The truth may hurt some who thought that we were more special than we are in space.  It is now time for us to progress to the next level in our ascension awareness or raising consciousness. As we who work with Ascension Lightworkers say, “It is time to shift and uplift from the darkness into the light.” No more being a mushroom and hiding in the dark of ignorance. Too many of us want to know the truth about why we are here, where we are going when we leave earth.
There are all types of harvests going on . We have underground visitors who mine our world’s most  prized possessions, crystals. Larger the better with just the right size and shape to be used in our spacecraft above in space in our cities in space. We above do not take enough to warrant damage to earth. We do not want humankind to damage earth.
There is a saying on earth that “When the student is ready the master will appear.” Also, “God  the creator has a plan and will manifest the journey when it is time for the created.”
Truth is not well accepted on earth. It is time we bring the world out of the Stone Age, and into the nuclear age of space flight in this universe.
It is time to wake up all the generations that exist at present on earth above the age of accountability. I would say that this is 25 but my spouse would argue that it is 18. He says if a man can fight for his country and world then he should be held accountable whether as a voter, drinker, or any other social privileges given.
My husband, Thomas R. Morris, is my companion on earth. He is an ET hybrid like myself although there is no medical doctor or geneticists or other scientific geniuses who could detect that we are any different from any and all beings on earth. Thomas R. Morris knows more about space wars and battles than I could ever describe. Tom as he prefers to be called has also fought wars on earth for our government but cannot speak of most of what he knows about his government dealings. This does not include those that he has experienced in space. However, he is not interested in sharing. We differ on how the race of beings on earth is to be taken care of by the Superiors in space.
We both have knowledge that would make the smartest and brightest scientists question what they know based on what we could provide in information between us. We could also make their captured foreign not of earth but of other world origin spacecraft work. At present, there is no government that has the knowledge to make the alien spacecraft perform for a reason. ET information is what I choose to provide as a communicator. I am also a Co-commander as odd as that may sound to most on earth. It even sounds odd to me as I see the words form on the white space on my computer. That is because I am only seeing and thinking with my human programmed mind. There is more to all of us than meets the eye and mind.
There are two alien hybrid types born to typical beings on earth that had no clue as to the future of their children. When the inception of knowledge was formed in space before we were allowed to come to earth is only known by those above. The saying, “I knew you before you were born or entered the womb,” is the truth. That will be hard for many to grasp. That will mean they may have to revise their understanding of the evolution of our species.
Ascension sounds so much nicer than the word Harvested to me personally. I would like to think that when we ourselves decided to participate in the future events of our souls that we were explained the plan before we came to earth and the veil was drawn where we knew and agreed that our memories would be shrouded in darkness. The light would have to come with the world’s effort to enlighten our egos. We have to have egos to survive this plane or existence. This is part of the body-mind-spirit encasing with our survival instincts.
We are about being harvested in ways that we in the past only comprehended as when we die we hope that we go to heaven and not tell. 
That limited amount of information is going to change in the new paradigm that will be happening in various levels, and in various disciplines and sciences on earth.  The reason is that it is time to move on to the next level of our thought processing about our species on earth.
We are so much more than we are lead to believe on earth by those in government that want to control that which they collectively cannot yet understand. That which cannot be understood causes fear among our elected leaders on earth. 
The ET harvest has been going on for the whole time that humankind has been on earth. This is part of the process for existing as a species on earth. 
We are not only harvested in order to populate other worlds to perform the work as stewards for those who are superior to us above but, we are also to learn to expand our willingness to cooperate with other supreme beings in space.
There have been various groups, civilizations, cultures, tribes, and ET type of hybridization going on since the inception.
We have various stories that are presented throughout time and history.
It is now time to begin to put the pieces together to try to find out what each of us have in common and what each of us have inside us that is different that is presently called junk DNA.
We are the one’s who are studied and researched while on this planet.
In addition, the crystals that are giants and take thousands of earth years are to create are very precious and invaluable to our survival in space.
We have to have the crystals for our various technologies to survive in space. Therefore, the reason why the underground caves, tunnels, and ways to create crystals are protected.
We also use gold in space and some other raw materials that are found on earth. This is why the earth will be protected from other intruders.
We in space do not want some of the malevolent types to come, rape, and pillage the earth and its inhabitants! (More later – ran out of time. TJ)

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