Earthquake hits English Channel; but was UFO activity evident in the region prior to this event?

By Pat Regan


14 July 2011: An earthquake with a magnitude of 3.9 has struck in the English Channel, according to the British Geological Survey (BGS).

The quake had a depth of 10km and its epicentre was south of Portsmouth, according to the BGS.

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Consider the following extract, which I have taken from my book: UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH…


On Friday June 22, 2007 two of the largest UFOs ever allegedly seen were observed by the crew and passengers of an aircraft travelling over the Channel Islands.

 An Aurigny Airlines captain, Ray Bowyer, apparently reported seeing two cigar-shaped objects each up to a mile wide in the skies close to Guernsey.

Anything that holds a cigar shape usually catches my interest, due to the Rufford sighting being of that nature as I reported in my own account.…

Captain Bowyer apparently said that the UFO was an extremely sharp, thin yellow entity with a green area and that it was two thousand feet up and motionless. Another report I saw (on the ‘This is London’ website) mentioned that the pilot described that UFO as being a cigar-shaped, brilliant white light.

He estimated it to be about ten miles away, although he later realised it was approximately forty miles from his position. His initial reaction was that the UFO was the size of a Boeing 737 aircraft. He however said that it must have been a great deal bigger because of how far away it was. It could have been as much as a mile wide. On the approach to Guernsey, Captain Bowyer noticed a second matching object further to the west. Whilst not confirming any belief that the UFO was extraterrestrial the pilot admitted that he had never seen anything like it before in all his years of flying. 

The Sky report also mentioned that the Captain’s story was also supported by passengers Kate and John Russell and an unspecified second crew member. Mr Russell described the UFO as an orange light, like an elongated oval.

The former head of the Ministry of Defence’s UFO Project, Nick Pope, told Sky News: “In a very literal sense this is a UFO because there is no definitive explanation as to what it is.”

A BBC report of this incident mentioned that Mr Bowyer said he was “pretty shook-up” by the sighting. “This is not something you see every day of the week – it was pretty scary,” he added.

Nick Pope, told the BBC: “While no witnesses are infallible, pilots are trained observers and less likely than most people to misidentify something mundane.”

“The MoD’s UFO case files contain several reports from civil and military pilots, some of which were correlated by radar. This is the sort of sighting that is taken seriously and should be investigated thoroughly.”

“While most UFOs can be explained as misidentifications of aircraft, weather balloons, satellites and suchlike, a small percentage are more difficult to explain. This is one of the most intriguing sightings I’ve heard about in recent years.”

“Concerning this case, the MoD said that while it does monitor air space for any extraordinary foreign objects which might pose a threat, they would not be carrying out an investigation in this instance. The Register website also carried a report on this sighting. They told readers that the pilot was in two minds about going towards the UFO to have a closer look but decided against doing so because of the large dimension of it and relevant concerns for passenger safety. 

Captain Bowyer, according to the Register report, described his sightings to an air traffic controller yet nothing had appeared on the radar. However, I believe that the air traffic people stated that because the UFO was stationary it would not be picked up on radar equipment.

They said that they had received a similar report from a Blue Islands pilot on the journey to Jersey at the same time. Apparently this other pilot went past Sark and described an object behind him to his left hand side. The description given of the object was said to be very comparable to Captain Bowyer’s and also being in precisely the same place. But the other plane was viewing it from the opposite direction.

The Blue Islands pilot explained that the mysterious object was fifteen hundred and fifty feet lower than his aircraft, which was travelling at three thousand, five hundred feet meaning that both pilots placed it at approximately the same altitude.

The pilot also conducted a fascinating Press Club interview, which was uploaded onto the popular YouTube website:

Captain Bowyer mentioned that the encounter lasted fifteen minutes and the first object was seen at a distance of fifty five miles. He said the UFOs were of a flattened disc-shape with a dark area to the right and brilliant yellow with light emanating from within. He said he was astounded but curious about the sighting. However at 12 miles distance the objects were becoming uncomfortably large.  He furthermore alluded to possible radar information still being investigated.

The captain stated that air law demands that UFOs must be reported as soon as possible; in his case the British Civil Aviation Authority knew within 20 minutes of his sighting what was seen and this was recorded in the flight log.  The military were also apparently informed by Jersey air traffic control at the same time.

In the captain’s experience reporting the facts had no negative effect on him personally. He stated that he did not feel in any danger of ridicule and that the authorities had been supportive in his case.

