Earthquake hits Blackpool


Earthquake hits Blackpool 


By Pat Regan, Southport UFO author and researcher

1 April 2011, update

No folks, this is ‘no’ April fool’s joke

The British Geological Survey has confirmed that a small (2.2magnitude) earthquake on the Lancashire coast was experienced this morning at 3.30am.

The epicentre was apparently located between Carelton and Poulton Industrial Estate. Houses shook and a railway bridge cracked due to the abrupt seismic activity. Witnesses rang the police.

The UK Press Association swiftly picked up on the story.

Above: the world famous Blackpool Tower seen from Southport, across the Ribble estuary. This picture was taken by the author on the ‘same’ day as the 1st April 2011 Blackpool earth tremor.

I live in Southport, which is over the other side of the River Ribble estuary. I cannot be certain of the exact time yet a little later that morning I was disturbed by a strange noise (or perhaps ‘vibration’ would be more of an accurate  description), which was comparable to a deep rumbling.

My initial impression was that it may have been a heavy diesel or jet engine. However, I believe after waking to hear of the latest Blackpool earth tremor news that it might have been linked to supplementary seismic activity running under this coastal plate.

Incidentally, I felt a similar vibration some years ago during a tremor that occurred in Wales of small magnitude. 

Blackpool has also previously suffered a 5.2 magnitude earthquake and subsequent to this, one happened in 2009 that registered 3.7 on the Richter scale. The UK has indeed experienced recent tremors also in Yorkshire and Cumbria.

Let’s sincerely hope that a more devastating quake, of even greater magnitude, is not preparing itself to materialise. No one wants to see another Japanese type tsunami anywhere! Nevertheless, we have to be vigilant and cannot ever afford to say:  “It can never happen to us”. Our planet is frequently unstable on many levels and cannot be taken for granted.

I have written extensively on the relationship between earthquakes and UFOs and I do note that Blackpool has had its fair share of UFO sightings. This North West UFO Research link gives is just one small example:

And of course the Warton, near Blackpool, vicinity is not unfamiliar with UFO reporting including flying triangles etc and claims concerning secret warplanes.

Like it or not; UFOs do frequently show themselves before and during seismic activity events, as many researchers have already observed.

Earthquakes, on a wider international scale, are an issue that I have deal with in some depth too. Please see the following link:


And also

I shall be watching this situation with great curiosity.

NB. I welcome public reports of any further UFO activity from this Lancashire region. Please write to the following email address:

[email protected]

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