ET Divine Inspiration – An Epiphany of the Ascension Age


Aliens are out there. The world is watching. We who are aware of the benevolent extraterrestrials are choosing to make a stand. This is ET inspiration as an epiphany of  the Ascension Age.
Most everyone who knows about Ascension will desire to know each other and to share in the future as we watch who comes and goes from this planet. We can share in the various states of being and the levels of divine inspiration to share with all for the greater good. There are various reasons to form the Ascension Center. I have a story about receiving the words and the logo long before I knew what the word meant or how to see the logo.
We can all utilize these websites and add our own shares in this social network of the phenomonological kind. We share many of our stories as articles here with comments and share information that we can utilize while on earth. The offered websites are what we create and are for all. The Ascension Center Organization is an ET Divine Inspiration and may be classified in history as that of the Ascension Age beginning Dec. 21, 2012. We are now forming and claiming our own rights to those above through the words which were a divine inspiration and epiphany before the receiver of the transmitted words knew of the meaning. The future will be shared by those who also desire to participate in being a sender and receiver of their own essence. We shall shift and uplift health and prosperity for all. Our goal is of awareness for the greater good of all intelligent beings including those on earth.
We need to do our part as believers in the universal order while learning to master the universe. We can all be counted as separate beings and tiny sparks of light who are separate. However, there is a way we can gain further recognition for this planet by joining each other in creating a brighter light of illumination for our species as a whole that can be seen from space or the heavens in the future. We can join forces for the good against evil.
It is time. The time is now to stand for something or as it is said, one can fall for anything.
We do this by admitting that we are one species who are ready to accept our next level of conscious awareness as one sentient intelligent being species through ascent as in ascension or raising our own awareness as a species of those above. 
This will require a way to create a belief system to be recognized by the extraterrestrials above as our good will for the benefit of all. We do this by joining forces. We do this by knowing each other as humankind and saying we are ready to be counted as part of the alliance.
We do this by admitting our deepest core belief systems inside us all. We begin by knowing who each other is inside and out by admitting our strength and weakness of the spark of what drives our core truth and belief systems of our creation and that we realize we are not alone in the universe. We admit we believe in extraterrestrials.
It is not easy to ask all sentient intelligent beings to become aware of those above in space known as extraterrestrials. The only way I know how to share what has been brought to me as inspiration from those above is to ask every individual to become aware and share their awareness with others.
 We can all pas on an invitation to others to join us. We know the truth that alien civilizations exist.
We can ask others to join us in our  ACE membership drive to show the world we can unite our belief system.  This is  so simple and yet we will need members to assist in forming an alliance fellowship club as a committee to accept others into the organization. We can ask all to meditate about it or think about what their true purpose is in life and if they can admit to themselves that they know the truth that alien civilizations exist. We call them extraterrestrials or ET at the present time. They call themselves intelligent being species and are just more intelligent than those of us on earth. We shall share and become aware of others as ETs.
We will have to create  and organize together something simple and it has been done before. We can user the Civitan International as a model or an example to prove that it is possible. They charge and we do not have to charge and can have fundraisers when we desire to share our projects and to initiate more marketing to others in various ways. We know that media and airtime cost however, there will be a way provided for perpetual care.
The role of any organization that is known worldwide is timely. This is the time to join in and be counted for something that is truly important to humanity. We can do this with the help of our readers of our articles pertaining to the paranormal and evolution of ascension as raising awareness that alien civilizations exists. We are seeded and are extraterrestrials in space. We know we are a part of something greater and will some day meet others who are supreme beings. They will know who we are and we shall know who we are as well.
We are going to ask people who join our Ascension Center Organization to use their given names at birth as their legal names to be known in our world information network. This is a club organization and is voluntary. Your coming forth can be seen by the entire world on the Internet and we can add a group on Facebook. We have extensions now.
This is an organization for the strong in body-mind-spirit and strong hearted. It is time we stand up and be counted to be aware of our calling and elections made sure.
