ET UFO Community Preservation


A guide to writing, thinking, and learning as the Food for Knowledge in Life is as important as preserving food to sustain life, as we know it to exist.

In the past roles in the game of life, we have forgotten the importance of what we learned as a whole along the way in life.

We must protect what we find out in the future and keep and preserve what we have now found out for those who shall come after us all to this planet.
We must have presence of forethought for our progeny in the future. Share time with us in the future here on UFO and Social Paranormal is the new unique alternative to the common social networks that are common such as Facebook and Twitter of which I too am a part. We are all doing what we can to share our own unique perceptions about life in general.
Those of us in the Et/UFO Community still seem to raise a brow or two when sharing our thoughts of the ETs ways of coming and going like UFOs instead of spacecraft not of earth origin. EBENS we know was used during the age of Eisenhower. Those who were supposedly in charge in the past who used the smartest men to devise control factors of what have should have been common knowledge to all beings on earth made some mistakes in classifying information. It is the various ways we guide others with our own perceptions and views as news that becomes editorials and essays on the Internet.
We are all becoming aware that our ideas are being cataloged and being used by those in empirical data mining. The future Internet will tell those who can afford to know of demographics and statistics which way the world is headed regarding the belief systems of us all. This will be used for or against us in the future in politics and in other ways. We may as well being sharing our energy and begin building up each other’s websites. We will need to share our points of views and gather in numbers to survive the future as changes.
When we write about a certain subject such as 2012 on the internet. The keyword is suggested across the Internet and is joined with all other articles, reports, and information collected under the same work and word so that others can find out all the information that we are dealing with on a regular basis. This is also time stamped as to when we came up with this critical mass analogy. Make no mistake, what we share and write about in our social networks and on e-magazines is very important to the “Powers that be”. Our blogs have become important for those who are in charge of the world and the information network want to know what we are thinking. How better than to allow for freedom of speech and the press on the Internet?
We must protect freedom of speech for all others rely on this one on this planet!
We should not fear but should learn from our past mistakes. Fear of fear its self should be our greatest concern. Fear of the unknown has controlled many civilizations in the past.
We are now about changing the fears in the minds of human beings with the disclosure of all that has been classified as Aliens and UFOS in the past. 
I share my  time and articles because of an inner passion to do so. It is my hopes and desires that create passion in life for me personally. I hope that this is a common trait among all beings. There is beauty in life if one will only search and seek out that which cannot be understood. I believe that life is worth preserving the way that it is now with an unknown. My spouse is of the opposite mind and believes that life here is not worth sustaining. We are at odds with each other about the major issues in life.
However, opposites attract and we are still asked to maintain life on earth that can be observed by those above we call Extraterrestrials. Which of us makes our point to the Supreme Counsel remains to be seen. He is male and I am female and I believe it is time for the female aspects of all life to share in the future guidance of being as life on earth. I believe that ebens will need to see that we can free all females from religious male bondage ideologies such as burkas and other imposed human created dominance by the males who created religions on earth. That thought will require another book. For now, I shall speak in general about our ET/UFO Community sharing the game of life called preservation. 
Do you believe in magic,miracles, signs from above? I do. I am a realist in many ways and I always loved science. AS a matter of fact I would not read fiction but only science and history while in High School. Funny since my mother always read me fairy tales and Bible stories as a child. One teacher in the 9th grade changed my life about reading. I still to this day cannot read novels or get interested. I do love movies such as Harry Potter and Avatar though. I am still trying to figure out my own wiring harness and mainframe. My internal motor and what drives me escapes me at this time. I tend to believe it is all apart of the soul that lies elsewhere in another plane of existence.
I appreciate the signs that nature gives me. I have butterflies, bees, and birds in my yard daily. I have deer that eat in my yard and various raccoons and possums. Quite a place yet my small humble abode is only temporary.
I look for signs as to what I should share with others in nature. AS I was writing this essay it was raining, lightning, and thundering and my connection was lost four times. I wondered about whether this information would be seen and preserved by others on earth and elsewhere. I desire to share some of the details in my experiences with extraterrestrials that others on earth have no idea that exist. I wonder if nature and the universe will want others to know of all the various levels of beings that come and go without being noticed.

I cannot make time to read all there is to read on the Internet Highway and this is disheartening to say the least. I do wish I had more time to devote to others and their curiosities about life. Many younger people coming to earth are learning fast to explore the occult metaphysical realms of life on earth. I was going to share more about the life with ETS when this essay came to me with the lightning and thundering of my old friend THOR.

