Part of the alarming nature of the unknown is its mysterious link to the known; I awaken each night to a lewd exhibition of the merging.
I open my eyes and turn to see the digital alarm clock, sitting on the lamp table
next to my bed and see: 12:12, and 1:11 am, 2:22 am and 3:33 am and 4:44 am.
This distresses me so badly, upon awakening, that I cannot think; just a wave of
panic that SOMETHING is awakening me with alacrity, as the calculated odds of
awakening each night precisely at those specific times is astronomically impossible.
The message intended seems designed to throw me off balance and to keep me wrapped
in fearful confusion; it lets me know that I am being toyed with but yields no
greater insight.
It has taught me that when I sleep I wander amongst monsters and beastly company.
Sometimes after abductions, the inter dimensional door, left open, invites the
gangster fringe element of the spirit world; sometimes demons are thrown into the
equation as spite work for attempts at thwarting abductions.
As my spirituality increases, it appears that I am become more an increasing beacon
for dark side entities.
And NOT all of these negative, intelligent energies afoot, earthbound, are human!
Ethereal cleansing, using running shower water to help me visualize washing dark
energy down the drain, is a defensive tool I use to combat the build up of static
electricity, EMG connections associated with the ‘touch’ of stubborn, unseen and
‘hungry’ unseen entities.
However, an unseen entity baffled me when, rather than vanishing, it used the
water’s energy to partially materialize for a full moment or two to study me, an
energy lunch which actually resisted and refused to be nibbled at!
It had drained energy from me, had burned my skin where connections touched, and had
buzzed me within, psychically; sudden, unprovoked sexual urges and negative
ideations had surfaced.
Under the shower water, a creature had semi-materialized!
It had stared me right in the eye and blinked and looked again.
It stood under five feet upright, had catlike slit eyes, and closely resembled a
scaled monitor lizard, in both aspect and facial structure.
That reptilian viewed me with its head tilted, cocked sideways, birdlike; it had
piercingly studied me with an alert intelligence that had radiated curiosity. After
just a few seconds, the creature vanished.
Still under the shower’s waters, I had remained frozen, in sheer amazement, having
seen a creature I had never imagined existed .
It was so very similar in construct to the velociraptor creatures, in Steven
Spielberg’s film, “Jurassic Park”, in both a proprietary as well as a sinister
Like those cinema raptors, this short upright reptile mirrored an intense look of
saurian intellect, a precise cross between a man and a reptile.
I was horrified to see that momentary, inquisitive immature reptilian alien, because
it had long had a reputation in UFO literature and research as an inter dimensional
bottom feeder, a sinister common parasite of human consciousness.
These beings see us as,”containers”, to quote them.
Post abduction, alien abductee predation is done both through implant energy drains
and by inserting alien astral attachments, within the layered human psyche towards a
goal of eventual possession.
Their possessing energies are subsequently deposited, within the multi layered human
“Walk-ins” are predations achieved by Earthbound souls, demonics, small greys
seeking respite from reptilian rule, and juvenile reptilians, with varied success.
 Four abductees  stated that initially abducted, as children younger than seven
years old, they recalled being  lifted skyward,  to see their bodies left behind,
and had”walk-ins” persist, unbeknownst to them, until the last fifteen years, when,
after  lifetimes wrapped in darkness and evil, they began the battle of their lives
 to dislodge them, with varying degrees of success.
Aliens have always been here and are as native and terrestrial to our planet as are
thunderstorms; they are the game wardens of this preserve that we call ‘Earth’ and
like good game wardens, they do not let the creatures within suspect that it is
indeed, a preserve.
These monitor- lizard-men use the same dimension and portals that ghosts and demons
use, to enter and exit our reality.
There are many in the UFO community who echo other indigestible  gleaned truths
concerning us and these beings: 
 Human young are a preferred diet,  as we never were the ‘top of the food-chain’.
Suddenly these beings’ silhouettes  emerge:  a reptilian masquerade of an ancient
reptilian Mayans’ ‘God’, a God who organized a ‘religion’ that provided him a
delicacy he most desired, that of a still-beating human heart.
