ET Channel – Ancient Alien History – Part Of Our Of Our Future

by  Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 


We, the ACE GUIDES of this world, who are accepting all that are of the metaphysical work and world who are called as mystics, oracles, prophets, sages, also known as MOPS and Shaman of this world take notice:
We are to guide the Lightworkers and Truthseekers of this world.
We who are believers in the Omnipresence share words of the future.
We are also the believers in ET and the Ancient Aliens of our world.
The ET metaphysical world of UFOs is a world of unfulfilled prophecies.
The hopes and fears of all the years are part of every sentient intelligent being’s life on earth. It does not matter where one is born, or where one lives, the ET metaphysical world of unfulfilled prophecies is the same. It is a part of who we are not just as an individual but also as a collective. We have a global community consciousness that will attract the positive energy in all beings, in all places, in all things.
This is why we need every being on earth to be creative and to recognize their talents and skills. We each are born generally the same unless we are born with a disability, which can also be a learning talent and skill for an individual soul born to earth in body-mind-spirit.
I know life can be hard. We all have our own fears of the unknown. As a great being once said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” 
However, there is such thing as negative energy, which is considered an opposing force to the positive. The world called Earth is of both fields.
On this planet, we are controlled by undeniable forces that we as a collective of separate spiritual entities we call a species have all agreed to use words. Words are what we create to describe the thoughts that we create in our minds that are thought to be centered in our brains. We all have agreed to share our thoughts as words in various languages around the world.
We have also learned to share our cultures and much of what we share in our geographic locations has to do with our own space and place we are born.
There are many lessons to learn and those of us who are called Agashan Ascended Masters return as Avatars as Reincarnations of our own selves from previous lifetimes.
We are they that return repeatedly as needed to serve as Guides. For those who are now aware of the extraterrestrial metaphysical working world, we are all joining at this time and dispensation on earth to form the new Age of Ascension.
The Age of Ascension is the time on earth counted in numbers on our calendars all of our ancestors have left us to use. These calendars are what we have learned to use with a way to foretell time in any given space on earth.
We of earth learned from our ancestors about the importance of what we call time. We also learned that by watching above our own heads in a space that we call the sky and heaven, we could follow what will become of us during the period of light and dark on earth. We divided this time into what we call day and night. 
We learn from the early age of about three to five that we can share our feelings when we do not agree with others about when we should lay our heads down to rest in sleep be it day of night. We learned that we are to abide by what we call social traditions in our culture that require most of the world’s population to sleep during the dark or night time and to be awake during the light or day time. We learned from our ancient ancestors that this was the most productive way to exist and live our lives on this planet.
At an early stage and age in life on earth, we learn that we cannot survive on our own while small at least our chances are not very good at surviving. We learn that we generally are born to adults who are at a mature age and have learned to take care of themselves. We as babies are allowed to suckle at our mother’s breast for nourishment. This was part of a survival plan put in place. 
Therefore, we can all agree that there was a physical plan for us to have both a male and a female to stay together long enough to get us to a mature adult stage of life where we can survive on our own. Some beings have not adhered to the natural plan and order of things and thinking on earth with the general global populace and popular way of sharing the survival of our species.
The true nature of our human species has been compared to all other creatures on earth and we are considered the superior as humanoids who think. We have both male and female of most all animals on earth. There are even both male and female in many creeping creatures we call insects, and we also know that most generally speaking living plants and trees have both a male and female for nurturing their own species.
We are not at an early age able to survive without caregivers. Usually in the ancient past, the caregivers were the females of our tribes. The male who gave our mother, the female of our species we are born to the sperm through a coupling. We usually are not told of our own personal creation or how we came to be even though we may be curious until a right of passage. A right of passage for a being on earth is usually thirteen in most tribes around the world. (For those who are more advanced in the education and academics of anthropology and history of humankind, please refer to all the research and books on earth already provided to take issue or debate this article).
The new work and world of the ET Metaphysical World of Unfulfilling Prophecies will be about the way we shall progress from the basic understanding of who we are recognizing that we are to compare our world through these basics of both a male and a female is needed in order to allow our sentient intelligent being humanoid species to continue to survive on earth. The basic knowledge of the world is a general introduction to the exploration of the future of our unfulfilling prophecies that we are allowed to experience on our own as a soul who is placed on this planet to survive.
We will be reading and writing the rest of our lives while we are on earth. This is how it will be and we should make sure that all human beings that have a soul that are born on earth are allowed to know the basics of what is expected of each while living on earth. The fact that these basics described in this article have not been taught, and that we have all reached a time in our global population of our species to allow for these basic unalienable also known as inalienable rights of survival will now have to be upheld by all God fearing and loving beings.
In order that we may communicate with all of our kind both foreign and domestic and can insure tranquility for the base we call earth, we shall require all of earth to be educated in the communication skills of both reading and writing. All other forms of communication for educational purposes shall follow this form of being human. All beings are now required to not only be treated with unadulterated unalienable rights described here but all adults who shall be considered so at twenty filled years on earth by the universal time clock will be called accountable to train their fellow humankind to survive.
Survival now at this time on earth requires that all sentient intelligent humanoid beings be given proper guidance from the time they are born through the age of twenty. At the age of twenty, this will be considered one quarter of the expected lifetime to be eighty years of age for this generation coming to earth now. 
Upon the date of December 21, 2012, Time 11:11, the adults who are over twenty years at that date and time will account for all sentient intelligent humanoid beings that are born to earth. 
From this time forward, all beings will be required to learn to read and write as a form of communication of the sentient intelligent being species. This has been ordered by the Supreme Beings and finalized through the Supreme High Council that will convey this message to the world through their chosen who are Avatars on earth to serve as Guides in this time of the Time Lords and Grand Masters of this universe among the multiverse, metaverse, xenoverses of the Omniverse of which the present world is now a part.
The one percent of the earth’s present 6.8 billion and counting who are believers has made this world possible, which will now be accepted into the future of all time, space, dimensions, and planes with all others of this universe to which it was created. TJ

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