We shall not want to destroy in any form our knowledge left us in the past by our ancestors on earth. We are paying dearly with our own time in life having to repeat some of our mistakes as an intelligent being species. I share that we shall answer to those above with our lives energy and how we spent our time on earth. This I know for a fact. I am back to share what I know so that those who want to know can say they sought out the truth. What they do with the truth is another matter.I still face life as a mere human with my own crosses to bear and endure. 
There are various kinds of literature in our community and various ways to share our thoughts as we build upon a foundation that was once thought of as common knowledge that has resurfaced in the 20th century. We who are the artists/writers, entrepreneurs, and publishers of the ET/UFO Community are setting the foundation for those in the future.
I cannot begin to share all the authors and artists who share in the ET/UFO Community that I have come to love and support as an advocate of the truth in this world and in this favored inspirational community.
There are various ways to address the topic of the ET/UFO Community.
I can offer some information and topics that we all use in various forms in a brief mention. We use articles, reports, allegories, autobiographies, comedies, dramas, essays, and even novels. We have writing reports and assignments from the time we enter school age and education in most all countries. The writing process is more important than ever to all of us here on planet earth. We will be communicating with other intelligent species who also are able to write, think, and learn from our shares on earth.
ET learning is going through a transition from traditional thinking into a more open minded left and right brain understanding of how our own bodies work together with body-mind-spirit being. We now know that our left and right sides of our brains and hearts operate somewhat differently from each other and perform functions that are needed for us to be a complete whole being. This will also reflect on us keeping ourselves real when it comes to being and thinking about whom we are now and who we are to become.
One will learn that the world will step aside and allow one to pass if he or she knows where he/she is going. This is a well-known saying that authors learn to grasp while training their individual skills. 
Setting goals are important. Making sure that ACTION follows these goals.
Being human is not an easy task as some may find out. Some of us have life easier on earth. I cannot explain this at this time. I have my own suspicions while keeping it real for myself on earth.
Managing the one priceless commodity on earth is very important. We are all given so much time to spend on earth and when that time is up we can only hope that we accomplished our set goals to be obtained while we were here on earth.
I am one that tends to have empathic properties attached to all living beings and creatures one earth. I could go into a large book on how those of us who are empathics and mystics feel the feelings and emotions inside us all…
I become one who can feel overwhelmed by the big picture for our sentient intelligent being species at times. I have to take the larger big picture and break it down into smaller jobs in order to accomplish my goals for each day.
I asked all those who desire to join in this life of ascension center enlightenment to keep their lives real in the ET/UFO Community by the strength we are given from simple words as these, “Physician heal thyself.”
We must know ourselves. We must know how much sleep we need on a daily basis. How much nourishment we need. When we tire and when we lose interest in things and especially in others. We must learn to use tools to share in planning our lives so that when our time comes to leave this planet we are honest and can explain how we prepared for life on earth and how we assisted others while on this planet.
We will answer to those who are called the Supreme Beings above and below in all other quadrants and regions of this universe that is joined with the metaverse.
We will need to know that the Xenoverse is a place that is created of all our unknowns that we have not yet faced to briefly describe that which is not understood by our own minds and being as a spiritual entity.
It is my hope and desire that by sharing some information for planning ahead in this lifetime will allow all others who find my story to assist others in becoming more than they are today. We can take one day at a time while knowing that the larger picture us out there for all of us to find one-step and one day a time. This is how we keep it real.
If one desires to search for information on the Internet it is suggested that certain keywords are used such as alien, et, ufo, flying saucer, paranormal, supernatural, black ops, Roswell, Stargate, remote viewing, andromeda, mystics, magic, metaphysics, occult wisdom, new age, spiritual, and various others.
It is up to each of us as an individual to sustain our views and vows of morals and integrity while joining with others of kindred spirit. Trust and loyalty with faith and hope is not easy to find in this day and time one earth in one’s own country much less the whole world. I choose to bare my soul in many of my articles and essays for others to find as bits and pieces of energy that I call thoughts. Whether only my creation or others called ET’s I cannot admit to or deny at this time in my life. I too am learning what life is like on earth to be human.
I have always felt that I was only visiting this planet but I have adjusted well enough to survive some 57 years thus far. I am not sure that I am doing all I could with my time on earth. I feel that I have learned to do what I can to plan for the future and yet somehow each day sets up some new rules for challenges that come to me from I know not where. 
