ET Contact in Dreams as Parallel Universes or Alien Abduction? You Decide

By  Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

ET Contactee TJ Shares Last Nights Dream Story 
What I learned by coming to earth this time is that we take our thoughts with us when we leave this earth. Sharing the Omniverse with an ET point of view comes easy to me. I travel a lot in my dreams to other worlds, dimensions, universes, metaverses, that are all inside the Xenoverse of the unknown inside the expanding Omniverse that we are all creating.
It is my belief that as we create our own thoughts that we at the Quantum level are the exact God Particle that is expanding the entire macrocosm we call the omnipotent omnipresence.
Being that I do not buy into the Darwin Theory, I am considered one that believes in Intelligent Design. To some this makes me one who is a believer in a God and Goddess. I believe in the original creation story based on my faith as I was born a Christian and raised in the United States of America.
What I learned from my personal experiences is that this only has bearing on my immediate geographical location preferences as to how I desire to experience life while on earth. I learned that throughout time that we can all be born again and can change our own environment with proper thoughts.
I like to share experiences as parables. My history as an Internet Presence precedes me in this story. I am one who believes in aliens, ET, UFOs, flying saucers, angels, super natural, paranormal phenomena, magic, etymology, science, mythology, and all words, categories, topics, subjects dealing with my own personal account in this world and past, present and future worlds.
For those who like a good story but from real time experience paranormal writers this is one that I share because it is fresh on my mind since I have just awakened and decided to share this because it may mean something to others.
I went to sleep last night as I always do in my own bed alone. My husband and I share a home but we have our own bedrooms. This allows my dream space to be more my own.
While waking up this morning I remembered that I had once again gone to another world that was as real as this one in my own mind’s way of being.
I shall share the dream as I can best recall and allow my reader friends to make of it what they will. I will add for those who are not familiar with my past stories that I am one who is considered an ET Contactee experiencer in real time, as well as, a Near Death Experiencer and Out of Body Experiencer.
Add these three facts to my present life of believing in reincarnation as a Christian white Anglo Saxon protestant living in the USA and one can see why me describing my self as one from Andromeda Galaxy has to do with the memories and creating new thoughts, which make up who I am.
I have not shared but one other dream episode that I can remember and that was in one or two of my books where I assisted another woman and at the end of my dream, I admitted I was an alien. That was in the dream and I am uncomfortable using that word referring to myself or anyone else being that I believe we are all aliens to this world. I believe we are all Starseeds in one way or another. I could go on about my spiritual philosophy but this is about my dream ET experience.
This dream began in vivid color as all my dreams are in color. I suppose all sentient intelligent beings of the humanoid species dreams are in color. Dreams to me are as personal and as much a part of me as the awakened state of consciousness. That too is another long story for another time.
As my dream begins, it is in the day and I am to assist another woman who is down and out on her luck to a place where she can work. I begin with meeting her and as dreams go, I do not know her but know she needs help and I am the one to assist her.
I ask her how I can help and she tells me if she can only get to a place that she will be able to work and get a job. I offer to take her in my car. I begin driving her and we travel on asphalt roads for a long way and I am heading east it seems from where we started. The road finally turns into a gravel road like the one we have here in the hills of Kentucky where I live. The gravel road we travel a long ways and it turns into a dirt road into an orchard for a long ways.
 I ask the woman are you sure we are going the right way and she assures me we are. Finally, after passing through the orchard of what appears as apple or orange trees, we get to an end at a crossroad. She says stop this is it and she races out of the car over to the left. I follow her. There is a large rather nice white two-story home in the orchard, which is made out of cement blocks painted white. There is a large white wall around it but the opening to the dirt road we walk through and stand there looking at the house where another older woman comes to the screened in area porch. The woman tells here she has come to work. 
The woman in the house tells her well there is work but of the cleaning clothes kind and not working in the orchard that my mind assumes the woman wanted. The woman then looks over to us and invites us in the screened in porch. We walk in, the woman sees her husband coming toward the house, and he comes in a side door. I become aware of two children inside the front room of the house when I realize we are now six including myself. 
I look out to the left of the screen and the light is now becoming dark. I see the dark clouds forming and say aloud to the others that there is a storm coming.
Then I look and notice the dark clouds are rumbling and are forming more than one large circular cloud and spinning off are tornadoes. I tell the group quick we must get inside tornadoes are coming. I see the man and his wife going in and the woman whom I brought to the home. The two children want to come over to where I am.
Then the pressure builds up and I am telling them please we have to get inside or be blown away. I grab the children and we go inside the home where I say these cement blocks may hold or they may collapse but I realize there is no cyclone cellar. I can feel the pressure from the tornadoes and am concerned for everyone’s safety. 
I look again out to the west and see that there are alien ships landing gear coming down from the dark clouds and at that point, I realize that alien ships are invading us. I know this but do not have time to react when one of the three-pronged legs sits down on my chest and pins me under. I tell the people that I will not be able to take care of them and I am taken.
