Earthquakes and UFOs…another Opinion

Publisher’s Note: Received an email yesterday I believe in response to Pat Regan’s article  Welsh earthquake and more UFO sightings once again posted here:

There is probably little connection between eatrhquakes and the appearance of UFOs. It has long been discovered that up to 2-3 weeks before an earthquake tectonic plate activty creates Piezo electrical charges or ball lightning. It emmits from cracks in the ground or from caves at various speeds, swift or slowly, large or small. spills droplets. is very unstable when coming into contact w/ another object, etc.

( This is most likely the soure of the Travis Walton episode. )

Piezo electrcity is used to track upcoming quakes and is a useful tool for forecasters. They say little to avoid scaring the public since often these discharges amout to small rumbles. It is easier to let folks think they have seen a flying saucer. Experiments have been reproduced inlaboratories with slow-mo video reproducing all of these effects.

BEWARE OF THE GLOWING OBLECT IN THE SKY…….ALWAYS. It is probably created in nature…understood and unknown as yet !

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