Does This Video Prove There Is Activity On The Moon?


Publisher’s Note: Tom Rose from the Examiner wrote an interesting article concerning a video posted on You Tube:

An amazing video posted on YouTube claims to show UFO activity on the lunar surface and unidentified flying objects hovering above the Moon. Can it be true?

Watch the Video Here:


The video, clips apparently taken from a longer documentary called “Moon Rising” is compelling because the objects caught on video don’t seem to be lens flares or smudges. They seem to be substantial and in motion.

Read the rest of Tom’s article:

The following is taken from the page on You Tube:

I made this shorter version with no music so now everyone can watch it without the headache with some.Please watch the response video showing rolling video of the main event,as well as still frames.Here is your PROOF!! The responce to this video is the original footage!In the “LANGRENUS” crater you will see activity!!Watch the deep crater on your right. The movements are easy to see if you watch just that spot. Once you have seen what to look for, Review the video again and see the MULTIPLE other places of activity.Undeniable PROOF!!!Watching the entire clip,you will see PROOF!!! Although it seems something or someone is fiddling with the images! Their losing their visual sharpness!! The more suttle things are in the beginning,but keep watching to see PROOF!!! All pics are In the crater,”LANGRENUS”is AWESOME!!It’s 100% real. keep your eyes open. You’ll be surprized. The original clip is available to view. Watch what you missed here. I’m Amazed! Sorry about the comment thing,but it has to be! If you want to pull the dirt on the lens, Explain the the dissruption on the Moon itself!

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