Et – Angels of Ascension – Ancient Astronuauts – 7 Heavens – Aliens and UFOs

ET Angels of Ascension could be the Ancient Astronauts of our Ancient Ancestors. 
There is proof coming to earth about the many universes of our 7 heavens. Now is the time as the Ascension Age of Revelation. It is a time of renewing and awakening our spirits.
We shall learn about all that in the past was not understood although words and clues have been here for us to define.
There was a time that a veil of secrecy was upon all of humankind. It is now time to change and this is the Age of Revelation. 
No more does one have to wonder alone in the dark of this world. We are able to approach our Ascension Lightworkers once again along with our Ascended Masters, Avatars, and Sages. It is time to learn of those who from the heavens came who walk upon the face of earth as humankind. 
We will be learning about those who from the heavens came and are part of our many universes in the the matrix, the universe, the multiverse, the metaverse, the xenoverse, the omniverse, and the  fact that there are many universes in the creation that is ever expanding. Some have shared in the past of more heavens which were also called mansions.
Some of the meanings that are still recorded today will take on new life with the mind opened to be reviewed and to accept that which was once only thought to be myths and legends. The way we think of our world and universe is changing our thoughts about science and religion. We are all going to learn how to become one species on one planet.
We shall join those who come and go one day in space. We are now developing ourselves spiritually to increase our light bodies for an eternal and everlasting place in the unknown heavens or do we know about all the many mansions as heavens that have been prepared?
The Celestial Angel Wardens
1st Heaven 2nd Heaven 3rd Heaven   1. Suria    2. Tutrechial    3. Tutrusiai    4. Zortek    5. Mufar    6. Ashrulyai    7. Sabriel    8. Zahabriel    9. Tandal  10. Shokad  11. Huzia  12. Deheboryn  13. Adririon  14. Khabiel  15. Tashriel  16. Nahuriel  17. Jekusiel  18. Tufiel  19. Dahariel  20. Maskiel  21. Shoel  22. Sheviel   1. Tagriel (chief)    2. Maspiel    3. Sahriel    4. Arfiel    5. Shahariel    6. Sakriel    7. Ragiel    8. Sehibiel    9. Tandal  10. Shokad  11. Huzia 1. Sheburiel (chief)  2. Retsutsiel  3. Shalmial  4. Savlial  5. Harhazial  6. Hadrial  7. Ragiel    4th Heaven 1. Pachdial (chief) 2. Gvurtial  3. Kzuial  4. Shchinial  5. Shtukial  6. Arvial (or Avial) 7. Kfial  8. Anfial       5th Heaven 6th Heaven 7th Heaven 1. Techial  2. Uzial  3. Gmial  4. Gamrial  5. Sefrial  6. Garfiel  7. Grial  8. Drial  9. Paltrial 1. Rumial  2. Katmial  3. Gehegial  4. Asabrsbial  5. Egrumial  6. Parzial  7. Machkial     (Mrgial, Mrgivel)  8. Tufrial 1. Zeburial  2. Turtbebial
The 7 Heaven’s
and Earth’s Below
There are sections of the angel stories that have been given different names by different theologians. 
The seven heavens and the 7 hells
  • The 7 celestial mansions and the 7 palaces of darkness
  •  The 7 heavens and the seven earths.
  • These would be similar to the lowlands and highlands of our world.
The seven heavens stack one over the top of each other in a straight line.
The information  presented order both 7 Heavens & 7 Earths.
The portrayal of the synthesis for  The 7 Heavens – 
The First Heaven Shamayim or Shamain
The 1st heaven, Shamayim
borders the Earth and is ruled by Archangel Gabriel. Some may believe this to be in relation to Shamballa. 
This is the lowest of the heavens.
It borders our world and is thought to be the dwelling place of Adam and Eve. This is where it is said there may still be remnants for us to find . 
This heaven being the first and closest to Earth acts as a shading agent for the Earth.
This heaven has clouds, wind and upper waters. It is the home to two hundred astronomer angels who keep watch over the stars. 
To complete the visual picture of this heaven one would see legions of guardian angels of snow, ice and dew living in this vicinity. 
In the Apocalypse of St. Paul this region is called the “promised land.” It is described as , “Now every tree bore twelve harvests each year, and they had various and diverse fruits, and I saw the fashion of that place and all the work of God, and I saw there palm-trees of twenty cubits and others of ten cubits, and the land was seven times brighter than silver”.
The First Earth
The inhabitants of this world are the descendants of Adam. It was said to be dull and cheerless but little is known about it
The Second Heaven Raquia 
The 2nd heaven Raquia is ruled by the Archangels Raphael and Zachariel.
According to Enoch, it is within this heaven that the fallen angels are imprisoned waiting final judgment in complete darkness.
This was at one time suppose to be the dwelling place of John the Baptist.
The Second Earth
The people of this world, also descendants of Adam, were hunters and cultivators.
The were cursed with almost constant sadness. When not sad they were at war.
It was also believed that visitors here came in with a memory and left with no recall of prior events.
The Third Heaven Sagun or Shehaquim
The 3rd heaven is unique for many reasons.
According to Enoch, hell lies within the northern boundaries of the third heaven. Sagun (or Shehaqim) is ruled over by Archangel Anahel and three subordinate saraim: Jagniel, Rabacyel, and Dalquiel, and is the residence for Archangel Azrael, the Islamic Angel of death.
The northern region of this heaven has a river of flame that flows through the land of cold and ice, here the wicked are punished by the angels.
The southern lands are a bountiful paradise, thought to be the Garden of Eden, where the souls of the righteous will come after death.
Two rivers, the river of milk and honey and the river of wine and oil flow here.
This heaven if where the “Tree of Life can be found.
The beautiful celestial garden is where all perfect souls go after death and is guarded by 300 angels of light. It was also recorded that the entrance to this heaven is a gate of gold.
The Third Earth
Although this world was one of shadows it also had woods, jungles, forests and orchards. The inhabitants lived off the fruit of the trees.
The Fourth Heaven Machanon or Machen
The 4th heaven Machanon it is ruled by Archangel Michael, “Is the site of the heavenly Jerusalem, the holy Temple and its Altar” (Godwin, p. 122).
It is here that, according to Enoch, that the Garden of Eden is actually housed, not in the third heaven. It is said to house the city of Christ and is the native seat of the angels.
St. Paul’s Apocalypse describes it as ” It was all gold, and 12 walls encircled It and there were 12 walls inside. There were 12 gates of great beauty in the circuit of the city and 4 rivers encircled it. There was a river of honey and a river of milk and a river of wine and a river of oil. “
The Forth Earth
This world has two suns and is very dry. The cities here were rich and wondrous, but the dwellers were constantly looking for a source of underground water. It was said that these people had fair features and were full of spiritual faith.
The Fifth Heaven Mathey or Machon
The 5th heaven Mathey is the seat/home of God, Aaron, and the Avenging Angels.
The beautiful southern region is where God can be found while the northern boundaries are said to be ruled by Metatron’s twin brother Archangel Sandalphon or Samael (Camael, Chamuel).
This region was like a great void of fire and smoke, which had no firm ground above or below. A terrible desolate place where it is said the fallen Grigori (watchers) angels who sinned and cohabited with woman were imprisoned;
I believe that if an angel chooses to “fall” down to mankind to experience life and follow the paths of re-incarnation there is nothing wrong in that.
Let us not forget that we are angels too which have forgotten how to fly.
In the southern regions, on the other hand, reside the ministering angels who endlessly change the praises of the Lord.
The Fifth Earth
The people here live off the land and seem to be a bit simple minded. There world has a red sun and is very dry. The people have two holes in theirs heads instead of noses making it easier for them to breath the dry thin air.
The Sixth Heaven Zebul
The 6th heaven Zebul is ruled by Archangel Zachiel (Sachiel) and his subordinate princes Zebul (during the day) and Sabath (during the night)
This stormy, snow ridden dwelling is home to the seven phoenixes and the seven Cherubim who sing the praises of God. A multitude of other angelic beings also reside here. It is like the angels University of knowledge who study an array of subjects including astronomy, ecology, the seasons, and mankind.
The Sixth Earth
Here the seasons are very long. These inhabitants can travel from earth to earth and are credited with being able to speak all languages. This earth is said to be the place where Hell can be found, all seven layers of it one on top of another. The topmost layer being Sheol followed by, perdition, the gates of death, the gates of the shadow of death, silence, the bilge and the lowest pit.
The Seventh Heaven Araboth
The 7th heaven is the holiest of the holy heavens. Araboth is ruled by Archangel Cassiel and is home to God and his Divine Throne it is also the abode of human souls waiting to be born.
It is also home to the highest orders of angels – the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones.
It is in the 7th Heaven that Isaiah has a glimpse of God and the Christ and “hears the Most high dictating the program on his (Christs) earthly manifestation and return.” The Seventh Earth This world’s form is very much like that of Earth and shaving hills, mountains, valleys and flatlands.
Here lies 365 different types of bizarre creatures. These creatures range from having two heads, to having multiple bodies, but are considered to be righteous.
They are considered quite superior and live off the aquatic life found there. They have the unique ability to prolong life or bring the dead back to life. 
More References In Enoch 2,8, the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life are both found in the 3rd Heaven.  The Zohar mentions 390 Heavens and 70,000 worlds. 
The gnostic Basilides vouched for 365 Heavens.
Jellenek (in Beth Ha-Midrasch) recalls a legend which tells of 955 Heavens. 
In Enoch 2 the Heavens number 10.
Here the 8th Heaven is called Muzaloth.
The 9th Heaven, home of the 12 signs of the zodiac, is called Kukhavim.
The 10th, where Enoch saw the “vision of the face of the Lord”, is called Aravoth (Hebrew term for the 12 signs of the Zodiac). 
The confusion of the Heavens is clear here from the fact that the signs of the zodiac do not lodge in the Heavens named after them.