He also expressed surprise over how a US UFO multiple witness sighting in Chicago (Nov. 7th, 2006) was handled. He said that despite an object hovering over a terminal, which was seen by many pilots and airport personnel, there was no investigation into the matter by the FAA. He said that it appeared that pressure may even have been applied to crew members by the company not to discuss this incident. 

He said he would have been shocked if he had been told that the CAA in the UK would obstruct an investigation or if the CAA would have told him something entirely different. He said however that pilots in America are used to this sort of thing. He went of to urge all fellow air crew to report what they see as soon as possible and to stand up and be counted.

The pilot finalised his interview by saying that it is only when crucial and critical witnesses such as air crews make reports that the authorities will be “kick started” into making a broader investigation into this phenomena. Incidentally, in 2007 the ‘Richard and Judy’ TV show in the UK also interviewed Captain Ray Bowyer about the experience that evidently had disturbed him.


The captain told Richard and Judy that he did not know how the press initially got hold of the story. He also told them that the press had asked the company if he would do an interview and that they agreed to this request. He said that the company, being a “forward thinking firm” had “actively encouraged” it.

Mr Bowyer also mentioned that Guernsey and Jersey radar had picked up traces of something for about fifty five minutes. The captain told the couple that he has seen the object for a total of twelve minutes.  He said he had the opportunity to see make the sighting through ten times magnification binoculars and that the object should not have been in controlled air space at that time.

He lost sight of the UFO because he was descending through a haze layer but expressed the belief that the object was almost certainly still there as his plane did so.

The couple showed the pilot a picture of a UFO taken in New Mexico in 1957. He stated that it was “very similar” to the sort of thing he saw.

Richard asked the pilot what he thought the UFO actually was. Captain Bowyer said that he had been asked this before and that he had told the press that it was “not from around here. “

Judy asked if the pilot, when he flew, had a slightly heightened awareness of what may be going on around him. Captain Bowyer laughed at this question and said yes.  He also alluded to other pilots that have told him “on the quiet” that they have seen similarly unusual things. He said that he thought this incident had “opened the can” and that pilots should be reporting everything they see and getting it itemised.

Richard finalised the interview by mentioning another sighting by a pilot who had seen a silver disc that had travelled at immense speed. The captain responded by saying that the object he had witnessed was like a “CD disc on edge.” that was sharp and “extremely well defined”.

I can empathise with the stated shape of this Guernsey object for the Rufford UFO had a comparable outline, although perhaps being slightly thicker and more of a fat Havana shape.

I feel that the classical disc or cigar shape of such objects must have a common denominator but what they may be so far remains a mystery.

On ITV Channel Report (Wednesday 25th April 2007) the pilot said that sighting of this object had been a “pretty chilling thing” and was visibly shaken by the event.

I note also that Report a report was undertaken by Jean-Francois Baure, David Clarke, Paul Fuller & Martin Shough on ‘Aerial Phenomena Observed near the Channel Islands  UK, April 23rd 2007.’ Although this report was quite detailed, with suggestions of possible cause for the sighting, it appears to be in effect quite inconclusive.

The report may be accessed via this link:

On 27th August 2008 I personally asked Nick Pope if there had been any further news on the Guernsey sighting. Nick kindly informed me that there was currently no further news, though Ray Bowyer was being interviewed for the second series of ‘UFO Hunters’, so there may be some further revelations revealed therein.

Dave Pavoni from the UFO-Hunters show told me that another producer from their company was indeed going to see the pilot in Guernsey. Dave mentioned to me at the time that this was a very interesting case. I couldn’t agree more.

NB. I also note here that a small tsunami struck the south coast of England on 27 June 2011.  At the time it was claimed to be most likely caused by weather conditions and not a submarine landslide or earthquake, according to the British Geological Survey.

However, in view of the latest earthquake event of 14 July 2011 perhaps the previous tidal swell was indeed caused by a tremor. Possibly the geological experts got it wrong in June.


Also, what guarantee do we have against imminent catastrophe for Channel Tunnel travellers? The experts are quick to tell us that all is roses and light and that danger from tremors is really not worth bothering about. To this proud boast I would courteously remind them of a similar warranty about assured safety given by the designers of a certain craft – THE TITANIC!

As we have seen by just one example above, the English Channel is no stranger to significant UFO activity. This latest tremor is said to be the ‘biggest’ incident of its kind in the area for nearly 300 years. Therefore, it seems rather fitting in this instance that the Guernsey sighting involved a massive UFO. 

Clearly, the area is one to watch with all due diligence.

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