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I have had people emailing me about wanting to be paranormal writers and asking me where they can join my organization.

If one desires to Google me they should do so under TJ Thurmond Morris and not just Theresa Morris or TJ Morris ACIR although there are various names I have used not realizing that Google would not place them all on the same page or pages for my readers and fans to find me. I choose to be remembered as a Christian Mystic although as everyone knows history is fleeting and not known while living but is created after one is dead and gone from this realm of existence.

Therefore as a “Starving Artist who has to pay their dues,” I have decided to share in the future some lessons of writing and how to share my organization as people are inquiring.

This is a beginning phase of a new paradigm and the movement will be called the Aquarian Age Ascension Center of Enlightenment. I did not choose the name ASCENSION CENTER but it was chosen for me by those above that some would consider the Holy Trinity as the DIVINE POWER. That would be GOD, JESUS, and HOLY SPIRIT!

Now, with that said, I shall offer a bit of history of how I became one of the first in a long line of what is now called paranormal writers and more particularly one of the Creators of the ET/UFO Community writers as we call it ET/UFO JOURNALISM 101.

Because the world is changing and we are entering what is now called the globalization phase or the “GLOBAL COMMUNITY”, we are aware of the raise in the Holistic Alternative Health and Medicine fields. Also, there is over $30 Billion dollars reported this year and is gaining interest while the other fields in the product and service industry are in decline or in recession!

Therefore, I shall try to assist all those who desire me too as a GUIDE and TEACHER. I am going to assist those who want to share my path in the ASCENSION CENTER ENLIGHTENMENT. I was chosen to be an ET/UFO CONTACTEE and I do share what I can when I can with others in my writing.

This has come to the attention of other would be writers who desire to join me in my QUEST for THE INNER LIGHT and the book which I have began a series of TITLEs for is ASCENSION AGE 2012 & BEYOND, Spirituality & Philosophy for Whole LIfe Living – A Better Future. ISBN #…/dp/0557398975.

 This book is the beginning in a series of which I started writing while I was reading my own columns on UFO Digest.

I saw how my own life was connected to the all spiritually and philosophically. I was changing and becoming a better writer with Dirk Vander Ploeg offering some guidance as to have my husband read my articles with me before I sent them in and to please use a spell check.  I learned a lot from Dirk and will be glad to share in the future with him with completing some writing training for others. Although I had been an investigator reporter and private investigator in college, I was trained later as a Government Investigator and writing reports a certain way for them. This did not leave room for any creative thinking or writing. I did not learn much about writing but learned more about the people, place, and things I was investigating.

This is not the same thing as being what I call a “REAL  WRITER” much less one that is called a PARANORMAL WRITER. So, I began a new path and quest to raise my own awareness of  what Dirk wanted to present on UFO Digest. Still there was a learning curve as to what information he wanted me to share and how. This is how I learned that I was not so much like all the other people who were reporting on his website and others who were into the UFO Community of collecting photos and making videos. This that I wanted to do was working more with words and their relationship to other people.

I realized I was more about sharing my thoughts on the future of how the world could be with what I knew was introduced to me in HAWAII as the ASCENSION CENTER. Then I realized that this goes back much further than my 7 years in Hawaii and my creation of the PSYCHIC NETWORK and the book I had written there called ASCENSION ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS. This was more than the Psychic Awakening Classes that I taught others.

This was the “BIG AHA” moment of where I could blend my spirit and passion with a spark of talent that had been dormant in me but guided by those above whether they be the GOD, Jesus, Holy Spirit, or their Demi Gods, Angels, Guides, or Metatron himself from the Akashic Field. This was more than the Theory of Everything. This was about the future of which I was to be a part as a Spiritual Mystic Writer. I could use my prior channeling, psychic, remote viewer energy and talents to include them in the working world as an Author/Entrepreneur. 

This could offer me an outlet for all that energy and money and I mean thousands, $5,000 USD on one SEMINAR to be exact that I attended in PSI Seminars in Long Beach, California at the Hilton in 1993. Then I went to the PSI ranch. This was back in the day when we were learning about Werner Erhard, EST, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and I wasn’t into that. Those guys in the rooms learning EST sounded like they were in misery, while we in PSI were doing self examinations in an agreeable atmosphere. I CHOSE PSI over EST.