The notion of the 7 Heavens appears in The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs and other Jewish apocrypha, and was familiar to the ancient Persians and Babylonians. 
The Persians pictured the Almighty in the highest of the 7 Heavens, “seated on a great white throne, surrounded by winged cherubim.” The Koran also speaks of 7 Heavens Archangels & Archeiai .
The Archangels are the captains of all the angelic hosts, having been created as the foremost hierarchs in the angelic kingdom. They are majestic beings who personify divine attributes and are at the service of the mankind of earth. They work tirelessly to defeat evil and promote good.
The Archangels have divine complements or twin flames, just as people do. Their feminine counterparts are called Archeiai. (The singular noun is Archeia, and the plural is Archeiai.)
Together the Archangels and Archeiai focus the masculine and feminine, or alpha and omega, polarities of the particular color, or ray, of spiritual light on which they serve.
Praying to one always invokes the assistance of the other as well.
The Archangels predate us by millions of years and are reported to have been our first teachers on the spiritual path.
They are also described as divine architects, whom God uses to draft and execute the plans for his projects. They are cosmic builders and designers in the grandest sense of the word, arcing to our minds the divine blueprint for every endeavor, from the smallest to the greatest. All of the Archangels are also healers who come as master surgeons to mend our souls and four lower bodies – etheric, mental, emotional and physical. Imagine the power of the Archangels, who for millions of years have done nothing but affirm the reality of God and expand spiritual light in their being.
Then when they are in our midst, they minister to us and purify us by transmitting the immense increments of light that they have garnered. Using this boost of energy from the angels properly can help us make much greater progress in our daily life and on the spiritual path.
The most familiar Archangels serve on the seven rays of spiritual light that correspond to the light focused within the seven major chakras in man.  
Archangels & Archeiai
Archangels & Archeiai – The Archangels are the captains of all the angelic hosts, having been created as the foremost hierarchs in the angelic kingdom. They are majestic beings who personify divine attributes and are at the service of the mankind of earth. They work tirelessly to defeat evil and promote good. The Archangels have divine complements or twin flames, just as people do. Their feminine counterparts are called Archeiai. (The singular noun is Archeia, and the plural is Archeiai.)
Together the Archangels and Archeiai focus the masculine and feminine, or alpha and omega, polarities of the particular color, or ray, of spiritual light on which they serve. Praying to one always invokes the assistance of the other as well. The Archangels predate us by millions of years and are reported to have been our first teachers on the spiritual path. They are also described as divine architects, whom God uses to draft and execute the plans for his projects.
They are cosmic builders and designers in the grandest sense of the word, arcing to our minds the divine blueprint for every endeavor, from the smallest to the greatest. All of the Archangels are also healers who come as master surgeons to mend our souls and four lower bodies – etheric, mental, emotional and physical. Imagine the power of the Archangels, who for millions of years have done nothing but affirm the reality of God and expand spiritual light in their being.
Then when they are in our midst, they minister to us and purify us by transmitting the immense increments of light that they have garnered. Using this boost of energy from the angels properly can help us make much greater progress in our daily life and on the spiritual path.
The Seven Rays of Enlightenment
The most familiar Archangels serve on the seven rays of spiritual light that correspond to the light focused within the seven major chakras in man.  
 First Ray – Blue Ray  Faith, Protection,  God’s Will  Tuesday – Throat Chakra
First Ray – Blue Ray  Faith, Protection,  God’s Will Archangel Michael is revered within the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions. Michael’s name means, “Who is like God.” In Joshua 5:13-15, he appeared as a man with a sword in his hand who identified himself as the captain of the Lord’s host. In Revelation 12:7, he is named as the archangel who cast Satan out of heaven.
Michael and his divine complement, Faith, serve on the blue ray of spiritual light. They can assist in purifying and strengthening the throat Chakra and in mastering all blue-ray qualities.
The blue ray provides us with spiritual and physical protection and is pivotal to the proper expression of power and leadership. It is also essential for developing faith and attuning to the divine will and one’s divine plan. Here’s a quick fiat that you can give to Archangel Michael if you are ever in personal distress and need immediate assistance. It can be especially helpful in traffic mishaps and difficult situations of all kinds when no other help is in sight.
Giving this call in the full fervor of your being will bring Archangel Michael instantly to your side. Archangel Michael, Help me! Help me! Help me!  
Second Ray – Yellow Ray Wisdom, Illumination, Constancy  Sunday – Crown Chakra
  Second Ray – Yellow Ray Wisdom, Illumination, Constancy   Archangel Jophiel, Archeia
Christine and their bands of angels serve on the yellow ray of illumination. Jophiel means
“Beauty of God.” Christine infuses matter with the light of the Christ consciousness. Jophiel and Christine aid people with wisdom, understanding, inspiration, discernment, discrimination, knowing the mind of God and all activities related to the crown Chakra.
If you need more sharpness of mind for passing exams, inspiration for projects at work or an understanding of how to resolve a conflict, you can ask Jophiel and Christine for help. They can also rescue people from ignorance or spiritual blindness that might keep them from fulfilling their souls’ highest potential.
Third Ray – Pink Ray – Ruby Ray  Love, Adoration, Gratitude  Monday – Heart Chakra
Third Ray – Pink Ray – Ruby Ray Love, Adoration, Gratitude Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity serve on the pink ray of divine love. Chamuel’s name means “He who seeks God.” Chamuel characterized himself as “God’s pure love in winged manifestation.” He is the angel mentioned in Luke 22:43 who strengthened Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Chamuel and Charity are powerful emissaries of divinity and among the most fiery and intense of the archangels in their expression of love.
Together they embody the great heart and love of the Father-Mother God for all creation. They help souls develop the heart Chakra and give assistance in all matters of the heart. These include compassion, better communications, a balanced love of self, the extension of oneself to others, and the creation of beauty through the arts.
The healing of losses or schisms in family relationships or with friends can also take place with the help of these angels. Aside from working with people in particular instances, Archangel Chamuel, Archeia Charity and their angels are involved in a more overarching work to reunite twin flames.
You can call to these archangels to help you with discovering your divine mission with your twin flame. You can also ask them to help you gain mastery on the ray of love and to facilitate things running smoothly in your everyday life. A powerful fiat to call them into action in situations of personal need or any division between individuals is: Chamuel and Charity, Let divine love take dominion now!  
Fourth Ray – White Ray – Resurrection Flame Purity, Harmony, Poise  Friday – Base of the Spine
 Fourth Ray – White Ray – Resurrection Flame Purity, Harmony, Poise   Archangel Gabriel, whose name means “God is my strength” or “Man of God,” serves on the white ray of purity. Gabriel is recognized by the three major Western religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In Islam, he is the angel who delivered the Koran to Muhammad; in Christianity, he is the angel messenger who announced to Mary that she was to be the mother of Christ. Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame, Archeia Hope, assist light-bearers in working with the light in the base-of-the-spine Chakra and in mastering qualities of the white ray—purity, order, hope, joy and discipline.
The seraphim of God also serve with Gabriel and Hope. The seraphim come bearing the light of the Father-Mother God.
They can literally place their presence over us and we can absorb that light and energy into our bodies as a sponge absorbs water. When we desire to unite with divine consciousness through purity of body, mind and soul, these angels can help us raise the kundalini to achieve that goal. Gabriel, who is often depicted with a trumpet, is the archangel of the annunciation, heralding to each soul of light the good news of the path of the ascension and their ultimate union with God.
He has made that announcement to many of us, resulting in the sudden realization that we are being called home and have much work to do to balance our karma and achieve that end. Regarding working toward this goal, Gabriel has emphasized that serious spiritual seekers should determine to know, to have and to hold light, and to be the servant of light while they are becoming masters of the light. You can give the following fiat to fill yourself with light, energize your spiritual path and help propel you to your ascension
Fifth Ray – Green Ray Truth, Healing, Science  Wednesday – Third Eye
Fifth Ray – Green Ray Truth, Healing, Science Archangel Raphael, whose name means “God has healed” or “God shall heal,” serves on the emerald green ray, the fifth ray. The Zohar, a Jewish mystical text, says that Raphael is charged with healing the earth as well as healing men. In Christianity, he is revered as the angel who healed the sick at the pool of Bethesda.
The divine complement of Raphael is Mary, the mother of Christ.
The ascended masters have revealed that God called Mary, an archeia, to take embodiment so that she could some day be Jesus’ mother. In preparation for this mission, Mary served long ago on Atlantis and worked in the healing temples of that continent. She is sometimes called by other names such as Mother Mary, the Blessed Virgin and Queen of the Angels.
