‘Divine appointment’ or ancient lies to keep the populace in its place…?

THE UK Establishment: where is true democracy today?




Pat Regan 


Like many other systems of clandestine mind control, the respectable UK Establishment is inherently biased and loaded against bona fide concepts of freedom for the ordinary person in the street. This is not to say that ‘some’ of the ordinary people in the street do not strive for true equality. 
How can we ever hope to see true social equality and genuine democracy for all in a Dark Age –orientated feudal system; a system  that openly runs on so-called ‘Hereditary Privilege’ and ‘Royal Appointment,’ which is said to be bestowed upon just one chosen person/family, from some ecclesiastically- acceptable godhead?  JK Rowlings couldn’t have made up a better fantasy. 
This old country of ours has a very rich, colourful history and there are many brilliant things that made it truly great. Most of these positive things were achieved by the common people too. The UK also has other historical events that were not as savoury, which are usually swept under the carpet. The millions of lives lost in military defence of the land against foreign invasion were not royal lives but the lives of farmers, builders, grocers, fisherman and other simple folk. The abject lies that we have been fed as historical fact since time immemorial are now open to serious debate and challenge.  True democracy is an issue that most people have come to ignore due to enforced apathy but the fact remains; Great Britain should be a land in which everyone can claim equality. Currently, as alleged ‘subjects’ (not citizens) of one allegedly ‘divinely – selected’ family, this is not the case! I reiterate the following:  
The Royal family name was quickly changed in 1917 from ‘Saxe-Coburg and Gotha’ to what it is today, i.e. Windsor. War or no war – I would certainly not ditch my family ancestry to court popular public opinion no matter what! Genuine honour, like charity, starts at home! 
What price do we place of true freedom and democracy for all? If one family (royal or otherwise) is not prepared to fight for its inherited clan title then what exactly does this tell us about that particular family in question and its basic morals? Furthermore, how can one family be divinely appointed by a deity that many people today fail to recognise as authentic?   If the alleged historicity of that deity is proved to be counterfeit then that in turn demands that the sovereign, depending on the deity for status, also inhabits a bogus position of unsubstantiated privilege. I love my land as well as anyone else and have done much to defend the countryside, via many eco-campaigns etc.  Nevertheless, I can never accept the title of ‘subject’ that comes under the remit of any privileged family, which bases its whole social existence on a widely discredited foreign godhead from the east and represents the reversal of true democracy.  
How much longer can a tainted royalty exist in a pluralistic, global village? It may take more than an irresponsible, uncovered, ‘Prince Harry’ to end public support for such an outdated system.
However, just one corrupt or insane future regent may be enough to finally tip the balance. 
Pat Regan 

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24 thoughts on “‘Divine appointment’ or ancient lies to keep the populace in its place…?

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  4. Freedom of opinion?
    Dazman – so you are in favour of hereditary privilege and so-called divine appointment of one family/person over others? You also regard others who criticise such inequality as being communists – yes?

    1. McCarthyism is dead
      Dazman – McCarthyism is dead. Also, comments on UFO Digest, according to the publisher, are to be on content of articles, not rants against the writer. We Americans freed ourselves from the British monarchy’s rule, so if that makes George Washington and our Founding Fathers – commnunists – so be it. Fact is, they were not, they were simply individuals trying to be free of the yoke of an anemic yet authoritarian, unfair rule of the British monarchy.

      1. Independence ?
        I think you find that rather than free yourselves from British rule we actually handed the Americas back.

    2. Pat
      I’m a little puzzled as to why you have posted your Republican views in this forum ? The Queen assumed the throne 60 years ago and is more popular now then she has ever been, your views are in the very small minority and have no place here.

      1. No American Revolution? Really?
        To all confused American Repubicans out there, Dazman is asserting that Pat Regan is a British Republican, which is quite different from an American Republican. Having lived in Ireland, I discovered this oddity first hand. And to all you Americans out there, it is nice to know there was no American Revolution, isn’t it? (My ancestor Captain Darragh fought for American freedom). Rather, “the British gave it back.” Now that was right sporting of them, but alas, is a lie according to history.

