ET UFO Community Preservation – Construction Harder Than Destruction


Having had ET UFO Experiences of various types has been a part of my life so long I have forgotten how to be without believing in extraterrestrials and UFOS. That is the idea I hope to convey to everyone in the world. I believe we need to figure out why we have been kept in the dark for so long about what we can see with our world information networks including media communication and now videos on you tube and with our posted to the public internet on line in photographs. We share our stories and some believe they are real and others believe they are simply our dreams. 

There are more of us coming forth now than ever before with our truth. Using the word “BELIEF” and “BELIEVE” will be a psychological tour-de-force in the future. The future will be about the truth being captivating and electric dealing with ET and UFO information. There are various beings that have become known with their books, and speaking at seminars. Others are simply advocates of real justice and believe in the law and order of righting the past for our future regarding disclosure. We will soon learn that there are various beings on earth accepting the ambassador of goodwill descriptions with emphasis on believing in the truth that extraterrestrials are real as the spacecraft that they arrive to earth with. We may have werewolves and vampires still in space to discover but right now we are simply happy to share that we can all know that there are various ET UFO sightings in all parts of the world.

Thanks to the communication of the global population on the Internet online, we do not have to make assumptions for seeking the truth. We can sustain and be objective. The facts are the facts. We do not need to seek a grand jury to credit our witnesses about how the past was motivated by fear of sharing that alien civilizations exist. The intimidation techniques of the Men In Black aka MIB and our various civilians and military testimonies can be accumulated to make a good statement to the critical mass public. For now, we are sharing various televisions shows and movies to share our critical mass consciousness that we are leaning toward the truth of a higher authority that comes and goes. We are using the future players in the trade and commerce to govern the silver and gold levels and who shall prosper concerning the trade of stock around the world.

There is a way to get attention for our global community that involves the ET UFO community. We have awareness in the Google Content information services with content provided to the entire world on our topics and categories of conversation. We should add a lot more viewers and numbers to assist us. If we can build our comfort zone with speaking here on UFO Digest in articles and forum as content, we can also share our numbers with those who assist in sharing the numbers to be exchanged into energy and money. We shall soon be drafted into larger foreign corporations here in America and on the entire North American continent. We may have to have an ET UFO Internal Affairs to figure out the facts and what they mean for all of us.

The investigation of all future sightings needs to be shared with the Homeland Security and National Security Council in the United States. The reason being that the passion could turn to obsession and addiction that can become a dangerous thing for those who have peace at stake within our ET UFO Community. In the past in the U.S.A. the military and our government has been a large part of the classification of content that was negotiated for settlement among the various intelligence communities and this still goes on today. If we go, deep inside the world of intelligence content we will find that at one time the CIA was a tough nut to crack and was not so much into public relations. Now, we have new television shows and movies made with the CIA at the core for media relation efforts. I do not believe this is coincidence.

While we desire to know more about our innovation for success for all, we are aware that we care about the future and out global community. Our global community is now dealing with the entire ET UFO Community. Our global community will include the subjects of ET UFO and how we shall grow the entire media communication and investigations in journalism. I believe the U.S. Press Corps in America will begin deciding that where there is smoke there is fire in a story about the ET UFO sightings around the world and will have to share a story or be laughed at and ignored on the major stations such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, TNT, and others.

We should all encourage stories and articles regarding the abductees, contactees, witnesses, mass group sightings, and all photographs, videos, and future fly hovers at nuclear facilities. We are aware that the truth is now accepted that we are aware of a higher Supreme Being intelligence group that uses what we call ET UFOS. We should all be emailing our representatives and senators in the USA and asking them to consider the future in relation to ET UFO sightings. The other half of the story will be in future investigations. We need jobs in the world economy. Food, clothing, shelter, water, security, communication, transportation, courts to appeal to, and places to hide in case of global cataclysms should be maintained not only on earth, below earth, but in space. The international space station should be one port for global security and a main place for global authority and the supreme court of appeal location with one set in space of five and one set on earth of five. One spokesperson ambassador from each area, America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australasia. We know we celebrate the future with a global alliance in space.

