ET Spirit Social Paranormal Networking – Keeping It Real In 2012 w/UFO Contact Awareness!

ET spirit is about Social Paranormal Networking about alien civilizations exist. This is no longer the alternative reality but is the entire reality for our general population as a species on this planet we call earth. We need to all be involved in the sustainability of our species and our planet. The health and prosperity for all is now the common cause and essence of our existence! Anyone who is not in tune with that which I have just shared is out of balance and not in the new global community flow of cause and effect. I am only one person and am asking for all other one person body-mind-spirits to join me as I am an advocate of making the world a better place for us all as a reality. This is what I call keeping it real!
I have not seen my own four daughters for over five years. I was at Kali Mariah Smith’s birth and I was the one on earth allowed to cut her umbilical chord that inside my daughter Stephanie Esther Parrish her mother and my daughter. I have not seen her since April 2006.
 Reality in my world is unlike any others on earth for a reason.
My life has been filled with those who we call extraterrestrials, government agents, and men in black. I was a career woman first and a mother second as strange as that may seem. As I get older, I wish sometimes I could have all the time back as just a normal person of this planet. But, reality is that I had chosen a life as one of an avatar before I returned to this planet.
Things change and so did I throughout this lifetime and many others in my past. We all change and this is not as profound as it once was in our past century on earth. My life in many ways was not my own and I shared my body-mind-spirit with others in a higher realm that can also keep it real in this reality! The Supreme High Counsel is real and the higher beings that run the space command above who work below them in this universe are also real. Reality in this world is not fully comprehended as it really does exist in a heirarchy.
Are we ready for the truth to emerge about those above who we see flying around in spacecraft that are similar to those seen by our ancient ancestors? UFOs are those we cannot identify being of earth origin. The government knows that I and my spouse are known advocates of those who are not of earth origin. We were chosen to share that which will become the normal acceptance of our own spiritual science of cosmology in the next two years 2012-2013. This time is for allowing all to accept that we must make a global change to health and prosperity for all on this planet. We are going to transition to allowing those in space to come here as we always have. The fact that we have kept it from the general populations critical mass mind way of thinking was for our own eternal growth as a young species. 
I am only one but that which I share over time in the various levels that we all exist does count for something even if some only gain the knowledge here on the UFO Digest.
I saw where one wordpress blog was sharing one of my articles from here and stabbing puns at my choice of information and words. I found it amusing thinking if they only knew who I was and my responsibility above this planet they would better accept what their small closed minds needs to know. We all must do our part in sharing that which takes time to understand. One thing we know from experience in life’s teachings on earth in this environment is that the brains that we have that house our minds must grow over time.
There are those that will seem like they are out of step with the rest of the world and in the future they will be. I am here to announce the reality of the new ascension age which will also be the golden age of cosmology.
Also, I am here to announce that we are bringing the future of our intelligence in other worlds to be shared over time to this world. 
Social Entrepreneurs have to be creative. It is best if we use the tools that are already provided for us on the Internet
Digital Media and the Internet changes daily! This is just the way it is and those of us who are small businesses must learn to share and cooperate with each other with the free open line sourcing.
We all want to share the information that is available to us free on the internet and in the Digital Media.
Being that I am of the  ”OLD SCHOOL” and see the “NEW SCHOOL” of the SILICON VALLEY emerging the likes of FACEBOOK it is very hard to compete.
Therefore, we learn to adapt and overcome on the Internet in the Social networking digital media internet news.
One person can only do as much as time allows while we are here on this planet we call earth.
One person can make a difference as we have seen by our past history on this planet.

Personally speaking, I have so many interests that it is hard to focus on only one genre or even one website creation and this is why I have not only the Social Paranormal but the American News, Timely Manor, TJMorrisPublishing.US, and three organizations,,, and

