Eavesdropping on Astral Travelers – Grey Aliens in Heaven?

Anglo-Saxon law harshly punished eavesdroppers, who malingered in the eavesdrop of another’s home, with a severe fine; this spying was done by listening in at a small low visibility holes near the entrance to a building, most usually under the eaves to listen in on the conversation of people awaiting admission to the house.

This would allow the occupant to be prepared for duplicitous or unfriendly guests and visitors.

(* from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ):

“The verb eavesdrop was originally a back-formation of the noun eavesdropper (“a person who eavesdrops”) which was formed from the unrelated noun eavesdrop (“the dripping of water from the eaves of a house; the ground on which such water falls”).

An eavesdropper was one who stood at the eavesdrop (where the water fell, i.e., near the house) so as to overhear what was said inside.”

I also have been eavesdropping .

I know few will agree or accept this, but I shall relate this overheard eavesdropped horror tale.

It has been reported, by those who astral travel and write about their astral recollections, that Heaven is also shockingly evident with inundated greys, creatures of our abductions, who, in that revered and solely human sanctuary and bliss, are punishing, strict and tough spiritual ‘supervisors’ to groups of human souls assigned them.

This came to me from many vectors over time and it shocked and upset me as I also, as you do, believed that Heaven, was without aliens, a dimension solely reserved for our erudition and preparation for our next incarnation.

Alien presence on Earth will not ever be disclosed by governments.


Aren’t the peoples of the World entitled to know and aren’t we all smart enough to adapt and resist such an invasion?

On a different note, think of the ontological shock.The full truth is awful and would cripple society’s fabric.

Could we EVER embrace that we are mere cattle to our “space brothers”?

That we are not seen, as we see ourselves, as divine beings, but as someone else’s valuable property?

That our existence and presence on Earth wasn’t ‘ordained’, by God?

With such disclosure, we would have to face a horrid past, and a likely wretched future.

In the name of ‘National Security’, this is hidden from the public, but ‘National Security” becomes an oxymoron, in the face of this larger reality.

Reports of an invasion of eddy pools, within Heaven?

A gleaned unpleasant insight, why we abductees are so coveted, so completely alien tampered with, and in a proprietary manner follows:

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