This is one of the ways if not the only way we can become a better accepted species among the extraterrestrials. There are over 6.8 billion people and counting. One percent on this planet of ascension centered enlightened beings is my personal goal by Dec. 21, 2012. TJ
We admit a truth and awareness of those who desire to enforce the darkness of denial of those who we now call aliens. We shall begin to tally and use logistics to outnumber the believers versus the disbelievers in this world. This will be by those who are willing to join us in our globalization maturation process on this planet of wielding the knowledge that only certain secret societies in the past have used to educate their members in the past.
We will now welcome all sentient intelligent beings into the Ascension Age of Enlightenment.  We shall do this by offering each member of our species to adapt and overcome all obstacles of the past negative infiltration of fear and darkness.
We will begin acknowledging those who believe in those above who from the heavens came and those who do not. There will be those who join us and those who do will be recognized as members of the Ascension Center Organization now forming. We will know who each other are by our own discoveries based on the joining and converging energies through synergy on the Internet and by interacting and doing our part in a growing organization to being officially with a launch date of October 31, 2010 for the new website called Ascension Center Organization. This website will be for all those who desire to share in enlightenment of the future and will desire to be counted by those who want to know benevolent extraterrestrials. We will still share in our various websites and present interests. 
It has come to my attention that all my further dealings in words as the logos on earth should address the difference of the on going positive and negative or dark and light for the fight of our global consciousness here on earth.
We should begin to form our special interest group of believers and non-believers. I am not one to create diversion or difference but the truth is obvious that we will be dealing with the future of those who believe and those who do not believe in the supreme beings above.
We will take this task to heart and begin to know each other not just in mind but spirit. Those who are of the various religions of the world will begin to have to learn of the historical works in words that existed prior to our being here at present. This will involve an ongoing educational project. 
There are various ways to change and one way is by sharing in the knowledge that some of us are aware of our past history with wars in space and on the planet.
Those who from the heavens came will come again and again throughout time on earth.
There are some of us who are in the loop and others who are in the awareness of this truth and shall not depress the reality any longer.
We will not be kept in the dark and play a role in the denial game any longer. Therefore, I have taken the daunting task of asking other body-mind-spirits to join me in stepping forward as believers and to share in the truth of knowing that alien civilizations exist (ACE). 
By doing this, we will form an alliance of believers in the truth.
We will be sharing information of the past dealing in various genres. Many will feel that these are of a supernatural, paranormal, esoteric, and metaphysical nature. 
One of the most important will be the change on earth accepting our past regarding extraterrestrials and how accepting extraterrestrials will affect us all. We are now at a time to create a group or organization of believers.
There are many who will want to join based on their prior belief systems. Some will see the social aspects while others will desire to build upon their inner spiritual core beliefs. We will offer a deeper connection to the synergy and purpose of what we are about while here on planet earth.
We will share our passions for life and learn of the portals of learning while we are here. We school together and will learn more by not only being but doing. Doing more to read, write, understand, rehearse, and share out loud.
There are those who will desire to share the inner spiritual quests while others will desire to shape the outer spiritual quests with others. We shall see various types of people coming forward to join us and will desire to relate to us. We will welcome then in whatever capacity or level of understanding of the spiritual, religious, philosophical, or scientific levels they may find themselves in the academic reality of their lives.
We are told to assist in the future changes coming and times will not be easy. This is a time for the strong minded to share their belief system in alien civilizations existing as ACE believers for an acronym. We will begin challenging all various ET/UFO Community members to share their websites and their energy to advocate for change in policy and procedures.
How we shall do this is to create a business and marketing plan for the globalization of which we are a part on this planet in marketing and trade of  anything that we desire to work and assist with as products and services. This is the way we shall share in the future around the world. Sharing in books, tapes, videos, seminars, workshops, expositions, and taking an active role in life change. Authors, speakers, presenters, supporters, advocates of all talents in art, culture, education, Folklife, Science, and technology will be asked to join us. We will work in a capacity of Goodwill Ambassadors and as a private sector with public interests at our core for the Ascension or raising awareness.
