ET UFO Boomerang “V” Formation – Travel Patterns Old News – Ready Your Reports for 11-11-11

Regarding the ET UFO Community, it’s time to get ready to use the same terminology on earth as it is in space. In the past four years I have decided to become more active in my role as knowing and being involved in society as a whole. The fact that in my past life in this life on earth I have had some extraordinary experiences that in the past it was in my best interest to keep to myself. However, due to my former past in legal and government investigations and personnel information and business security it was frowned upon to be related to anything related to the word “UFO” and we certainly did not use the word “ET” until the cute little critter was created in Hollywood by Steven Spielberg.

Now, I find myself admitting the truth to myself and others about how I really feel about the Being one with changing energy on a daily basis.   The energy inside me we call essence that is the life form we all take with us when we leave this planet, plane, dimension, life, as in a body-mind-spirit having a birth-life-death experience.

I have come to believe we are all the same humanoid sentient intelligent being species and we are just those who are caught in the inbetween the past and future of our humanoid bi-peddle kind. In the past it was my understanding that I had a civilian job and a second government job in my past. This decided whether I was in civilian attire or I wore a uniform. This also applies now more than ever. I certainly have a lot on my plate as I was rudely reminded of recently by a writer who is on the opposite side of where I believe my interests remain loyal and true to a cause. My cause if making sure that we are all to understand our part in the Ascension Age and that we make the transition on this planet in this plane as smooth as possible. I have been asked to work on more than one occasion with one on one and I don’t feel that I have the time in my life to do this. I am taking on parts of the ET UFO Community that can better be taken on by others who desire to work on ET UFO Sightings.

I am already personally aware of the sightings in more ways than one. It has taken me several years to get to this point in time when I can begin to share the story I was going to write for Dirk Vander Ploeg about the ET experiences I have with my own past encounters be they friendly ET Contactee or not so friendly Alien Abduction. I have learned to tell the difference as have many of my peers and colleagues in the ET UFO Community.

However,  I have also been asked at a different level to weigh in and validate for vetting all those who are experiencers that want to be known as the “BELIEVERS” that might be interested like me in leaving this planet and sharing more life in a different setting and possible other dimension as in space travel and time travel. This is a cause and a mission that apparently I know I have agreed to in my past and when I died in this lifetime on January 27, 1974. Therefore, I began writing and I use various levels of writing and in stages but I must admit none are planned and I do automatic writing and allow the energy of free spirit to flow through me onto the key pads. That way I know it gets done. Otherwise I would never have anything published because deep down I am a “TYPE A personality” as they call a certain type of human in psychology.

I am familiar with ET UFOs or USOs. I am also familiar with those who are involved with the one’s that are not of earth origin. This makes for reasons in the past to keep silent. Now, I find that it is time for me to place more emphasis on getting the job done at a soul essence level and that means sharing with society. Even the Dalai Lama as announced for us to not shut ourselves off from this world but to embrace society and share. He has also mentioned that the future is up to the women now meaning I am sure the Ascension Age timeframe to begin 11-11-11 and to usher in the 12-21-12 time frame of the new era in time on earth and in space.

There are some who do not like the words I choose and want me to remain in the scientific box that has  Schrodinger’s Cat still in it and that cat has died and that energy has sailed passed many already. It is a thing in the past now.( Schrödinger’s cat is a thought experiment, usually described as a paradox, that Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger devised in 1935. …)

It is now time to get on with teaching others about the future in space exploration and what we will need to get there. We have scientists looking all around the universe where there is light. As Michio Kaku once said, “This is like a man looking for his lost car keys under a street lamp when he lost them far away from the street lamp in the dark. “This universe is much more than what our telescopes can see and obtain as research information in photos.  We have not even touched the surface as far as knowing what is out in the universe. Some of us are willing to share that which has always been for our humanoid kind but kept from most of those who are here now and lived in the past. Some have lived prior to the 9000 B.C. in recorded time and have returned as what are called Avatar Ascended Masters. Some have memories of Mu and Atlantis. Mu or Lemuria depending on who one asks about the ancient of times on earth.