I was taken to the hospital for bug of some type that caused me a fever, chilIs, and loss of control of my bodily functions. It is at this terrible time I experience the most frightening loss of control that I feel closest to the spirit of those above.  I always ask for assistance to overcome the pain and lack of health. The Dis-ease I sustained I know now where I obtained this other than going to a the large Bowling Green Flea Market to obtain some of my motorcycle gear with my spouse. I was able to guide my 1200 Gold Wing Interstate back home and I fell in bed with a severe headache to wake up to vomiting and diarrhea. I do not know what caused this and it took me three days to get over this terrible feeling of misery. I choose to believe that if we have our health we are blessed. It does not take much to keep me happy through life on earth. My quest is to share that which I receive as guidance. 
I  have chosen to assist others who desire to share their lives in words. We are all guilty of needing to be more organized when thinking about a subject. The ET/UFO Community is growing and has many topics that are all included in the five main subjects at the United Nations level as art, culture, education, science, technology.
We must take that which has been designed as a model for us in every day life on earth as the five main ingredients and share our thoughts and desires for the future in all other aspects of our futures whether it includes religions, folklore, Folklife, politics, or any of the human resources that we all use on a daily basis and put out thoughts into categories.
It is our indecisions about the future that causes our stress levels to peak. By making the right decisions at the right times we can learnt to keep it real while we are inside the ET/UFO Community. We are all a part of something much bigger than any one of us. 
Various groups, organizations, and associations that exist that are being created daily believe they have a way to construct a better way to build the future for us all. This is part of the growth process in our ET/UFO Community. We are not a voting caucus for politicians although we may have a larger influence on the world if we were joined for political activist’s reasons. However, being that we are all about bringing the truth to light and keeping the ET/UFO Community real, it is best if we continue our quest as writers, and advocates of a common cause that “Alien Civilizations Exist!” as our main them and common interest in sharing what we know to be the truth. 
For now, we have been sharing the paranormal community along with the New Age communities that are more open to change and the understanding that not all that is truth and reality is in black or white, and left and right.
We who study the latest in energy and quantum entanglement have had to embrace a new way of science to move forward and that is with using that which is the unknown commonly called the spirit. The future will be about that which at one time we had no empirical knowledge of and this is what discoveries are made of. The future will be about that which we cannot see, feel, touch, hear, or taste, alone nor can we put our terms around such as “I cannot wrap my brain around that.”
This is a way of today saying we cannot comprehend a certain thought or pattern. This new wave of words and speaking is also about moving us forward into the future so that we may find out what “Keeping it real” is all about in the future. We must all be patient and do our part while sharing with others that we are all the same and yet different. The one common thread of truth in the universe is “CHANGE”.
It will be up to us in the ET/UFO Community to join with the PARANORMAL and SUPERNATURAL communities to share in the new LEXICON.
It is now up to us who are creating our own world among worlds to address our own in the form of literature and arts. We can share that which comes from the seas, the farms, and now technology that include the internet for our communication purposes. We are being watched by the world as to how we shall form the perfect union as a democracy among ourselves. 
We should begin building our own way of being, doing, having, thinking, learning, and proceeding with making the world a better place to work and create. We are all those who shall share the beginnings of the new ET/UFO Community.
How shall we proceed with our own art, and literature while keeping it real in the sciences? Those who are aware of the past technologies will find that many of our most popular beliefs and scientific creations now used in space and by NASA were once thought of as only “Science Fiction.” 
Those who we now call Ets of the ET/UFO Community quite possibly guided our famous creators who were futurists, explorers, and had the greatest imaginations. 
We who are the authors/entrepreneurs and share our thoughts whether they be first time prepared from our own design as creators or merely shared by way of channeled higher energy, information, and knowledge should be known for sharing our thoughts while keeping it real for all of us in the future.
Preserving the FOOD for LIFE is no more important that PRESERVING the ART OF KNOWLEDGE in LIFE.
We are all a part of something wonderful and should be ready to change the design of what we create as a team at any given time. No one being on earth owns this wave of energy that flows from above to the below or from one dimension into another. We are now becoming aware of the “BRANE IN SPACE-TIME” that will begin showing and sharing how we can all access more of what is real in the various dimensions of life while we are still on e
One will find that there are many keywords that cross over including exopolitics, exopolitics, metaverse, quantum-entanglement, and the study of anthropology and Folklife.
Help us preserve what is ours to remain for others who shall come afterwards to earth. TJ 

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