ET UFO Community Path – A Brief History – 777

by Theresa J Morris


A brief stroll down our ET path on our search for the true history of our family of  our ET UFO esoteric spiritual being truth seekers and any and all other beings who find time to watch the skies, read our stories, and watch our videos by Theresa J Morris 

We who are the “Old Guys – Baby Boomers” 1946-1966 eras are the original creators of what is now known as the true ET-UFO Community.

If you were born during this era then you have been either one who followed the business world and NASA group as possibly the conservative siders or the Hippie peace and love liberal siders. We all have a story to tell and it has been mainstream America that painted our two sides of our cultural history. We share certain historical involvement in the world.

We have created various paths as we lived our lives on earth this time around. Some of us hope to see the veil being lifted Dec. 21, 2012, and a truth awakening happening for more than just our ET-UFO Community.

We knew there was a need for those who would physically learn about space through the reality programs and jobs, and those who would follow Timothy Leary, Carl Jung, and the mental shaman paths for expanding the inner path of our ET-UFO paranormal community. 

2012 and Mayan Calendar
Aliens and UFOs
Alien Abduction
Ancient Astronauts
Area 51
Cattle Mutilations
Crop Circles
Planet X – Nibiru
UFO Photos
UFO Sightings
UFO Videos w/YouTube
Ancient History
Conspiracies in Religions
Da Vinci Code
Holy Grail
New World Order
Natural Disasters
Climate Change
Bermuda Triangle
Hollow Earth Theory
Lost Civilizations
Occult, The
Prophets and Prophecies
Time Travel
Human Consciousness


As one can see from the list above that Dirk has created we have many interests that exists today. There are many paths that lead us to the truth and many of us in the world.

We have various advocacy groups and nicknames for ourselves. We are now calling ourselves Starbeings, Lightworkers, and Truthseekers with no one category more important than the other. Just as Geoff Stray shares in his book Beyond 2012 Catastrophe or Awakening, there are ways to see “Beyond the Veil” with shamanism, altered states, UFOS and Ets, Crop Circles, Secret Governments, Nostradamus, and the New Age. We are all grouped together on this planet. We have various different geographic locations, cultures, and ways to achieve our own personal goals with our own choices. 

We have a core that is unique and North America is the melting pot of all the religions, wisdom traditions, and cultures. We have five continents and territories with over 6 billion people and counting. We are going to become more guided and focused on our global community future. We are just one small niche genre but an important one. We will probably become mainstream in 2013. That is the goal.    Our ET UFO Community is growing and blending in with the New Age, and Science topics. We are shaping our future of the beyond.

Combining the outer growth for cosmology and space with physics and working with engineers, astronomers, archaeologists with that of the psychology, deeper insights with authors and artists with books of the times. Some of you who are not writers may be shocked to find that our books are palced under the headings of religion and spirituality, then occult and then UFOS. I find our books at Books A Million in the NEW AGE/SCIENCE area as well.


THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL –  $7.99 – in stock

If you’ve ever wondered what crashed into the desert near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, this book will give you some startling answers. › … › Religion & Spirituality › Occult › UFOs 

Add this to those who enjoy entertainment of our past in folklore including J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy now an epic motion picture trilogy for New Line Cinema and we see a new future taking shape. Now we have J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books made into movies and the latest will air in theaters on November 19th this month. We have a new wave of interest in our inner and outer capabilities and prior ancient past.

We grew up with Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, and later came the Matrix trilogy and Harry Potter movies. We have a history of those who create the inner and outer space of our world inside and outside our minds. We have a reality and a virtual reality and both spark our imaginations. We in the ET-UFO Community are important to the dynamics of what future life is all about!

Art, culture, education, science, technology, and of course folklife of the common folk and middle class which will expand and become the normal for the entire planet. We will still have social advocates as business entrepreneurs and we shall still have some who are fortunate and will become richer than the average citizen. 

Some of us are artists and considered outlaws because we require our own path and we follow our inner wisdom. We are considered independents although we hope we can add something to be shared by the world in the future.

The ET-UFO Community tuned into the ROSWELL ET-UFO STORY of the retrieval of one spacecraft intact and one that crashed and left a debris field with pieces of a wrecked alien to earth spacecraft.  

Young people today are going to learn the path and history that we are yet today still writing on a regular basis. We have a path that can be easily documented now thanks to those who were willing to step forward and be counted before it was fashionable to do so.

This is the most famous story on earth and has captured our interest with the stories first covered by the HISTORY CHANNEL.