Mother Mary holds the immaculate concept for each soul on earth. You can call to her to help you attune to your innate divinity. Rosaries are frequently given as a powerful way of invoking her assistance. Archangel Raphael and Mary work with students in mastering the light of the third-eye Chakra.
This Chakra and the green ray deal with wholeness, vision, truth, healing, science, holding the immaculate concept for oneself and others, and the desire to manifest the abundant life on earth.
These archangels can also provide inspiration to musicians, singers and composers for the creation of healing and inspirational music. You can also call to Mary and Raphael for healing in times of illness, when you need the vision for a particular project, or when an increase of resources would enable you to better fulfill your mission. And you can call to them to heal your soul of present difficulties or past traumas.
The Following is a brief prayer for healing you can give anytime:
Raphael and Mary, I ask for  [name yourself and/or another person] to be healed of [name the condition/s], in accordance with God’s holy will. I AM God’s perfection manifest In body, mind and soul – I AM God’s direction flowing To heal and keep me whole!
 Sixth Ray – Purple and Gold Ray – Ruby Ray Peace, Ministration, Service  Thursday – Solar Plexis
 Sixth Ray – Purple and Gold Ray – Ruby Ray Peace, Ministration, Service   Archangel Uriel’s name means “Fire of God” or “God is my Light.” He is mentioned in some Judeo-Christian books.
For example, in the apocryphal text the Second Book of Esdras, Uriel is known as the archangel of salvation.
Uriel and his twin flame, Aurora, serve on the purple and gold ray, the sixth ray, and they tutor individuals in gaining mastery in the solar-plexus Chakra. This sixth ray is the ray of service and ministration, peace, brotherhood, resurrection and divine judgment of all that is evil. The purple and gold ray is flecked with ruby, which adds the intense action of divine love. It brings forth the desire to gain self-mastery in one’s Christ consciousness in order to serve both God and man.
Uriel and Aurora bring vibrations of peace and brotherhood wherever they are called. Whenever there is the need to soothe disagreements or to bring about brotherhood between people, they want to help Wielding the power of discriminating judgment carried by the light of this ray, Urieland Aurora separate the real from the unreal and their angels bind all that is not of the light in individuals and in the earth. To help us accomplish our goals in this life, Archangel Uriel told us to affirm that God is one with our true Self by using the fiat:
Peace, be still and know that I AM God!
Using this fiat can bring the light of the sixth-ray archangels into your world in a powerful way. It sets the tone for overcoming all that is less than the Christ consciousness within us. You can give it as many times as needed to feel the energy in your solar plexus Chakra and consciousness literally shift and become more peaceful. In the name of Archangel Uriel and Aurora, Peace, be still and know that I AM God!
 Seventh Ray – Violet Ray Freedom, Mercy, Transmutation  Saturday – Seat of the Soul 
Seventh Ray – Violet Ray 
Transmutation Archangel Zadkiel and his feminine complement, Holy Amethyst, embody the spirit of the violet ray, the seventh ray, and the age of Aquarius. Zadkiel’s name means “Righteousness of God.” He and Holy Amethyst assist humanity in mastering the seat-of-the-soul Chakra. 
These archangels bring the flame of freedom, joy, forgiveness, alchemy, justice, transmutation and liberation of the soul. We can enhance these qualities of the violet ray in our lives by invoking the violet flame through the science of the spoken Word.  Using the violet flame can erase past memories, bring forgiveness and increase the spirit of joy within us. And each time we call on Zadkiel and Amethyst, who embody the violet flame, we bring change to the earth and ourselves, come closer to merging with our Christ Self and help prepare the world for the incoming golden age.
According to Archangel Zadkiel, the success of the age of Aquarius is absolutely dependent upon our invoking the violet flame and a single call to the violet flame can be worth a million prayers.  You can call on Zadkiel and Amethyst to help purify you from past karma and to bring new vitality to your life. While giving the following affirmations, visualize the violet flame wiping away obstacles to your soul’s liberation: In the name of Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, I AM the violet flame in action in me now! I AM the blessing and buoyancy of the violet flame! I AM freedom from limitation!
   More Archangels and their Complements: Archangels Celestiel and Astarael Archangel Sandalphon and Ilaniel Archangel Ophaniel and Crystal Archangel Bodiel and Knowledge Archangel Anael and Hannahel.
To understand white” you must first know “black”. St. Paul wrote that we
Should not let Satan take advantage of us by being ignorant of his devices. (II Cor. 2:11)
The contemporary passage on the Bible on Isaiah 14 “The Proverbs Against the King of Babylon”, reads: …”How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, You who weakened the nations! For you have said in your heart: ‘I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High.’ Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol, To the lowest depths of the Pit.” The name Watcher, or Grigori, means “Those Who Watch”, or “Those Who Are Awake”,  or “The Ones Who Never Sleep”.
The Old Testament does not mention the notion of the fallen angels whatsoever. The actual first reference to a fallen angel/s does not show up until the New Testament, specifically Revelation 12 — ” And his tail (the dragon’s or Satan’s) drew the third part of the stars of Heaven (angels) and did cast them to Earth… and Satan, which deceived the whole world; he was cast out into the Earth and his angels were cast out with him.”
In the writings of Enoch 1, there seems to be about 200 that fell ( a very small number I would say), naming about 19 (spelling variations observed) and listing the most prominent among them. In the Book of Enoch is mentioned that a group of angels lusted after mortal women. “No-No” sin.
There is a very brief excerpt about this group in Genesis 6:2-4 — “That the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose”. There is a group called the Watchers or Grigori.
This is the group that this passage speaks of. They are said to look like human male, but taller/larger, they never slip and they are silent. In Jewish legend/lore it is said that there are good and evil watchers, the good watchers residing in the 5th Heaven, while the evil ones reside in the 3rd Heaven.
The mysterious eighth order of angels, the gentle Grigori were created by God to be Earthly shepherds of the first humans.
The Grigori were both physically and spiritually gigantic, at least by the standards of the people who later wrote about them. hey served early humanity as vast reservoirs of information concerning the finer points of civilization, and their selflessness was beyond compare.
They were also called the Watchers, as it was their job to observe humanity, lending a helping hand when necessary but not interfering in the course of human development. In the Book Of Enoch, it describes that God had sent a legion of angels to earth in order to watch over and assist man during the beginning of civilization.
These angels taught humankind the sciences which were forbidden by God such as the magic in herbs, reading the stars, divination and sorcery.
Enoch goes on to say: “…but they chose husbands and wives from among the humans and led greatly debauched lives, neglecting their heavenly duties…”
This angered God greatly and he banished the “fallen”. Sadly these angels were not suited to this job and instead of playing a positive role they began to teach man sciences that God had deemed to be forbidden. 
These subjects included astrology, divination, herb craft and magic.
To compound this, they also began to lust after some of the women they were supposed to be guiding. In order to cohabitate with these women they even assumed physical forms. Although the church might argue that angels have no gender and therefore are unable to procreate anyway, the following excerpt from Genesis 6:4, points out that “the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them”.
The resulting half-breeds were named as theNephilim. 
This kind of bad angelic behavior could not be tolerated and as a result the Grigori were taken from their posts and imprisoned in a layer of heaven.
Although they appealed to Enoch to speak on their behalf to God, they remained bound for 70 generations. As for the Nephilim, it has been suggested that one of the main reasons for the great flood, was not only to punish man, but to cleanse the earth of the half-bred creatures created from the union of fallen spirit and flesh.
Among the Strega the Watchers are called the Grigori. Originally there were 4 royal stars or Lords and they were called the Watchers
Each of these Lords ruled over one of the 4 cardinal points..
South, East, West and North. 
 Formalhaut – who marked Winter Solstice South-
 Regulus      – who marked Summer Solstice East
 Aldebaran   – who marked the Vernal Equinox West
Antares      – who marked Autumn Equinox North 
Strega – Mythos, the Watchers were Gods who guarded the Heavens and Earth. 
Over time the Greeks made them Gods of the 4 winds, and the Christians made them creatures of the Air.
In Stregheria we call the elements from the altar.
The Grigori are of a “higher” realm and guard the portals to the gods
. In “A Dictionary of Angels” by Gustav Davidson, the good Watchers are portrayed as a high order of Angels, (Archangels), also known as Grigori or Irin. Chief of the Good Grigori are
Archangels:  Uriel, Raphael, Raguel, Michael, Zerachiel, Gabriel, and Remiel
The Fallen Host & The War in Heavens
 The War in Heaven  The Fallen Archangel  The Fallen Watchers – Grigori  Why they Chose to Fall?
 The Sin of the Fallen Angels  The Punishment The Fallen Host These are angels that have fallen from God’s grace. Although rarely mentioned in biblical scripture these beings serve as a warning to the reader of what the wrath of God can bring.
Angelologists have a certain interest in these creatures because they have quite an air of shadowy mystery which surrounds them.
Fallen angels can be split into two main groups namely: 
  1. The angels who sided and allied with Lucifer during the war in Heaven and;
  2. The fallen Watchers or Grigori. 
In both of these cases the angels tuned on God, their creator, by misusing the free will that had been granted to them by God.

