ET and Psychic Science Tipping Point on Earth and Spirit Displacement – El Shaddai

for Future 8-1-11-12-21-12 

2012 – The New Atlantis – El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron from the Bible is now a game on earth to prepare for the coming wars in space.

EARTH DISPLACEMENT Known through way of Spiritual Displacement by TJ

Written and Channeled Inspiration by Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris

We are actually changing our own reality and becoming more synergistically involved now as we actively take part in raising our own awakened awareness of our collective psyche.

We each must begin to share what we can all do to become more involved with saving our world and sustainability. We can live through the future of 12-21-12 with the new wobble and rotation that we can magnetically control with our energy. It is possible to effect  the future outcome of our planet and our species. We just have to know there is hope in this journey we call life.

I speak from personal experience having a story that can be shared for those who need to be uplifted in these times of change. The earth is going to change and some of us will stay here or prefer to be left behind while others are doing what they can to encourage their spirits to pass over. Will we stay or go in the future. We all know we die and leave earth, so what is all this fuss about 12-21-12? It is about earth and species changing the way we think about organisms. It is about raising our awareness. It is about the shift and uplift of human creations on earth including all of us here now. Some of us have experienced more than others and we are the guides for others on the path.

We have entered a time of change since 2007 with emphasis on certain dates such as 7-7-2007, 9- 11-2001, 12-26-2004, 11-11-11, and 12-21-12. An era of the past is welcomed with all the old ways of being and teaching our children. I welcome the change of love and light we can share in the future with all the Lightworkers, Indigos, Crystal, and Rainbow Children.

We are entering a time when we will see children who come to earth more psychic and knowing more than we did in our lifetimes. They will be more attached to the future and the other dimensions being able to accept things that ordinary thinkers in the past could not.

We are sharing more of those who will come to raise the consciousness of this planet about how to take care of the spiritual connection to those who are our supreme beings. We now have digital identity technology and there are going to be newer ways to share one’s own spiritual journeys. 

We appreciate the time that has allowed us to learn of Facebook and My space but there is a new wave of tablets and sharing the world with owning one’s own profile other than own blogs of Google or on Facebook. We are entering a time where we can all see the point in being digitized and sharing our creations. People all around the world are tuning into the web. There are going to be new ways on how to experience and express one’s own self. There is so much information coming to us and we are creating more daily. We cannot keep up and our minds won’t hold it all, this is a time to learn how to be out of body to absorb more information direct from the Supreme Force and Source as in “May the Force be with you!” To some this is their alignement with their God and Goddess.

We know that there are alien civilizations that exist out in space and we are not alone. The new dynamics for statistics tell us that there are now two people out of every three on earth that believe in aliens existing. We are at the tipping point for the entire world. We shall welcome the election of our new officials who will take charge of building the new frontier in space and on the planet. We shall now begin making the right decisions to become what is termed “THE GREEN PLANET” a reality. Mayors of small and large towns and cities will be held responsible for the business and marketing plans that will need green eco technology.

We cannot wait for the governments any longer because they will want to design all that we create around the old way of thinking with the profit for them. We can no longer expect to go into countries and take out more than we give. That is the old way of being. We have all now evolved while we approach the seven (7) billion mark of people on this planet. Each person will now feel their own connection to the source and force and realize how important they are. Some may be reminded by their life coaches and/or spirit guides.

We won’t need to venture into space or take ayahuasca to learn to leave our body.Only Ayahuasca… Walk the path of the Amazonian shamanic apprenticeship and initiation by following the Plant Teachers Diet. Some get sick due to toxins. This cleanses. I have not done plants but I figure it is like astral travel for the spiritual path has many ways to reach the same goal in the astral plane of our existence. We are energy as essence having an experience inside the body-mind-spirit. This is a birht-life-death existence we all must share as a species of earth.

Astral Travel will become normal for all in this new golden age we shall welcome peace among the children formalizing the future on this planet. The time is now ripe for learning and becoming more spiritual with yoga, reiki healing, Shaman healers, and teachers and guides for those who are on a spiritual path to enlightenment. We must get our priorities straight and balanced out in this new alignment with the all might force that comes like the wind and in the lightning we see that creates the crop circles. There are meanings and communications all over as clues that they higher supreme intelligent beings exist. We can consider ourselves as their children who are learning to maintain life in the containment units we were assigned at birth on this planet. We are Starseeds.

All those who are of the old empirical greedy regime are dying out. The time is ripe for a new beginning with spiritual beings with higher consciousness on earth to take back control of our spiritual being and a healthier sustainability of this planet. The future demands that we begin creating our future towns and cities for sustainability. It is time for all to take part and to find their cause to assist humanity.

