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It is important to know where we are in space and on earth and that ET GOD exists. This is important to all of us in the scheme of our conscious existence. We must become aware of how to allow our conceptualized world to work with both the ET God and our own…


We are and God is. In science we shall now learn about the God Particle and the “ALL”.

There are we who are presently discussing the Theory of Everything in correlation to the Omniverse Theory of Theoretical Physics and the History of expansion of our minds and souls.  Science wants to forget that the word and discipline in academia was born out of philosophy the same as we want to forget that we are born out of our ancient ancestors GOD.

What I have learned thus far with my ET Connection deals with various outer layers of our Omniverse which has always been.
There are many layers outside our own universe.
ET God – The Omniverse Expansion of ALL! God cannot be tested by that which was created? Or can he/she? Who created the heavens and the earth if it was not GOD? Evolution? The Big Bang? Where is this God? Where are we? Who are we?
The EBEN ET ALIEN UFO Test Can one test GOD in us all? Where is God? Who is God?
What is God? We all seem to want to know the answer to what is outside of us all? But then what is ALL? Is god all? GOD OF THE UFO GOD OF THE ET GOD OF THE ALIEN GOD IS KNOWN BY ALL GOD HAS ALWAYS BEEN!
God of Alpha and Omega
Ascension By:
Theresa J Thurmond Morris God of the Ascension Age, the Ascension Center Enlightenment Understanding. A being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religion – (source The American Heritage Dictionary -of the English language). Godlike-Resembling a God or God. God is a word. Who cannot agree? We are each separate and different in our own body-mind-spirit which creates the filter, view, impression, opinion, thought, senses, and emotions of who we believe our God to be. Each of us believes we know our God based on our own life on earth. We are to share our faith, hope, charity, and love for each other recognizing the omniscient originator of our own universe. This is what GOD wants for all of us in this Omniverse, or we would not exist. There is more to life than thoughts as things in this world. In the beginning we learn – In the beginning was the word, and the word was without form. We then learn to use a word with association to what we are to understand. We understand that God is a word.
We understand that God is inside of us and outside of us. We learn from our parents, friends, community, society, culture, and world associations what GOD is based on all that surrounds us in our world. Aliens and ET are also words as are the words “Hate” and “Love”. Learning is our responsibility while we are here. Learning respect for others on this planet is part of being human. Humanoids are aliens as are we. We are also words. We can also be called many words as things including what we call Starseeds. We use words to converse and to share in the eternal energy we call GOD. God and Demi Gods are a part of this world, universe, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. We should concentrate on what we can make “GOOD” for the expansion of our GOD. In the ancient alien scripts, codexes, of words of which humankind has translated and shared, there has been interpretations and lost energy we call knowledge for learning. We are to learn to live within our own boundaries, which are inside our own microcosm, which exists inside the macrocosm. As we expand our learning abilities, we expand our awareness. When we expand our awareness, we also expand our learning abilities.
