Dream Mastery and Lucid Living


with Craig Sim Webb

Are you ready to…truly break through to a whole new level of personal evolution, career success, relationship fulfillment and life mastery? …end unpleasant recurring dreams and the recurring waking dramas they are linked with? …cultivate a profound source of daily guidance, wisdom and healing, and harvest many powerful, practical benefits for yourself and others?

‘Life is but a dream’ says a familiar childhood rhyme, yet have you ever truly considered it more than an amusing quote, as you row your boat sometimes gently, sometimes not, down life’s stream? What if you could really know and believe this to be true? How would you feel and act within this waking ‘Dream’ we call life? And, how can you ‘awaken’ in your life and begin Lucid Living?

Craig Sim Webb is Executive Director of the non-profit DREAMS Foundation, a member of the scientific advisory board of North American Journal of Medical Sciences, and has 20-years’ experience researching, applying, writing and teaching about dreams, consciousness, applied psychology, and mind-body wellness. Click here for more: http://greatmystery.org/Programs/dreamsabout.html

Join this 10-week teleclass starting the end of September and you will:

• Discover how to harvest the natural wisdom of your dreams to free and enlighten you so that they can become the healing force and inner compass that they are meant to be
• Learn the science, philosophy, experience, and practical applications of dreams, dream interpretation, and lucid dreaming
• Understand the powerful truth behind all relationship dynamics
• Explore proven techniques for inducing, remembering and working with dreams and lucid dreams to enhance fun, fulfillment and conscious awareness in this Waking Dream (i.e. Life).

For more information about this program click here: http://www.greatmystery.org/cmd.php?af=1347667

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