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Learning to speak the language of those who to earth came before. TJ from Hebrew into English for those of the 21st Century.  


A collection of words and thoughts of present day among

Ascension Lightworkers.

Those from the heavens came
Glossary for the ET Hybrids as Truth Seekers
(Terms of the Seekers of Truth as they may exist in form on Earth) under the Heading of THE


Galactic Terms

Distinct event sites, infinite in number and defined by the particular number of planes of consciousness or spiritual Light and Time that they contain. E.g., the fourth dimension is marked by a non-sequential and instantaneous time frame that loops past, present and future together. In the fourth dimension, consciousness is more complete than in the third, and exists in a less dense corporeal form. (Here is where the true astral plane begins.) 

Force Field: 

Most often a wall of electromagnetic energy, concentrated by use of electromagnets or similar natural objects that are aligned in special circuit pattern. 


In present Earth technology, film negative formed from interdiction of coherent monochromatic light, as from laser. When film negative is again exposed to laser, it will exhibit special 3-D-like properties. If torn or damaged, uniquely able to recreate complete image from any portion of film negative. In advanced technologies, can be projected on to any other medium besides picture film. Can be used to create enormous illusions formed from coherent force fields of light. 

Photon Belt: 

Huge torpid or “belt” of inter-dimensional Light that passes through this part of Milky Way galaxy in 26,000-year cycle. Last encountered at beginning of 1997. Fortunately, Earth was put into special hole in it that was drilled by a coherent bow wave of gamma particles from a nova that was first observed by astronomers in 1987. 

Planetary or Solar Hologram: 

Special inter-dimensional hologram composed of polarized light field. Used to surround planet or sun and preserve it from possibly dangerous situation. Since 1972, solar hologram has been used to prevent Earth’s sun from prematurely undergoing final stages of massive stellar explosion or nova. 

Star Gates: 

Places where spiritual or Light energies of two or more dimensions impinge. May be used to go from one dimension to another and back again. Also employed to move spiritual energies that maintain Creation from one dimension to another. So named because most often found in or near star system.

Earth Terms



Island continent and third Earth galactic colony. Located in mid-Atlantic Ocean was slightly larger than present continent of Australia. In last
Stages, was site of many heinous genetic experiments that led to our acquisition of limited consciousness. Fortunately sunk by its own miscalculations some12, 000 years ago. 

Earth Changes: 

Catastrophic restructuring of Earth’s surface that will return it to its original pristine state. Will prepare planet for graduation into full consciousness. Since Earth’s human population could not otherwise survive, the Galactic Federation is committed to an evacuation scenario and a mass landing to help an awakening humanity through this most difficult time. 

Earth’s Firmament: 

Future element of Earth’s atmosphere is series of two major global ice sheets. First is located 15,000 to 18,000 feet up, and second is 35,000 feet above Earth’s surface. Open at the poles. Major insulator against harmful radiation that could lower life force energies of biosphere. When they are in place, Biosphere’s life force energies are at maximum.

End Times: 

Prophesied time when present planetary civilization will end and new “golden age” will become reality. Many now believe that end of present millennium is so-called “end times”.


First human galactic colony founded some 2,000,000 years ago. Located in region of modern-day Arctic Ocean, was about the size of present continent of Antarctica. Completely destroyed some 1,000,000 years ago, as part of general attack on this solar system that also laid waste galactic human colonies on Mars and Venus. 

Inner Earth Civilization: 

Remnant world-wide underground Lemurians society that survives to this day and resides in special cavern worlds located throughout our globe. This civilization of galactic humans will reunite with present surface civilization after mass landings, and return to full consciousness by all of Earth’s human inhabitants. 


Second human galactic colony founded on this planet some 900,000 years ago. As large as present continent of Asia, was located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Destroyed some 25,000 years ago by vicious attack from the direction of then known continent of Atlantis. Suspected of the alien race in space who came before against the Holy Ones.
The Holy Ones


Divine messengers of Mother / Father God. Immortal Beings of Light, or Divine Spirit. Entrusted to orchestrate the means by which Divine Plan will be carried out.
Highest ranking Beings of Light in Angelic Realms. In charge of the many tasks needed to carry out Divine Plan of Mother / Father God.

