Earthquake in Japan



By Pat Regan 

Earthquake in Japan

Increased UFO activity before the Japanese megathrust earthquake


Are we listening – are we watching?  

Japanese tsunami and mega-quake

I have written at some length about the relationship between UFO sightings that have preceded earthquakes in many countries.

This was never mere supposition, but basic fact. Whatever the reasons, UFO activity does frequently appear to amplify before earthquakes, tsunamis, etc,

I have admittedly not had a great deal of input into the Japanese UFO axis so far. I however have suspected that UFO activity may have increased before the devastation of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 11 March 2011.

The following link appears to confirm my deepest suspicions.

Herein writer Michael Cohen informs us:

“The question now being asked by many is: If indeed these UFOs are under benevolent alien control and these beings were aware of the coming disaster why didn’t they warn us? Perhaps they did, but we weren’t listening.”

This is exactly the point I have been making about this intriguing, yet alarming, situation for months. Are we genuinely listening and watching?

I have recently uploaded a short video onto YouTube about this phenomenon:

UFO sightings have come in fast and furious before earthquakes – just like they did in other places such as Northern Britain, Chilli, etc.

UFO: Earthquake predictions come true as Cumbria suffers Yuletide tremor

A Warning of Earthquakes:

We ‘are’ being warned in many ways about these catastrophe events ‘before’ they happen via the propensity of UFO sightings and also in more personal ways such as dreams and visions that I have recently discussed.

Japanese Tsunami: 2011 – how many saw it ‘before’ it happened?

Regrettably, science cannot give satisfactory alerts for the advanced occurrence of such mega-quakes. Scientists cannot give adequate warning in order to evacuate large numbers of the population for important seismic areas at risk. Therefore, perhaps it should start to invest in a proper correlation with paranormal researchers.

We can either continue to listen nonchalantly to the typical post-event excuses of scientists, limited by their own anti-occultist prejudice, or start to relearn the basic human survival craft of listening with our essential extrasensory instincts.

That inner voice that we all possess; the feeling that something is about to happen has ensured the survival of our species into the 21st Century. Yet today we are told by the supercilious scientist, or self-righteous priest of made-made monotheistic faith systems, to disregard the very survival instincts that have got us this far.

The former tells us that science has the expertise to direct us appropriately and the latter threatens us with fire and brimstone if we fail to subscribe to his/her intolerant brand of restricted spiritual ethos.

We are being warned about such earth-changing events more than we realise, but basically we are failing to take heed of these critical warnings. This is because we have been indoctrinated into self-disbelief, again thanks mainly to the ridicule of contemporary science, which dismisses our primordial survival instinct as being insignificant.

It now appears that thousands have been killed by this dreadful event in Japan.

My deepest sympathy goes out to the poor families affected and my sincere admiration to the teams of heroic international rescuers that are trying to do their level best to help.

Sick Facebook posters, gloating at Japanese disaster

Alternatively, I have been utterly dismayed at some of the sickening and racist comments made about the plight of the Japanese families by a minority of idiots who hide, as cowards always do, behind pseudonyms on sites like Facebook.

Freedom of speech is one thing; nevertheless I would urge the owners of Facebook etc to erase the best efforts of the sick trolls that frequent their site. Gloating at the terrible misfortune of others may seem like great fun to some disturbed individuals but such persons can of course be traced, tracked and ultimately prosecuted.

A spiritual awakening for mankind is due, and NO, I am NOT spinning the typical messianic, end-of time line.

The hollow materialistic priorities that we hold so dear, so close to our hearts, are in reality fleeting. They can be dismissed and destroyed in seconds by the awesome forces of Mother Nature.

We must raise our heads to the skies and start to genuinely listen and look for the signs!

Changes are coming – the question is; are we ready?  

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