Ask a person when ill to allow for energy transfer with light energy. We can transfer more energy now as healing than ever before with our time in coming with the center of the force/ Become involved with others outside of themselves and pledge their spirit to accommodate their soul’s journey while here. That is what all the television evangelists are trying to say and relate but they are lost in the empirical greed for the money changers. Jesus once tipped over the money changers in the temple in the old country and this time is now to happen again. I am offering the same second verse same as the first. It is time to render unto Caesar’s Empire in Rome what is theirs while we all create together the future of a new safe environment for our children. Shame on any adult who does not take care of our little children. Those who present the political judgment in the manmade governments should be aware the spirits now coming to earth are closer to the creator than ever before and will know what is right inside their spirits. They will call out anyone who does harm to their body-mind-spirits. They will know truth.

The fact that nuclear plants have placed more carcinogens in the air in Japan is a sign of the times for all of us. We breathe too much lead into our bodies already. It is now a time when we can look up information for our health and best interest on the WEB or Internet.

Change is now here and on December 21, 2012 at 11″11 universal time we should all experience the burial of the evil ways on this planet that was from fear, and greed of those who created it. They are not the minority on this planet. 

Everyone will now begin sharing their awareness of nature and how we depend on nature to keep us alive and well on planet earth. The corporations that are not aware or awake to the fact that they are polluting our earth and fresh water we need to sustain humankind in the future will become obsolete.  This is part of the change and process of cleansing Mother Earth. She demands justice. The people demand a cleaner way of living for our children.

The world that we presently live on is called earth. Many other planets exist just like this one. Many other species exist just like this one that we see today that inhabits the earth’s crust.

WE know that we are creating something like a psychic synergy change together.

The world of science and spirit and how the psychic personal and collective effects our being is always a growing government concern. There is a saying that the human psyche comes from the universe. I believe this having been both in space in and out of body.

There is a long story to tell and I have had to have patience to abide time while we catch up to the various levels of acceptance and that goes along with change on this planet.

Being that I am one who chooses to share my life and become public with my secrets has been a long time coming. There are various parts of my story I will tell and it will take chapters. This one article is part of the continued story about our sharing the dream we call an illusion of created reality. Just like we are all here for various reasons this is where we learn our skills and talents to be used by our future selves and to teach our children of light. All those in science know that energy and matter are the same thing now. We can create energy and we can create matter. But lo and behold those who are taking on the life force to create anything other than life from other creatures. We shall learn this time not to interfere with mature beings and nature. Nature will not allow those who are the bionic computers to know what we know. We are not clones but we have made them and created them in past lives on earth. I am here to share that we shall not make the same mistakes we made in Atlantis.

Let me explain that all land mass was once Gaia and therefore we will find some of Atlantis on all parts that made it above the sea level due to the various ice ages. MU was prior to ATLANTIS. We are all descendents from the Starseeds in space as well as those who came to this world before. Mars was once inhabited by our humanoid ancestors. We will soon learn the facts and separate the myths and legends that are part truth and part inspiration of the writers and scribes of the ancient ones. We always have some who are about the future power of the all and for the connection to the higher supreme beings. We also always seem to find that freewill and choices allow some to excel at being greedy with their life that will engage in leadership mastery in their chosen fields on earth. Once in Atlantis we were all known for our skills and powers from the Gods and Goddesses. We wanted to become more like them who were our parents in higher realms. Some of our stories are returning due to the Avatar Ascended Masters who will assist the researchers in finding the future kept in place in some caves.

Some information is under the oceans and seas. As we learn to navigate under the lower waters with the new technology for pressure underwater vehicles we will begin to see more UFOS and USOS that have learned to use their vehicles in air and underwater. There will be a time when we will know how they were used in Atlantis and in Lemuria. We had a peaceful race in MU who were gradually taken into space to terra form other planets. They are considered our ancient ancestors who acquired the knowledge to pilot the spacecraft to other worlds. We learned about other races in space that differ in mannerisms. Not all are peaceful. Some are masterful warriors. We train our young with our video and computer games now one begins with  EL and fights angels against devils or light warriors against dark warriors. It is a sign of the times.   

 The game is heavily based on the book of Enoch from the Bible.  El-Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron is an odd game to be sure, but is it actually fun to play. The game has striking visuals. It was presented at Comic-Con. I realize that many of our future children will welcome the chance to play games which are now a part of our lives and we cannot deny them their future in Cyberspace. We train in our sleep and in our awakened state of being to preserve our species. Some of us are peaceful warriors but make no mistake our kind will always defend our right to exist and live. We prefer life over death and this is as natural a state of being as an organism as any. The right to life we see in all animals. We all die and we should embrace this as our knowledge as well as that of living. the Birth-Life-Death experience must now be taught to all and be an engaging topic of what one shall do to plan for one’s own life which should consist of 100 years. 25 to educate, 25 to work, 25 to share with others, 25 in our twilight years for ourselves.