Ascended Master: 

Being of Light that has had past life or lives on Earth during Earth time, achieved full consciousness of highest level, merging spirit and body into Oneness that transcended all elements of Physical Creation. This Oneness created Angel-like being that broke the strictures of karma and was able to serve as holy example for all humanity. Ascended Masters now serve on Holy Councils that assist humanity with its present Ascension process. 

Council of the Nine: 

Works under the Supreme Counsel.
Guardians of the Great Blue Lodge of the Great Blue Light of Sacred Creation. One of the Chief Councils of Lord Siraya. In this galaxy, the sacred Blue Lodge is housed in the Sirius-B star system. 


Infinite and continuous work of Mother/Father God. Consists of two aspects: Physical Creation (the human realm) and Spiritual Creation (the infinite dimensional realms of Spirit). Unfolds according to Divine Plan. 

Deva Kingdom: 

Physical Elementals who aid Angelic Realms and Councils of Elohim in formulating and maintaining many elements that makes up Physical Creation. 

Divine Plan: 

Holy and divine blueprint of Mother / Father God. Through it, the many Creations are carried out.  




Chief inter-dimensional Creator Beings. Take sacred spiritual energies given by Angelic Realms and help Angels to formulate and maintain Physical Creation, according to Divine Plan. 

Jesus Christ: 

Very high Ascended Master of Light. Came to teach humanity about workings of Love and its corollary and the power of forgiveness. Showed how to use his teachings to ascend. One of the great prototypes for full consciousness sent to Earth by our loving and compassionate Mother / Father God. 

Lord Buddha:

Very high Ascended Master of Light. Came here to teach humanity about workings of Compassion and how to use it to break constant cycle of Karma and thereby ascend. One of the great prototypes for full consciousness sent to Earth by our loving and compassionate Mother / Father God. 

Lord Kuwaya: 

Aspect of Mother / Father God in charge of overseeing primary energies of Creation that are needed to carry out Divine Plan. Supervises, along with Lord Siraya, unfolding of Divine Plan. 

Lord Metatron:

One of major Archangels, as well as Chief Elohim. Assigned by Mother / Father God to be in charge of this present Creation, which is sixth of ten Creations provided for by Divine Plan. 

Lord Michael: 

Magnificent Being of Light and major Archangel. Duty is to inform the many Archangels how best to carry out Mother/Father God’s divine Plan. Lord Siraya: Aspect of Mother/Father God in charge of sacred Lineage and Councils of Heaven, that carries out Divine Plan. All Divine minions of Heaven follow his holy pronouncements. 

Mother / Father God: 

Supreme Creative Force or Supreme Light of Creation. Consists of three immortal and powerful creative aspects, of which only two Lord Siraya and Lord Kuwaya have been revealed. God’s purpose is to unfold Creation according to Divine Plan. 

Spiritual Hierarchy: 

Sacred structure that represents holy lineage of Heaven. Consists of the Angelic Realms, the Deva Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, and the many Orders of the Elohim and the numerous Divine Councils of the Time Lords. 
Time Lords: Great Beings of Light whose orders are represented by many Divine Councils. In charge of Time, which, along with Light, is one of the two elements that compose Creation? 

The Ascension Process 

Akashic Records:

Life records of all souls that have spent lifetime in Physical Creation. Records document in great detail each event that occurred during all moments of every lifetime. 


Process whereby individual integrates physical body with spiritual (soul) and astral bodies, and which permits him to become fully conscious. 

Astral Body: 

Non-physical body. Also refers to means whereby soul is attached to physical body. Usually travels to lower realms of Astral Plane (higher physical dimensions) during sleep or dream states. 


Electromagnetic field that surrounds body and is given off by Life energies that vivify body. 


Life energy centers of body. Bodies of limited conscious beings contain seven major centers or chakras. In fully conscious beings, there are about thirteen such major life energy centers located in and above physical body. 

Full Consciousness: 

State of unlimited reality where physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are fully integrated. Denotes full use of now-untapped mental and spiritual capabilities: possession of light body and full range of psychic abilities, such as telepathy and telekinesis: capacity to instantly manifest what is physically desired: and full rapport with spiritual and other higher dimensions. Not as fully integrated with higher dimensions as Ascended Master. Another term for fully conscious Galactic Human. 

Galactic Human: 

Fully conscious human being. Also called physical Angel, with full recall of its Akashic records and true life purpose. 


