ET-UFO Abductee/Contactee On Mufon Etal

I am an alien extraterrestrial unidentified flying object experiencer with a background in investigations. I have never told my complete story. I have twists and turns that are forever haunting and engaging. I am an ordinary being with extraordinary experiences or so I am told or referred too in these modern times. 

I have been aware of MUFON since its inception. I attended a meeting held at NASA 19 approximately 1984 period with the two women of Aquarian Age Bookstore, one being the mother of John Gray, Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus. 
Prior to that date, I had sightings all my life that were not reporting them to anyone. Be it out of shared understanding that it was not to be disclosed or fear of being discredited as a lunatic now seems irrelevant. However, as I was a bonafide Private Legal Investigator and at the time 1983-1985 a Legal Investigator (Working for a well-known attorney), I chose not to continue my affiliation although was not a paying member just put the memory of consideration behind me. I went on with my life and career and began working for the U.S. government. I learned what I could about aliens and UFOS on my own time due to my personal contact.
I formed my own opinion and was later visited by the Men in Black, which never showed up in my life until after I chaired a meeting for various people interested in UFOS in Honolulu, Hawaii on the Kaneohe Bay side of Oahu Island. Two MUFON representatives showed up from the area they said they represented as New York. I was surprised they could hear of my meeting in New York but they said they had 2 weeks notice. They were asked to participate in the discussion and would not. Then after the meeting, they approached me and my friend as the other woman who shared her contact and beliefs. 
The part of our class seminar meeting, with an AD in the local Honolulu newspaper was the only advertising we did but some who knew me shared flyers around the island at the time, and I was told that news in the UFO Community traveled fast at the time. We had about 36 to 40 at the time. It was not considered a big event and we did not project expectation over 50. The Holy Man at the time who arranged the venue was RAMU RAMA RE who became a dear friend and we shared meditation training classed of the Ascension Center – Hawaii. This meeting was part of our new Ascension Center Psychic Awakening Classes.
The point about these two young MUFON men is that they were very mysterious and shared that MUFON was most interested in an investigation and were compiling information most about NEW YORK sightings and since I once lived there in Rochester, NY was most interested in my sightings there in that location. They listened to my experiences there in HAWAII but did not seem to be interested. They were informative about our chalk drawings of the Aquatic Amphibious types of Aliens my friend and I both drew on the drawing board. She and I were both interested in learning more about the Aquatic Beings that could breathe underwater. They had a human quality as thin and tall with long arm muscles and had an extra set of gills on each side of their neck. The gills were not prominent and could be covered. She and I had seen the lighted USOS on the Kaneohe Bay side and wanted to know if others had any information on these beings so we together decided to place the AD and show it as a class for Ascension Center. I had left my U.S. government job on April 29, 1993, so the meeting was after that date.
I left HAWAII on a new mission on the mainland and later decided to leave all my sharing information of that type behind. The Men in Black had gotten where they were visiting my Psychic Fair venues and were watching me read others with Tarot Cards. I was of interest and was not sure why but felt a weird feeling and did not want to become a paranoid conspiracy challenge for others to follow. I left and did not get involved with MUFON or was brave enough to approach until I finally became scared one night in Kentucky. 
I had lived without discussing my life with ET UFOS with anyone except my four daughters, mother, and later my husband for many years on earth because I knew even my own daughters and mother had no answers. My mother did not believe in anything she herself did not experience. My four daughters could deny their experiences but had been followed and had sightings as I did their whole lives from Houston where they were born to Alabama where most sightings occurred to New York and now Florida where they live. Stephanie sent me a photo of one going stealth from the physical in a photo. 
I was visited all my life and had been told by whom I would call these MEN IN BLACK to never divulge what I had seen to anyone or else… They did not tell me or else…but they also never told me what would happen and they had followed me to Okalahoma at a time when I was going through CDL training over the road where I decided to take a job to see the entire USA and to get paid for it. It was great but so many truckers spoke about UFO sightings and the Radio Show of Art Bell. I never stayed awake to hear it once. However, I did have many UFO sightings and seemed to have my own UFO with lights that found me no matter where I traveled in the states. The sightings were constant and I felt rather safe and secure knowing they were there. I had to get off the road, as it was time to change my lifestyle. I received titanium in my neck due to an injury and discovered a growth on my spine. I began searching again for some type of connection to those above we call ET. I had a long life of stories to tell but it was not time. 