I chose Wayne Dyer,  Zig Zigler , Deepak Chopra and was already involved as an event planner for many Whole Earth and ECO Expos all over including  various cities in the US and Canada. I went to Dallas, Chicago, and New York and participated in these conventions that were very green and environmentally wholesome. I liked the people and the products back then. But, one thing that was not present was the ET/UFO community. It was only represented with the bunch who believed in Blavatsky and certain other books. SO, it was Book Authors who were on the fringe of what I already knew to be the truth.

It was a time when Erich Von Daniken  and Zecharia Sitchin were mentioned secretly at these conventions but no one would claim a hall or row for those who were of the ET/UFO Community. We were all together except on that one topic, I knew the spirit in the future would have to change. Sure, there had been Shirley Mac Laine www.shirleymaclaine.comi, with  Out On A Limb, and I watched it on television with my four daughters from military housing in Great Lakes, IL in 1987. I also watched the Whitley Strieber television show called  Communion, with my girls who did not care for it at all. At that time, we had all been involved with ETs and UFOS and they were not frightening but enlightening. We did not understand why this movie portrayed a different experience.

I decided then to share some of my stories with others who had exhibits at these conventions and see what came back. There were some Gnostics who were serving whole food and they began to talk to me at my booth a few booths down. They represented a way of being and the SUFIS joined them. I didn’t really want to be in the religious part of this whole life movement. 

There were two men that came up to me and embarrassed me while I was eating with the Sufis. One said, “Hey, I know you. I saw you! You were in Las Vegas at the airport.” Then the man with him said, “That’s her. She’s the one I was telling you about. The tall blonde that works underground at Area 51.” I was so embarrassed and told them they didn’t know what they were talking about. I had been outed and knew then that I must find a way to make this acceptable before this whole thing got out of hand. I soon learned that the extraterrestrials agreed with me and heard my thoughts and prayers but that is a long story better left for a later time….


On or about the end of 2007 I became aware of Steve Hammons. His articles began running in the same locations as my syndications.

Being that I served most my adult life from college as an Investigator as a private, legal, government general service (GS) investigator I found his style and tone most pleasing to my professional sense and ego about myself. It was something I could relate too and enjoyed reading.

The writing style and his own views and opinions were from an observer and I recognized in him a part of me and how I had written all my life as a professional. It was the way most of us were trained in the military to get affidavits, statements, and we prepared JAG reports. We had to just get the facts and had a format that we had to adhere too for the Judge Advocate General and joint in Washington, D.C.. This was a way of life for me for over 20 years from 1978 until 1998. Officially I am only on the official record in uniform as a USNR-R 85-93 but I served time as a GS, and prior on contract and afterwards on contract. I am just now registering again to serve as a writer or copywriter for some contracts with government because it may make a difference in the future in Energy and Physics with DOE, and NASA.

I worked for attorneys, with FBI agents, Marshals, Police Chiefs, Arson Investigators for Insurance Companies, Naval Investigative Services (NIS), DOD, and we shared much but still put our own opinions at the end of our reports. I soon realized that we were all out of the same mold due to our college courses, and military and professional training. There were organizations and fraternal orders we could join, and for years I was known among the Who’s Who and among other Private Investigators, I chose security and public administration outside of the service to the government as a general contractor and consultant. I was usually not allowed to discuss cases under confidentiality agreements which was par for the course. I called my personal business Assured Confidentiality Investigative Reports.

Although I have chosen a different more common folklife style of writing today, I share the respect of all those who still call this type of writing and style of reporting investigative reporting and journalism. There are billions of people on this planet and one shall learn that certain people gravitate to others vibrations and tones whether in voice, video, or writing.

