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Sharing the future with humanoids of the sentient intelligent being species will be a part of our Ancient Astronaut Theorists lives. Some of the stories will change our global future and past. I love people and want to share in awareness. I do not claim to be an authority except when it comes to my own Et experiences, past life experiences, out of body experiences, and near death experiences. Love and Light, TJ

We all are here to learn. We shall learn the reasons why some of us keep secrets while some are kept from us while on earth in this lifetime.

There is much to learn and we will have to develop a new way of communicating without words on the planet, but, until then, we shall use any means necessary to communicate.

For now, although music and numbers are a form of communication, we shall use words in English. Vibrations and waves in the plasma regions in space all deal with energy in microwaves and other forms not known at this time on earth. 

We are willing to learn using all our physical and mental senses while in physical and mental bodies on the earth plane of existence.

We realize that this is ET UFO contact basics. ESP comes with time,skill, and practice. We will be sharing the neural sciences for all concerned to be used with computers and Internet bands in the future of micro waves and space-time continuum sages and safety.

We share the Agashan Ascended Masters Ancient Mystery Schools to be opened in the future. The veil will be lifted for the Ascension Age of Revelation revealing past history. 

We share with others the interest of sharing information on the Internet as a hobby with no expectations and no preconceptions. 

We are open to sharing energy synergistically.

We are all communicating with words that have meaning in the English language. We use spirit as a word for our energy as vital essence that leaves our body at the time of death on earth to return to the complete soul. We use only a portion of our soul in self while here on earth. 

Our spiritual glass is either half full or half empty according to some. We begin a spiritual journey in search of our selves while meeting others along the way who can share in our personal interests and endeavors knowing that this could be endemic of this species.

We must realize that we are all more of the same and we are all continually changing. 

We must realize that we are now using a form of communication in a physical body that houses the mental body, emotional and the spiritual body.

This means we will be speaking in the English language of the four parts of the human existence as a sentient intelligent being as a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

We share essence that can be seen, felt, heard, and touched. 

We share our emotions because we are sentient beings as humanoids.

We prefer to be mental and stay analytical in many ways dealing with our performance in public.

We know that our emotions are real and for a purpose specially when it comes to our loved ones and family bonds and ties.

We will learn why we share our capacity to be do and have while we think and feel on earth.

We will learn how to know and recognize truth for what it is while our perceptions change.

We must realize that we are now using a part of our infinite and eternal soul body that is a continuous infinite essence.

This infinite essence is made up of all things that are making up this universe.

This universe has all elements that are in our DNA and we are composed of 23 chromosomes from our paternal contributor and 23 chromosomes from our maternal contributor.

This form of creation is used on earth to create a physical and mental vessel we call a human being formed to shell life, as we know it on earth.

We have five levels of our mental mind in our physical body. 

We have been told we have five senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell as human beings. We must accept that there is also feeling as intuition as the sixth sense we call feeling and intuition.

This means we are now to realize we are multi-sensory beings. We use this in our subconscious and while we are in various levels of existence.

The levels of existence in energy as waves are alpha, beta, theta, gamma, and delta. There are five levels added to the sixth giving us sixth sense.

The levels of our inner spiritual knowledge of the matrix includes the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, of the omniverse which is the macrocosm of our microcosms.

We exist to be a part of the web which is the cyberspace network galaxy. We are challenged to adapt and learn as one either of male or female of our humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We share generations to come which will adapt to our changes.

We must be open to receive and send out reverence and non-judgmental energy to others who will allow all living sentient intelligent beings to exist in one universe.

We will now be able to understand and allow.

We will now be able to communicate with out own higher selves through our own subconscious mind.

We are all housed in our physical and mental bodies while on earth. We are also spiritual and soul bodies that work together in unison in this universe.

We all accept and allow communication as a sender and receiver.

We are aware of the principles of science and Quantum physics that uses the velocity of light through space at about 186,000 miles per second.

The fundamental units of physical measurements on earth that are used are length, mass, time, and space.

We accept space-time as a model for communication purposes.

We agree to develop a discipline in order to perform and allow time without judgment on earth to assist in our own soul´s progression and healing while recognizing that we are allowing our human being vessel to create a personality that some refer to as ego and id in psychology.

This will allow everyone to have a model and an even plane on the playing field of basics for extra terrestrial communication.

We realize that there will be much work needed in our own human physical and mental bodies in order to understand and to be non-judgmental while we learn to grow in our multi-sensory perceptions.