One night, I was scared. Something in all my days in the military and over the road as a truck driver I had not felt! I had a great life on earth with nothing to fear but fear it’s self. I called 911 dispatch in Ohio County. I reported a sighting around midnight. This time, I actually made a MUFON report. I wanted this one on record because it felt dark and evil and I could tell that this sighting was not my friendly ET UFO experience. I was scared my dogs barked loudly and the thing without any sound that was black with red, green lights took off. The whole experience took probably less than 15 minutes. I went to bed and may have been abducted but I have no memory. I had a life full of good memories on contact and did not want to spoil them with one bad experience as an abductee. However, I knew I had been visited but was not supposed to feel fear but I did/I believe now that some unfriendly inquisitive types visited me.
I reported this on computer on the MUFON website. Later I was actually sent a letter from the Bowling Green MUFON area director who said he was an investigator. He asked me to share my experience on the telephone with him and I did. He then asks me to come to a monthly meeting, which I attended about four. That was about 2007 the exact same time I decided to share with UFO Digest.
I had websites prior since 1998-2002 with Go Daddy and discussed tourism and my travels but never discussed UFOS or MUFON. It was the fear that brought me out of the closet and the ease with which I was able to speak to Stanton T. Friedman.  I once had several phone conversations with Stan 2007-8 and he was cordial and informative. He sent me an autographed book and I purchased two more of his afterwards. He told me he would write a foreword for my book as Whitley Streiber did for him. He asked me how fast I type and I told him about 95-200 words a minute. He assured me he was a hunt and pecker and it took him a long time to finish a draft and he had an agent in New York. He told me I should write my book and submit it to an agent. I appreciated the encouragement and have since written several books but have not had time to spell check and correct the errors on but will when husband is out of hospital for brittle diabetes and complications with kidneys.
Time is always what I seem to be short of! That is why I believe Time Lords have some type of control in another parallel dimension over us but that is another story resembling the movie Avatar. I sometimes wonder if we are all in a Matrix because of my personal memories. I have had mystical metaphysical experiences in and out of body and some flying dreams and they could be considered real as this life in some instances as far as memories are concerned. That is why I am interested in pursuing Neural Psychology. But that too is another story I may share or write in the future. Sharing for free is not the same as writing a book for profit and most publishing houses will not take what I have shared for free on the Internet! I had to learn the hard way how to write articles of the paranormal for free and write myself write out of two book deals. Oh well.
Live and learn and we could use the prosperity but in the past I was all about the sharing and shifting. I didn’t care about the prosperity but with Tom’s large hospital bills, well, I may have to become a truly professional author to make life happen for us. I am learning life on earth is about challenges. I have some hard lessons yet before me including health and prosperity. We lost our home over bills and I did not think that would happen to us. I thought we were special living the American Dream. Now, I am observant of the energy I once took advantage of. Tom will be upset that I wrote this article sharing our misfortune but I figure so many others are also sharing hard times in this recession or depression that we should all face reality together prior to 2012. Some of us have lessons to learn while others just have tough luck. 
I figure that all my memories are to be of service to others regarding eras in time. Time Traveling may be the one thing I could write about with some authority and  experience.
