ET LIfe After This One – Clue 3

ET LIFE AFTER THIS ONE ON EARTH – LIGHTWORKERS -CLUE 3 ET LIFE after this one on earth is Clue 3 in our level of consciousness, in this plane, in this dimension. Please absorb this information and pass it on.

Time travel as we know it will be part of our future. Some have many questions. This level of existence is a learning process. Be patient while we process those at various levels that lead to the synthesis and assimilation. For some it is harder to understand the words and meanings that can have various feelings and emotional thresholds. 

There are two clues prior to this one left on the playing field in the game of life for others to find. The Lightworkers of the world who have been chosen to assist me as Ascension Center Enlightenment Lightworker Guides will be able to point out the path and the journey.

They will be the ones who are benevolent chosen beings that will be the caretakers of the truth one I have passed on as they say on earth, expire, passed over, and died. We all have to give up these units/vessels on earth.

They are only temporary.

Therefore, please understand I am sent here the same as all others on earth to learn from my mistakes and to learn to grow into the King and Queen I am to become so that I may assist in ruling other worlds. We all are here as spirits in training for greater things to come. What I can share with the “ALL” on the planet is that there truly is a better way of life waiting for all of us as it is compared to how we live on earth. 

There are some rocks in the road or path here on our journey back to our lighted soul, which we are each creating. What we tend to believe is that we want to go home. This is a feeling of grief and not guilt. Do not make your spirit to feel guilt. Your sins are forgiven due to this time on earth for all.

The love and peace that one has asked about on earth is here and is forgiving of other spirits on earth who have trespassed against the order of the universe. Those above forgive and this is why we are here. We are forgiven just as those who study the great King Jesus and other teachers who have come to earth as communicators. 

We are here for a purpose and on this planet there are forces that are under the rule of some who are allowed to treat us as students and we are tested. Just as those who follow the words in the Bible of Jesus Christ when he was tested by his brother Lucifer for 40 days and 40 nights on earth. This was a test. There are others put on earth at the same time and in the same plane and dimension to test others. I do know this to be a fact for the growth and experiences needed in our own spiritual growth to rule others in the future. We must learn as a famous King in the Bible once did when two mothers were brought to him about the ownership of a baby. The story is well known and each reader should become familiar with both the old stories and the new in the bible written by those who at the time used the languages of the time. Some stories have been lost in translation while some are lost due to being misplaced on earth and will yet to be found. Some were even destroyed by evil beings not of the place we take benevolent beings. Those who do not understand anything but love and peace and not war will have to open their minds to clear thinking.

The benevolent beings above to not kill nor do they believe in extermination. However, they do allow another type of extermination from the planet to another facility. This would require in the minds of those who do understand death to understand leaving this planet and being taken to a less than peaceful holding facility. This is to prepare those with lower light spirits to learn how to become better as a part of the whole in the Omniverse. These are the rules of not just nature but those that rule in heaven(Space). I am the communicator and messenger and realize that sometimes the messengers have been shot or exterminated by others. This does not mean they cannot be reborn as in “BORN AGAIN” in the Ascension Center. 

It is the time when the veil of light is the thinnest and our Guides are watching and hoping for our success and for our memories to be jumpstarted. Some of us need to know the truth about the next life and I shall share only some of the basics only because the rest are the treasures for us all to find in heaven (Space) Yes, I have experienced life in another place in this physical unit/vessel. It is not important whether others believe me.

This is to begin the process which I have spoken of since I opened the Psychic Awakening Classes in the ASCENSION CENTER HAWAII in the last century to open the gates which are connected to the port key of which I possess.(It is similar to the book and boot used in the Harry Potter story. – That thought pattern of images for J.K. Rowling was no coincidence. She too is a Lightworker.)

Clue 3 deals with the other dimensions outside of this universe in the metaverse, inside the xenoverse inside the ever-expanding Omniverse. Learning how to access all these other dimensions is now available to those who desire to be trained to be Mentors for others who may meet the deserving belief system of Kings and Queens of other worlds. There are many levels of existence on earth and some will be learning about all those that they only thought might be legends and myths while others will be allowed to experience in their dreams and in out-of-body experiences other worlds and other dimensions. We will also be allowing some to know the truth about how we utilize crystals in space in our various cities in space. (See tales of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu – Similar but different.)

Others will learn about the various levels of tunnels in the underground of the ET’s that some regard as the Hollow Earth. There are various levels and at one time the land mass was one in the most ancient of times on earth. They have since been moving away from each other after there was a rift in the land mass that was caused for a purpose on earth. Look at the way that the continents have divided and study the way that asteroids come to earth and have made an impact. There are many clues on earth that have not been studied by those who enjoy the sciences using analysis and synthesis and subtraction and addition to decipher codes in this universe.

Always remember A=B &C. If one want to find out what C is A + C = A. The formula is the same. The truth is simple to those who believe in all there may be in their created translations of their world or in some terms what they can recall. Clear thinking is the best way to not get lost on the road in metaphysics and philosophy. The fertilized ovum through to adult hood and old age of the humanoid will repeat the adventure of the species to which it has been assigned.

At this point, I shall leave the rest up to the imagination. We are all blind until we see. (More Later – Ran out of time on Earth. TJ)

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