It was J. Allen Hynek, Carl Sagan, Erich Von Daniken, and Zechariah Sitchin who I would give the credit too as far as peaking my interest in the past. Then along came Stanton Friedman and the Roswell UFO Museum and their efforts with the annual July 4th festival on Roswell, New Mexico and the rest is history.   Believe the Day after Roswell by Col. Philip J. Corso with William Birnes will always be an important book for future historians to collect in the ET-UFO Community. The books and tapes were once all we had to create a buzz and bond in our ET UFO Community. 

I have had many collections that I have had to leave behind that were huge. One was shared among collectors and used metaphysical-new age bookstores when I left Hawaii for the mainland. I had over 2000 books in hard cover and paperback that I left behind. We are attached to our books but I had a job to do on the mainland and I did not want to pay the extra heavy book shipping cost back to the mainland when I knew I would be working the investigative field. Much of my past life involvement in the metaphysical/psychic world had to be left behind in Hawaii. As we grow older, we have to keep much of our experiences in our own inner sanctums and sanctuary.  

We knew about each other as groups and interests but nothing brought us together like the 50th anniversary in Roswell, New Mexico. However, the 60th anniversary was when we began realizing we could organize and grow our culture with the core groups meeting annually in Roswell, New Mexico like an annual ET-UFO Revival.

We in the ET-UFO Community all passed the words about our work in books  way back when prior to the Internet.

Steven Spielberg made a large impact on our psyches with Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T.. and then with the movie TAKEN made for television.  The television show TAKEN by Steven Spielberg assisted us all in becoming aware of all the  threads of truth we all buzzed around with in the past. 

Richard Dolan has done a great job with his books as far as cataloging events and becoming a speaker. There are various writers, authors, journalists, UFOlogists, historians, folklorists too numerous to mention but the names should pop up for one to recall. But I should mention Donald E. Keyhoe, and his book Flying Saucers are Real. Major Donald during the 1950’s collected the reports of “FOO FIGHTERS”  that were about strange objects in the sky that would circle planes and ships of the military. The foo fighters were where the story in the movie for television “TAKEN” actually begins or takes off. This is simply a brief article on the topics that I like to write about. Not an in depth study such as that of Richard Dolan. I would also like to mention all the brilliant writers including Jules Verne and other science fiction writers who shaped our future. Our movie makers are a part of our world.

I would like to mention TOTAL RECALL with Arnold Swarzenegger and his other science fiction movies. Also, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke and War of the Worlds and Time Machine. So many people we should mention on the path we have had created for us in the last century. We can all claim our paths that got us here to the present together. There is no one path to ascension or the raising of conscious enlightenment. Ascension Conscious Enlightenment or ACE as part of the Aquarian Age shoud be appreciated in the future.

As most people know in the ET-UFO Biz “Writers Write!” That is what we do first with our time from the time we get up in the morning until the time we go to bed at night, write, write, and write. For realtors it is location, location, location as it is for most business entrepreneurs. Photographers take photos and Videographers made videos. Readers read.

Researchers well, we all become researchers in the subjects that interest us but, we search out those who are into archaeology and cosmology. There are many professionals who are in turn taking time to peruse our websites, subjects, and advocates. One never knows what the future holds or with whom the supreme ebens or beings will take a shining too!

You Tube has offered videographers and neophyte hobbyists to share their creations online. We are able to find more knowledge on just about every topic one can think of. More and more artists are sharing their creations online. The Internet has truly changed the world and challenges us to create and share more of our selves and our world.

Add in the Historians who study history and collect information along with the Folklorists and those who study myths, folklore, and Folklife of the common folk allow us to know more about us as humanoids and what we do in our social and cultural arenas around the world. We have local historians in our local historical societies and we have the international scene and the global community.

We grew up with the National Geographic Magazine Monthly issues and now we have the National Geographic Channel on television. 

Now, we have the various ways to gain information from various television stations on satellite – Dish and Direct TV, and Cable television networks.

We had in the past 20th century been delighted to find the movies made for television with OUT ON A LIMB with Shirley MacLaine and COMMUNION with Whitely Strieber. 

Then the UFO Files were shown with Stanton T. Friedman, nuclear physicist, UFOlogist, and well-known speaker and writer for MUFON Magazine.  

We had a history with the BLUE BOOK and J. Allen Hynek who with CUFOS in Illinois, USA offered as a fresh new perspective on what we could expect from information and research in the ET-UFO field. 

MUFON came along and we embraced a not for profit organization that interested parties could join for $35 a year in order to get the quarterly magazine.