We need to ask our government to confirm that part of our U.S. government and those in other countries who will be making us feel safe in the event of a mass ET UFO invasion from another race in space. We should begin to share in planning on the “WHAT IF” scenario and add our future international security intelligence council or ISIC for all that relate to others who may come from another place in space. Science and especially MICHIO KAKU would be a good ambassador of goodwill for our ET UFO Community. I would vote for him and of course nominate Stanton T. Friedman as the honorary spokesperson with the lead investigator position given to Michio Kaku. Will we shoot in defense of another person or being?

Regardless of what past religions have been on earth and created to govern people of earth, there are some players who come from above in ET UFOS. The religions must decide how to classify these beings. Be they Gods, Angels, Demons, Prophets, Priests, or Ancient Astronauts, they can not ignore they exist any longer. People are falling away from religions and faith. Faith in humanity is important to our very own existence in space as a species. We must allow for all to become open minded and awake to the facts and truth in life that alien civilizations exist. This is now open to the global population and has been discovered again.

The news that there are ET UFO spacecraft not of earth origin is not a new topic for our world. It has simply been resurfacing for a long time and can no longer be ignored or treated as lies when there are too many facts. We are being visited and in some ways controlled. Our destiny may have always to have been covertly controlled by a higher intelligence. Seems that way according to religions of the past recorded throughout history one earth. The tide is changing and many children have grown up in the last decade with no spiritual guidance or direction at home or in public schools in America. We put a lot of faith in the new President and the faith and hope was misplaced. We must now come together as independent thinkers and make the right choices as to who we place in offices of power not only in America but around the world.

Young people in all countries who are educated are learning they too have a voice that counts on earth. We must guide the future young adults into believing the future of humankind regarding the extraterrestrials who guide us now. We will learn the purpose of our being on this planet and how we came to be here. Anyone who keeps us from knowing the truth is not helping the greater good for all humankind. Each person with a body-mind-spirit on earth has a voice and a choice to make in the future. Anyone who tries to take that power from an individual is our enemy on earth. We must have a new direction with an understanding of the power in communication that includes government politics and religious politics since there are both already in control here.

We will elect those in the future who are believers and advocates for our independent thinkers in the ET UFO Community. This is for bigger brains than ours in the ET UFO Community. We need the United Nations to shake the intelligence community into accepting a role for the entire global community population. Men and women who act will repeat the performance of the past and shoot without being told when scared in the field answering to the call of capturing ET UFOs and ET USOs. We need to make healthy requests to the healthy level of diplomatic ambassadors. The more options we have the more likely we are to stay on track for victory in this day and time with free communication about the future of our planet being visited with those who want us to know them. It is time to plan and program for the global future regarding ET UFO communication. Good or bad future with aliens and ET is inevitable and is simply a matter of when. Are we ready?

If those in charge are not aware of any deals with extraterrestrials then they should be telling the truth and talking about it. We are not scared from fear of panic any longer. We will not let it happen. In the USA, we have Homeland Security and we have U.S. Border Patrol but that may be only a part of what we need. The U.S. Air Force has the skies under control with the civilian airlines that are proprietary; although we have tightened security, we still may not have our ET UFO protocol in order. We have to make some deals in the USA with Canada and Mexico. We can then begin to share our ideas with other countries. The five areas that are being monitored for nuclear suspect are Australasia, Africa, Americas, Europe, and Asia. Will the world leaders agree with the United Nations to allow a control to match the five areas being monitored?