Our senses are developing while we learn to communicate in a new way.

Five senses of the past now become multi-sensory. our DNA will be upgraded as we allow.

We allow others to participate with us, as we are all the same sentient intelligent being species while visiting this planet called earth.

We shall allow ourselves to be come familiar with higher beings that are offering guidance to younger species.

We will welcome our guides in our meditative and sleep states of mind.

We will promote health and prosperity for self and others.

We will love others. We will learn to love ourselves and not harbor resentment.

This part of the design and plan has been followed through the parallel universes.

We will learn about the future.

Information and knowledge will eternally exist in the field of origin.

We agree to check in and stay tuned in order to form a more perfect self understanding while offering knowledge and healing to our own soul´s progression on the path we chose while here on earth while communicating with our higher consciousness.

We realize that not everything may be presently seen by the mind and the eyes.

We will learn that which we desire to know and understand by participating and being non-judgmental while we study both side and all sides to the future of this universe.

We will use all our mental and physical strength to create internal empowerment knowing that external empowerment creates greed among others who are not allowing the communication with the soul source of eternal energy as the infinite structure in the universe and multi-universes.

We realize this time on earth is about an awakening of consciousness in souls that are desiring to understand the knowledge that has been revealed to others through communication with extra terrestrial beings and the sightings of UFOs.

We will continue to open our minds and hearts that are home to our spirit and soul.

We realize there are many ways to refer to our training for the critical mass populace but that the Internet is presently the easiest and most expedient way to share this knowledge before we run out of time on this planet to enjoy our fruits and labors in this lifetime.

We are willing to spend time to clear our minds and learn about out internal senses as well as our external senses while in a human physical and mental body.

We shall learn to focus our energy on the plans of the day for reality and allow time to tune into our higher conscious while sharing the words with self and others who are willing to participate.

We will do our best to share in this level of knowledge and communication that some see as raising consciousness to a higher level for this planet that some refer to as ascension.

We agree to not be judgmental of the words chosen and are willing to participate and share what we learn as we grow our spiritual soul and understand how to lift the veil.

We will assist in healing others by following the cause of self misunderstanding and hidden past lives that are here to heal in secrecy. We will be open to send and receive telepathically.

We will offer workshops, forums, blogs, videos, and other tools of learning on the Internet as well as some in person for those who desire non-virtual reality lessons.

We shall promote learning, research, education, and funding for our resources to grow.

We realize that there are many who desire power and greed on this planet without regard for others. There is enough for all to get their daily needs on this planet.

We welcome change for us all. We acknowledge our growth through constant change.

We recognize that there are those who desire external power over others. We realize this is the old ways and this is about the new.

We will do unto others and recognize the golden rule. Internal empowerment with connection to all through networking.

We desire internal empowerment for all.

We agree to consider the reverence of our essence as a spiritual being while learning to communicate with extra terrestrial beings with guidance from others who are hybrids chosen for this purpose based on their prior training with past lives and soul progression.

We will share more as we allow others to catch up to our way of thinking and doing.

There will be many who desire to know what we are doing so share this information with all your friends for networking purposes.

Art, culture, education science, technology and folk life does have something to do with the humanities for us all.

 Science of the mind, spirit, and soul is about precognition and intuition.

We can break down the energy to the God particle later once we understand to steer clear of black holes and to use the worm holes in stellar travel.

We will obtain that which has not been shared past the string theory in Quantum Physics and mechanics.

We can use our minds and spirits as time travel in another parallel universe once, we are fully understanding with a full belly about that which is needed in guidance from our higher guides and the source.

We will learn to share energy and to assist all others who desire to be enlightened as sentient intelligent beings.

We will grow and become guides for those who are younger intelligent beings on other planets.

The future is out there in stellar space of which we were all conceived of as a part of this universe and all other creations.

We are expanding our minds, souls, and universe. We realize that there have been great leaders of empowerment in science and in technology on this planet as well as other academics in education.

We go forth in neural networking with an understanding of assimilation and global recognition.

We realize that this information is presented to everyone who can reach the Internet.

This information was once used in the ancient wisdom schools of old but, was first taught among the ancients by those who instructed the Egyptians to build the pyramids as triangulation markers from space.

There is much to know and much that was lost or destroyed in the Library of Alexandria.

We shall now obtain common knowledge among sentient intelligent being using synergy as all sentient intelligent beings on this planet evolve to the next level of existence.