Being that I once died in this lifetime, I have the ability to see the world in a much different way than I did before I died. For those who are not familiar with that story told on UFO, I had placenta previa. That was when I first came out of my body through the top of my head while my hearing was intact. I watched the doctor cut my stomach open and squeeze the baby out. I had purple hand marks on my stomach I was told. I was not conscious for almost three weeks. It took me 21 days to completely return to this body with heart monitors on me in intensive care unit. I had to learn to remain in my body while I learned to astral travel with my spirit. An amazing part of me allowed me to feel attached to that of the entire universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse.

I am also an ET Contactee with memories of being monitored before and after this time, which occurred on January 27, 1974. My daughter Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish Bowers is also like me in many instances meaning that it is hard for her to understand all that we have here in life as body-mind-spirits having the birth-life-death experiences we all share.

There are many parts of me now that exist and I am doing all I can to understand what has been known to be a paranormal lifetime. The fact that I share the out of body experiences in more than one way has allowed me to see through another set of eyes. I call one set my third eye, which allows me to envision all of life through a higher order and purpose of life, which is inside of me while I look through the thoughts of both sides of my brain at one time.

I also have another part of me that is of the higher levels that allows me to step aside and take notice of all that is allowed to be shared on this planet from those above. It is a form of reverence and channeling inspiration from those above who are our guides. Some have them and some think they do. We simply step aside and allow their energy to come through.

Some in psychic science call this being psychic and in touch with the astral plane, and Akashic field of energy that exist in all things inside and outside of our magnetic field that surrounds this planet. This can be tough on the physical body and many of us must rest after a sessions. We learn to control our time spent assisting others with the knowledge that they desire of us. Some have not learned or obtained these abilities that others of us have learned about all our lives or as Avatar Ascended Masters on this plane and planet. This is also a connection to what is termed the Unified Field.

There are many who can teach this method of being. We can all get n touch with our higher selves and our super consciousness. We all have a spirit essence that is attached to our soul by way of an energy some call the silver chord. Others don’t see a chord at all with the cones in the back of their eyes but then some of us are also color blind. If one does not envision this while they are learning to astral travel be at peace with the process and do not worry. The higher self will not allow one to do this process and the magenetic force of one’s own essence will bring one back to the containment unit we call a body-mind-spirit. 

The fact that we are now being accepted as both spiritual and scientific is part of the larger picture, which includes the changes to occur on this planet.


I am not even sure what to call this article since the energy that flows through me changes so much with each thought that occurs to me. Does make one wonder where all the energy that creates our thoughts begins to connect what we call the synapses and the neurons and protons we all talk about in our neuro science buzz. Share your lucid dreams and follow your spiritual path of enlightenment. Do what one must to survive and pay one’s own way with the laws of health and prosperity. Abundance will come to those who plan and are patient.

There are many levels and areas of being and sharing about our earth and spiritual displacement that is created inside all of us as organisms.

I accept that I was chosen to come to this planet and that I was chosen to have the veil lifted for me while I was here. This took me analyzing all that I have experienced and comparing this to what in the critical mass consciousness we call normal and general acceptance of what we term reality.

The other part of this is the fact that we all believe we know what normal is based on the general theories we are taught in our schools for educational purposes. However, with the time approaching the Ascension Age date of 11-11-11 and the Golden Age of 12-21-12 we are combining all that we know to be higher consciousness of spiritual intellectuals into this time to learn what we can do to create a world that shall sustain us all. We are wondering what it will be like in 2013 for all those who choose to remain on earth either in body alive or physically dead and put into the earth which is a natural organism and alive that lives as our traveling orb through stellar space.

The fact that our earth has been displaced at one occasion back when we called eons ago the earth was outside of the region in space we call the inhabitable zone and Mars was here. 

When we realized that our planet was going to be displaced by a cataclysms that some believe was from a large object in space hitting Mars we launched some of our people in various ways and some arrived on the new planet after the large catastrophe in space. We were placed again back on the planet that is now called earth and is in the habitable zone for our species.

We have many other forms of humanoid sentient intelligent being life as a species in space all around us in the various levels, dimensions, and what we call the matrix of the omniverse life force of energy. It is time we learn to know what is out there in stellar space and we must become a galactic society with morals and ethics to be allowed into the universal family and order of things to come.

We are just now coming to the place in space where what we call the veil is being lifted somewhat to accept that which we once were able to comprehend about our own kind. Much has been blocked and some was simply forgotten over time.

It is time we get back to knowing the truth of how we came to be here on this planet and how this planet was once in another location in space. Since humankind has been inhabiting planets that have been therefore by our higher evolved humanoid sentient intelligent being species we have come to know and grow in our own natural ways and allowed for certain portions of our kind to simply create their own reality with their own level of synergy and consciousness on various planets in various locations in the levels of the Omniverse.