The Bible, a compilation of E.T. experiences with a masquerade of God, by clearly
sinister and controlling reptilians who revealingly contrived the technological
artifice of the Ark of the Covenant, and kosher laws to control what their food
source ate, puts the Old Testament Bible on the same shelf as the tooth-fairy and
makes it suitable only as a doorstop.
The true God of the Universe is an all-loving creative spirit, down a long hall and
somewhere else.
One must learn to rediscover God, in spite of rejection of this cruel deception,
that has spiritually helmeted the world.
How is one to grasp any of these nightmarish truths?
Isn’t our government suddenly seen as more-than-kind, even paternally loving, to
protect and shield the barely civilized public from an ontological shock, one likely
to shatter society?
What’s another indigestible realization gleaned by abductees?
We are time/space woven, cocooned, within a reptilian computerized time matrix, a
contrived-‘loop’- dimension, elusive and revealing, far from the Universes’
objective “reality”.
We in “OZ”, who know, must for all sanity’s sake, “Pay no attention to the
Reptilians, behind the curtains!”
It is not your imagination to notice unseen portals and traffic, but now take pause,
when ‘reality’, a synthetic computer program, pixilates, for a moment.
Where’s the Bible’s “Genesis” tenet that we were ‘ordained’ for this planet?
In whose image were we truly created?
The lower Earth animal forms on this planet, seen as reptiles, amphibians, insects,
felines, are mirrored and echoed by the larger alien phenotypes,  all highly
technological beings, seen aboard craft by abductees, aliens who long ago, lent
their DNA, to create this preserve, that we call Earth.
We , too, like the ‘synthetic-work beings’,  who we call, “greys”, are constructs of
alien creative meddling, with reptilians in full command.
Imagine a cityscape of people, who have saurian parasites ethereally attached to
their spinal columns.
It lends a mind-bending  new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion.
Abductees, taken and wrapped in amnesia, spend a lifetime, barely recalled in tiny
snippets, in the company of powerfully psychic/telepathic alien entities, to later
find a developed intuitive muscle, that senses the unseen,  its intelligences, a
sharpened two-edged sword of a muscle, that cuts both ways in  inter-dimensional
Experiences of high-strangeness occur.
Unlike the unwanted hesitant touch of a lost human spirit, felt as a hand, or gentle
buzzing sensation, locally on my skin, a sensation that
 I could  astrally ‘brush-off’, this small reptilian prevailed to hurt me; I felt
sharp painful burning, where connections were being , a stronger negative entity,
persistent and more surely predatory, than I had ever previously encountered .
Visualize that you have large extension (imagined) arms, that lightly brush your
body’s skin, from top to bottom and back again; this astral exercise changes the
magnetic field of your body and affects a demon like a magnet affects iron filings
on a sheet of paper, dislodging EMF connections.
Worse, it now seemed stuck, like astral chewing gum, or astral dog-poo, merged with
the bottom of my psychic shoe!
Morning and night, this persistent horrid entity feasted on my energies like an
unerring, stubborn yellow jacket wasp,
fancying me like a can of cola at a picnic with the same insect stubbornness. .
Imposed nightmares were vivid and dazzling in the extreme.
It had  certainly NOT been human but had markedly radiated a brilliance of spiteful
and curious intellect.
(classic round craft, designed specifically for human abductions)
( round ufos are for human abductions and pilot predators are reptilian..)
I have long corroborated with mystics,( Robert Bruce, “Astral Dynamics”) who agree
with my personal observation  that white light surely feeds a meal of an energy
lunch to dark force entities, and that’s why they become quiescent, and that even
prayer,  as well as using white light,  can make one an energy luncheon.
The more  powerful a white light egg ‘barrier’, the more it attracts stronger
negative-thought-entities,  attracted to crave  surmounting and overcoming such
‘presented’ challenges.
A barrier of  visualized electric purple light, instead, has a frequency very
disruptive to dark force entities/energies, but is a difficult color vibrational
visualization to mentally sustain.
 Electric blue, much easier to visualize, also has  protective qualities of electric
violet visualized around one.
Although most people are taught to use “white light”, they are unaware of the
inherent dangers and of these field tested psychic ‘tools’, which I herein,
respectfully submit.
