Doomsday 2012?

By Ed Fleming “UFOII

Has anyone noticed that the 2012 doomsday people have been pretty quiet since the start of 2012? For years I have listened to and read articles by these people explaining how the world would end or that our creators “gods”, would be coming back. Now I am not condemning them but it does seem to me that there is an uncertainty with them in regard to 2012. I think this year will come and go as happened with the Y2k incident. Everyone thought the world would basically end New years Eve 1999. Well the year 2000 came without incident and everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief. This is what I believe will happen this year.

Everyone is expecting the worst and hoping for the best. If something were to happen in 2012, I do not believe it would be the end of the world, but instead a new beginning.

Television shows such as “Dooms Day Preppers”,promote 2012 paranoia. This kind of paranoia is corrosive and eats away at people and in doing so can cause harm to society as a whole. For more information about this National Geographic Television show click the following link.

Certainly things are changing with our planet! Earth Quakes, Volcano’s and every manner of wild weather are indicative of this.

Check out the following sites for Earth Quake information and other information at the RSOE site. The following link is the one I use the most and I feel it is the best as far as Earth Quake monitoring sites. IRIS SEISMONITOR

Next is the USGS site


And the RSOE EDIS site which monitors everything to near earth objects, Volcano’s, Earth Quakes and disease outbreaks.


It is good to monitor the goings on with our planet! You will discover lots of things that the Media should cover but ignore.

If we are facing a dooms day scenario I believe it would be Mother nature taking care of business. It is more likely that we would be hit by a huge asteroid or other natural occurrences from our own planet. Human beings are raping this planet of its resources and in the process could be signing the death warrant for themselves.

Alien attack? Possibly.

God’s returning? Maybe. Is it the end of Humans? Not likely.

Just approach the rest of this year with eyes wide open and be mindful of your surroundings.

Ed Fleming “UFOII”.

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