I have plenty to do in this life with many levels of interest in the ET UFO Community and I am also involved with others in the political arena but to some they share the exopolitical stories with me. We have so many websites and blogs on the Internet now in the ET UFO Community that we can now begin to start separating them into the various categories with those that want to concentrate on sharing the energy in their own personal interests. Some still are best at recording sightings but many are now tired of doing it and are not taking any more. I believe George Filer is a man who is with MUFON and has Filer’s Files and National UFO Reporting Center and I talked with him once or twice on the phone in 2006 about the time I was speaking to Stanton T. Friedman. This collection of information is his main interest and he is a Director of one of the MUFON groups or a regional director. (Who is updating all the files that were in hardcopy on paper of the last century for history?) Are we going to ask GOOGLE to make sure all our files are ARCHIVED? Learn who actually archives our WEBSITE FILES. I know but it is best fo r others to know as well. Look at the future as memories that we all may like to remember someday in another place in another time. The Computers allow us to access digital media in space. It is sent out all over in bits  and pieces. But just like SETI now they do not have the technology to gather it all back and put the picture together because they are not looking in the directions of the dark. Nor can they see the whole picture of the universe inside the multiverse, inside the metaverse, inside the xenoverse, inside the omniverse. They can’t see a brane right now. Get ready!

I would like to begin dividing up the links on the Internet in the ET UFO Mufon world and begin adding them under certain Topics AS BLOG ROLLS on my websites and suggest we all do the same to link the ET UFO COMMUNITY Together to show our willingness to form an alliance. The ET UFO Boomerang Reports are OLD NEWS. .. But to some who are just now getting up the courage to come forth with their stories this is a NEW TIME for them. This is something we in the ET UFO COMMUNITY must realize and prepare for. The government is not going to do it for us. They are too  busy wanting funding for their own personal jobs and careers with their piece of the government.

Therefore, I am going to share what I can when I can and see if others want to join me in what we can call the World Information Network and we can form an ET UFO Community Directory with all our links as websites to be included in an ARCHIVE. Right now, I would like to know who wants to take care of the OLD RECORDS and ARCHIVES> WE know there is or was CUFOS and MUFON at this point I am not sure they are going the way of being the “OLD GUYS” with “OLD REPORTS” that need to be in one archive and that may be where BIGELOW was headed.  We know they exist and we know they are returning. It is just a matter of when. 

This report I have gotten is actually an old report and I am sure we have many of these type of reports.  I remember once walking into an Engineers house who worked at NASA and I was invited to his HOME about the time MUFON was FORMED to see all his FILES in BOOK CASES. I remember his enthusiasm more than anything. But, at the time I wanted no part of it. I was not ready to handle the responsibility that being associated with anyone underground in the UFO movement was offering me and my husband who still worked at NASA. There were many contractors such as Grumman and TRW. My husband worked directly for NASA while his father was a Grumman Contractor yet they worked on the same floor. Anyway, this undertaking to collect all this information is coming to an end as of 12-21-12 or so we are believing that one era will close and another shall begin. So, if any of you ET UFO Community BELIEVERS are Movers and Shakers get out there and beat the bushes for all the old reports that are PRIOR TO 12-12-12 – LET Michael Sallas, Steven Greer, Steven Bassett, and all others that I could mention who work with MUFON, and SETI and everyone decide on crunching the numbers and statistics with all the UFO reporting AGENCIES and get it together for one WORLDWIDE INFORMATION NETWORK. This is what is needed.(If I didn’t mention your name and you are on one of my 13 Facebook accounts then consider yourself names as people can look up who you are in my Facebook accounts if they bother to look up all my emails on one of my websites – there is a list .) – I will mention those who know Ken Cherry and James Carrion out of respect for the ones who take this mission seriously. EPIC and many radio shows are most interested in the reality of truth so we must comment on  George Noory and Art Bell and the wonderful job they have done. Art Bell is one of my friends although I don’t think George and I have met at all. Whitley and Nancy Streiber should be mentioned. I could go on and on including Roswell and Glenn Dennis and all those who bothered to come out from the old squadron ranks and een those who worked for years underground in Area 51. I believe it is time for all those “Old-Timers” to be recognized and if anyone that is in the USA government and in MEDIA they should all do their part to bring the truth to light! And thank History Channel for all the years of coverage for us.