More later on my stories that are free for the reading on UFO Digest weekly while I write my books. My goal is to share my spirit while I perfect my writing skills…
J. Allen Hynek had kept me a secret while I consulted him in Chicago years ago. I had written to he and Ruth Montgomery about 1978-1986 and he died about April 1986 from a malignant brain tumor. I shared my prior involvement with Mr. Hynek with Stan and the MUFON Director. J. Allen Hynek had a file on me. We once even had a plane fight together from Chicago. Dr. Josef Allen Hynek (May 1, 1910 – April 27, 1986) was a United States astronomer, professor, and ufologist. He is perhaps best remembered for his UFO research. Hynek acted as scientific adviser to UFO studies undertaken by the U.S. Air Force under three consecutive names: Project Sign (1947–1949), Project Grudge (1949–1952), and Project Blue Book (1952 to 1969). For decades afterwards, he conducted his own independent UFO research, and is widely considered the father of the concept of scientific analysis of both reports and, especially, traces evidence purportedly left by UFOs.
Source Wikipedia.
CUFOS was more interested in stories but would not divulge the names for anonymous people in government employ who wanted to remain out of the public eye. 
MUFON I was told would not share the files or information and that they would make a report and make a classification based on their own support infrastructure system. This was later updated about 2009 with a new publication manual for Investigators. It may be official update of Jan. 2010. I was considering paying membership monthly and purchasing the manual with test but later declined being involved because of the government affiliation or contractors being interested in the findings. I was told that there was a very rich millionaire or billionaire with interest in the future spaceport and how those in the ET UFO community could contribute information. Whether this was true or not now does not matter.
The point is that I believe that there are those who are interested in all information in the MUFON files and that the prior Director knew this. I also believe that with my connections through the Facebook Social Network that are now called friends that others who are interested in in our ET UFO Community be they MUFON investigators or simply people who are not familiar with our ET UFO Community can find ways to find out what they desire to know and expand their own inquiries.
Being that I was a trained investigator whether in private, legal, or military specifications and functions, I still maintain my own identity and stories, which are mine, and I am free to share with whom I desire. I do not use a representative or publicist or another being to represent me. I have shared with MUFON and only been asked to share in HAWAII and KENTUCKY out of a full life of being monitored by those above or ET beings. 
It is my opinion that MUFON does not have the best approach and is simply a not for profit with rules of the U.S. government that must be followed in order to maintain their status as a nonprofit. If they are a 501 C, 3 not paying taxes then they also have strict guidelines. I do not believe it is the fault of their Board of Directors who is elected by the association if they are following the rules of order for nonprofits. Most Boards are elected. 
One of the people whom I did meet in MUFON was asked to Step down from his position, which made me concerned. I would be interested in learning more about those who are considered the Board of Directors and how they handle their finances of those who pay in their annual dues. I do know they get a quarterly magazine and Stanton Friedman and George Filer are writers. It appears to me that MUFON in the past offered a way for those who did not have other connections to the UFO Community to reach out and find a connection to others with like interests. Other than that, I see no reason to join and pay money to an organization when we have FREE websites like UFO DIGEST. I did purchase my first UFO Magazine, last month on my Books a Million membership card, which can be proven with receipt.
Now days, those of us who claim to be Alien Hybrids as Star People, Walk-Ins, Starseeds, Indigos, Crystals, are considered part of the New Age and Ascension Age followers. We also have those of us who are considered Alien Contactees and Alien Abductees. Whether some of us are both remains to be seen. No one other than a few psychologists writing books or interested in the hypnotic regression subject for their own personal fame and use in experiments for statistical purposes have shown interest.
How the whole movie industry and television channels perform their own investigations and obtain their information is probably by researching the Internet. When I was chosen for a future television show, it was based on my connection from a PSYCHIC website. I asked how the Production Company and producers found me. It was through one woman’s research of me on the Internet. They were doing a special about a family of Shaman beliefs versus a Kentucky religious family in the Bible belt. They had an angle on us in rural Kentucky versus those in Illinois suburban. We get many sightings in Illinois and Kentucky here on the West Side where I live.
As far as the Billy Meier Story and case is concerned, it is history and like me, we are the “OLD GUYS”. Just like the Survivor Nicaragua team  older team versus the younger team.
Many of the new age, children are interested in the future and not the past. That is just life. They want to experience life with their own energy findings with the mysterious, super natural, and ghost’s stories. They will come around eventually to the ET and UFO involvement. We have a completely new crop of young minds to train and they do find some of us on the Internet. Some find me through my websites and UFO Digest, while others are told about me from their friends on Facebook. I add those who want to be friends without checking out their interests and have them all involved with family and friends, which makes for an interesting combination. 