It takes more than one website to allow me to share that which I want to share with others in the world. I strongly advocate for all those in the world who desire to learn more information and turn this into their own enlightenment.
I am in the business of assisting others as a social entrepreneur consultant and the Social networking is my hobby at the present time but who knows, it could become a prospering business venture in the future.
I plan on riding the waves as I surf the Internet of Social Networking digital Media Internet News and provide content about what I have learned. I teach myself how to stay ahead of the learning curve for this way I can assist others with their own websites and small businesses.
The talent we all bring to the world is our passion for exploration. Please join me in sharing that my little websites exist and that I am an american woman who desires to spread social entrepreneurship with those who are like me in the trenches we call the grass roots level in politics.
I love history, and I enjoy watching the television for news and entertainment. I have a passion for learning about the entire universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, alphaverse, and omegaverse as the seven levels of our minds and what in the spiritual community we use to call the seven heavens.
We also use the seven levels in the ascension chart with the seven colors of the rainbow to assist us in imagining our seven chakra centers we have used to teach the ancient mystery schools to our neophytes for thousands of years. This assist those in body-mind-spirits to adapt to change and to step up their energy we call spirit to that of the higher realms. 
It is now my job as a communication and information personnel security commander for earth to represent all those who are of the higher realms. This is a position I was born into and accepted before coming to this planet. My memories are intact from past lives elsewhere. In my past writings which include stories that were protected in a seemingly story of fantasy science fiction there were clues that we who are seers and oracles do this when it is too dangerous to share the truth in the modern times of what we call reality of the general mass populace.
I will now begin sharing information with all those who are chosen lightworkers and truthseekers how to step up all they have learned with their meditation, and yoga mental pictures to that of the xenoverse. There are many who are interested in the higher levels of the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions that were not taught on earth.
We were waiting for a particular 1% to bring the world up to the social and spiritual standards of an alpha classed planet which has been experiencing various humanoid species kinds for thousands if not millions of years.
We travel from one part of the Omniverse to another as what in this world people refer to in their science fiction stories as Time Travelers. This is not too far from the truth but in the past all the ancient mystery schools were kept underground or secret. Those that follow what I am sharing may refer to the agashan master teachers and those in Tibet as monks who practiced their faith in going inside in their meditations.
Seeking that which we call the inner spirit that leads us to our own souls enlightenment has been misunderstood by those we call the general populace in the past. This was due to the lack of education and information sharing of the spiritual arts. When the world in the last century began the “TURN ON OR TUNE OUT” movement also called the “HIPPIE STONED MOVEMENT” this was a time of going to war and losing one’s own life or becoming a space nerd that believed in space travel. In other words one was given a choice to seek inner peace inside one’s own body-mind-spirit as energy that could astral travel and have out of body experinces with various popular cultural natural and manmade durgs or learn to meditate and use the mind. 
Either way, this was all that the generation I grew up in for this lifetime had to relate too. The occult metaphysical world was one we used to create what is called the New Age. This term has created a large world movement of spiritual products and services not only in the old school brick and mortar book stores but, now in the social paranormal networks.
I understand now that in the new ascension age approaching us on 12-21-12 that we shall all care to become awakened and aware of the golden age of cosmology. This we call the ascension age of cosmology which entitles us to search out the intangible layer of our thoughts in cyberspace that we create above the world of tangible here on planet earth.
I being a social paranormal writer am making an effort to share all the mysteries in life that I have experiences. This makes me rather unique due to the way that I personally am involved in developing the whole social paranormal networking genre. This is a challenge but one that as a social entrepreneur I delight in.
I have no sponsors or advertisers but due to the new entrepreneurs in businesses I am assisting this may have to change. This is just part of the way that the path and journey in social networking in digital media on the internet takes us.
Latest Reality in This life
Theresa aka Tara
My daughter,  Stephanie Parrish and her new partner in business will be coming up for Thanksgiving from the gulf coast where they share a new  enterprise. They desire my assistance in getting their business up and running as a new business enterprise. Being that my daughter worked for me in my showroom in Atlanta in the early 90′s in the Atlanta Apparel Mart, I know she has developed many skills since then as a social entrepreneur. We accept that we are creating a business but that we each have a different interest as social entrepreneurs.
She has told her new partner a lot about me and that i can assist them with their business plan, angel investors, and getting their sales team together in their Gulf Coast Tourism venture with their new boat called Angel’s Dawn in a place called Pass Christian, Mississippi. I have been to Biloxi which is the closest large city near their geographic area. Stephanie Parrish and Dewayne Soshea look forward to their passion for cooking and entertaining couples who charter their boat for cruising and fishing the Gulf. How we can assist them in the Social networking will be a challenge based on the fact that they are like me and each have worked alone in the past
Both of them are young and beautiful and approaching middle age so the new business venture will become their dream come true. Stephanie is the one who captured the two photos of the ufo in this photo below. She has seen many and is an ET Contactee like myself. She just doesn’t share her experiences in public as or yet anyway. The photos she took were to send to me. She said she just had the inspiration to send me two photos of the sunset where she lived in Gulf Breeze, Florida. I knew then that they were letting me know they were also interested in her as one of my four daughters. I suspect we will always be followed since our past history of past lives as avatars is in our lineage on this planet.
We are as real as any human. Those who do not understand and do not open their minds to their own higher powers and the higher realm connections of those who share as creationists will soon learn too through the new time on earth of spiritual science cosmology.
<p>This is now what I as one woman approaching sixty years on December 26 is looking forward too as a mentor. I do research and write articles daily while I answer emails from young entrepreneurs wanting guidance with their business plans and how to pitch their own ideas for their dreams to investors of future business ventures. To some that makes me an angel or so some call me!</p>
<p>My philanthropy days are behind me as I am now semi-retired and have a humble  downsized lifestyle from my last century days in mansions and driving fancy expensive cars. I have learned that it is best to put one’s own energy into the younger generations that will make this world a better place.</p>

In the past few weeks,dozens of libraries have created Google+ pages, from large public libraries such as the New York Public Library, to smaller, tech-savvy ones like Darien Library, CT, and Skokie Public Library, IL. Severalacademic libraries have staked out Google+ pages, as well.

Similar pages on Google+’s primary competitor, Facebook, have been a key element of libraries’ social networking strategies for years. For example, Multnomah County Library, OR, held a popular eventearlier this year using Facebook for readers’ advisory.
Library bloggers David Lee King and Joe Murphy both recently posted step-by-step guides to creating Google+ library pages, which are worth a look.

We all need to do what we can to use our energy and information to share more ideas for jobs in the world that is now entering the golden age of cosmology of spiritual science information for the future.

What concerns me is if we do not get enough humanoids interested now in their own body-mind-spirits and the eternal spiritual progression of our spirits return back to our souls as our other selves, we will have to compete with those who are robotoids coming in the future in the next twenty years to this planet which will become the norm.


Learn now while one can still obtain the tools of their own spiritual origin to learn how to relate to their own spirit among others in the social networks in cyberspace. Love and Light. TJ

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