We may even be able to get some philanthropists interested in assisting and exactly who are the servers who are archiving all we put on this Internet will be the one’s to prosper in HISTORY if we as the real ET UFO Community don’t begin doing it ourselves now. Do we want the Governments to continue the treating us like mushrooms in the dark disinformation to flow or do we want to do what is right?

Now I will continue to do my part on this planet and I am acting as a magnet and an anchor for now. So assist me and let the world know who you are and that you too are doing your part. Every person is important in this cause. We all have a mission here to raise consciousness and the shift and uplift of the human consciousness. Many in the NEW AGE Community have been working with the Reiki Healing and Shamanic Healing Energies for years.  We used healing with crystals in Atlantis eons ago. The important part of this lesson is to remember to allow spirit to be a part of our scientific endeavors and to not separate the two that are one. Science came from Spiritual Philosophy. That is the truth if one bothers to look back at reincarnated history. I can give this simple story on one innocent or who we above clal the innocent who are not yet awakened to the ET UFO COMMUNITY cause and the Ascension Age Enlightenment. There are many out there that do not know what we know. Those who are the Truth Seekers and Lightworkers are probably going to have to help in this coming time to being 11-11-11 until 12-21-12. Things are going to get tough and we need to organize now. Get your Food Banks under control and your Homeland Security on every Tectonic Plate. We have been warned to come together and assist each other in the future for helping humankind in fellowship, health, and prosperity for all. Those who are running for government office best have their morals and good intentions in check. We will be watching from above. ET UFO Boomerangs not of earth origin are real and for a reason. Consider them the Universal Intelligence Alliance for now. I will do what I can to continue to support the world in cyberspace until such time as I am called to leave earth one way or the other and I cannot tell you when that time will be. I can tell you that some people want to share their stories now so please let’s begin sharing our archived stories and come up with one main location on each continent before they are destroyed or lost. Remember Alexandria and how we lost so much of our library. I can now enter the Akashic Field but not everyone has that knowledge. Please Avatars assist the Guides and the Spiritual Guides in all countries to assist the present humanoids on earth to learn to access the other parts of themselves .More Later. I am including an EMAIL I Got which is so typical of what is happening now to bring people out before the 11-11-11 until 12-21-12 USE THIS TIME TO ARCHIVE! Love and Light TJ