I recently got a brochure from a man in New Jersey who is an investigator and has all the equipment for analyzing voices. I won’t go into the details but I hope that I do not have to get to the point where I do not trust others in my life or am asked personally to use this equipment in an investigation. Therefore, I have changed my style of life and writing from being an Investigator, or Investigative Reporter to being more of a personal stylized writer. I want to appeal to the general populace to persuade others to share in my life and on my path as a friend.

I suggest to all readers of UFO Digest to welcome Steve for all the work he does and to praise him for his style and for being able to shine a light on progressive mainstream journalism. Such as his comment and I will quote:

“Psychological denial, ridicule and closed minds are probably not helpful for our human societies on planet Earth.
Responsible journalists may want to step up to the plate and exchange denial and hubris for thorough research and greater insight. This is useful not only for journalists themselves, but also for the public who rely on today’s journalism for a legitimate source of information and perspective.” Steve Hammons.


“To readers who would be writers for UFO Digest and other websites, we use various styles to learn because writing leads to better understanding.” TJ

Dirk Vander Ploeg was a newspaper man and publisher first out of Toronto, Canada, He has proven himself on the Internet with some of us journalists and other professionals for the UFO as a website and place for a special group of writers to meet with those who would be their readers.

For the ET/UFO Community this is needed. We have seen various websites over the years since 1995 crop up. I used the computers in the military since 1985 and was bringing my own Kaypro metal box carry around to work with me like a lap top. I was in the U.S. Navy at the time. Although we had some computers in the main buildings in places like for CRYPTO it wasn’t until I was working in about 1988-89 that I saw our government going through a transition to using computers.

I worked during a time of the first to use computers.This was when we switched over from the WANG computer system. Prior to that I had seen other companies using IBM, and we trained ourselves from the 1970’s in Cobol and Fortran and their was a huge debate among my peers and classmates about the future since we were in Univ. of Alabama and were wondering whether we should actually pursue courses in computers because they were changing so fast.

I sat in many late night debates with the THINK TANKS in those years after our FORENSICS class. We would stay in a meeting room then some of us would adjourn to an eating establishment. It was decided we would all be Entrepreneurs working for the good of the all and simply be those who would use computers in the line of our profession and to get on the job training with software developers which was something that was new to us but we new IBM and others had “BUZZ WORDS” going on about the “TRANSISTER”. Now, the President of IBM has been quoted as admitting that the transister was the greatest accomplishment of our time.

I am here to go on record for historical purpose of UFO Digest and in support of STEVE HAMMONS that Col. Philip J. Corso in THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL was telling the truth and had no reason to LIE!

I am here to support the truth that the TRANSISTER came from the ET/UFO that crashed near Roswell and that Strom Thurmond knew of this as I did and believed the truth. Strom Thurmond and I spoke on several occasions about this and he wanted my opinion as a young investigator during my time at UAB. The first time I was involved, his secretary got me on the phone, the other times he called me direct.

There is much of my life that is not public and probably never will be. This is why I have chosen to become a writer as an author and let the chips fall where they may. I take on the love and passion inside me which is spirit and the search for the one true GOD in ALL and this has lead me to discover more about myself and all others. I was chosen to be a CONTACTEE for whatever reasons.

I am lead by the inner force, our guiding force that I prefer to share with others as the spirit in us all. Some say I am wrong to use this style, since I was once a professional writer. I say that if I write like I had to all those years, the energy just doesn’t flow. It is not coming from the inside of me where the words just flow spontaneously and I don’t have to work at it. If this is channeling from those whom have watched over me and guided me as extraterrestrials and because of my past involvement with leaders in government positions then so be it.

One thing I would like to point out to Steve, Dirk, Robert, and my other peer group as writers, journalists, publishers, copy editors, investigators, is that because of my chosen line of work I have suffered because of my family and friends not being able to know me personally on earth or as a professional. The jobs we do as professionals dealing with the government on the inside is very lonely work. We are about core values and the good of all. We do not do it for ego but for truth.

There are many who pledge their lives to doing the right thing and so I honestly to defend many in my prior profession with the government. They are honest citizens who take on jobs to create HUMINT, that is human intelligence. We strive for the latest intel reports on the forward movements of those who may do us harm. We are still at the level of collecting human intelligence among every creature on earth. We will always be taking in analysts information and research from those in confidential and secret places. We will always have trained journalists that are acting in the public eye.