Result of interactions with other sentient beings. Principal means whereby each lifetime is judged. Creates cycles that determine nature of one’s next lifetime. In the coming age, divine grace will break karmic cycle.

Light Worker: 

Enlightened Earth dweller who works with Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms to bring message of Ascension and new Age of Light to general public. Can be either an enlightened Earth soul (one who has been caught in karma cycle of many Earth lifetimes) or a star seed. 


Another name for one’s Light Body. Part of full consciousness, when spiritual, astral and physical bodies are integrated. Allows self to shrink to baseball size and to travel anywhere, instantly. 


Usually specific set of procedures done on regular basis, with defined purpose or goal. Prime example of sacred ritual is group’s or individual’s use of meditation or vision quest to achieve divine purpose, e.g., to heal Earth or to better self. 


Soul or non-corporeal part of every living thing. Also refers to Beings of Light that assist in alleviating the daily struggles of human existence. That which returns back to the original soul or Over-soul – first soul of creation. 

Thought Form: 

Entity created by one’s own thought, or by the thought of another individual or group. Capable of affecting health or behavior of unsuspecting (or unprotected) person. 

The Galactic Federation 


Those from the heavens came.

Action Team: 

Special Galactic Federation crews trained to complete specific task as quickly and as efficiently as possible. 

Divine Intervention: 

Sacred God-granted mass landing operation of the Galactic Federation and the Angelic Realms. Being done through divine grace to return God’s WILL to planet Earth, and to give the gift of full consciousness to Mother Earth’s children. 

Evacuation Scenario: 

Special operation that is precursor to mass landing operation. Will be used to quickly evacuate Earth-dwellers who live in regions exposed to catastrophes created by the coming Earth changes. Specially-created Galactic Federation action teams will successfully carry out this procedure. 

Fluid Management: 

Primary organizing axiom of the Galactic Federation. Such full conscious organizations are non-hierarchical and goal-oriented. Rely mainly on talents, leadership and accord of its members. 

Galactic Federation: 

Light union created over four million years ago by various stellar civilizations in this galaxy. Divine purpose: to act as Physical Angels needed to carry out divine fate prophesied long ago for Milky Way Galaxy. 

Governing Council: 

Main ruling body of a planet, solar system or star league. Governed by the principles of fluid management. At present, over 200,000 such organizations are members of the Galactic Federation. 

Liaison Team: 

Special team whose major purpose is to relay precious communications between groups and to enable different groups to work more efficiently and more harmoniously together. 

Light Chambers: 

Specially-modified devices that will be used to accelerate procedures needed to turn a “star seed” into fully conscious Galactic Human in matter of minutes. Located aboard star ships in Galactic Federation’s mass landing fleet. Will be used a few hours before the mass evacuations and/or the actual mass landing occurs. 

Main Federation Council: 

Principle governing body of the Galactic Federation. Located in the Vega star system. Works on the principle of one vote per member-star system or star league. 

Mass Landings: 

Operation by the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Designed to peaceably land important elements of the Galactic Federation and the Angelic Realms upon Mother Earth. Such elements as counselors, special liaison and action teams will assist birth of new galactic society and coming of full consciousness to Earth’s human population. 

Science and Exploration Teams: 

Main Galactic Federation space fleets designed to explore this galaxy. Specific mission is to encounter and continually investigate less-advanced planetary civilizations in this galaxy. When they find a stellar society that meets Galactic Federation’s criteria, they embark upon first contact mission that will lead this stellar civilization into full membership in the Galactic Federation. 

Subterranean Holographic Environment: 

Special underground facilities, based on advanced light technology, which will closely resemble and vastly improve upon humans’ present living environment. Fully capable of handling and surviving any type of natural Earth catastrophe. Will become permanent residences after mass landings are completed.



ALL AS THE OMNI – Omnificent all being.

