ET Spirits, Aliens, UFOs, Supreme Beings and Spirit Guides

ET Spirits, Aliens, UFOS, Supreme Beings, & Spirit Guides, Angels of Space – Ascension Age Paradigm Shift 

Extraterrestrial UFO Communities of the Omniverse are as real as any humanoid on earth. They are just more advanced and prefer to allow us to learn at our cultural levels of understanding. Some of us are visited and some of us remember our past. Extraterrestrials are we. Alien Awareness to be Free! 

Freedom to Know the Truth of the ET UFO Community!

There are levels to this life and this existence. Those who have been here who have been contacted have connections to the past, and the present with those above that some call the High Council and the Supreme Beings.

We shall learn as we go into this time on earth and learn of the precession years created by the ancient ancestors and their connections to their Spirit Guides that they called Gods and Goddesses who once were here on this planet. Some still are sent in the form of flesh and sinew that we call humanoid form.

Some visit our humanoid species through connections to the essence inside the electrical systems; we call the brain, heart, and nervous system. There are connections that can be made and are made in our various levels as thoughts including while we sleep.

There are various levels to our own energy inside our essence we know as our spirit or essence inside or body and mind. We shall begin to wonder more about the mysteries of this world and those that are inside our own minds that we create. 

We are here to create and explore, as this is what we do and why we are made to cohabitate and to be companions, family, and friends. We are to become that which was once one and lonely and learn to become more than we are and to become two and procreate and to learn to become Kings and Queens on future planets which shall need to be terra formed and shared as the expanse in the vast space and places inside the Omniverse is what we do. We shall educate all humanoid kind on this planet and make sure we can take care of our own humanoid sentient intelligent being species and bring them up to higher levels of humanity dealing with natural surroundings that are to be maintained so that they do not become extinct. The more we learn to take care of each other and all living creature, places, and things, on earth that are put here naturally the sooner we shall learn to accept Mother Nature and all her ups and downs from those above.

Some people over the ages have realized that the Gods and Goddesses could control nature such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The Higher Powers know what we on this level of understanding may consider magic and magick. We shall soon learn more once we can accept that there are alien civilizations and the Higher Order and planes, levels, and dimensions in our minds.

We shall abide by the higher order of the Supreme Beings in the Higher Realms in this level, this place, this plane, and this dimension we now call time and space-time as we are moving through space in this galaxy in this universe.

There is a universal order and other universes inside that which we call the polyverse and some call the multiverse inside the metaverse. There are more than five levels however, for now we are sharing the levels of the human mind and brain and all that is inside that which is similar to creating the outer expanse inside the unknown of the Omniverse. 

The Wisdom of God, The Will of the Supreme Beings, and the strength of the Holy Spirit in us All!

Those who are the Supreme Beings also serve a higher power.

We shall possess the wise understanding that there is more to life than we have presently created on this planet we call earth.

It is time to allow those with the spiritual guides to come forth and serve in the ways that will raise awareness of the entire planet’s population.

There are reasons that we shall now learn about Tectonic Economics and the “Sharing of Wealth” among all who deserve the supreme energy and that, which guides us to higher levels in awareness and education.

It is time for all those who have become the Keepers of the Flame of truth, wisdom, and strength of the Higher Power of the Supreme Beings to come forth.

Now is the time for all of humankind to come to the aid of their home planet we call earth. 

We shall now share in the responsibility of planet and species sustainability as the main thrust of our passion for life and for God the Force behind that which we call the Synergetic Higher Realm.

We all need direction and those from other higher council’s in the cosmos may offer us a choice to become more than we are when we pass from this existence and dimension.

The energy that cannot be seen but felt inside us all when we are alive is our essence and what keeps us alive in our humanoids forms. We must honor that which is given and cannot be taken away except when those above share it is time for us to come home again and return to our own over soul connections.

There are many levels to what we know as essence in energy of our souls. This present part of life on this planet is not the destination but only one place to visit on our journey home.

We are here for a purpose and we each have a mission to learn to survive on this planet until called back home by our Guide and Guardian Angel at the time of our own passing into the outer realm we call a higher dimension. That means when we leave this planet and this humanoid form we have another place to go on our spiritual journey, which is our essence quest.

We are all driven with a desire to survive that is an inner passion for life and at the end; we all fight for the right to life until we can fight no more for that which we breathe as air and oxygen the breath of life for us all. 

We must learn how to survive in the synergy creation energy of us all. We must learn why we are here, what we are to become while we are here, and where we shall go when we leave this planet and plane as a dimension in time on our life’s essence journey through the cosmos.

Therefore, we have all learned of the future directions, which are shared as words in the vast expanse of our own cosmos. We share that above our planet, our galaxy, and our universe, are other expansive spaces and places that are known to many of us who are called the Avatars of past lives here and on other planets in outer galaxies, in other universes, and in the metaverse, which is expanding into the unknown Xenoverse inside the Omniverse.

It is up to us to learn of the various planes, levels, dimensions that are both vertical and horizontal as that which we call magnetism goes as in repel and attract in all directions and in all planes and dimensions that can be known and learned about in the unknown anew in the impossible of our own existence while sharing our essence in what we call the humanoid flesh and body-mind-spirit.

There is much to do and to share, as the mission is more than just survival of our species and cultures of the ancient past, and present. We shall be creating the future in various spaces, places, degrees, and what we call levels in time and space-time.

When asking the Supreme Council who addresses this planet in this galaxy from the heavens (Cosmos) above shall address the Supreme Council of the Universe and they in turn address those who will become the High Council on our planet.