It is now time once again for us to be visited and evaluated for that which we can all discern as the ascension process. This is a time when we will all desire to be more than we are today or to become simply ones who want to stay where we are until we pass from this place we call home as earth.

This is not a new operation or process but comes along every once in a while and on planet earth some 5125 years or so. We also have a precession of some 21,600 years we monitor in space.

There is much to discuss over time and patience is a virtue that we must have. Remember that life on earth is not a destination but only a mid point from one place to another on our spiritual journey.

We will be having more children coming in from space to arrive here and some are the rainbow children to arrive at the very second after 11:11 Universal time on December 21, 2012. This is a date set by all those who are in the higher Supreme Being alliance and council of authority in this omniverse.

The fact that I know and care to share is part of being who I am in the love and light that we have all learned about in various ways. Those of us who are called Avatar Ascension Masters know of our past lives and we are here to assist in this level as guides for those who desire to know more than they do at present and are on their own spiritual path to the term we call enlightenment of the essence, which returns to the soul.

We all have another place to be in eternity and we all share a double with what we call our soul selves. Some of us choose to come to earth to share with our soul mates and soul groups and we can venture to other planets and lifetimes over and over again until we reach level nine (9) and the next level at ten (10) puts us into a higher place, dimension, and category that some of us refer to as the fifth dimension now on earth. This is a place where we can time travel too and from the various locations we have chosen with the assistance of those we all the Supreme Beings and Time Lords. We are all time travelers and we can all become lost while we are in displacement mode of operation in the eons of time.

The Earth Displacement that happens deals with the shift of the earth’s crust while the magnetic forces on the outside with the magnetic forces happen while the inner core of the earth still revolves and spins at the natural rate. This can cause some of the tectonic plates to shift from time to time and make more volcanoes and earthquakes on the surface. 

It is time to know more about our species and how to access other levels in the realms that we can access with our minds while we sleep and rest our bodies. There will be more time later to share that which others may not remember or know.

Some people have wanted me to get back to the old way I was writing and have been pushing me to be more interesting with what I know so I hope this will assist those readers for the time being. They read my personal websites and want more of what I know that others may not yet be able to believe or understand.

This is a time when we are all able to fell more connected to each other in what we call the critical mass consciousness and through synergy. We are planning to share the struggle in side our body-mind-spirits while we each plan our own truth. We each have a role to play on this planet, there are ways we can learn about the tree of knowledge, and the tree of life, which is truth, incarnated into icons and ways to refer to life in symbols. We who use tarot cards and other divination tools are not going to hell. The part of the Bible and and future scrolls that have been left out on how to train one’s spirit in a lifetime were left out to control the masses and times. The empire world kings and priests didn’t want people to know of their own spiritual powers. 

Life is a game and is a mystery to some more than others is. Some come to earth not knowing who they are, where they came from, and where they are going when they leave this earth. This is your spirit in the earth’s displacement game of life while here in this plane. 

We have guides who can assist and it is said that when the student is ready the master will appear. Therefore, I submit that when we are each ready to reach for the future that may be in the stars or in stellar space that we must each begin to remember who we are, and where we are going when we leave this earth.

Life is a journey and we are to learn as much as we can in the process of learning to remain alive and in our bodies. We can hope that we can all together assist in the change of this planet to learn to sustain this planet for us and all our children to follow.

We need to learn about more natural living with the earth and learn to enhance living on the planet together. We have to accept that there will be a more natural and spiritual way to be and create a life with others while honoring the spirituality in each of us with love and light. Light of the higher Supreme Beings is becoming aware that they exist and all live within our own self, energy and essence.

We are all to learn how to maintain order in chaos while we are here and to learn to obtain our soul’s purpose for sending us here to this level. We learned about how hard it is to breathe on this planet when we were born and we have since learned of the toxins in the air that we breathe.

We must get back to the basics and then learn about our spiritual needs. Science and spirit can work together while we learn about the history of this planet and prior earth displacement. In addition, we will learn about the magnetic shifts of the poles and the term precession years as time moves forward on earth.

We are now feeling the change and we are at the tipping point to save earth and become aware of what we mean when we speak of the global warming effects on our planet we share. Sustainability and relearning how to maintain health in all we do and eat is part of who we are. We are now going to become more educated and begin sharing new cities around the world working with those who are invited into our towns around the world to create the new way of living in the future. We all will need a center for those who desire to congregate with no more than five hundred in a living facility. We will have a place to grow their own community garden for vegetables and learn to create a space for natural protein.

Eating and sleeping is as much a part of being alive as the awakened state we call real and awake.Being balanced in life with our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies and learning how to eat to live and not live to eat is very important to our future well being.

Getting the proper amount of rest is also a part of knowing the future where we can astral travel at night and heal our outer and inner selves. Love and Light TJ – More later.

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