 My individual reptoid microcosm experience, surely reflects some greater global
macrocosm, with these entities and larger mankind.
We are all alone, together.
I have  learned that anxiety is the soul’s natural reaction to psychic intrusion;
something, an entity unseen, prying and opportunistic, has entered your energies to
peek within.
The greater the wave of panic the more potent the intrusion and the entity.
All good psychics will experience this anxiety climb, when in the presence of a
strong spirit.
But what of those who suffer, unknowingly, wrestling with horrid waves of electric
This can be tested, simply:
With the next anxiety or panic attack onset, forcibly order it, the anxiety, away,
in the name of God or Jesus or The Great Spirit, or “The One”, with force and and
anxiety will suddenly abate immediately .
It will resurge again, as the entity responds initially and withdraws, but since its
nature is sinister, stubborn, and predatory, it will re enter.
Continue to banish it and you’ll see that panic abates, and will cease temporarily
with this tool, as they sit down to think this over before they again approach.
It is then that one can realize  an unseen war, one spiritual and not at all one of
a personality-psychological-illness-model.
Soon, one is enjoined in a healthful combat, using metaphysics tools and
visualizations, to protect one from any dark force entity, and also so far down the
rabbit hole, that one fears not having enough breadcrumbs to find one’s  way home. 
But you will also have by-passed all medical psychiatrists who only would have
thrown pills at the symptom, not the cause..
Crashing tsunami panics that vanished briefly, will vanish increasingly with even
more spiritual insistence and spiritual self-assertiveness..
 A wave of free floating anxiety  will again signal an effort to reestablish a
foothold , testing your authority anew/
Panic attacks are psychic attacks by the telepathic intrusions of a hitchhiking
 When they ‘peek’ inside our minds, the soul’s reaction to such intrusion, is 
free-floating anxiety.
Telepathic attacks from these negative-thought-beings, at nighttime resolve into
wild vivid “dreams”.
Jung’s  UFO mandala archetypes fade and whimper at the back door, in the dace of
collected evidence, photographic- military-gunship-camera- films taken of dazzling
alien craft maneuvers.
Even Sigmund Freud’s theories of dreams gone, like so much Austrian fog.
Dreams, when one is harassed by these beings, are recollections of snippets of
psychic tampering ..
Masters of our Universe aliens, see us as a product, a crop controlled by blasting
psychic images into its mind, an alien uncannily canny mental prowess. 
Dreams, cannot, under these circumstances, be trusted to reveal greater Freudian or
Jungian truths.
We are in a hall of mirrors with a quicksand floor, and the truth
 is down a long hall and somewhere else.
We are someone else’s ‘property’ and ‘creation’, 
 ‘chosen people’ naked apes, who knot ties and ride public conveyances, with DNA
manipulations, over eons, by the masters of our universe, who created this
‘preserve’, that we call Earth.
Tantamount is that
good gameswardens never let the animals within suspect that it is, indeed, a preserve.
Alien are our farmers in the Universe, and we, mere bovine creatures ; one does not
negotiate an agreement of equanimity with cows.
Most  ignore the nighttime farmer,  a harvest deep in R.E.M. sleep.
 But others, aware of the subtle tampering, kick the pail over and may even threaten
the farmer.
For these cows , milking thwarted by  resistance, the farmer no longer attends , but
sends in the butcher.
To the military who ‘know’ all of this, what’s the balance, on the benefits side, to
 this reptilian reality behind our curtains?
Alien technology, recovered from downed discs and other craft, has already inspired
Skunkworks to give us the ability to recreate and reverse engineer:
-fiber optics,
-nuclear power,
-cold fusion anti gravity,
-stealth technology,
-weaponry sabers.
– varied nanotechnology,
-specialized surgical tools,
-cloning-genetic engineering and interspecies bypass techniques
and most recently a scramble to deduce ‘smart skins’ of craft which like chameleons,
alter shape and color according to environments.
All of these magical technologies were successfully studied, reverse engineered and
We have a lot to be thankful for because of Klaatu, even though he is the complete
opposite of the charming, handsome gracious, elevated spirit in film and in
book.(“The Day the Earth Stood Still”)
He, in reptilian form and in grey form instead sees us in much the same perfunctory
way, that we see chickens.