The War in Heaven


Generally there is a belief that at some point in time Lucifer joined forces with a third of the divine host in an attempt to place themselves as rulers in the Kingdom of Heaven, by overthrowing God and the faithful angels.
 One theory about the cause of the conflict is that when God created man he called upon all of angelic forces to bow before his new creation.
Lucifer at that time being one of the highest Archangels found this too humbling by far and refused to debase himself in this manner and duly asked if  “a son of fire should be forced to bow before a son of clay?”.
A similar theory and one very much like the latter suggests that Lucifer should bow before Jesus the son of man. Whatever the reason for the conflict Lucifer appeared to be outgrowing his post as highest of the Seraphim and chief of Angels.  
It somewhat unclear how many angels were actually engaged in the war in Heaven and the exact number of the host open to conjuncture for many. In the 15th century though it was estimated that 133,306,668 angels fell from the Heavens in a total of 9 days according to the Bishop of Tusculum (c. 1273), and this was reaffirmed by Alphonso de Spina (c. 1460).
There is also a question as to when the war took place. In the Old testament and Hebraic writings there is no mention of Hell or fallen angels.
However because of the role that Satan plays in the bible, perhaps the most likely time for the battle to have happened, lies somewhere between the Old and New Testament. Christ made it clear that Lucifer/Satan is the enemy. Indeed Satan is described in the book of Revelation as a creature which takes the form of a ten headed dragon as he does battle with the armies of God, led by Archangel Michael. Another belief suggests that the battle lasted for several days with Satan’s armies building great war machines and even gaining a temporary advantage over the divine forces.
However, there is a tale of a Final Battle between the two forces where the Angelic Armies will finally crush the fallen for once and for all. Revelation 12:7-10 (KJV):  Michael the Archangel Defeats the Great Dragon  Revelation 12:7-10: A supernatural battle occurs between the Angels of God and the Fallen Angels of Satan.
The Angels of God prevail: And there was war in Heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon; and the Dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in Heaven.
And the Great Dragon was cast out, that Old Serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceived the whole world: he was cast out into the Earth, and his angels were cast out with him. And I heard a loud voice saying in Heaven, ‘Now is come Salvation, and Strength, and the Kingdom of our God, and the Power of His Christ: for the Accuser of our Brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God Day and Night.’  
There’s a big question arousing from the fall of the angels, and so much for the ones which followed Lucifer to his rebellion towards God but especially for the Watchers/Grigori. Lets say that the angel in Heaven which followed Lucifer they where deceived by him and so they went into war against God and his Angels.
But the Watchers/Grigori had no excuse to be disobedient as the knew what happened to Adam and Eve when they did so. So what was it that made these angels to “chose” to fall?
Matthew Bunson says on this:
The precise manner and events surrounding the fall of the angels is a matter of much speculation over the centuries.
There have been many theories and legends as to how it happened.  For example, St. Thomas Aquinas (basing himself in part on St. Augustine), proposed that angels were created by God initially with free will to permit them to make a choice to accept or reject him forever. 
As they had been made with natures that were eternally decisive, their decision was irrevocable. One can also trace the presence of fallen angels and how they became so by tracing the historical development of Satan.
In the Old Testament, the name satan was used to describe the “adversary” of God, bringing about evil and tempting human beings (Wis. 2:24; 1Chron. 21:1; Job 1:6-12).  Jesus was also subject to the temptations of Satan in the wilderness (Mt. 12:24).
The references to Satan are extensive in Scripture, and by the time of the New Testament, it was common to consider the presence of evil spirits, attaching the name Satan to the devil or Archfiend (as in Rev. 20:2), and variously describing him as the Evil One (Mt. 5:37; 13:19), Beelzebub (Mk. 3:22), the Accuser (Rev. 12:10), etc. 
Specific reference to Satan as a fallen spirit or heavenly being (i.e., an angel) is found in 2Pet. 2:4 and Rev. 12:7-9. There he is characterized as a leader of hostile angels who was ejected from heaven.  He is thus able to disguise himself as an angel of light. 
The description of Satan as an angel was one that received considerable subsequent development. In his Moralia, Pope St. Gregory I the Great wrote that Satan was so great in glory and knowledge that he wore the other angels as mere garments.
Opinions have varied, however, as to whether he belonged to a specific choir, with most speculative writers proposing that he was chief of the seraphim and the virtues (as well as prince of the powers and archangels).
St. Thomas Aquinas, meanwhile, made the important point that Satan was of the choir of cherubim as he excelled inknowledge, not love or charity. The cherubim are honored in the second choir of angels and are best known for their knowledge and power.   
As we have seen in the chapter “The Fallen Archangel” Lucifer and Satan are two different fallen angels with Lucifer been the first. As the two became interchangeable so it happened that St. Thomas Aquinas had in mind Lucifer who was a Cherubim when he referred to him with the name Satan. I am not going to elaborate on the reasons which made Lucifer to fall, because whatever the reason he did so out of his egotism and pure malice. 
But when it comes to the Watchers – Grigori it seams to me that the fallen Watchers – Grigori did not think of their help to humans as a big sin, if a sin at all. To have done so that means that they loved humans so greatly that they chose to help them. Besides it was the same love of God towards Adam (or was it Jesus) that cause the rebellion of Lucifer.
The Watchers/Grigori as angels and with the divine gift of Free Will made an irrevocable choice out of love to human kind, to change their path of evolution, and experience humanity/mortality, and thus been humans with physical form they got married with human women. 
Although they appealed to Enoch to mediate and to speak on their behalf to God, they remained bound for 70 generations. Some wants us to believe that the fallen Watchers/Grigori were allured by human women who were in the habit of walking abroad naked, and they gave themselves up to every conceivable manner of lewd practices. 
Of such were the women, whose beauty and sensual charms tempted the angels from the path of virtue.
A Watcher, watches everything and nudity or the shape of human body should have not be even worth looking upon it for an angel.
There is a theory that humankind suggests that it might be the fallen Watchers/Grigori that gave all the knowledge to the people from Atlantis (the lost continent). 
Knowledge so powerful that the Atlantians where not ready to handle it and it “destroyed” them.
It was said that the Atlantis “experiment” failed and that it was a mistake from the Hierarchy’s behalf.  
This theory can be supported theologically from the “fact” that the fallen Watchers/Grigori and their children where destroyed in Noah’s flood… the coincidence here is that Atlantis was also been said to be destroyed by the same flood around 8498 B.C.  
The Sin
A rational creature (that is, a creature with intellect and will) can sin. If it be unable to sin, this is a gift of grace, not a condition of nature. While angels were yet unbeatified they could sin. And some of them did sin.
The sinning angels (or demons) are guilty of all sins in so far as they lead man to commit every kind of sin. But in the bad angels themselves there could be no tendency to fleshly sins, but only to such sins as can be committed by a purely spiritual being, and these sins are two only: pride and envy.
Lucifer who latter was confused with his follower Satan, leader of the fallen angels, wished to be as God.
This prideful desire was not a wish to be equal to God, for Satan knew by his natural knowledge that equality of creature with creator is utterly impossible. Besides, no creature actually desires to destroy itself, even to become something greater. 
On this point man sometimes deceives himself by a trick of imagination; he imagines himself to be another and greater being, and yet it is himself that is somehow this other being.
But an angel has no sense-faculty of imagination to abuse in this fashion. 
The angelic intellect, with its clear knowledge, makes such self-deception impossible.
Lucifer knew that to be equal with God, he would have to be God, and he knew perfectly that this could not be.
What he wanted was to be as God; he wished to be like God in a way not suited to his nature, such as to create things by his own power, or to achieve final beatitude without God’s help, or to have command over others in a way proper to God alone.
Every nature, that is every essence as operating, tends to some good. An intellectual nature tends to good in general, good under its common aspects, good as such. The fallen angels therefore are not naturally evil.
The devil did not sin in the very instant of his creation.
When a perfect cause makes a nature, the first operation of that nature must be in line with the perfection of its cause. Hence the devil was not created in wickedness. He, like all the angels, was created in the state of sanctifying grace. But the devil, with his companions, sinned immediately after creation. He rejected the grace in which he was created, and which he was meant to use, as the good angels used it, to merit beatitude. If, however, the angels were not created in grace (as some hold) but had grace available as soon as they were created, then it may be that some interval occurred between the creation and the sin of Lucifer and his companions. Lucifer, chief of the sinning angels, was probably the highest of all the angels. But there are some who think that Lucifer was highest only among the rebel angels. The sin of the highest angel was a bad example which attracted the other rebel angels, and, to this extent, was the cause of their sin. The faithful angels are a greater multitude than the fallen angels. For sin is contrary to the natural order. Now, what is opposed to the natural order occurs less frequently, or in fewer instances, than what accords with the natural order.
State of the Fallen Angels
The fallen angels did not lose their natural knowledge by their sin; nor did they lose their angelic intellect. The fallen angels are obstinate in evil, unrepentant, inflexibly determined in their sin. This follows from their nature as pure spirits, for the choice of a pure spirit is necessarily final and unchanging. Yet we must say that there is sorrow in the fallen angels, though not the sorrow of repentance.
They have sorrow in the affliction of knowing that they cannot attain beatitude; that there are curbs upon their wicked will; that men, despite their efforts, may get to heaven. The fallen angels are engaged in battling against man’s salvation and in torturing lost souls in hell.
The fallen angels that beset man on earth, carry with them their own dark and punishing atmosphere, and wherever they are they endure the pains of hell.
Orders Among the Fallen Angels
The angels that rebelled and became demons did not lose their nature or their connatural gifts. They cast away, by their sin, the grace in which they were created. They did not cast away the beatific vision, for they never had it. 
Now, if we think of angelic orders as orders of angels in glory, then, of course, there are no orders of bad angels. But if we consider angelic orders as order of angelic nature simply, there are orders among the demons. Certainly, there is a precedence among bad angels; there is a subjection of some to others.
Demons of superior nature do not enlighten inferior demons; enlightenment here could only mean the manifestation of truth with reference to God, and the fallen angels have perversely and permanently turned away from God.  But demons can speak to one another, that is, they can make known their thoughts to one another, for this ability belongs to the angelic nature which the demons retain. The nearer creatures are to God the greater is their rule over other creatures.
Therefore, the good angels rule and control the demons. Assaults of Bad Angels on Man To tempt means one of two things:  (a) to make a test or trial; thus “God tempted Abraham” (Gen. 22:1);  (b) to invite, incite, or allure someone to sin. It is in the second sense of the word that the fallen angels tempt human beings.
God permits this assault of the demons upon men, and turns it into a human opportunity and benefit;
God gives to men all requisite aid to repulse the assaults of demons, and to advance in grace and merit by resisting temptation.
To the devil (who is the fallen Lucifer, now Satan) belong exclusively the plan and campaign of the demons’ assaults upon mankind. In one way the devil is the cause of every human sin; he tempted Adam and thus contributed to the fall which renders men prone to sin.
If we desire to believe in fallen angels we have to accept Lucifer in the mix.
Diabolical influence does not enter into every sin of man. Some sins come of the weakness of human nature and from inordinateness of appetites which the sinner freely allows to prevail.
Angels cannot perform miracles; therefore demons cannot. But demons can do astonishing things, and can occasion real havoc. When the assault of demons is repulsed, the devil is not rendered incapable of further attack. But it seems that he cannot return immediately to the assault, but only after the lapse of a definite time. God’s mercy as well as the shrewdness of the tempter, seems to promise so much.  
The Archangels & Angels
All Archangels (except two) end with the “el” suffix. “El” meaning “in God” and the first half of the name meaning what each individual Angel specializes in. Archangels are able to be in many places at one time.
You never have to feel that your “problem” isn’t important enough to bother them with. That is what they’re there for, to help you grow
(Remember when you make your requests to an archangel, they are not able to interfere with your karma).
The most popular Archangels are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel who are depicted in the Christian Bible.
There are many Archangels, and there’s much debate to who they are, how many there actually are, their many different names, and the spelling variations of their names, but listed are many.  
The portrayal of the synthesis for the Archangels & Angels section, was made by me using as much as possible the information in hand.
The order in which they are presented starts with the 7 Archangels who stand before the Throne of God, and continues alphabetically with more Archangels and Angels.    
The Archangels & Angels
All Archangels (except two) end with the “el” suffix. “El” meaning “in God” and the first half of the name meaning what each individual Angel specializes in.
Angel Color Correspondences:
WHITE Purity, truth, angelic energies, sincerity, hope, spiritual strength, protection, power of divinity, Angels of light, Cancer, the Moon. All-purpose correspondences.
PURPLE Clarity of thought, richness, worldly ambitions, power, religion, healing, overcoming business difficulties. Angels of Sagittarius, Jupiter, the moon (lavender), Mercury (violet), chaos (dark purple)    
BLUE Tranquility, patience, understanding, health, psychism, intuition, wisdom, protection, happiness, transformation. Angels of water, Jupiter, Venus (light blue), lakes, seas, Pisces (dark blue), Venus (pale blue), Taurus, Cancer (dark blue), Libra (blue-green), Sagittarius (deep blue), the Moon, Aquarius (iridescent)  
GREEN Health, luck, fortune, fertility, nurturing, growth, money, prosperity. Angels of Venus (pale green), forests, mountains, earth, Taurus, Pisces (sea-green)  
YELLOW Attraction, charm, confidence, drawing, fascination, joy, intellect, communication, travel, captivation. Angels of air, Leo, the Sun, Mercury (pale yellow)
ORANGE Career, encouragement, stimulation, adaptability, courage, manifestation. Angels of Mercury, Leo, Virgo (sienna), Aquarius (dark orange)
RED Passion, strength, virility, health, physical longevity, protection, defense, attack, energy, victory. Angels of fire, mars, Aries, Leo (scarlet), Scorpio (deep red)
PINK Love, passion, communication, relaxation, healing of spirit, success, compassion, honor, conquering evil. Angels of Venus, Taurus and Libra.
GOLD Male virility, success, happiness, confidence, courage. Angels of the Sun and Leo.     SILVER Female energies, psychism, strength and compassion, patience, higher wisdom. Angels of the Moon, Cancer, Virgo, chaos (pewter)
BROWN Friendship, earth energies, assertiveness, health and safety of animals, financial success. Angels of earth, mountains, forests, Virgo and Aquarius.
BLACK Binding, fighting negativity, banishing, protection. Angels of Saturn, earth, chaos and Scorpio.
TURQUOISE OR GREY Neutralizing, stopping gossip, balancing karma. Angels of Venus, Saturn, Libra.
Celestial Light According to belief, is the sacred light of all ages,
The celestial light was but one of the seven precious gifts enjoyed by Adam before the fall and to be granted to man again only in the Messianic time. It is also the halo emanating from certain visions of a mystical nature.
However it can only be observed by those who have lived ascetic lives, and when life has almost left the body.
A Buddist Angel Concept


