Clairvoyance – it’s probably not one of the top words you use every day in conversation. However, if you are interested in learning more about psychic abilities, and possibly developing your own, this is a good time to learn a little bit about the term. 

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Perhaps you’ve heard or read a story about someone who had a flight booked to travel somewhere, but at the last minute they decided to change their plans. When the plane crashes, or meets with some other accident, the person is spared from misfortune. Conscious of it or not, this person probably had clairvoyant tendencies that saved them from danger.

What Does Clairvoyance Mean?

Sometimes, people use the term clairvoyant and psychic interchangeably. Clairvoyance basically means the ability to see or perceive information that is outside the realm of the senses. Literally, the word means to “see clearly.” Of course, the seeing is not with the physical eyes, but with the third eye. You might have had a dream at night that foreshadowed some event in your life. Or maybe you get “hunches,” or have intuition that helps you make decisions. All of these are examples of clairvoyance.

You may also come across other terms that are similar to “clairvoyance,” such as clairaudience (hearing something psychically), claircognisance (clear knowing), or clairalience (smelling something).

The Metaphysics of Clairvoyant Development

If you are interested in developing your clairvoyant or psychic abilities, there are exercises that can help, as well as regular meditation.  Meditation calms and focuses the mind. If you are not familiar with meditation, or have not done it before, it may seem a bit mysterious or difficult to do. The principle is really simple, however.   Meditation can be thought of as a quietening of the mind. Our thoughts leap about from moment to moment, sometimes quite chaotically. We can start one thing, and then become distracted with something else. By quieting the mind, one is able to go inward, past the noise of everyday life, and become more open to receiving messages from our guides, higher self, or even from Ascended Masters, Angels or loved ones who have crossed over. Many psychics claim that in times of peace and concentration, they are best able to tap into their abilities. The clairvoyant is able to “see” beyond the physical world – not only the physical plane (everything you see around you), but beyond the busy-ness of the mind as well.

When practising meditation to enhance your clairvoyant abilities, you may wish to focus on your third eye chakra, which is found in between your eyebrows on your forehead. The third eye is one of the main sources of extrasensory perception, including clairvoyance.  Visualise your third eye opening and having clear vision, able to see everything “beyond the veil” – in other words, things that are in a higher vibratory dimension.

Other Clairvoyant Exercises

In addition to meditation, there are many different exercises you can do regularly to further your clairvoyant development. Each day, take a few minutes to quiet your mind. Think about tomorrow, and jot down your impressions. Who will you see? What will your friend be wearing? What will people say to you? Write down the ideas that come to you regarding specific people, events, and things you will encounter. These are your “predictions.” Don’t worry if they aren’t accurate at first. Remember, you are practicing and developing your clairvoyant muscles, which may take some time. Even if you don’t see results right away, continue with the exercises and remain open to the possibilities – your effort will eventually yield results.  Think of your psychic abilities as a muscle – you need to develop them in order for them to work correctly.  Since you haven’t used them befo re, they may be a bit limp and ineffectual.  With a bit of toning (i.e. exercises), you can hone your psychic skills to be strong.

Here’s another exercise you can do with a deck of cards. Take a card from the deck and focus on it for a few seconds. Is it red or black? Can you “see” which suit it is? Go through five or six cards and see how you do. If you don’t have much success, that’s alright. Remember, the objective is to develop your skills. If you aren’t able to “see” the card you are holding in your hand, just making the effort may well help you down the road.  An important point to make here is not just to wildly and randomly guess what the cards are.  Close your eyes and see if you can see anything inside your eyes, or even in your mind’s eye. 

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