Skunkworks is merely setting deck chairs up, aboard the Titanic.
“For we are fighting with people not made of flesh and blood, but against persons
without bodies—evil rulers of the unseen world, those mighty satanic beings and
great evil princes of darkness who rule this world, and against huge numbers of
wicked spirits in high places. 
 Put on all God’s armor so that you will be able to stand safe.” Ephesians 6.
(see below)
see below:
​ “I’m not at liberty to discuss the governments knowledge of extraterrestrial UFO’s
at this time. I am still personally being briefed on the subject!”
–President Richard M. Nixon
“I think about how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing
an alien threat from outside this world. And I ask you, does not this threat already
–President Ronald Reagen UN address
“The US Airforce assures me that UFO’s pose no threat to National Security..” 
–President John F Kennedy 
“I strongly recommend that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena.
I think we owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs and to
produce the greatest possible enlightenment on this subject” 
–President Gerald Ford (1966) 
“Extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon. The Vatican is receiving much
information about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans from its Nuncios
(embassies) in various countries, such as Mexico, Chile and Venezuela.” 
— Monsignor Corrado Balducci As stated 5 different times on Italian TV** (Vatican
theologian insider close to the Pope,Monsignor Balducci said that he is on a Vatican
commission looking into extraterrestrial encounters, and how to cope with the
emerging general realization of extraterrestrial contact.) 
“Given the millions of billions of Earth-like planets, life elsewhere in the
Universe without a doubt, does exist. In the vastness of the Universe we are not
–Albert Einstein
“The evidence points to the fact that Roswell was a real incident and that indeed an
alien craft did crash, and that material was recovered from that site. We all know
that UFOs are real.All we need to ask is where do they come from, and what do they
–Capt. Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 Astronaut 
“In my mind, there is no question that they’re out there. My Career is well
established. My texts books are required reading in all the major capitals on planet
earth. If you want to become a physicist to learn about the unified field theory-you
read my books. Therefore, I’m in a position to say: Yes- Most likely they’re out
their, perhaps even visited, perhaps on our moon. – ABC News Quote — 
— Professor Dr. Michio Kaku
“We must insist upon full access to disks recovered. For instance, in the La case
the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination.” 
–J Edgar Hoover 
I feel that the Air Force has not been giving out all the available information on
the Unidentified Flying Objects. You cannot disregard so many unimpeachable
— John W. McCormack, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States.
January (1965)
“UFO sightings are now so common, the military doesn’t have time to worry about them
– so they screen them out. The major defense systems have UFO filters built into
them, and when a UFO appears, they simply ignore it.”
–Lee Katchen (former atmospheric physicist with NASA) 
“Let there be no doubt. Alien technology harvested from the infamous saucer crash in
Roswell, N.Mex., in July 1947 led directly to the development of the integrated
circuit chip, laser and fiber optic technologies, Particle beams, Electromagnetic
propulsion systems, Depleted uranium projectiles, Stealth capabilities, and many
others! How do I know? I was in charge! (A matter of public record)I think the kids
on this planet are wise to the truth, and I think we ought to give it to them. I
think they deserve it.’
–Colonel Philip Corso
 Army Intelligence officer, former head of the Foreign Technology at the U.S. Army’s
Research and Development department at the Pentagon. 
Four years director of intelligence on President Eisenhower’s White House National
Security Staff 
Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for Paul, a
confirmed atheist, UNTIL Paul saw aliens float him out of his body, in his bed, at
Then, he knew that they were interested in an essence that he never suspected that
he had, a nonphysical soul. 
Our spiritual powers that interest and addict interdimensionals are the very powers
that can be used to thwart further attacks. 
They infect auras with attachments to themselves and ride the reincarnation roller
coaster with human beings, as a sanctuary, to avoid the death that they fear and to
steal the spiritual recycling that we have. 
Souls are garnered, detoured from our natural spiritual evolution in Heaven. 
These joyriding grays can be sinister, discorporate alien souls, stuck to our
energies, who bring a new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion. 

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