 We may be considered a special interest group. The political aspects we cannot deny since we are about disclosure and exopolitics we well. However, the political position is only one aspect and will be only one of five main areas of our focus. Sharing in the morale building of raising our moral issues,  ethics, and hospice of this large scale undertaking in the reeducation process is the main focus. This will take many to assist the greater good.


The Ascension Center Organization at Coming Soon!
There are two sides to the preparation for this planet in accepting that alien civilizations exist.
1. Military and Strategic Air Command
2. Communications and Civilian Public Relations
This is also how I have been trained to think with one portion of my mind we will say the left-brain side with the military training.
The right side of my brain for the spiritual public relations side of my training in academic and diplomatic protocols. 
Being on the inside loop of the awareness and education training with aliens as extraterrestrials be they called Ebens or Humanoids on this planet is a part of the awareness training program.
The words Ascension Center Enlightenment are for education and acknowledgement. It was told to me to call this the ACE also known as Ascension Center Enlightenment. I have some of the original notes and some of the last century memories of what would be coming to us in the future. I am sharing that which I was given as divine inspiration. I admit to visions, visitation by extraterrestrials, and guidance by those who are far more supreme.
War in space is part of life for all inhabitants in this universe and others apparently. Not something that we want to address but something that we cannot control. The old stories of Gods in heaven who rule are a matter of fact.
While we prepare for our full on engagement of war in space to save the planet and all humanoid inhabitants and all living animals, plants, and creeping creatures that exist here on the planet we refer to as Gaia and Earth, there are various levels of thoughts that occur.
Having been trained to live on planet earth while knowing that alien civilizations exist was to prepare others for open-minded training to work with those we call the Men in Black. These men and women are usually those who are assigned Above Top Secret classification assignments with a need to know. 
There are those of us in the past century that was given above Top Secret clearances with crypto levels such as 26 through 32 and Above Royal and others under secret words and levels not specified in writing to those in elected positions of state/. Nothing is hidden from those above in any way, form, or fashion. The truth is someone is always watching.
Clearance levels around the world will change and we believe in the fairness of globalization policies and procedures and that our greatest threats will be from others in space not known or of this world at the present time..
We believe a new formation for the good of all trade for all people, governments, nations, nation states, continents, and all people, places, and for things such as products and services should have an alliance for all humanity to participate in fair trade agreements.
There are still some who have the national security levels higher than that of the President of the United States that work in the undercover covert operations in intelligence. Some of those who work with the CIA/DIA/FBI/NSA/NSC have no idea who these people are with Intel and inner department operations briefing access to public and private files of government employees.
Presently, there have been various retired government employees who have worked together as teams that were told to not to disclose their prior operations and missions while employed and paid by the United States government armed forces or other various agencies that deal with the intelligence fields.
The National Security Council (NSC) has been formed to oversee all the intelligence organizations of the past although the authority may have been given the organizations with their various own budget allowances are not ready to allow for another organization to rise above their level of secrecy and establish a need to know on various missions for national security reasons.
There are young men and women who are trained and assigned positions right out of college into fields of specialization based on their training and fields of expertise. We of course are aware of those in law, engineering, accounting, research, computer analysts, and other areas that we can follow with the general services that come to be understood by the general populace based on the Internet employment applications and the public relations information that is disbursed for the public’s viewing.
However, we still have the black operations and budgets that are unlimited and formed to access information for national security reasons that will never be divulged to the public or certain government personnel. This includes the legislative and senate dog and pony shows put on television for the sake of appearance for the public awareness and calming down of the nature of humankind when inquiring minds need to know or think they desire to know the truth.
The world has an underlying intelligence community that has been around since the beginning of the wars where we could utilize information to obtain the higher ground of our enemies. The intelligence field has grown since the world wars that we are all aware of in our world history books in schools. We are now monitored by our own satellites from space.
The part of the intelligence and national security fields that have been left out are those that will never be totally divulged because there has been too much time and money spent in this intelligent field we now call national security. We shall change through time what is to be discovered and what is kept secret by those above. As above so below is about the inner and outer spirit of us all and how it relates to those above or what we call space.