THE God in us all 
increases our wealth and abundance, which is God’s way on all planets in all galaxies, in all universes, inside the multiverse, inside the metaverse of the known. We are a part of both the known and unknown. We call the unknown the Xenoverse. We call the known the Metaverse. We also have a polyverse, which is what we shall soon learn about! The “BUBBLE” we shall create in the future with our learning abilities will be a part of the expansion. The expansion has our interests included, which is our learning abilities of aliens and extraterrestrials on this level in this plane in this place. Taking into consideration that we are all universal and we are all unique is part of the future for us all. We can all learn Quantum Physics and the words that we shall use in the future in space. Everything we learn here is part of the Omnipotent Omnipresence in each of us and “ALL” of us. God is the all and everything. Learn the Theory of Everything and the Omniverse Theory is the beginning of the NEW PATH and the Journey into the NEW DIMENSIONS OF YOU! There is so much more than the views and opinions of each of us here at this lower level of being. Learn to be, doing, have, and observe with an Omnipotent View of others as you view yourself from within as others do! Love the View and see God in all that we are and YOU ARE! Love does not hate but understands the emotions and thoughts with an objective point of view as that which is inside is also mirrored on the outside for the good of the “ALL”. GOD IS! God has always been. Goddess has always been. We have always been. Words were the beginning our each of our enlightenment in no matter what language or context one explored for meaning and purpose. We must learn to respect words, which were a gift. We compose for the higher purpose in us “ALL”. Thank you for sharing each of you. We are capable of learning. We are capable of sharing. We are capable of the understanding of the omnipotent God. We are all learning and seeking. We are in all phases of the levels of thought and believing what we understand. Critical Thinking is part of our journey on this level or dimension. There is so much more to know than what is shared here on UFO Digest. Consider all that does exist outside of what you are reading and who sent the words for your discovery, which you created. I responded to you! Each of you! We all are a part of the “ALL”. Learn to take what can be shared and explored here to the next level of the eternal soul that is a part of each of us. We can all be GOD in the omnipotent omniverse expansion. One may be outside and inside all at the same time. When we are able to explore the Omniverse from the Outside looking in at our own soul selves, we have accomplished the Omnipotent God. Love and Light from the New Beginning we call the Ascension Age or the Omniverse Theory in Science. I am simply one of the all in each of you, me, and us. We mirror the Omniverse reflection in this level of existence we call planet earth in this galaxy, inside the matrix we call the universal unified field. How many beings in how many places make an Omniverse? Learn that and know GOD! Learn to let go and let God, but then what do I know? An Ascension Center Enlightenment understanding in this world we call Earth. Love and Light. TJ Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, a female array on earth called a female humanoid sentient intelligent being. Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris,  Author/Entrepreneur consultant, trainer in mystical experiences that include Extraterrestrials, & Ancient  Civilizations.  Source:, Dirk Vander Ploeg, Owner/Publisher
Peeling the layers back of an onion could compare to the omniverse.
Begin at any level and size and the theory remains the same.
Point of origin is the cell, vessel,or single unit inside the matrix inside the Web. Web is the energy and the Akashic Field of all knowledge-information that is gathered by all inside the all of the macrocosm.
We can tap the Akashic Field inside the Omniverse.
The Web is created to exist inside the Universe.
Universes created to exist within the Multiverse.
Metaverse is the expansion of the known.
Xenoverse is the expansion of the unknown.
Omniverse is the Macrocosm of the “ALL”.
Omniverse Physics – Theory of Everything = Theoretical Physics
Extraterrestrial Contactee TJ Thurmond Morris Suggests the following:
Universe: The inside description of a context that is relative in size/structure (attributes/modes) to the known universe that we inhabit. A Universe, also known as a Cosmos, is a particular individual space-time organization with a specified number of dimensions of space and time and definite and specific laws of physics. Other Universes (other Cosmoses) may have different numbers of dimensions of space and time and different laws of physics than our own Universe (Cosmos).
Multiverse: The part of infinity that directly joins a given universe with all possible configurations of that universe.
Metaverse: In string theory, the part that is along with, after; over also denoting change in the multiverse that houses the branes or film that each universe is said to be attached to and hang like individual sheets in a hypermagnetic wave with rhythms of hypercosmic strings going up and down that has a third element causing up, down, backwards, forwards, motions inside the Xenoverse.
Note: In computer science, a metaverse is a virtual reality simulation based on the physical reality of a single individual universe, but one or more levels of implementation above it. It is conceived that it will be possible in forthcoming centuries to create such simulations using massive arrays of matrioshka brains and Jupiter brains.
Xenoverse: the unknown alien elements that are beyond and part of the metaverse and multiverse structure. Compared to a patchwork quilt hanging on a line to dry in space that is multivariate inside the Omniverse. While Omniverse is said to be the outside ring of all that is known, the xenoverse is the inside the hypermacrocosm that is unknown beyond the metaverse—the unknown sets of laws that govern how branes behave to create multiverses.