We must point out that the whole world is watching. This is why so many of our journalists of the United States are suspected of being spies! Because some are. This means to those who would still be our enemies based on politics among foreign governments that we are sending in government contractors or employees into foreign countries to gain information. That has not changed since the French Underground.

Read the history of our ways among intelligence in the military and how we all began collecting intelligence reports. It has morphed into those who are working in the newspaper field of journalism. This is how we allowed the outreach development of our government in the United States infiltrate that inside what for the most part appears to be corporate controlled newspaper reporting. Dirk and I know from experience inside the newspaper/magazine world but for me, I also have experience on both sides of the business as a government employee and as a civilian employee. I was ask to give stories to reporters for years.

The young reporters would locate me and want a story. I would tell them I could not help them so they would stalk me in Houston, Chicago, and New York. I trained some people to do what I do but most did not have the natural talent for it. I even had the opportunity to train some FBI agents that were green in the field who needed experience. But, then they were assigned to friends of mine who were already in the FBI. There is a world that unless one has lived it, one has no idea about and can not and should not rely on the main stream reporting for all their information. There are those of us in the alternative independent reporting that can share more valuable information and first hand experiences.

There is a synergy happening inside of me of my spiritual, investigative, analyst, researcher parts that I see as a passion for exploration. I hope that Steve will continue to point out our flaws in the critical mass way of thinking and pointing out the flaws in our past ways of reporting. For now, there is still a gulf between those who are of the “PROGRAMMED” style of reporting and those of us who are “FREETHINKERS”.

I choose to be a free thinker and let those who will accept me or debate me do so!

Bravo Zulu Steve on a another report well done!

NOTE TO READERS: Please visit Steve Hammons here first on UFO Digest and second – Joint Recon Study Group site at:

 http://jointreconstudygroup.blogspot.comand Transcendent TV & Media site at

Oh and I would appreciate those willing to support my endeavors while I find my writing choices on,, and

My books can be found on AMAZON at under TJ Thurmond Morris along with Dirk Vander Ploeg.

Also, some like to read David Icke.

I do not believe some theories of David Icke but I certainly respect him for being brave as a speaker and author since I began the ASCENSION CENTER in 1989-1990. Another I shall support of my ASCENSION CENTER as the AQUARIAN ASCENSION AGE MOVEMENT since 1989-1990 is DAVID WALKER – in a way I see him as a student of mine who in the beginning was a truthseeker who did not understand NEW AGE and what I was teaching instead of the world and word of ASCENSION.Obstacle # 12 – I do not have a defined product ascension funnel. Objective – I have a detailed plan of all the …. 2010 Make Money Online with David Walker.

I only had one student so to speak named TONY STUBBS back in the day as far as I was concerned who did not know me personally. I was working with the “CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL” group in HOUSTON, TEXAS. We were meeting in a room and called it APLE. But, that was back in 1980-85 and look how far we have come! I also worked with several groups as “THINK TAKES” and we created some great sayings and bumper stickers. You may have seen some through the years. We did make a difference in what I did not realizes was already coined the NEW AGE. TJ
by HS Koch – 1972 – 
The features of a new data definition language called COBOLFORTRAN Data Definition Language (CFDDL) are discussed. Motivation and justification for a

Product Description

Theresa J. Thurmond Morris combines her experiences and with her life’s intensive investigations. People now “know” things direct that noone else had to tell them. Sixth Sense and ESP we are finding out has been used to communicate with alien extraterrestrials. WE find out about a real UFO that has crashed but one was left intact on earth. It’s occupants were the Grays. We also learn of the Supreme Beings. There is more we always wanted to know but were afraid to ask! Shh. . . TJ is going to share her story about an alien UFO. This is First in a Series. The next is TAKEN UP!

  • Paperback: 184 pages
  • Publisher: (April 3, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0557385660
  • ISBN-13: 978-0557385669


If Steve Hammons writes books I am not aware but I am sure he should. Love and Light. TJ

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