We have various websites such as SETI and NASA and ARICIBO that we can check in with along with the ASTRONOMY and COSMOLOGY websites.Arecibo Planetary Radar

Chris De Vries wrote a description of how to reduce planetary radar data, using the 1988 Venus data taken at the Arecibo Observatory as a model

We have had GEORGE FILER and his website for years with photos from around the world. George is in MUFON and a writer for the quarterly MUFON magazine along with Stan.

We were all proud of the UFO Magazine and can still find it for purchase at the Books-A-Million Bookstores on the magazine rck and we should all purchase it as I did this last month. I look forward to reading it although I wish they could change the inside paper quality from the pulp fiction type. Just a wish and I am sure if we would support the cause through the hard copy, we could all make a difference for William Birnes. There are many men who have risen to the top in the television world and we appreciate their efforts. There will be more in the future with great ideas and we will welcome new members into our ET UFO Community. 

William Birnes got a lot of attention with his UFO show for the History Channel. There are various faces we have seen repeatedly gain and now I noticed our own Robert Morningstar was on a History International documentary last week. It may have been played before but I only noticed it last week here in Kentucky where I live. 

Now, I noticed we have Jesse Ventura entering the scene for TRU TV with the new television show Conspiracy Theories. The one I caught last night was about the year 2012 and what we could expect with solar flares along with the U.S. governments underground tunnels and facilities that were secret Jesse Ventura with his new television show has covered the Denver International Airport and approximately 53 miles of ground in that area with new construction for underground bases. The topic of underground bases and other topics will be forthcoming on TRU TV.  

We are sharing our WEBSITES and doing a great job supporting the cause as bloggers and web publishers. Writers keep writing and sharing ET UFO news and paranormal topics. 

I am working on social,, ascension, and even share some ET-UFO and paranormal stories on American News

We are all coming to realize the importance of Facebook, and Twitter in the new media and how the public in America has embraced the social network and immediate notice on twitter to our friends and networks.

I enjoy writing and sharing however, I have so many topics that interest me I have to have my own websites.  I still enjoy UFO Digest and  welcome all writers to RSS feed their own personal blogs and websites. I pick them up and the latest stories can be seen on my websites when add the RSS feed which I find is the easiest to program my own website on Word Press with the Plug In.

 Keep up the great work and keep on Sharing our ET-UFO Community in whichever mode of communication strikes your fancy or interest. Keep reading us here on UFO Digest with Dirk Vander Ploeg, publisher, and Robert Morningstar, Editor.  

I will be sharing as much as general introductions into all my varied interests in the future as I can. I record the shows that I can which I here is what many people whom these days. Life in reality has a way of needing our attention and tearing us away from our televisions at prime time and our computers at anytime. Some of us still have to work and have families who require our personal attention. 

I still get e-mails from around the world and I find it curious that so many students around the world tune into or find my paranormal stories while they are doing research at their university campus libraries. I am glad to be doing my small part in assisting in raising awareness of our ET-UFO and Paranormal education.  

The next generation seems to be interested in what trails we are leaving behind. Make a path and leave a trail. Love and light.  There are plenty of topics to share and I hope that we make writers and readers out of everyone.  We can all add our stories as we all have one.

Knowledge on earth will assist us in our next life. More later on our altered states of being and other places and dimensions as time travelers. My experiences I plan on incorporating into stories. My experiences are metaphysical in nature to some and simply ET UFO experience to others. I plan on sharing the OBE, NDE, ET UFO,  ESP, CHANNELING and how it all fits into our new ASCENSION AGE. I have to believe in the energy of light and spirit because I have encountered death and dying and extraterrestrial beings too many times in this lifetime. There must be a reason I became a writer and it feels as if it was destiny.  TJ

Arecibo Radio/Radar Telescope National Astronomy and …

News and project information on the Arecibo Radio/Radar Telescope, National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center, Puerto Rico.



WHAT IS IN A YEAR? 777 for instance? Do Numbers in Numerology mean more than we think?
Gregorian calendar 777
Ab urbe condita 1529
Armenian calendar 226
?? ???
Bahá’í calendar -1067 – -1066
Bengali calendar 184
Berber calendar 1727
Buddhist calendar 1321
Burmese calendar 139
Byzantine calendar 6285 – 6286
Chinese calendar ?????????
(3413/3473-11-17)— to —?????????
Coptic calendar 493 – 494
Ethiopian calendar 769 – 770
Hebrew calendar 4537 – 4538
Hindu calendars
 – Bikram Samwat 833 – 834
 – Shaka Samvat 699 – 700
 – Kali Yuga 3878 – 3879
Holocene calendar 10777
Iranian calendar 155 – 156
Islamic calendar 160 – 161
Japanese calendar
Korean calendar 3110
Thai solar calendar 1320


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