Omniverse: All possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. Some or all-possible modes of existence are actualized. If we take the point of origin as our being as a point in measurement, then we can generate the following hierarchy: 1. our location in space-time, 2. this universe (cosmos), three. The multiverse, four. The metaverse, 5. The xenoverse, 6. The omniverse.
Allegorical illustrations of the concept
One can think of the omniverse as a tree structure: the omniverse is the trunk, each multiverse is a branch, and each universe is a leaf.
Alternatively, the omniverse can be illustrated as a forest, a multiverse is a tree in the forest, a universe as a branch on that tree, and all further branches and leaves are further subset horizons within that universe.
Physicists such as Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose have suggested that universes both fork and combine, which could be visualized as more of a system of roads and pathways.
The Omniverse itself is perfectly constructed to answer the question… “What If?”. It is reasonable to assume that to answer this question the creation of an infinite number of Multiverses would be required. What’s the difference between each Multiverse? could be a grain of sand… could be an atom… could even be sub-atomic and when you consider just how many atoms make up a grain of sand… you begin to understand that there will be a whole almost infinite Multiverses that differ so very slightly from our own.
Parallel Universes : are thought to be universes that exist alongside that of our own.?
They could be very similar in nature to our universe or they could in fact be very different. There is some speculation that our universe may have been created by superior beings in another universe. 
If you steer your thinking more toward the lines of “intertranscendental dimension”, then you’ll be closer to the right track. There is NO speculation whatsoever as to WHO created this universe, except perhaps to those who center the thinking in their gray matter solely on the so-called ‘analytical’ element. 
I believe that just like dimensions, universes overlap, and are not separate from others. Everything is a universe itself, just by being what it is with out further inference. 
I think that the universes are the same with the same people, and the same things except the people do things differently and it changes the people and things. 
I prefer the Omniverse theory to the Multiverse theory. Potential for reality seems more plausible than an existence of all alternate reality to me. 
I recommend you read up on quantum physics. You’re gonna need some serious brains in order to understand it.
I suggest you forget all about god while you’re studying it.  Anything beyond what we can observe is speculation. 
We can observe back to the first few microseconds after the Bang Theory.
What happened prior to the Big Bang? Learn to explore and research with interest in this life while here on earth.
We are working on what happened prior to the Big Bang – We are waiting on those higher up in the food chain to share their knowledge.  The Supreme Council has passed down information and knowledge from time to time but when we ask about who was first as in God the answer is God and Goddess has always been. We are working on the Extraterrestrial Reverse Engineering from other galaxies. We are going to study theoretical physics with interest in the future and change. Education in Science and the Arts & Humanities will come to appreciate a synergy release.
Nuclear Fission Announcement
In the 1930s, The George Washington University served as a center of activity for theoretical physicists and as the backdrop for some of the most important conferences on theoretical physics ever held. It was on this campus that one of the most dramatic announcements of the century was made, the news that physicist Otto Hahn in Berlin had successfully split an atom. The date was January 26, 1939, and the Fifth Washington Conference on Theoretical Physics, hosted by faculty members George Gamow and Edward Teller and attended by distinguished physicists from all over the world, listened as Niels Bohr of Copenhagen told the physicists the amazing news. The development gave GW a prominent place in scientific history.
It was not always so. 
In fact, when President Cloyd Heck Marvin assumed the presidency in 1927, the departments of biology and physics were in need of improvement. 
Accreditation by the Association of American Universities was postponed in 1929, partly because of inadequate science laboratories.
Recognizing the deficiencies, President Marvin set out to obtain major funding for the improvement of facilities, to attract distinguished scholars and consultants in research, and to reorganize the graduate study program. 
Credit for the improvements, which eventually led to GW’s reaccreditation, was due not only to Dr. Marvin but also to Charles Riborg Mann, a renowned physicist who was one of GW’s most influential trustees.
 Mann served as one of Marvin’s chief advisors during the period.