        1. Hello Diane.
          Firstly thank you for clearing up the Republican issue. Let’s be honest the American
          Revolution was basically the English Scottish Welsh & Irish fighting amongst themselves, as the only true American is the Red Indian. Great Britain, I’m sure you would agree, was the greatest superpower of the day who were fighting other superpowers the French & Spanish at the same time as fighting in Europe a tall feat for anyone, we simply cut our losses and left…

          1. England’s Heartless Aggression
            As the Ultimate British Loyalist, you need to embrace (& perhaps do embrace) England’s imperialistic, heartless, egotistical conquering and genocide of Native People from India to Palestine to Ireland to Virginia. Ah yes, those Natives of which you speak. England decimated natural resources of other countries; it built “super power” by demolishing the magnificant Irish forests for war ships. You seem to have time to badger UFO Digest writers but I for one have no more time to spend on this.

          2. Mind Your Own Glass House
            You keep harping on “British,” that’s the subject of debate, not the U.S.’s misdeeds. FYI, I went to jail during the southern civil rights struggle when I was 16 years old, I opposed the U.S. involvement in Viet Nam, I joined demonstrations against nukes in the ’70s and ’80s, I opposed the Iraq Invasion and I still fight what I perceive as the good fight. You know nothing about me, thus your ignorant “glass house” remark as if I blindly endorse anything the U.S. does, is way off track.

          3. Tangent.
            I think were all going off on a tangent here, I’ve read most of your articles and have found them interesting and very informative. as I have Mr Regan. I apologise if my comments have upset anyone. I wont be posting here again.

  5. The boss?
    Dazman – sorry, but I did not realise that you had the authority to say what gets published on this site. As for me supporting minority viewpoints; when did that become a crime? When are you going to answer my previous questions?

  6. Redcoat attitude alive and well
    I love my country yet find many old-time redcoat antics appalling. What’s more, the very same arrogant snobbery still exists today in certain British areas of contempt for others. I speak from personal political experience and not just a stance of pure opinion. Sadly, the overbearing redcoat attitude of superiority is still evident as we can see herein. Such is the nature of nationalistic egotism based on approval with a state of general inequality.

    1. High Horse
      Oh Pat wind your neck in please….I’m merely expressing my personal views, but I would wager that most of nation would agree with me ? unlike yourself I haven’t swallowed a dictionary, I haven’t a clue what your talking about in your last sentence, nor can I be bothered to find out. I would say though that ramblings smack of public schoolboy guilt.

    Dazman, help me out, please. After 75 years as a citizen of the US, I have yet to see evidence that the UK voluntarily stopped taxing the colonies, withdrew their troupes, and said, “Take it, colonists, it’s yours.” Please, show me your evidence. Your ad hominem attack on Regan is, by definition, a logical fallacy, i.e., failure to speak rationally. It seems your “We gave it back” opinion is equally irrational. Show us the evidence.

  8. Hello.
    I wasn’t attacking Mr Regan I was expressing a viewpoint shared by most of my countryman, Mr Regan has taken offence because my views differ from his. What those views have to do in this forum I have no idea, maybe I’ll post about the cost of motoring in this country ? As for the American fight for independence issue can I refer you to my previous post.

    1. Back Peddling
      You are back peddling on your attack of Pat? Here is a reminder, a direct quote of your original comment:

      “Why have you used this forum to air your personal views go find a communist rag to post your clap trap!”

  9. Kindly answer!
    It is of course fun for anonymous trolls to post against real people but the question remains; when will you answer the questions you are asked? I reiterate – so you are in favour of hereditary privilege and so-called divine appointment of one family/person over others? You also regard others who criticise such inequality as being communists – yes?

  10. I’m in favour of the status
    I’m in favour of the status quo,I’m also in favour of a system that has been in place for century’s that has the backing of 99% of the population and is the envy of the world.

    DAZMAN, your comments on global warming revealed a degree of research and thought, although we have our significant divergences. Regarding the separation of the colonies from Mother UK, I wonder how we stumbled down this rabbit hole. History as taught in UK schools seems, as far as I can tell, not that divergent from what is taught here. It seems you look for excuses for loosing the war. Get over it. I think this discussion has gone down hill long enough, so, Aloha. Now, UFO’s; what are they

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