Dreams are Not Dreams: Breaking Freud’s Label

Not every thought you have comes from you; the human mind is part of the quantum physics of the Universe ordinarily able to transmit as well as to receive.

I am also convinced that we are dead wrong about the nature of dreaming, itself.

At night, your astral body, an eternal spirit, restless and now free, travels to realms from angelic to demonic, spirit worlds of myriad vibrational levels; the pictures that you see on the backs of your eyelids, while you REM, are not dreams but visits, souvenirs of a greater reality.

Like goldfish, who never suspect a greater world beyond the pond’s surface, the limited spiritual awareness of humankind, similarly floats beneath the surface of a greater reality, like goldfish, mouth agape, groping in total ignorance.

Astral traveling, consciously, can be as dangerous as astral travel, unconsciously, while sleeping.

One seeks to swim with the elevated porpoises one sees not too far from shore, but just as soon as one jumps into those tidewaters,

sharks and, not the porpoises, move in, prevail in the ocean currents of unconsciousness, between 2 and 6 A.M.

Suddenly, survival depends on one’s being able to ground oneself, an essential but elusive tool.

As we struggle into consciousness, each morning, a self erasing mechanism destroys memories of,’ dreams’, and only vague and vivid snippets remain as clues.

But how many people can recall dreams that were not,’ dreams’, at all?

Many have recall for hours and days, afterwards, of these shark like impositions, unlike the general amnesia accompanying a lifetime of their dreams.

Freud was wrong about a lot of things; Classically trained psychs believe that, patients ‘hearing voices’, are psychotic: I am convinced that these folks are sensitives/ psychics .

Formally trained psychs throw pills and apply useless analytic psych- models, from classical training.

I differ strongly from my own experiences and research; when a wrongly diagnosed psychotic learns that the sinister whispering voices in his head, are EXTERNAL to his psyche, he can with a sense of empowerment and newfound health, enjoin the battle, along with the therapeutic healer, to silence or rid the discorporate entities around him and to combat their influences.

The healing that quickly takes place in that patient, compared with formally trained “treatment” consisting of long years of heavy medication and futile psychoanalytic psychotherapy with hearing voices patients , makes these therapists’ approach,” dead wrong”, in my book.

Unseen Dark Force Entities, negative thought entities from reptilians to demons, beings who delight in using unsuspecting humans as marionettes, and who can adeptly impose ideation and emotions, are often the culprits, as real as the nose on your face and as equally hard to see.

Precisely like their doctors, these patients have been classically taught to believe that all private internal whispers and ideas, within one’s mind, originate only from oneself and thus every such idea must be owned.

Formally trained psychiatrists, who cannot accept this preposterous possibility,https://www.ufodigest.com/user/reset/1465/1339213282/cVempxtnTOU9mPonQ_7YppqwHHEUyL71oh423rHyH8A
uniformly throw pills at such voice-hearing patients and apply useless and moot analytic models, from their years of classical training.

After mind-blowing, 3-D-vivid terrifying astral experiences with reptilians and demons, where dreamlike images were broadcast into my mind, I have shockingly unlearned all Jungian and Freudian concepts of ‘dreams’.

It’s only our own languages impotence in calling these myriad astral recollections,’ dreams’; the Eskimos have myriad words for snow, as snow is so endemic to their lives.

There are separate words, in their cultural language to delineate: wet snow, blowing snow, blizzard snow, icy snow, softly falling snow, drifting snow, blinding snow, while our cultural language uses ,’snow’, as a predominant word.

Similarly, we have only one word for, ‘dreams’, that often are NOT dreams which we ourselves generate.

Spiritual visits and messages from loved ones, commonly appear and show up as , ‘dreams’/

Angelic assistance does also appear, in, ‘dreams’, dreams we did not ourselves craft and foster.

So, too, alien astral abductions and horrid ghostly or demonic telepathic/ psychic attacks can loom as ,’dreams’.

My experiences in the extreme, illustrated this indigestible possibility to me.

Imposed nightmares, I now know, is a redundant expression; all nightmares are broadcast into the sleeping mind to bully and to cause fear, the empowering sweet food energy that Dark Force Entities crave.

One’s nighttime, ‘dreams’ and ‘nightmares’ are powerfully revealed as imposed and broadcast, when paranormal events manifest around one, during daily life.

Hauntings and poltergeist phenomena ,’dreams’ are quite dramatic, in this regard.

One straddles the fence of the Twilight Zone, surrounded by harassing, omnipresent, sinister, psychic, tenacious, unseen entities whose presences cause nightly wild, ‘dreams’, which fills one with trepidation, wonder and indignation.

These imposed,’ dreams’, are out of body attacks upon one’s astral self and differ from self generated ‘dreams’, in their vivid, 3 -D, total sensory envelopment and the inherent viciousness in provoking angst, realistic in every way, compared to consciousness.

The perspective, of the dreamer, in such, ‘dreams’, is a struggle to awaken from nightmarish scenes, aligned with negative worst scenarios; these reveal that they are imposed, simply by virtue of their worst scenario plots and their vividness.

All nightmares are varying degrees of imposed psychic attacks as you are being negatively ‘milked’ ethereally for energy within raw angst, by an entity who you might have picked up in daily transit not unlike dog poo on your shoe bottoms.

The signature function of the brain during dreaming is to maintain the dream state, to incorporate extraneous outside stimuli into a dream, to ‘lie to you’, to keep you dreaming.

If a fire truck’s siren blares down your block while you are sleeping your brain will incorporate that sound into the dream scenario at hand to keep you asleep and dreaming.

The ‘convenience dream’ clearly illustrates how this works.

One’s bladder may dully pulse as full, but rather than awaken the sleeper, the brain conjures a bathroom scenario instead where you ‘dream’ that you saw the tile floor and even sat down on a toilet. One awakens much later thinking, with a fuller bladder, thinking; ‘I thought that I just WENT to the bathroom?!’

A nightmare, which awakens one, usually in great angst, violates this tacit basic rule of dreaming by awakening you. One’s rude awakening reveals that nightmare scenarios are being telepathically imposed by a parasitic, discorporate entity for its ethereal feasting. A nightmare is very rarely a self-created scenario. In possession, the entity is no longer in daily transit to torture another (phantoms fill the air around us), but has settled in and has chosen you, as a ‘host’.

The nightmares and bad dreams under a state of demonic possession seem realistic in every way compared to the intensity of waking consciousness and appear to be out of body attacks.

One feels at every nighttime that one flirts with the beast of madness, itself.

“Dreams”, suddenly change, in one’s understanding of the word, ‘dreams’, when one encounters such unseen discorporate negative thought entities who are masters of delusions and of broadcasting images onto the screen of the mind..

One recognizes the raw power of the vividness as more than one’s murky dream scenarios could ever muster.

I am thus convinced that we are dead wrong, as was Sigmund Fruit, about the nature of dreaming, itself.




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