There is an order in our universe and we are all a part of the higher order of this universe among many metaverses, in that which we call the unknown as the Xenoverse, which is inside that of the Omniverse.

All species that have endeavored to exist in the flesh we call humanity inside that of humanoid kind as a species honors the Holy Father and Holy Mother icons of the Omniverse.

We all shall learn that there is a higher order and that which allows our freedom allows all to be in order with that which is the natural order of things to come.

We all are a part of something much greater than we are.

We shall all perish in flesh one day no longer to touch another’s hands, face, body, or share that which we call life among humanoids.

Live, as we know it is to be enjoyed as a blessing on earth.

We are all here to raise awareness and explore that which seems as a mystery called life while we are in body-mind-spirit vessels as our own single unit.

We are to experiment that which we all can become and share that which we are always seeking as the enlightenment of the higher powers of our species. 

We are to obtain that which is called the important and the impossible that is made possible through what we share as the passion of that which leads us as the godly flame of truth, wisdom, and strength in the universal order.

We are that which desires to become more than we are and to obtain that which we see as the enlightenment of perfection in our essence.

Our essence we can share as our own spiritual soul connection.

Our spirit is the inner energy we call the essence of our thoughts in mind and we gather our energy in thoughts before making them the wisdom, the will, and the strength in our very core we all refer to as our soul.

Soul level is where the most important inner feelings, emotions, and heart of us all are inside our core. Our core is who we truly are inside that which is in our electrical system inside our nervous system and attached to our brains and hearts. We need all three parts to make our humanoid kind as a species.

We as one species are to learn about that which is important to us all and the journey begins when we awaken to the fact that we can become more than we are from our own created experiences from the energy we share on earth as humankind.

What we shall create together is what we leave behind as our own culture for our future progeny to find and make use of here on earth. 

We shall all someday return to that place from which we came as the truth of which we are lies inside us all as our spiritual connection to our essence, which is energy that can never die.

Our spirit that creates our thoughts that drive our energy and creates the wisdom into the will that creates action that creates that which is impossible into the possible.

Those who are of the extraterrestrial higher nature in humanoid form that manage the extraterrestrial spacecraft we call unidentified spacecraft as unidentified flying objects as UFOs and underwater as unidentified submersible objects as USOs are real that has been created from energy that was once thought impossible made  into possible.

We shall learn how to maintain our present level of cultural understanding among the six almost seven billion people and counting the humanoid kind on earth. The species known as the humanoid sentient intelligent beings shall now begin to desire to know more about their past, present, and global future on this planet and in the cosmos.

We shall all begin to understand the need for the mental and spiritual shift and uplift that some call a global paradigm shift as a movement on this entire planet.

It is time to upgrade our present level of thinking, living, and existing in space on this planet, which is two-thirds water of the oceans.

We must also realize that we operate on mainly water as well as a humanoid.

We must believe in faith, hope, charity, love, trust, of our own species.

We must learn about the Wisdom of all those in the Omniverse, The Will to carry out their higher will, and the strength in our essence inside as passion to combine our own wisdom, will, and strength to do what is right, and true! Truth will always prevail is the main ingredient of the essence combined in the Akashic Field. 

Once one knows how to maneuver in and around that which is sparked as the creation above and beyond what we call matter and antimatter then one has the magick it takes to rise to the higher planes and dimensions. Some call this riding the waves of the branes that flow and ebb.

Stay tuned to our UFO Digest and with those who believe in ET UFO Communities and TJ shall share the dreams that power and magick is made of for the sharing of the changes to come.

 I work with the Lightworkers, Truthseekers, Creators, Social Entrepreneurs, and of course the Keepers of the Flame. My Family has always kept the home fires burning as the Ankikathera and my other worldy names are many. I am not only known as a psychic as Tara of Thera and Theresa in this life but of other secret names in my esoteric world of the Mystics, Oracles, Shamans, Prophets, Sages, Seers, and of Wizards and Wonderland.

I have not used my creative powers in a while and I know what my relatives who are around can do! Please believe that there is truth in the myths that were among those of my kind. Thurmond and Thurber are family names on the maternal side meaning THOR’S PROTECTION. I have seen the inside of pyramids where we use lights that levitate. There are so many ways to make this world much better as it once was and some of us know the truth and the connections to the power others seek.

Believe us when we say that those who are the authors of their own life stories are telling the truth. In other words, this is my dream and everyone that I share my life with shall learn the power that was once known on this planet by my relatives. The time will come for others to know more of what I know. This is called the Age of Revelation for a Reason. 

If you are new to being a TruthSeeker or LightWorker please learn about the Ascension Age Logo and learn about the pyramid, the UFO and the Matrix of power that is created similar to that of Stone Henge. This is now an open clue to those who have just begun to wonder. I am married to a Wizard of Wonderland who does not share the image and will not mirror back the truth to others of his species. He is wired like a spiritual warrior and will lead the most holy of spiritual warriors when the time comes. This is his calling and election made sure as a Knight of the Real Astral Alignment Round Table.

Now others may say that I write fiction but do not believe everything being written these days in the ET UFO Community is simply paranormal mystic related enigmas. There is truth inside my words and those who are in tune should begin to look for the opening to the portals with the key of clues I leave. This is only the beginning@! UFO

The Mystical Places I can share with those who travel will be like no other clue in this universal order. For we have seen the past and the future and the present will change

I shall share how to make the impossible possible inside the Xenoverse. Only those who are believers in the faith will be those deserving the power of the known energy in space.

 More later. Stay tuned and plugged into that which we call the Oracle level. Love and Light.


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