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Hi, Theresa 

If you would like to put my story on your websites, Go-ahead use it if you like… I think Boomerang UFO Info would be great as it may bring out more people that have seen these things… I would love to know if other people have seen anything like what we saw that night. I really cannot be sure of the exact date; I have thought about it alot and have it narrowed down to the summer of 1962, July or Aug. My friend and I were both 13 years old at the time… I will rewrite the story omitting our last names, correcting a typo as well, and referring to the year as the summer of 1962. Robert .
Hi Theresa
 My name is Robert and I now reside in British Columbia, Canada. I googled Boomerang type UFO s and came up with your info… Back when I was a 13 year old kid I lived in Estevan ,Sask. Canada and in the summer I quite often would sleep out on the lawn in the back yard ,sometimes with my friend, and and star gaze until I finally went to sleep. Back in the summer of 1962 my friend Dennis and I were stargazing on a moonless night in Aug. when we saw these objects going zipping across the sky. We really could not believe what we just saw. I would describe them as five white boomerangs flying in a V formation… They appeared to be small and were very fast and silent… They first crossed the sky in a very straight line from East to West in approximately (approx). 1 second from horizon to horizon. 
We were in disbelief as to what we just saw. Then approx. 30 seconds later they appeared again flying the exact same course from East to West again. It would have been approx. three or 4 minutes later, they crossed the sky from North to South again in straight line taking approx. 1 second from horizon to horizon, then approx. 30 seconds later they flew exactly the same course from North to South. 
We thought at the time that they must have flown right around the earth from E to W twice then flew around the earth from N to S twice. I listened to the news on the radio the next day as I thought thousands of people would have seen what we saw that night but I guess us the only ones, as there was no mention of it on the news… After I found your info on the web, I found it interesting that UFO s can be the shape of boomerangs and I was wondering if you have ever heard of boomerang type UFO s flying in a V formation. 
We saw them 4 times all together that night. I simply cannot believe we were the only ones that saw these things. Estevan Sask. is near the center of North America… I am not sure if that had anything to do with the flight path or not… My friend Dennis moved away a year later and I have not seen him since but I am sure if you talked to him, he would tell exactly the same story. We always referred to them as the “5 white boomerangs”. Cheers! Robert 
—– Original Message —– 
Sent: Saturday, July 23, 2011 3:22 AM 
Subject: Re: Boomerang UFO s 
Thank you for finding me under Boomerang UFOS. Yes, I have heard of V formation. IT is a typical flight pattern. 
Thank you for your story. Can you give me a date? 
Can I use your story on my websites/ See the LIST BELOW? 
I can place it in Social, or, or make a page for BOOMERANG UFO INFO. 
Thanks for the NEWS. I liked your story. Send me the exact dates if you can and email me back if it is okay for the whole world to see you email to me if they want to view your story? 
IT’S HARDER TO ATTACK AND SNEAK UP BEHIND THEM. YOU ARE COVERING A 360 DEGREES ALL THE WAY AROUND it is said to be the best pattern for travel. It is called a TRAVEL formation to cover distance.
I will let you know how George Filer and MUFON prefers reports to be recorded.
I am just now deciding to assist with keeping up with others since I have not in the past been keeping up with all the stories. 
It is my understanding that most prefer to record their stories somewhere to be archived.
The only place I have listed my own in the past was with MUFON. That stands for Mutual UFO Network.
I can record your story as received with your EMAIL as a Digital EMAIL address and NAME. 
If anyone desires to contact you in the world in the future they can use this address as long as it is good. It is probably best if we begin to document with some type of government identification so we can trace you down for more information.
I am only trained in the legal and government type of investigation and this Internet documentation is something I can do in cyberspace on the Internet and simply have my WEBSITES kept and copied and archived which is done by certain companies already.
I will keep this as the First One I am going to record in the new WORLD INFORMATION NETWORK (WIN) for PROOF.  I personally use the ET SPIRIT.ORG for my contact with the ENERGY of those who are INVOLVED with similar interests that I have in the ET UFO COMMUNITY.
Apparently there are many people who desire to contact me telling me their stories but in the past they just wanted to share them with me and did not want to go public. Maybe now times have changed for many as we get closer to the ASCENSION AGE.
I will record this confirmation of ET UFO BOOMERANGS flying in the “V” pattern formation. 
Love and Light 
Theresa J. Morris
TJ Morris tm ACIR sm
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In a message dated 7/18/2011 6:03:23 P.M. Central Daylight Time, [email protected] writes: 
Hi, Theresa My name is Robert Adderley and I now reside in British Columbia, Canada…I googled Boomerang type UFO s and came up with your info. Back when I was a kid I lived in Estevan Sask. and in the summer I and would sleep out on the lawn in the back yard, sometimes with a friend… Anyway, back in the summer of 1961 or 1962 my friend and I were sky gazing on a moonless night when we saw these objects go zipping across the sky .We really could not believe what we just saw… They looked like five white boomerangs flying in a V formation… They appeared to be quite small to us and were very fast with no noise at all… They first crossed the sky from East to West in about 1 second from horizon to horizon, then approx. 30 seconds later they again appeared on the same flight path from East to West… Approx… a few minutes later they crossed the sky again from North to South, then approx. 30 seconds later they again made the same flight path from North to South… We thought at the time they flew around the earth from E to W twice and then flew around the earth again form N to S… I listened to the news on the radio the next day as I thought it would be on the news as I thought thousands of people would have seen them but I guess we were the only ones… I found it interesting that UFO s can be the shape of boomerangs… I was wondering if you have ever heard of this boomerang type UFO s flying in a V formation before… We saw them 4 times all together… Estevan Sask. is near the center of North America… Not sure if that had anything to do with the flight path or not… My friend’s name was Dennis Tucker, he moved away, and I have not seen him since but I am sure if you talked to him, he would tell you exactly the same story… We always referred to them as the “5 white boomerangs”… Cheers! Robert

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