The summer of 1930 took President Marvin to Europe where he was invited to lecture at the Geneva School of International Studies. 
While on a post-lecture tour, he came in contact with a then comparatively new and growing body of thought described as “theoretical physics.”
 He also met two of the most outstanding theoreticians, George Gamow and Edward Teller, at the University of London.
It took the advice of another scientist, however, to convince Dr. Marvin to look more closely at theoretical physics as a way of enhancing GW’s physics department. 
In consultations with John Merriam, President of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Dr. Marvin was advised to speak to Merle Tuve of Carnegie’s Department of Terrestrial Magnetism. 
At the time, Dr. Marvin had a newly-acquired $100,000 and was planning to devote most of it to experimental physics.
Tuve convinced the young President that he could easily spend the entire $100,000 on equipment and have no money for new physics professors. 
Instead, he suggested the development of a theoretical physics section of the department and the hiring of some top theoreticians who would need only pencils and paper, travel money, colleagues and meetings. 
The department would be enhanced by the addition of some distinguished scientists; the costs to support their research would be minimal; and Dr. Marvin’s $100,000 would have greatest impact. In addition, Dr. Tuve recommended that Dr. Marvin hire the young physicist George Gamow.
George Gamow
George Gamow was Russian-born, held a PhD from the University of Leningrad and was an associate member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He had formulated the first satisfactory theory of radioactivity. Though young, he had established a fine reputation working with Niels Bohr in Copenhagen and at other principal centers of scientific study. Marvin offered Dr. Gamow a full professorship at GW accompanied by a relatively high salary. 
In accepting the position, Gamow posed two conditions: first, that he be allowed to organize an annual conference on theoretical physics similar to ones held by Bohr in Copenhagen; second, that a second theoretical physicist be hired to work with him. 
Appointed in 1934 as a Visiting Professor, Gamow became a full Professor of Physics the following year. Edward Teller, who had also worked with Bohr in Copenhagen, was named Visiting Professor in 1935 and Professor of Physics in 1936, in accordance with Gamow’s second condition.
 Teller received his PhD in 1930 from the University of Leipzig and was working for the Imperial Chemical Industries in London when he accepted the position at George Washington. His research in molecular structure was of great significance to theoretical physicists and chemists, and he represented a link to such renowned European physicists as Heisenberg, Pauli, Franck, and Fermi.
The sponsorship of the annual conferences that Gamow requested became a joint effort of The George Washington University and the Carnegie Institution of Washington. This association was a natural pairing because the Institution was conducting research in nuclear physics under Dr. Tuve in its Department of Terrestrial Magnetism.
The first Washington Conference, held in April 1935, was organized to allow theoretical physicists to discuss recent theoretical advances in nuclear physics as well as common problems. Among the subject matter for discussion were general nuclear models, nuclear transformations, and the process of beta-disintegration and the effects of high-energy radiations. Each session opened with a brief introduction of the subject by the appointed leader leaving the balance of the time free for general discussion.
 Some of the discussion leaders were: Dr. G. Beck of the University of Kansas; Dr. H. Bethe of Cornell University; Dr. G. Breit of the University of Wisconsin; Dr. P.A.M. Dirac of Princeton University; Drs. S. Goudsmit and G.E. Uhlenbeck of the University of Michigan; Dr. A. Lande of Ohio State University; and Gamow. Each year’s conference had a specific theme. 
In 1937, the third conference was on “The Problems of Elementary Particles,” and Niels Bohr attended for the first time. 
In 1938, Drs. Gamow and Teller undertook to combine the two interest groups of theoretical physics and astrophysics in what was one of the most important of the conferences. 
It was a brilliant pairing for, as Gamow reported in his final summary, “several specific contributions had been made toward formulating the next line of attack on the problems of stellar energy from the points of view of both physics and astronomy.”
In 1939, Niels Bohr attended the Washington conference as part of a trip that included lectures at Princeton, where John A. Wheeler and a meeting with Enrico Fermi of Columbia University welcomed him. 