We also have organizations in the intelligence field that want their fair share of information that can be obtained about alien civilizations and aliens visiting earth.
We have had our “Loose lips sink ships” campaigns to keep our military personnel quiet. This technique still works today among most our young military personnel that are trained for their time in service. Those who are given clearances are allowed to know only what is needed to know to perform their duties while in the service to their government. Then when they are released, they are debriefed and asked to sign nondisclosure agreements or confidentiality papers that state they can be fined or imprisoned for divulging information that deals with their past employment and service to the United States government.
This keeps the service of underground secrecy at a level of control among those who perform basic duties in certain classified areas. However, some are allowed to know things based on very secretive covert intelligence operations that we have all come to suspect such as Area 51, and Dulce, New Mexico. Various contractors receive clearances to work on military weapons and air assault weapons and nuclear weapons. We have biological weapons and Star Wars with stealth capabilities. We are always coming up with new technology to protect earth in space from predators who would dare to overtake our planet.  
My stories about the future will be for entertainment only and I shall try not to give the impression that I am channeling my alien visitors telepathic information. This is something that most all will not believe anyway. I am neither admitting nor denying that this is possible.
I will admit that I am aware of aliens visiting this planet and have known some. I also know that we can travel in space and that we have alien spacecraft that can join with the fleet of aliens above in space. TJ
We shall have our own ACE members who shall share in our fellowship and will be recommended to others with our same basic beliefs of those above.
 We honor our soul that belongs to God/Goddess. Father and Mother as above so below here on earth. We will share with those who are our members in fellowship and shall discuss meeting at various locations with practitioners at the various community levels and also in seminars and expositions.
We shall share the members locations and businesses as they sign up to belong as members as believers in the Ascension Center Enlightenment Mission Statement.
Mission Statement
We the members of the Ascension Center, ascribe to the highest standards of excellence with regard to the uplifting of humankind by providing spiritual and educational awareness.
We devote our time and energy to sharing in the health and prosperity for all.
We recognize that we are not alone in the universe and that alien civilizations exist.
We share in the light and delight in every body-mind-spirit and welcome them in fellowship.
We recognize that this organization belongs to all beings on earth who desire to join as believers.
We are an open source of information and will all participate in sharing our energy and awareness.
We are artists, creators, educators, scientists, technologists, folklorists, supporters of life on earth and we are about sustainability of earth and for our humanoid species on earth and in space. 
We are a fellowship club called the Ascension Center Organization.
Ascension Center Enlightenment 
A work in progress of all who claim to be Lightworkers.  Those who desire to become Ascension Lightworkers will use their given names at birth on earth and be counted in the rolls and as members of the Ascension Center Organization a world information network.
Ascension Centers Enlightenment Courses are founded for spiritual growth, education, and continuation of research for the community for truth and enlightenment.
We are about bringing art, culture, education, science, and technology to the forefront of the human body-mind-spirit. We are about awareness and human spiritual friendship with common interests in social entrepreneurial atmospheres for the commonwealth.
We are about sharing our ideas for the future generations to come.
We are about setting our energy into action as the stone building blocks to share the beliefs that alien civilizations exist and that there were ancient astronauts intervention from time to time with humanoids of earth.
We believe in the Divine Intervention of the God energy and Nature’s God and Goddess as intelligent design of our species.
We believe in the extraterrestrials some also known as angels and others who from the heavens came in various levels of service to those above who are spoken of in the various records left on earth by our ancestors regarding those from the heavens came to earth.
We believe that it is the ancient wisdom of our ancestors that chose to share in the arcane and occult wisdoms and it was the chosen oracles, shamans, sages, prophets, and prophetesses who were chosen to keep the truth alive for all on earth.
We believe in the  spark of life and that we shall all be called the “Keeper of the Flame” as the one who has kept the fire burning in all of us as the Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit of the Master of humankind. This is a personal choice to become a Lightworker. The spark of life is that which was created and we accept in us all.