Nuclear threats on both parts of our world, east and west, along with those in space above will be something worth saving in the in the coming future. Negotiations for peace in the universe are real. Dismissal of this world’s safety is not automatic and the large think tanks will want to begin fighting right now for their piece of the peace treaty for this planet. We are not sporting gambling with our lives and our species in the future. This should be those who are awakened enough to talk about our future on this planet before the evidence is so enormous that we cannot control global cataclysms such as earthquakes that will happen and we prepare now. What if there are other beings at stake that can control the weather and terra form? We may have a window of opportunity opening for the awakening 12-21-2012 however, what also are we sharing in our psyche among those who know of the dark side of the aliens? The positive and negative or two sides in a war in space has been a story passed down throughout the ages.

The police who investigate from local levels and the district attorneys who prosecute crime will not be a part of the future when it comes to ET UFOS. We will need to have Homeland Security factor in with the Fire Departments and the Sheriffs and U.S. Marshals who already have their plates full. Presently, everyone who performs responding officer positions have their plates full. We need to create a new arm of the global community international police that will adopt the problematic behaviors for high performance dealing with those who are familiar with ET UFO experiencers for whatever reasons. We should be aware that the future fleet of our own air and space fleets would come under fire when it comes to dedicating future global massive group sightings. Whether they come in peace or become those who must join us in protecting earth should become an immediate concern.

The new enemy will want out planet and is out there in space in another universe or part of this one. Time will tell. Can we afford to be silent and hope that it is only NEW near earth objects aka NEOs that we fear? Questions are being raised in all political arenas. Iraq and Iran along with Afghanistan may want us to focus on them while we also are still aware of North Korea and China who will want to expand their global control in space. It is the mass populace in numbers that will want to know about the entire planet’s safety. Not just their one continent and geographic location. We are expanding the Panama Canal because of expansion. We need to expand our intelligence of those who come from space and can terra form and who monitor our progress in nuclear technology. We are being monitored for intelligence levels. We better plan on five main parts of our world. This is the advice I give.

Destruction comes easy to our species. It is the reconstruction or construction that becomes a house of horrors among our elected officials.How many want to be on camera and in the light of the global community? How many will want to accept democracy as a global community policy and procedure for the appeal to making the world profitable without borders. Tell the elevated officials that they will get camera coverage to be shared with the world in World News Reports and get more cooperation from all countries. Higher cooperation fees will be wanted up front.

Things are slow now especially in America. And what befalls America as the melting pot of all people and their beliefs and cultures will befall the entire world. We must do what we can to capture some global equity and the future belongs to those who are awakened to the fact that the future involves space and the truth that alien civilizations exist. Why should we allow the future global corporations to sell stock that Americans are not buying. We can now influence the global awareness that we need certain basics and those who have will have not in a crisis or global cataclysm and the playing global field may become equal for the common folks. We must all prepare for the future of the expansion of the middle class for all beings. The coming elections of politicians for 2012 will shape the future to come in America. We must be aware and fight for our liberty and justice for all. The entire global community counts on America to lead the way for the future. If we do not lead we will follow.

We can still hold onto our trade and commerce free zones and our designated areas controlled around the oceans and seas. Space is now a global commerce. Who will control the future in space will be come the space policing countries and should be considered a United Nations policy and procedure budget with all countries on the planet involved. We should prepare now because all those on the planet will require security. Global Security is not uncalled for. 

The ET UFO interest in our Nuclear Facilities lets everyone know they are interested in how we shall progress with our understanding and use of nuclear weapons on earth and in space. Just like the Indo Europeans Sky Gods who took over the female Goddesses we may have to learn what changed the responsibility for the fall of all humanity. That which is dangerous and forbidden once may be what was called divination, sorcery, omens, astrology, and cosmology. A magical encounter between a biblical queen and a witch may be something similar to what we can expect from the future aliens or ETs of space. What are the contactees and UFOs trying to share with the world?  Is this what we want or expect? We must begin to pay attention and connect the dots of our past, and future now in the present. We may not have an option. Intelligence is part of our overall psyche and critical mass consciousness of what the future will bring for us all. Will there be both an awakening of spirit and global cataclysms in the future as past religions were hinting at for us to keep abreast of what is happening in space?  This is why we need to know who are Contactees are now on earth prior to 12-21-2012. TJ

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