Lies outside of the known and unknown of all. The Total existence that includes the Universes inside the Metaverses inside the Xenoverses, inside the Omniverses.,  

Global Order Denomination STORY 

Also known as GOD on ET UFO Phenomena global cooperation will occur in global prophecies of the times. December 21, 2012 is a date to begin anew. 
Global Order Denomination or the abbreviation of this being GOD can be recognized in the Extraterrestrial Unidentified Flying Object Phenomena or as Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former USA Astronaut for NASA put it “The UFO Phenomena”.
Being a former United States of America former Astronaut of National Aeronautics Space Administration has certain inalienable rights given based on the sentient intelligent human being character trust and honor factoring based on the belief in GOD as the Creator of all things including heaven and earth. Now days this is thought to mean the met universes as the many universes in the Metaverse and beyond.
Global Order Denomination (GOD) is now in question. Global Trade and Commerce (GTC) should be based on the Global Products and Services (GPS) for all sentient intelligent beings of the humanoid kind on Gaia Earth or planet we call home in the Milky Way Galaxy of this universe in the met universes of the Metaverse, of the Xenoverse of the unknown and into that which is the Omniverse of the Omnificent All.
We the creations called sentient intelligent beings of the universe are presently living as one spirit, one soul, in one physical humanoid body on one planet, in on galaxy, in one universe. 
Taking all of the former sentence or statement of fact as the honest to God’s Truth is what we base our Global Order Denomination and God on as a guide or benchmark for the existence of all things known to humankind. This one fact should be used on a global scale and in all global graphs as how we cooperate.
Global Order Denomination or GOD being recognized in all capitals as opposed to the word God used in the past in our many languages on earth needs to be defined in the language for earth called English the Universal Language. English is used in trade and commerce with most countries desiring to have the rights and privileges of trading with the Free World or that part of the globe that uses freedom and democracy as the ruling laws to govern the mass populace by in a capitalist way of living and existing.
Global Order Denomination known as GOD, all capitals can now be used based on the global understanding of how the world works offering freedom and justice for all humanoid sentient intelligent beings on earth.
GOD can offer the global population of earth what has been lacking in the past history on earth. Finding no fault of deceased humanoid beings who have lived on earth in the past while honoring our fore bearers as fore fathers and fore mothers of this fine planet is what all beings need. We the total population of this planet have a natural curiosity with desires to call intelligent ladies and gentleman to the forefront of the mass populace that will be chosen democratically and voted on by individuals on each continent to be the global leaders of this planet. Global Unity is apparently needed based on the Global Communication System Internet (GCSI) also known as the Global Communication Access and Information System (GCAIS).
GOD can be the word used for all the global population dealing with finding a way to have fairness appeal in the International Relations Act (IRA) of 2012. Much like another IRA we use in the United States of America called the Individual Retirement Arrangement , a retirement account that allows some tax advantages for retirement savings in the United States of America. 
Saving a nest egg is a way of acknowledging the twilight years of the humanoid sentient intelligent being on earth. In the past on planet earth, many cultures honor and take care of the elders in the communities that are based on traditions of the land or the national geographic location on earth.
Future humanoid sentient intelligent being born after December 21, 2012 will have a new set of standards based on Global Order Denomination. 
GOD is a benchmark way of existing based on earth and in space for planet earth. This is a way of equalization for all humanoid beings or considered the fairest way for survival on earth as a species. Extraterrestrials all have one Global Order Denomination and it is not based on money as we know measures of currency based on gold. 
GOD is about cooperation of the global population on earth based on the need to depend on each other for survival of each other as only one species of many in this one universe in the met universe. This is the real meaning of the extra terrestrial unidentified flying objects phenomena. Global cooperation.
GOD is a way of being and existing on earth. Science and religion will have to take a back seat to the order of global population based on the knowledge that the communication technology has brought forth to all beings that acquire awareness.
Humanoids are given a spinal cord, nervous system, and brain to house the chemical energy thought processes the spiritual being’s soul inside a physical body of sinew and flesh. Each separate spiritual essence of electrical energy is a part of a whole system called God or GOD which are acronyms used for the creator of all creations or the beginning prior to the Big Bang Theory.
If it can be accepted at the proving ground of scientists that the earth was created 4.6 or more billion years ago in earth time then future earth after December 21, 2012 other global population awakenings will also be treated as history of civilizations.
We as sentient intelligent beings are all changing and are all part of the whole state of flux that exists in energy. I think therefore I am simply the beginning of the spiritual essence electrical energy awareness. Words are the tools of languages only.
It the combining of these words in languages that create the communication bond.