The news that he brought with him would summon the beginning of a new age.
Thus the NEW AGE!
After Bohr’s dramatic announcement to the Fifth Washington Conference on Theoretical Physics, the conference went completely off the originally planned track, according to Gamow. “Bohr and Fermi, both armed with chalk, started an animated discussion near the blackboard, and Tuve, recognizing that this discussion might be of paramount importance for war purposes, politely showed out two newspapermen covering the meeting.
 This was probably the first step toward atomic security. Nevertheless, the word ‘fission’ leaked into the press, and the next day Robert Oppenheimer telephoned to me from Berkeley to find out what it was all about” The announcement by Bohr and the following discussions heralded new horizons in physics.
In recognition of the momentous announcement at the 1939 Conference, the Victory Council Board of Review of the University at its 1945 meeting recommended that a plaque be placed in the room in which the announcement was made. The plaque, present today, reads, 
In this room, January 26, 1939, Niels Bohr made the first public announcement of the successful disintegration of uranium into barium with the attendant release of approximately two hundred million electron volts of energy per disintegration. This announcement was heard by the physicists listed below who were attending the fifth of the Conferences on Theoretical Physics which are sponsored jointly by the Carnegie Institution of Washington and The George Washington University.”
The Washington conferences continued annually through the 1940s, with the exception of the World War II years. Many of the attendees at the various conferences, including Teller, Bohr and Fermi would serve as members of the Manhattan Project that produced the atomic bomb. Teller would also be a part of the group that produced the hydrogen bomb. 
The 1930s turned out to be a pivotal age for modern physics and golden years for the Physics Department at The George Washington University.
Note: This was first published in Arts and Sciences, CCGSAS Alumni Newsletter.
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You heard of the Unified Field theory? Yes as part of the Theory of Everything also known as the Akashic Field where all energy is stored inside the macrocosm called the Omniverse. 
Theoretical Physics: Theoretical physics is a branch of physics which employs mathematical models and abstractions of physics in an attempt to explain natural phenomena. Its central core is mathematical physics, Sometimes mathematical physics and theoretical physics are used synonymously to refer to the latter. …
the description of natural phenomena in mathematical form, especially in order to derive fundamental laws of nature and to derive conclusions from these laws
In theoretical physics, a membrane, brane, or p-brane is a spatially extended mathematical concept that appears in string theory and its relatives (M-theory and brane cosmology) that exists in a static number of dimensions.
BRANE: brane – A hypothetical object extending across a number of (often specified) spatial dimensions, with strings in string theory seen as one-dimensional examples
The Centre for Theoretical Studies (CTS) is an inter- disciplinary centre providing facilities for theoretical research in fundamental areas of science and engineering. … 
Definitions of international center for theoretical physics on the Web:
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Nuclear Fission and Cold Fusion offer us the future in Space Travel.
Have You heard of the omniverse theory? Yes it is a fascinating theory and well worth doing research on. 
Discover in Religion & Spirituality Theoretical Physics Problems in Nature’s God
Ancient Alien Theorists – History of Design
Did you choose Christ or did He choose you?
Do you ever worry that the church will come after pagans again?
Why are atheists so devoid of morals and ethics?
How long was Adam able to live in the Paradise of Eden resort before his first wife Eve got them both evicted?
In the beginning was the Omniverse as the all of the macrocosm that always was.
The Big Bang may be the way we think of the forming of the universe but, there is so much more than the universe.
There is a universal order.
There is a Galaxy Allied Federation.
There is a Superior Supreme Council.
There are those that we consider God and Goddess based on their creativity and longevity in space and those we call the ultimate supreme ebens.
There are those who still want to know what lies beyond the Macrocosm and that which lies outside of the Mother Omniverse is the creators of the “ALL” and we are told they have always been older than time.
The layers of the branes and the dimensions that ride on the vibrational waves in the cosmos will find that there are layers in all directions up, down, front, back, above, below. The all and inbetween all is still the “A:LL” .

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