I am picked up and taken to another dimension and world. 
The world I can feel is similar to ours but is different in many ways. I do not have any recollection of arriving, as most who have dreams knows how these dreams can be sketchy. 
I sit up on a table and am in the presence of two other humanoids like myself but I know they are from this other world and are much more intelligent than I am. There is one who is in charge and concerned for my and tells me what is going to happen to me. I am going to be modified from being only a human from earth. This is why we are brought from our own world to expand other worlds. I understand in my mind that this is part of our process as to how we progress from the world in which I was called earth to the new world in this new dimension. It is like our other dimension with a parallel world and I will now be enhanced. 
Another person appears to my back right and explains that a piece I am being inserted with will allow me to play all instruments. I thought that this was odd that they wanted me to play musical instruments and I knew and could actually feel the instrument applied to my right shoulder. It was a round apparatus and I asked if it would hurt but got no answer. They talked to me telepathically and I felt a slight buzz on my shoulder and new that the instrument had been inserted.
I then was allowed to get up and go about my life there in this new world. I was shown out of the building and out in a large area like a large city were people roaming about in their attire. I recognized the attire as that which I had seen before but this time was much more colorful. I remember telling myself, that I must remember these colors for I shall tell this story to others when I get back home. 
I started memorizing the clothes and realize that I had to find a way to categorize these memories so I would not forget. I saw that they all had long pants with tunics over them but the top was cut with to show an under turtleneck in various colors. Red, blue, purple, and I thought to myself that the entire populace seemed to wear this cream color except for their under shirt which was of various colors which marked some type of level of class or job based on the colors. One could imagine every color as a turtleneck top. 
I remember looking down and all had on shoes that were like half cut boots like the women’s shoes now in style back on earth except without the high heels. All men, and women wore these shoes with a type of wheel but not a wheel and all I could think of was roller skates. I realized that even I was wearing this type of shoes that whisked us about without touching the ground but I could feel a friction and it was like being on skates or ice skates. I found the feeling familiar to me, I was good at it, and I took my feet out and placed them to turn a circle to see if I could and I did. I realized that this was a nifty way to save time as opposed to walking as we did on earth. The fact was that all these beings had adapted to these shoes as a normal way to get about.
I then realized that I had been there before and I was going to a party for some dignitaries. I was lead telepathically to inside a building by some others and I realized that we were to be inside in a greeting line and I took my place among these dignitaries. These large tall doors opened up and many people came inside a building where we stood as a greeting hall. There was a large table over to my left where there were drinks of all types. I looked and saw that there were fancy tall steins of all types, shapes, and sizes. 
A woman came up to me and she told me telepathically that the drink that she wanted was not there. Another woman said the same and they asked for a simply stein. I remember asking the question telepathically for the woman to repeat her request. She wanted a skimpy stein. I asked her to repeat the request once again and she said Simpy Stein. I then tried to understand in my mind what her request was and repeated it over and over, as I had done the memory of the colors of the attire of these people. 
I walked back to the area a long ways away across a banquet room where in the back left corner from where I had been greeting the people. There was the bar where many people were standing and I went up to one woman who was serving drinks and asked her if she knew what a Simpy Stein was. That I needed two.
I was told telepathically to look overhead and there encased inside a large cube was a list of all types of drinks offered. I then realized that a stein was like what we use in Germany. I immediately made the connection as that which was similar to that on earth and was relieved to have an association. I then realized by looking at all the words that were on the cube that they too used a form of written communication and I woke up realizing that words are not only used in our world but in other worlds and dimensions.
I awakened with a new awareness that even though we may use telepathy in other worlds that we can visit in other dimensions in our dreams that they too recognize levels of beings in thoughts, words, and deeds. My lesson was that we could learn to remember our memories that we have on earth and can take them with us to use for association and knowledge in the future. 
This is a dream that I share from my subconscious mind to those who enjoy reading of my experiences. Is this dream important? Maybe to some. It is a story that is about a dream I had that involves extraterrestrials, other words, other worlds, and dimensions. I believe that we can all share other worlds, and other dimensions inside our own minds. As to whether I was taken again by aliens I leave that up to the readers. 
I know when I am taken in the reality that we all share in an awakened state. I also know that I can dream worlds that are as real as our awakened conscious world. I do know the difference and seek to share all that are considered experiences. 
I may share another someday. I hope that this helps some who may want to know more about how dreams work and how ET Contactee Experiencers dream. I do not have all the answers but I am constantly searching for meaning to life in this world and in others. Love and Light. TJ

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