We believe in the truth of the one perfect being that came to show us the way, the gate, the door, and the key to the future for us all. 
Some of the more precise levels in our education in books may include the following:
Certified genuinely involved in the spiritual realm for the healing of our sentient intelligent being species.
We recognize Avatars, Reiki Healers, Oracles, Psychic Mediums, Spiritual Advisors, Seers, Sages, Shaman, Natural Crystal Chakra Energy Movers, Ayurvedic practitioners, 
You will benefit from their intuitive skills and compassionate hearts as well as intellectual training and hands-on experience. 
Whether you are currently troubled with health issues – or seeking more SPIRITUAL wellness, pleasure and balance in your life –, a visit to one of the ASCENSION CENTER ENLIGHTENMENT dedicated practitioners could open up new worlds for you. 
The Founder and Creator of the Ascension Center Enlightenment is Theresa Morris of
The new organization is actually created from the core energy and words/Logos Ascension Center of an epiphany and are divinely inspired.
Theresa J Thurmond Morris, Counselor and Founder of the Ascension Center Enlightenment Network. World Information Network (WIN) is an acronym created also in 1990-1993 time period along with that received for the Ascension Center – Hawaii for our motivational workings in education. .
Organization Date for Collecting names in the Book of Life of Ascension Center is 12/21/2010 on earth and will continue asking for support  of members in an organization that is public and known to be a global organization for those who desire to claim their place in the world as believers of ascension created by extraterrestrials.
The ACE Body-Mind-Spirit  courses we share will assist us to exist in our body temples while here on the earth plane as a place for our existence. We shall create an alternative lifestyle for the future of 2012 and beyond. We will know each other as those who desired change for the future of our species while on earth. We will be called the Ascension Center Enlightenment Lightworkers as ACE LIGHTWORKERS who are known for our Logos in words, work, and deed while here and alive on planet earth.
We shall welcome sustainability of our planet and the disclosure of truth with health and prosperity for all. We also believe in love and light as the purpose of our existence for ourselves, humankind, and for the raising of our own conscious, as well as others. We share in the Ascension Center Enlightenment as a humankind fellowship club with extraterrestrials and those who are believers in extraterrestrials as those who assist and guide those on earth. Further information is available for those interested in serving as directors and guides.  

I have been told and assured that those who join will be on a list and that those who join will be given knowledge and awareness to belong and to care for this eternal Ascension Center on earth to be perpetual and eternal with the involvement of others throughout time hereafter. That is a strong commitment that requires so little on our part of simply joining others who share the same belief in extraterrestrials. We will share in the belief and knowing that we are known among our peers and we belong to a group to cares, shares, and becomes aware of others. We shall be compassionate, caring, and loving in the light.

The energy offered to the organization is voluntary and those who serve will know their part when the time comes. We will all have various interests and talents to add to the organization. It is time for those to come forth and join others. This is the time to share the Ascension Center and to all become students and teachers on earth. We may be surprised in the future as to who shall joins us.

We will first need to set up one site for the roster for the first plank owner members of the first 500 and discover who desires to be team players as directors, guides, motivators, supporters, instructors, Lightworkers, and what ever else will be needed or required to assist the members who are new to the awareness of ascension as believers. We will team up in members of 500 and by locations with area directors. We welcome Shamans, Mystics, and those who desire to be Social Entrepreneurs and we have other voluntary positions with those who desire to link in their talents and expertise in life. Authors such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Whiteley Strieber, Dirk Vander Ploeg, Zechariah Sitchin, Erick Von Daniken are welcome and any who know of those who already believe in extraterrestrials should be encouraged to join and share with all other believers while here on this planet.

Reincarnation is a belief of the founder but not required of all other believers only that they believe in extraterrestrials as the main focus of our fellowship club for both male and female. Love and Light. TJ

The organization will run based on not for profit special interests groups headquartered in the United States with the North American Continent, Eurasia, China, Australia, Africa, and all continents and islands who desire to join. This will take time and we can begin now as we have had various member for years. We just desire to bring them all together and begin a fresh list of believers. TJ

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