing to add then do not warn people of that which you are ignorant of about other beings.
I support “Alien Civilizations Exist!” – Always have always will!
I am considered controversial but only one in favor of full disclosure that alien civilizations exist!
Please read the articles here and visit Cyrellys on Mediation and Exopolitics Applied.
I am a known advocate in favor of Exopolitics and disclosure. World religions are part of who we are and how we believe. I am an Ambassador of Goodwill and am a believer in the Ascension Program, which is what Jesus taught in his lifetime. It is still highly thought of to this day.
All who have known of me since 1989 know that I consider myself alien hybrid and a survivor of a near death experience. I have been writing about aliens, extraterrestrials, and UFOs since August 2007 on UFO Digest.
Ancient Alien Theorists have varied opinions, views, perceptions that are communicated in various ways in media.
I do not believe I know you nor do you know me. Do you think that the Mosques create terrorists as radical citizens and cells of destruction? Normally I would investigate you, your location, and your intentions. It is obvious that English is not your native language.
My articles are to create topics of communication and conversation in the Alien ET UFO Community. I am not sure about your writing but telling about heaven and hell in our myths and stories of our ancestors is part of our history.
I believe we are all here for a purpose. One of my main purposes is to share my experiences of extraterrestrials and how I perceive them.
You apparently are unaware that there are both good and evil aliens and we do share that same understanding in many religions.
A coincidence? I think not.
We in the Alien ET UFO Community have shared our experiences with others and become known which is permanent and not reversible.
I cannot reverse who I am, how I was raised, or where I was born.
I accept my past and am open minded toward all things created on earth whether good or bad because both energies exist in this world. Anyone that thinks differently is not aware of energy and how it works in this world.
I personally am into the research of aliens and UFOS based on my personal experiences with both. My ET relations deal with those who look like me and are considered Nordics in some cases. I have always shared my research and experiences with those who are able to read my articles.
If you study your alien history, you will find out the story of Jesus was said to be created by aliens. This is something that has been on the Internet more than once. Those who know of aliens and extraterrestrials are sharing more information about our history and how it is similar to our Bible stories and those who saw people ascend into the sky. Maybe you need to watch more on History and History International.
For now, it is my understanding that alien civilizations exist as both good and bad as far as reasoning and becoming the same as we act and participate in life here on earth.
You obviously feel that religions do not support aliens and UFOS. I disagree.
I am who I am and the fact that I have been contacted and had a life of contacts with extraterrestrials, Grays, Nordics, Humanoids, am part of who I am. You really should read my articles on UFO Digest and then see if you still feel the same way.
I do not deny that I believe that writers who were controlled in “The Plan” shared the myths and stories on earth.
“Theresa Articles are not supported to Aliens & UFO’s. Her Articles supported to some Religion Theory’s.
Beware of some Religions. They Tell about Hell & Heaven.
So They Do issues against to aliens & UFO’s.They create some Nuisence on Alien Topics.”
Regardless of you not recognizing my support on this article, religions you say are supported to Aliens and UFO’s. That is your theory and I am pleased that you read my articles. Please continue to read and I will continue to write.
International Need TO Know Cards of Aliens and UFO’S has not been issued. Neither have those of religions that create nuisance.
World religions are a part of who we are and we are sharing a theory that many man made religions were created not by Gods but by those who worked with the aliens and UFOS in the past.
Love and Light.
Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, Author/Entrepreneur consultant, trainer in mystical experiences that include Extraterrestrials.
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Alien Civilizations EXIST! (ACE) by Theresa Morris
Submitted by Theresa J. Thur… on Wed, 02/09/2011 – 20:53.
Dear Rahul:
It appears I have stepped on your feelings in the past by not sharing the words personally to you as one on one in email.
I have many responsibilities and why I ask my readers to tune into UFO Digest. I cover many topics of my own personal interest. I write about whatever I feel has captured my interest on a weekly basis.
You are not well read or schooled on my articles on UFO Digest, American Chronicle, and all my websites including,,, and
I am a spiritual being and I am not a religious person.
As a metaphysical being I was once born a Christian but I am of nature and am inspired by the Ascension of our spirits to our souls.
I believe in Ascension of the spirit which returns back to the soul. This energy can become separated and/or guided as in divine inspiration which is not a sin. I believe in a higher power of a personage which I have seen in a higher level. I work with energy and many levels and dimensions. I continue to learn daily as a student of life. I am a researcher and a writer. I am an author of books which you can obtain on
The fact that I believe as I do is part of who I am as a spiritual being.
I am not a religious person. I rely on nature and my understanding of a God Father and a God Mother as both male and female archetypes. Not one but two God and Goddess which is similar to the pagan and wicca beliefs. Now I am told that I work with those who are humanists. I share human perspective as a folklorist and I am a writer through divine inspiration in some cases. In other cases it is simply my own personal interests.

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