Sky Dancing Angels
“The teaching of the whispered lineage is the Dakini’s breath”                                                                      
Milarepa The literal translation of Dakini is “Sky Dancer”.
The Western form for Dakinis are Angels.
If you believe in or have curiosity about Angels, well Dakinis immediately follow.
The Western idea of an Angel being a beautiful celestial being who flies in the sky and who sometimes comes to earth to provide inspiration and support to us mortals is very similar to the Dakinis.
Generally when they are referred to in Buddhist literature it is assumed they are devoted to the Truth (Dharma).
But the broader meaning of the word is a female
Males are called Dakas
Spirit who has some freedom but is still bound by their past actions.
Thus there are good Angels and bad Angels or some allow for simply confused  Angels.
Some people might argue that you couldn’t call them an Angel anymore if they’re bad, but that’s ridiculous since being predictable is not part of anyones long-term nature.
Thus there are worldy Dakinis who are malicious and use their powers to confuse us, to arouse passions that are destructive, and who use their charms for their own selfish purposes.
Dakinis can manifest on earth in human form or take birth as a human.
These are then called “worldly Dakinis” and I’m sure you’ve met at least one or two in your lifetime. Women (or men) who seem to be able to simply will things into being. People who are so charming that they seduce whatever they want from the world and enjoy it fully, yet also remain somewhat disattached from the results.
Dharma Dakinis are devoted to a higher purpose and so their actions are generally positive.
But it is hard to generalize the actions of Dharma Dakinis since they aim to break our rabid fixation on concrete thoughts.
Dharma Dakinis are not afraid to use their powers to dazzle us, arouse us out of our sleep of habits, and seduce us onto a path of truth. Dakinis are tricky, capricious, and unpredictable.
 We’re in trouble when the Dakini disrupts our mind with magic, breaks our habitual thought patterns with the miraculous, or simply opens our hearts with mad adoration.
Messengers between our earthly realm and the higher realms of the teachers, they help to bring the powerful teachings to earth, protect the truth from destructive forces, and bring blessings to sincere seekers.
The natural result is to fall in love with a Dakini or Angel.
How can you avoid falling in love with someone who inspires wild love and higher meaning suffused with delight?  Fixate on that pleasure and the Dakini does the most compassionate thing possible. They fly away. Dakinis do not manifest simply for our pleasure. (There are people who will do that but it usually requires negotiation and some form of hard currency).
Dakinis manifest the beauty of the Truth which is then an invitation to follow the path of Truth. Sky Dancers help us through vision and inspiration. But although we can be greatly inspired by a Dakini (another word is Muse), they will only come back if we put into action what they have shown us. 
In that regard a Dakini’s love is unswerving and always compassionate. It doesn’t matter if we wait a few hours or a few lifetimes to put our inspiration into action. Miracles occur but sometimes it takes years to fully realize the implications. When we do realize or remember, our hearts open, and again the magic and majesty of the universe is open to us.
The Dakinis celebrate the Truth and our resolve to work for it in a most extraordinary way. They dance in the sky.  
Angel Magic
Since man has held a belief in angels he has also tried to harness their help and power for his own ends. There are generally two ways in which believers try to do this and these methods are called evocation or invocations Evocations are special spells that use a variety of different tools to invoke a physical appearance or manifestation of an angel.
Some of these tools might include: incense, candles, books, knives and circles drawn upon the floor.
However the component/s may vary according to the type of spell being used. Incense is one of the more frequently used tools as there is a belief that the ethereal smoke is required as a substance in which the angel may make itself seen.
Invocations are very similar to evocations, however there is one main difference; i.e., the person trying to summon the angel tries to persuade itto enter their body as opposed to physically appearing. This is so they can communicate. Although far more dangerous it is considered an easier thing to do. 
There are a few majorflaws with the idea of angel magic namely:
Those faiths that hold a belief in angels, mainly Judaism and Christianity, also preach that using magic is a sin.
Angels generally come and go as they wish or they engage themselves in God’s bidding and not that of man. Even the most lowly of angels is more powerful than man so why one might be compelled to do something by a man is unclear. If it was possible to have the power to bind an angel then wouldn’t that same person have the power to achieve his goals himself.
God would bring down his full wrath on any mortal foolhardy enough to try to use one of his angels.
It is also doubtful anyway that God would employ angels that were so incompetent that they would allow themselves to be used by man.
Perhaps a nicer way to acquire the help of angels is through the popular New Age idea of angel meditation. This is where an individual tries to clear his mind and soul in the hope that an angel/s will serve to guide him. 
Apparently this has given rise to ideas such as angelic tarot style cards.
” The name given to the holy Dominions signifies a certain unbounded elevation to that which is above, freedom from all that is of the earth, and from all inward inclination to the bondage of discord, a liberal superiority to harsh tyranny, an exemptness from degrading servility and from all that is low: for they are untouched by any inconsistency.
They are true Lords, perpetually aspiring to true lordship, and to the Source of lordship, and they providentially fashion themselves and those below them, as far as possible, into the likeness of true lordship. They do not turn towards vain shadows, but wholly give themselves to that true Authority, forever one with the Godlike Source of lordship.”
In the traditions of Angelology, Dominations are the first Angels (and therefore the oldest Angels) created by God.