Stay tuned and enjoy the exercises in ET UFO CONTACT BASICS.

There will be more open and free articles to follow.

We are sharing a better way of existence for essence as glorious gladness and joy in love and light for all beings in this universe. Be open to meeting and greeting in many venues that will be allowed on this playing field of life.

Life is what we make it while here on earth. We shall share space with others.

Consider the future with others who are conscious and awakened to their spirit and soul selves on many levels who are wiling to share their essence.

Many writers use this synergy, intuition, and essence building.

Happy Holidays and Health & Prosperity for all. Love and eternal Light. TJ Morris

For story tellers of the Ascension Age considered the New Age of Awareness as the history of our past, present, and changing future. Here will be the new story for generations to come.

We recognize that when we are ready our master will appear. We welcome our past ancient ancestors beliefs and historic and religious scripts as guides for us to know truth in fact. 

The story that has been a part of me since my inception for all to share and learn. TJ


Andromeda Galaxy  to Milky Way Galaxy
Copyright all rights reserved by author TJ Morris tm ACIR sm
By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

Sky over Roswell, New Mexico, July 4, 1947

Two flying saucers from the Andromeda galaxy are ready to land in the desert on planet earth.
Each has two small gray alien beings on a mission to land and gradually touch down their spacecrafts.
One touches down first. The other hovers. Then the second craft descends and lands near the first downed flying saucer. 
Two small four-foot gray aliens in gray suits and boots can be seen from the door as the landing walk comes down. They exit the spacecraft and head towards the second flying saucer.
The second flying saucer has two small gray alien commanders sitting in the control seats inside. The door opens and the two small gray aliens can be seen entering the spacecraft.  
One spacecraft is left intact for the humanoid creatures of earth to find.
The second one takes off with all four occupants inside.
Then flying saucer is attempting to hover in the earth atmosphere and cannot seem to gain altitude. It becomes erratic and shifts from one direction to the other and then skids to the ground leaving a deep indenture in the sands and ground. 
As it skidded, the door was opened as two of the small grays attempted to jump from the small spacecraft that was grey luminescent in color. 
The small craft was skidding on one side as it furrowed through the land on earth.
Two small grays that tumbled out role around until the spacecraft crumples and tears into small pieces as the craft is pummeled. 
Two of the small grays are dead on impact. Two are injured. 
One severely injured laid on the ground clutching his side and arm. He was in shock.
The one slightly injured gets up, walks over, and telepathically speaks to his co-commander of the spacecraft that had been left intact. He then realized that he was severely hurt. 
Now the one slightly injured gets up and makes his way over to what is left of the spacecraft about a 1000 yards away from where he landed in the sand.
He looks inside the broken up craft and sees the two commanders one is trapped still in his seat but something had hit his head and tore a large gash and was dead. The other one had been thrown out of the crashed saucer and was mangled and it was apparent that he was dead.
The slightly injured gray tried to speak to both these gray beings telepathically and neither responded as he instinctively knew they would not. He knew they were gone and he could not feel their life force as he would have had they still been alive.
He goes back to his friend who had landed back down west of the crashed spacecraft. He was injured too severely to move. He lay where he had landed.
The gray was now going to do what he could to make his Co-commander as comfortable as possible until help arrived. This was not the plan and there was no escape and invasion other saucer overhead in the sky. The saucer that had crashed or imploded was of the newer type off the assembly line above from the mother ship that cruised outside of earth’s rotation and outside of the view of any of the earth’s telescopes. 
Thus far, earth had no way of knowing that these beings were peaceful and had only come to allow for earth to research and investigate their spacecraft to be left intentionally.
The mission was to place five saucers around the world on the five continents. This was the last one and had made it to its destination.
The final saucer that crashed was the grays way back to the mother ship where they were stationed along with thousands of other galactic federation members in space.
This was unfortunate and unexpected. The implosion was a malfunction of the newer of the spacecraft. They grays were to leave the older model since this type had been updated. The updated version had imploded and the gray that was slightly injured was sharing the information with the severely wounded gray co-commander.
There in the far west was an appearance of the light coming over the sand dunes. Time had passed as they had sat waiting for the unknown to come closer to their destiny that awaited them.
All they could do now is hope that the mother ship would send another spacecraft to retrieve them from whatever awaited. They both knew that this was not planned and they were on the retrieval spacecraft. This was not ever expected to happen. They were now at the mercy of the humanoids of earth.
(To be continued. TJ)

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