Oct 14, 2010 … The Tribes Get Mixed up on a Whirlwind Episode of `Survivor` on Wednesday Night Read more by Devon Thomas on CBS News’ Celebrity Circuit.
When I researched the number of UFO Reporting Services inputting the 3 words UFO Reporting Services  there were 33, 600 dealing with these 3 words. Each being can do their own research. 
We really should begin to know where the main frame date bases are for DATA MINING but then there are all these NEW corporations cropping up in the data mining business since they fore saw the future in communication of information and social networks as a way of collecting information for future profit!
We are all sharing our information content for free and there is a contest in the world for who can collect the most information on each being on the planet! This contest is an alien to all of us than anything prior we have seen in the past.
New television shows such as Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura is only the beginning of what we can expect in how people and the Privacy Act Laws will be enforced in National Security.From area 51 to the JFK assassination, Jesse Ventura and his team of experts examine CONSPIRACY THEORY WITH JESSE VENTURA. ALL NEW 10P FRIDAYS TV-14-LV

The whole world is about creating new jobs and Security will be able to add some new jobs in cyberspace. CYBERSPACE and the MUFON Not for Profit are learning how they can also make money in the future! 
Remember that Greed is a Driving Force among all who belong to humanity. We are going to learn about sharing and not creating fear of famine, which is now upon us as in our ancient past. It will be FAMINE and the governments around the world that will become the next Billy Meier story to watch.
I have been asked on many occasions to investigate the Billy Meier story! Thus far, I have not been given a reason too! I have no reason to prove or disprove his personal interests, involvement or experiences. I have had my own. 
For those who desire to chronicle others experiences, thus far it has been mainly psychologists using hypnotic regression.
Then there are the speakers who are told in order to get radio interviews to write a book to have something to promote besides their own interests. This is just the way the world works.
Now, those with radio shows are also learning all the marketing and advertising new media techniques on the Internet. Streaming has become the way of the future for all of us to receive instant information!
There will still be those who are Historians and Folklorists interested in preserving the past but, until those in UFOlogy realize that their findings are only interesting to show that there are those in the world sharing UFO sightings and ET observations then it will only be the Richard Dolan’s of the world who will follow the old Gum Shoe type UFO investigators like Stanton Friedman and William Birnes. 
We all should thank UFO History Channel for being there for our ET UFO Community and bringing us all closer together. We should thank who ever brought the UFO interest to their producers. Then we should thank William Birnes and his connections for sharing the UFO Stories who followed Stanton Friedman and his UFO Stories.
We are seeing that we have our own story to tell in the world and the story that is most interesting to me is how the 
“OLD GUYS” were discovered by the younger generation involved in the future productions of what is yet to be the best ever yet stories told!
Billy Meier may be a great person and his story should be told in his own books. I am sure he can continue sharing his own involvement with the government and positions he purportedly described. I too have had government involvement and positions but I never went on record that I was encountering alien ET’s while in the employ of the government. I cannot confirm or deny that one significant detail. I have hinted but never confirmed. I am not sure if Billy Meier and I see eye-to-eye, on what we are allowed to share while in the employment of our government. That is unless we are disinformation informants. I know who I am, and I would look forward to meeting Billy Meier in the future.
As far as some of my readers asking me what I think of his case – well, the jury is still out! I won’t just judge a book by it’s cover or what is written about a being. I must investigate for myself in spirit and in the physical. Someday, I may meet this Billy Meier but for now, he is not in my circle of friends.
But then neither is MUFON. TJ
There are other reporting services around the world and various websites. Each a separate website and entity with their own hidden agendas but generally speaking I would think they are a customer service oriented website with interest in UFO reporting.
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Personally I support George Filer whom I had some interesting phone conversations with and could feel his spiritual sincerity.  George had his own sighting as an Air Force Pilot. TJ
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