They are sometimes perceived as travelers, appearing in widely separated spaces and times.
By custom Dominations are believed to wear green and gold, and their symbols are the sword and scepter. This denotes their lordship over all created things. In turn, the dominations receive their instructions from the Cherubim or Thrones.
On a magical basis, anything concerning leadership falls under the area of the Dominations.
To reach the Dominations burn a white candle for Divinity and a pink candle for the Dominions.
Members of this Angelic Order:
Hashmal  Zadkiel  Muriel  Zacharael (Yahriel)
Those beings of light that act as generators within the physical realms belong to the Eighth Order of Angels.  They manifest in this Universe as astronomically large beings, and generate various amounts of light.
They are called Virtuesand also known as theMalakim and theTarshishim, they   commune directly with  stars and the nebulae which give stars birth, and with even larger astronomical phenomena. Said to work miracles on earth, the Virtues bestow grace and valor to those worthy.
The Virtues’ primary job is to move massive quantities of spiritual energy to the earth plane and the collective human consciousness.
The Virtues are said to be very fond of those striving to achieve more than people say they can. They love all the go-getters and the positive people who try to enlighten and lead others toward harmony. Virtues work with movement, guiding the elemental energies that affect the planet. When you work with elemental energies, it is the Virtues who listen to you and assist you.
When you are sick or scared call on the Virtues. Quote from Dionysius the  Areopagite text:
“The name of the holy Virtues signifies a certain powerful and unshakable virility welling forth into all their Godlike energies; not being weak and feeble for any reception of the divine Illuminations granted to it; mounting upwards in fullness of power to an assimilation with God; never falling away from the Divine Life through its own weakness, but ascending unwaveringly to the super essential Virtue which is the Source of virtue: fashioning itself, as far as it may, in virtue; perfectly turned towards the Source of virtue, and flowing forth providentially to those below it, abundantly filling them with virtue.”
Function and Philosophy
The virtues are ranked eighth in the heavenly host out of the 12 Orders of Angels.
There is a little mixed-up in the ranking of Virtues, some places them above Powers and some below, whichever, they are members of the third Choir with Dominations and Powers. As a member of this triad, they take part in the duties given to the Choir, namely the ordering of the universe.
The virtues specifically preside over the elements of the world and the process of celestial life. Thus all heavenly bodies-from the stars and planets to the galaxies themselves-are kept in their divinely appointed routes and progress.
On earth the angels maintain a watch over nature, marking and guiding every facet of natural life: rain, snow, wind, etc. It has also be speculated that Virtues are in charge of miracles. As if these duties were not enough, the angels also assist humanity by stowing grace and valor within the mortal heart.
They encourage humans to turn always to the good and help enhance the person’s will to endure hardship and suffering and to have the personal strength to turn ever toward God. As the angels in charge of miracles, they receive their orders from the Order above them, but they are also closely interlaced with the saints.
To reach the Virtues burn a white candle for Divinity and an orange candle for the Virtues. Members of this Angelic Order: Chamuel Uriel Gabriel  Michael  Tarshish  Peliel  Barbiel  Sabriel Haniel  Hamaliel
The Ninth Order of Angels are those beings who maintain the laws set into motion we call the physical realms.  They are keepers and teachers of the laws and are known as Powers.
These are information gatherers and depositors of truth and information to all things that exist. According to tradition, the Powers are Guardians of order (peace & order), a form of Celestial Police Force, who attempt to assure order in the World (according to God’s will). In scripture the Powers are said to stop the efforts of “demons” to overthrow the world, or else they preside over demons, making them “evil”, as claimed by St. Paul.
They are however, the keepers of human history. They are known as the angels of birth and death and they organize the world’s religions and send divine energy to keep the positive aspects of religion growing. Powers work through the human 6th sense, and are the angels of warning. The Powers are Virtues embodied. They were not created with the other Angelic Orders, but came into being during Lucifer’s rebellion.
The noblest and purest angels, led by Archangel Uriel, became a new kind of celestial, warrior angels so resolute that they could not Fall. Since then, they have been Heaven’s first and last line of defense against the diabolical hordes.
Quote from Dionysius the  Areopagite text:
“The name of the holy Powers, co-equal with the Divine Dominions and Virtues, signifies an orderly and unconfined order in the divine receptions, and the regulation of intellectual and super mundane power which never debases its authority by tyrannical force, but is irresistibly urged onward in due order to the Divine. It beneficently leads those below it, as far as possible, to the Supreme Power which is the Source of Power, which it manifests after the manner of Angels in the well ordered ranks of its own authoritative power.”
Function and Philosophy
One of the 12 Angelic Orders, Powers are also known as Potentates, Authorities, Dynamics, and Forces.
They are placed in the third Choir along with Dominations and Virtues, numbered ninth overall. Some believe that the Powers like the Thrones were supposedly the very first of the angels created by God.
This disagrees with the theory that all angels came into existence at a single moment and with the believe that they came into being during the Angels war with the evil forces. Powers have the task of defeating the efforts of the demons in overthrowing the world. They are declared awesome defenders of the cosmos against all evil and the maintainers of all cosmic order and equilibrium.
They are the guardians of the heavenly paths, policing the routes to and from heaven to the earth. This means they concern themselves with humanity as well. The great harmonizers, they assist each soul to overcome the temptations place before it to do evil and to lean instead toward the proper action (that being to Love and worship God.)
During heavenly warfare they are a major line of defense. They are also tasked with guarding the celestial byways between the two realms and ensuring that souls which leave the mortal world reach heaven safely.
Perhaps not surpassingly, given their proximity to the nether regions, there are more angels from the ranks of the powers listed as fallen than from any other member of the hierarchy. Characteristics  Powers’ colors are green and gold, and their symbol is a flaming sword. On a magical basis, the Powers are warrior angels, and you can call on them when you’re in trouble.
These angels will defend your home, property, children or any group of people who call on them for protection and defense. To reach the Powers, burn a white candle for Divinity and a yellow candle for the Powers.
Members of this Angelic Order: Gabriel  Raphael  Camael  Verchiel
The Fourth Choir
Govern All The World:
The Fourth Choir Angels find themselves intricately involved in human affairs and are considered the Angels of the Earth and the friends of man. They constantly weave in and out of our lives, listening closely to human affairs.
The Fourth Choir Angels include the Principalities, the Archangels, and those simply called the Angels.
These three Angelic Orders are charged with relations with mankind, and thus the “least Divine” of all the Angelic Orders.
From Divine Diplomats to Heavenly Socialites. The Fourth Choir Orders are the developers of politics and the arbiters of taste, bringing the discipline of abstract structures to the corporeal realm. 
Those angels of the Tenth Order of Angels are governors and administrators of various systems within the physical realms.  They have been known to become patrons of whole areas, countries or cities.
They are known asPrincipalities.  They work with and conjoin their energies with larger groups of various types or species.
Those angels of the Twelfth Order of Angels are the messengers that commune with various life forms within the physical worlds.  These include theGuardian Angels of humankind.  They are called Angels.
These are the most accessible angels to humans and other life forms.  They are constantly present.
To understand better how this number of Twelve Orders list was from  “The Number Twelve (12)” section.
Each Angelic Order has its special purpose for existing, and now lets see some details about them. Orders of the First Choir are:              Supernals – Celestials – Illuminations Orders of the Second Choir are:              Seraphim – Cherubim – Thrones Orders of the Third Choir are:
Dominations – Virtues – Powers Orders of the Fourth Choir are:
Principalities – Archangels – Angels At the end of this page you will find some more references about the number, the hierarchy, and the names of the Angelic Orders. 
No one can really say which is the correct number of the Angelic Orders but personally I find the number 12 and this list more mystical and appealing to the whole subject as 12 is the number of completion.
The portrayal of the synthesis for – The 12 Orders – was made by me using as much as possible the information in hand The Fourth Choir
ANGELS OF THE WORLD: Govern All The World:
The Fourth Choir Angels find themselves intricately involved in human affairs and are considered the Angels of the Earth and the friends of man. They constantly weave in and out of our lives, listening closely to human affairs.
The Fourth Choir Angels include the Principalities, the Archangels, and those simply called the Angels.” These three Angelic Orders are charged with relations with mankind, and thus the “least Divine” of all the Angelic Orders. From Divine Diplomats to Heavenly Socialites.
The Fourth Choir Orders are the developers of politics and the arbiters of taste, bringing the discipline of abstract structures to the corporeal realm.
Large groups of them may appear at tragic events as they accompany their charges to their next level or dimensional area.
They also at times inspire through thoughts and ideas. Quote from Dionysius the  Areopagite text:
“For the Angels, as we have said, fill up and complete the lowest order of all the Choirs of the Celestial Intelligences since they are the last of the Celestial Beings possessing the angelic nature. And they, indeed, are more properly named Angels by us than are those of a higher rank because their order is more directly in contact With manifested and mundane things.”
The highest Choir, as we have said, being in the foremost place near the Hidden One, must be regarded as hierarchically ordering in a bidden manner the second Choir; and the Choir of Dominions, Virtues and Powers, leads the Principalities, Archangels and Angels more manifestly, indeed, than the first Choir, but in a more hidden manner than the Choir below it; and the revealing Choir of the Principalities, Archangels and Angels presides one through the other over the human hierarchies so that their elevation and turning to God and their communion and union with Him may be in order; and moreover, that the procession from God, beneficently granted to all the Hierarchies, and visiting them all in common, may be with the most holy order.
 Accordingly the Word of God has given our hierarchy into the care of Angels, for Archangel Michael is called Lord of the people of Judah, and other Archangels are assigned to other peoples. For the Most High established the boundaries of the nations according to the number of the Angels of God.” Guardians are the Angels that are assigned to a particular human being. Our own Personal Guardian Angel!
They join us at birth, and help s move over into the otherworld when we part the earthly plane. They defend us when we’re in trouble, guide us in the right direction according to our life plan, give us small insights into how things are, and inspire us to live better lives. Our Guardian Angels are constantly in touch with any and all of the angels in the 12 Orders.
They pass messages along to the relevant parties, and if we ask for help from our Guardian Angel, they assist us, and call on other angels too to help. Guardian Angels can come from any of the 12 Orders.
Each angel has his/her (or its) function. None is better or more important than the others.
Function and Philosophy:
The twelfth and final order of angels belongs to the fourth and final Choir, their primary focus of their existence being the caretaker-ship of humanity and the world.
While the lowest ranked of all angelic beings (if one accepts the idea of a regulated angelic organization), angels are nevertheless members of the heavenly host and thus possess the profound and beautiful attributes given to them by their Creator.
They are beings of pure spirituality and exist to fulfill the tasks given to them by God. Chief among these are to act as messengers of the Lord to the earth and guardians of the human soul.
The Guardian Angel is the angelic being supposedly assigned not only to every living soul, but to places, churches, and even nations.
They proclaimed the birth of Christ and spoke to Abraham, Moses, and a host of other prophets and patriarchies in the Old Testament.
It is precisely the humans that the members of the twelfth Order are most often concerned with. They deliver new or word of impending destruction and woe.
This is done through both physical and spiritual means. Angels also observe all of human history, perhaps recording every human act to provide a clear statement of the development of each soul. In heaven angels provide valuable service, in proper fulfillment of their natures as purely spiritual beings and the will of the the Creator.
To reach your guardian angel, burn your favorite color candle.
Add a white one beside it for Divinity. Members of this Angelic Order: Gabriel  Raphael  Chayyliel  Phaleg  Adnachiel (Advachief) he First Choir is the non-tangible “invisible” one and the expression of the loving intention of the Source of the Whole of Existence.
Within the 1st Choir are three Orders of Beings of Pure Light which are everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and thus an “extension” of God Himself – The Source of the Whole of Existence. 
This first Choir forms a kind of Trinity and the means for The Source of the Whole of Existence to extent his Divine Will, Wisdom and Light downward to the next Orders of Angels and so on to the physical realms. These Angelic Orders are listed each as they came into being and into there Choirs.  The first order of angels were the first companions for the Source of the Whole of Existence also known as  the Holy Twelve or the Angels of Presence.  Then the second order came into being and so on in the same capacity. In actuality they came into being simultaneously before there was time.  Each order took on different roles and a variety of duties as they interacted with the universes. 
The first angels existed as brilliant shinning light, and radiated tremendous loving everywhere. The Angelic Orders of the First Choir are:  The Supernals, the Celestials and the Illuminations.  
The First Order of Angels are of brilliant gold light and are companions to The Source of the Whole of Existence.  
They form what are known as the Holly Twelve or the Angels of the Presence. They are known as theSupernals.  There are always 12 Supernals at any given time that serve in this capacity, as 12 is the number of completion within physical orders. Their presence forms within it, the abode of the Source of the Whole of Existence.