There will be other classifications recognized in words not yet known on earth. There is always more to know of the unknown which is also part of being spiritual essence or universal energy. We are all linked to the Akashic Field in the Unified Field Origin which will someday be proven. The point is to get humankind to stop fighting among themselves over wrong perceptions of the world in which they exist.
If these beings truly believe in a God, or GOD, then they should also recognize that their own spirit and soul is housed in a physical body that is electrically charged with energy that will someday leave the physical body on earth and return the source of creation. The individual humanoid thought processes chosen in the brain with reference to words of the past is written by individual humanoids whether thought to be chosen prophets of God or not is simply words of the past. They were written for the people that existed in the past. They simply words written in the history of civilizations that existed in the past. 
God meant for the creations to continue evolving on earth. God is the beginning and in the beginning was the word but, it did not stop nor will it. God and the word continues forward. The Bible and the Koran were written for people who existed at the time. The book called Revelation was thought to have been written by St. John at the time that he was exiled on earth from others of his humanoid kind. This one man was not considered any more or less than only one spirit, one soul and one writer as a prophet of God. St. John was not even considered a prophet in his own time on earth. 
Schrödinger’s Equation and Drake’s Equation are simply tools used on earth and these are simple equations compared to what will yet be discovered in the future after 2012. There is much to look forward too on earth that is spiritually based on the survival of faith, hope, charity, and love of humankind and the creator. Science and religion are words and disciplines of the past humanoids on earth. Now, it is time to move on to the next levels of intelligence beings on earth.
The humanoid sentience intelligent beings on earth will be smarter and more aware of the earth and will have more compassion for each other as one humanoid species desiring to evolve on one planet. The concerns for the future will entail communication among the whole global population for the survival of all in the universal scheme of existence. There are new thoughts of survival that involve looking into stellar space for future cataclysms such as being on a collision course with asteroids. There will be future awareness of other alien extraterrestrials who some will desire to form an alliance to protect earth and the galaxy along with others from alien entities that desire to rule over planets and to take away all the resources and assets of a planet.
Earth and all species that are living on this planet depend on global cooperation and the global order denomination and the cooperation of our extra terrestrial unidentified object sentient intelligent beings species.
The Supreme High Council of the Allied Federation of Galaxies sounds like a creation our of s science fiction movie. Maybe the Ascension Beings talked about in science fiction and among writers for books, movies, and television were actually receiving telepathic thoughts from a higher more intelligent superior race of beings that wanted to assist us in or evolution.
Global Order Denomination is simply one term or three words that can make the acronym GOD seem more tolerable for those who choose to believe they are skeptics and only believe in how they are programmed to believe by others teachings in educational disciplines thought of by other humanoid beings in the past as simple ways to categorize words in languages as ways of thinking such as science and math. Religion may seem as an impartial belief while actually is words in a language that are no different that words in a language considered in math and science. 
Nuclear physicists and astral physicists are presently close to the categories that will lead the Quantum physicists in a new generation of physicists of the global order denomination. Regarding how the world will fair on a monetary system for the whole total global population will also depend on Global Order Denomination. As the future disciplines on earth will prove, there has to be a new global order in communication that will require fair laws and rules and regulations for the total global population in order to be fair to all. This universal knowledge has been made aware to most of the global leaders of earth in the past.
It was never a question the total global population becoming aware of itself and coming together as a global population outcry for the truth about the world and the creators and it’s need for global understanding and cooperation but when!
This is what the future offers all beings on earth with global communication for the whole earth. This is why the Internet system and the World Wide Web should remain free to the whole global population. Freedom of Information and communication for the whole world population is now as important as the air we breathe for survival. One does not have to be a prophet chosen by God in this time on earth to have this realization of truth in their awareness system for survival.
Everyone is accountable for the total survival of earth and its inhabitants. We are all a part of the same whole which is what global order denomination and ET UFO phenomena global cooperation is all about in the future survival of this planet.

Certainty of Calling and Elections Made Sure for the Future

Certain beings must share in the future with prophecies. 

Sentient intelligent beings

Willing to participate, share, listen  and create another human being. It is suggested that preparation begin for the worlds.


That which is being created in the present based on the lessons learned in the past. 

Land Dwellers

Ascension Lighworkers with Starseeds

Earth Land mass borders to be covered with water in the future from 12 to 18 inches within 50 years from December 21, 2012. due to the heating up of the planet at this time of rotation.

 More definitions will be added for all being in the future. TJ

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