‘Divine appointment’ or ancient lies to keep the populace in its place…?

THE UK Establishment: where is true democracy today?




Pat Regan 


Like many other systems of clandestine mind control, the respectable UK Establishment is inherently biased and loaded against bona fide concepts of freedom for the ordinary person in the street. This is not to say that ‘some’ of the ordinary people in the street do not strive for true equality. 
How can we ever hope to see true social equality and genuine democracy for all in a Dark Age –orientated feudal system; a system  that openly runs on so-called ‘Hereditary Privilege’ and ‘Royal Appointment,’ which is said to be bestowed upon just one chosen person/family, from some ecclesiastically- acceptable godhead?  JK Rowlings couldn’t have made up a better fantasy. 
This old country of ours has a very rich, colourful history and there are many brilliant things that made it truly great. Most of these positive things were achieved by the common people too. The UK also has other historical events that were not as savoury, which are usually swept under the carpet. The millions of lives lost in military defence of the land against foreign invasion were not royal lives but the lives of farmers, builders, grocers, fisherman and other simple folk. The abject lies that we have been fed as historical fact since time immemorial are now open to serious debate and challenge.  True democracy is an issue that most people have come to ignore due to enforced apathy but the fact remains; Great Britain should be a land in which everyone can claim equality. Currently, as alleged ‘subjects’ (not citizens) of one allegedly ‘divinely – selected’ family, this is not the case! I reiterate the following:  
The Royal family name was quickly changed in 1917 from ‘Saxe-Coburg and Gotha’ to what it is today, i.e. Windsor. War or no war – I would certainly not ditch my family ancestry to court popular public opinion no matter what! Genuine honour, like charity, starts at home! 
What price do we place of true freedom and democracy for all? If one family (royal or otherwise) is not prepared to fight for its inherited clan title then what exactly does this tell us about that particular family in question and its basic morals? Furthermore, how can one family be divinely appointed by a deity that many people today fail to recognise as authentic?   If the alleged historicity of that deity is proved to be counterfeit then that in turn demands that the sovereign, depending on the deity for status, also inhabits a bogus position of unsubstantiated privilege. I love my land as well as anyone else and have done much to defend the countryside, via many eco-campaigns etc.  Nevertheless, I can never accept the title of ‘subject’ that comes under the remit of any privileged family, which bases its whole social existence on a widely discredited foreign godhead from the east and represents the reversal of true democracy.  
How much longer can a tainted royalty exist in a pluralistic, global village? It may take more than an irresponsible, uncovered, ‘Prince Harry’ to end public support for such an outdated system.
However, just one corrupt or insane future regent may be enough to finally tip the balance. 
Pat Regan 

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