The Holy Twelve – Supernals – are those beings, who are extensions and the first intentions of the Source of the Whole of Existence. Each of these twelve possesses an ascending and descending principle of creation in balance, harmony and synchronization with each of the twelve. The Holy Twelve assisted the angels in becoming aware of the wisdom of all things. Members of this Angelic Order : Michael Metatron Suriel Sandalphon Astanphaeus Saraqael Phanuel Jehoel Zagzagael Uriel Yefeiah Akatriel.

The Second Order of Angels maintain the connections between Divine Thought and Wisdom and its manifestation into the physical realms.  They appear as shinning silver light. They are known as the Celestials. 
Few ever appear to humans or 3rd density realms. 
They are present throughout all of existence.
Member of this Angelic Order : Celestiel (Astarael)
Those of the Third Order of Angels are of the highest physical form and maintain and
accomplish the emulations of divine light and wisdom throughout the physical realms. 
They appear as iridescent light and are known asIlluminations. 
They are present within all physical realms. Member of this Angelic Order : Sandalphon (Ilaniel)

The Second Choir

Govern All Creation: The second Choir of angels is collectively concerned with the universe and the manifestations of divinity within it, operating at the highest level of the astral. Some see these as the angels of pure contemplation. This means that they manifest energy through pure thought. These angels possess the deepest knowledge of Divinity, and its inner workings and manifestations. 
The angels of the first Choir are: The Seraphim, the Cherubim and the Thrones.
The Fourth Order of Angels manifests so rapidly within the physical realms that they appear as 6 wings of light with eyes.
They are known asSeraphim, their very name means ardor and are in charge of maintaining the presence of the Source of the Whole of Existence within the physical worlds.
They are the guardians of the various universes.   
 Quote from Dionysius the  Areopagite text:


” The name Seraphim clearly indicates their ceaseless and eternal revolution about Divine Principles, their heat and keenness, the exuberance of their intense, perpetual, tireless activity, and their elevative and energetic assimilation of those below, kindling them and firing them to their own heat, and wholly purifying them by a burning and all- consuming flame; and by the unhidden, unquenchable, changeless, radiant and enlightening power, dispelling and destroying the shadows of darkness.”



The Seraphim are primarily concerned with vibrational manifestations which keep Divinity in perfect order.

They have been described as being the angels of love, light and fire. They help to carry positive energy through the orders of the angels to us in the physical realms.

Supposedly they are so bright and powerful that to look at them would instill one with pure fright. Because of this, the only beings known to interact with the Seraphim are The Lord and Lady, and the Archangel Michael.

These angels work with consuming divine love and compassion.

The Seraphim without question they are the closest in all of heaven to the very throne of God, and their primary function is to circle the incomprehensibly beautiful throne in perpetual adoration of the Lord.

This is a task that is not nearly as monotonous as it may seem to mortals, given the nature of the angels (who have perfect powers of concentration) and the delight that such an honor actually brings to the spirits.

The Seraphim are almost always identified with fire-not the burning, painful flames and heat of hell, but the healing flame of Love. They are literally living flames.

The intensity of their adoration and pure Love of God pure out of them as a flawless reflection of the Divine Love that emanates from the Lord.

Like the rising sun, each angel radiates such light that even the other Holy Beings.

The Cherubim and the Thrones, cannot look upon them.

According to Enoch, each Seraphim has six wings.

In the Old Testament Book of Isaiah (6:1-3) he writes

“…I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up; and his train filled the temple. Above him stood the Seraphim; each had six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew.”

In the Book of Revelation (4:8) is another possible reference:

“And the four living creatures, each of them with six wings, are full of eyes all around and within, and day and night they never cease to sing ‘Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come!”

In Isaiah 6, we read that the Seraphim have 6 wings Magically, work with the Seraphim when you wish to raise energy for humanitarian or planetary causes.

They listen to group ritual.

To reach the Seraphim, burn a white candle for Divinity, and a purple candle for the Seraphim.

Members of this Angelic Order :

Michael  Seraphiel  Gabriel  Metatron  Uriel  Nathanael  Jehoel  Chamuel (Kemuel, Shemuel) Metatron Satan (before his fall)


Members of the Fifth Order of Angels are youthful and appear as faces of light or very childlike forms.

They are the reminders of joy, happiness and the essence of creation.  They are known as Cherubim. 

They appear when humanity remembers its own joy and allows happiness to be present.   

Their name signifies “fullness of knowledge”.

Characterized by a deep insight into God’s secrets, the cherubim hold the knowledge of God and they truly possess the fullness of the divine science of heaven.

” It is also they who are often sent to earth with the greatest of tasks; the expulsion of Man from the Garden of Eden and the Annunciation of Christ were both performed by cherubim”.

They enlighten the lesser orders of angels and are to them the Voice of Divine Wisdom. Quote from Dionysius the  Areopagite text:

” The name Cherubim denotes their power of knowing and beholding God, their receptivity to the highest Gift of Light, their contemplation of the Beauty of the Godhead in Its First Manifestation, and that they are filled by participation in Divine Wisdom, and bounteously outpour to those below them from their own fount of wisdom.”

The Cherubim have been described as the guardians of the fixed stars, keepers of celestial records, best owners of knowledge.  They are also said to be the guardians of light. They create and channel positive energy from Divinity and appear in exquisite form.

They supposedly outshine all the other angels. The Cherubim watch over all the galaxies, and guard any religious temples. An older description places the Cherubim with four faces and four wings, which could be a mythical representation associating them with the four winds.

In the Renaissance period they somehow got shrunk into little baby-face angels now known as Cherubs.

Function and Philosophy 

12 Celestial Order of hierarchy

(With the Seraphim and Thrones)

They are some of the most powerful and awe-inspiring of all the angels, standing below the Seraphim in direct closeness to God.

Their illuminative knowledge and wisdom are thus so great as to be utterly incomprehensible to the mortal mind, blinding the blessed human who has the honor of actually beholding them in this world.



Only a step below the Seraphim in Divinity, the Cherubim have always been much more active on Earth, protecting all God’s creations. No other Order works harder (only the Powers are their equals in relentless devotion to duty).

If humans knew just how much the Cherubim have done for them, they would occupy the most privileged station in Angelic Lore.

In Islamic lore, the Cherubim was allegedly created out of the tears shed by the Archangel Michael for all the sins of humanity. They are the first angels to be encountered in the Old Testament, being posted in the Book of Genesis in the east of Eden to ensure that no one entered after the expulsion of Adam and Eve.

Their chief task in the celestial hierarchy is to sing the praises of God, but they are also declared in occult lore to have the responsibility of driving the Chariot of the Lord (Merkabah), a key symbol of heaven.

They are described as the Charioteersof God, steering the Ophanim/Wheels (another name use for the order of  Thrones). The Cherubim are also given the task of maintaining the records of heaven and seeing to the details necessary to keep order in the Heavenly Host.

For other angelic hierarchies, see Hierarchy of angels.
According to medieval Christian theologians, the Angels are organized into several orders, or Angelic Choirs.[1][2]
The most influential of these classifications was that put forward by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite in the 4th or 5th century, in his book “The Celestial Hierarchy”. However, during the Middle Ages, many schemes were proposed, some drawing on and expanding on Pseudo-Dionysius, others suggesting completely different classifications (some authors limited the number of Choirs to seven). Several other hierarchies were proposed, some in nearly inverted order. Scholars of the Middle Ages believed that angels and archangels were lowest in the order and were the only angels directly involved in the affairs of the world of men.
The authors of The Celestial Hierarchy and the Summa Theologica drew on passages from the New Testament, specifically Ephesians 1:21 and Colossians 1:16, in an attempt to reveal a schema of three Hierarchies, Spheres or Triads of angels, with each Hierarchy containing three Orders or Choirs.
From the comparative study of the Old Testament and New Testament passages, including their etymology and semantics, the above mentioned theological works (which contain variations), and esoteric Christian teachings, the descending order of rank can be inferred as following:
The Assumption of the Virgin by Francesco Botticini at the National Gallery London, shows three hierarchies and nine orders of angels, each with different characteristics
First Sphere (Old Testament sources)
Thrones/Ophanim (Gr. thronoi) (also New Testamentsources)
Second Sphere (New Testament sources)
Dominions (Gr. Kyriotetai)
Virtues (Gr. Dynamai)
Powers (Gr. Exusiai)[3]
Third Sphere
Principalities (Gr. Archai)[4]
Archangels – Archangeloi
Angels – Angeloi
St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio refers to these three, respectively, as the Epiphania, the Hyperphania, and the Hypophania.[5] The Choirs in the second and third spheres, of the present hierarchical list, appear to be also united in pairs. The existence of these pairs of Orders is inferred through their etymological proximity and the apparent affinity in the description of their work-activity (1 Peter 3:22): (clarification as to how this verse applies to pairs is required.)
Thrones and Dominions (Might, Dynamais);
Principalities and Powers (Powers, Exusiai; Ephesians 6:12);
Archangels and Angels (Angels, Angeloi).
Note, however, that several variations of the hierarchical order may be found published through the last two millennia.
This Source is Google & Wikipedia for:
Web Results when I queried Holy Dominions & Dominations of ANGELS this is what the Divine Spirit Guide – My Guardian Angel had appear for me to share with all those on planet earth. TJ
Christian angelic hierarchy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“The name of the holy Virtues signifies a certain powerful and unshakable virility ….Dominions (Dominations), 5. Thrones, 6. Archangels, 7. Angels. … 
The Third Choir Of Angels
“The name given to the holy Dominions signifies, I think, … In the traditions of Angelology,Dominations are the first Angels (and therefore the oldest … 
Ranks of the Domination Angels
Also called the dominions and the lords, Dominations are one of the nine … lore to be the “fire-speaking angel” who is found near the holy throne of God. … 
The Angels of the Zodiac
August 13 to 17 – REIIEL – An angel of the order of Dominations and is also … He exercisesdominion over lawyers. He is a high Holy Angel who bears the … 
The Nine Choirs of [email protected]
The Nine Angelic Choirs ranking system for angels was developed by a … pretty much into “Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts, the entire earth is full of His Glory”). … similar to those of theDominations, but they are most specifically assigned to the …. Cherubim 114; Confessors 1;Dominations 62; Dominions 20 … – 
Angelic Orders
“The name given to the holy Dominions signifies, I think, a certain unbounded …..Dominions (Dominations) 5. Thrones 6. Archangels 7. Angels DIONYSIUS …
Colossians 1:16 For by him all things were created: things in …
The reference is to the ranks of angels, called here thrones, dominions, etc.; ….. “the holyblessed God created the thrones”, and the angels, and the … 
The Angel Hierachy –
Dominions (Dominations)- These angels serve God by monitoring the Powers and … fourholy beasts in the book of Revelation and are also described as angels …
Zodiac Angels
July 23 to 27: NITHAIAH – A poet-angel of the order of Dominations. …. He exercisesdominion over lawyers. He is a high Holy Angel who bears the name of …
Choirs of Angels in the Kabbalah
Angels evolve into greater and greater levels of consciousness, service and responsibility. …continuously singing the praise, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty. … The fourth choir ofangels are the Dominions or Dominations, who, …… 
* As TJ I was asked to share my ways as a Channel. I always protect myself with the White Light, I always pray and meditate, and always as my Guide, and Angels of God/Goddess to Protect me. I also pray for the all inside the Omniverse of all that exists which is of God the All Might and Omnificent and everpresent here and of the hereafter!
We can all learn more about that which was once thought only of those who were of believers in myths and folklore. There are reasons that we accept that which is of Nature’s God in America. This land was the chosen part and that which lies beyond has always been a part of us all who are created here on earth.
I use the Blue Flame and the Violet Flame with my Virtue of Gold.
We can all humble ourselves by asking to be guided here while we seek to become Lords and Ladies of the Most Hight Ever Present as Immortals of these Universes of the Metaverse and Omniverse.
We shall learn of the Dakini and Sky People as Sky Dancers who delight in our reward of what is called the Ascension of Humankind on Earth as it is in Heaven!
Those who are familiar with the Ancient Alien Theorists will share in the delight of finding the treasures that the Chosen Angels as our Guides have laid before us to find in the honor of what was promised after the coming of the Christ which occurred after the Great Flood on Gaia. We are to become more like they who are not only like us but can be us in clay form although they are of the fire and wind. We have our water Angels and those that come and go in both day and night which are seen and some may be considered the Ancient Aliens.
It is up to the individual and possessor of the vision to describe whether a good or bad angel or alien in this time while we are on earth.
This is a time called the Ascension Age when we are to shift and uplift with enlightenment even the most downhearted and downtrodden individual spirit which desires to understand more of the eternal soul’s progression while connected to those above on this level of earth. We shall all return from the fluid-gas-solid as mind-body-spirit form that we call clay in the old ways of the world in words. We have the breath of life which is also considered that which drives our spirit as a gas which will become a fluid vibration once again with an order in levels of our own eternal soul creation of those above and we have both a male and female the same as all creations.
We are fashioned after our original creators outside of the Omniverse in the Higher Heavens that are not registered for the likes of humankind to find.
Only the Angels are allowed to come and go in these further dimensions of time as wisdom of the eternal planes and dimensions in time. Therefore, if we strive for the stars above as our ancient alien ancestors have done in the past, we shall set our spirits free to roam in this universe and possibly all others in the Omniverse which will have to be enough for this lifetime and many others.
We shall return to another form whether all three which is of this earth in the Fifth World Dimension with fluid-gas-solid and body-mind-spirit.
Keep the Faith and learn about all that has been left on earth to be regarded as treasures of knowledge of the Most High and the Supreme Beings who Rule this Universe as the Supreme High Council.
We shall become as one species that is ruled with all others in all other galaxies in the universe which is a part of the Ascension Age.
Those who speak of Orion, Siruis, and other paths to other Kingdoms, Mansions, and Worlds shall be delighted to know that they are merely stepping stones to the other universes which we shall claim in the branes of what we shall learn to recognize in the coming Quantum Entanglement of Science. Religions are all available to welcome their paths as enlightenment to the One and All as the Mother and Father of the Omniverse. 
All paths lead to the Creators of the Omniverse.

There are levels of love, light, and enlightenment of our species. This was preordained and is manifested in each of us! TJGRAYSerephim and Cherubums are some who are now discovering that the Grays could have at one time been considered as the cherubims. There is no way to tell but they are the drivers as the Charioteers.

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