Evidence of imminent Invasion by Alien ET UFOs

World Information Network (WIN)  Psychic Souls Information and TJ Morris Psychic.NET. The Evidence of Alien ET Invasion is Everywhere. 

By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris



I am writing an article to celebrate the fourth anniversary with Dirk and Robert on UFO Digest.com. It will tell of one of my deepest secrets that is dear to my heart and soul. I will tell how one of my secrets confirms to me that we are never alone on this planet. Alien Civilizations exist and come and go as they please or are sent to share in the creative design of the entire humanoid species in the omniverse. Most know that I share the universe, multiverse, metaverse,  xenoverse, and omniverse for the fifth dimension we share in this omniverse.



Extragalactic means that we are located or originated beyond the Galaxy!
I was once approached by an ET meaning an Extragalactic Being. The story I am about to share has taken me almost forty two years to share with the working world. Because of our new technology on this planet which we call the Internet Online and the WEB, I can now reach the world and allow my story to be joined with others who have had the same experience. Some have already come forth with their various experiences and because I have had so many based on who I am and how much I am allowed to know and experience on many levels it may appear that my lifetimes and my life experiences are just too impossible for any one being to experience and know so much in one lifetime. So, please remember that the person telling this story has had many lifetimes and has been allowed to live and die and live and die again twice in this one lifetime in this one body. Also, that I have been allowed to know of my past eight lives prior to this one. All of the awakened awareness makes a difference in how much one’s own emotional and mental body can handle in one lifetime.  I shall share my story of all the alien ET contact to allow others to see just how we are blended in to the entire humanoid species in space for the first time on earth.I have ET SECRETS! TJ

We can now begin our filtering and clustering in our organizations and at our EXPOS around the world.  Most all have accepted FACEBOOK and TWITTER AROUND THE WORLD. TJ MORRIS is also known as Theresa J Thurmond Morris – Event Organizer – Planner – Guide – Speaker – Hostess at Expos, Fairs and Conferences that cover Body Mind Spirit, Wellness, Holistic Health, Sustainability, Green Living, Organics, Conscious Living, Natural Healing, New Age, Metaphysics, Whole Foods, Psychics and Spirituality for over 21 years. 

We who are considered Alien ET Hybrids are called Walk-Ins to some of the old Baby boomers (1946-1966). Then comes those we call the Lightworkers and the Younger or Second Wave of Lightworkers before we begin counting the Indigos. Depends on who one asks as to when one generation begins and the other ends. Just like we all have our ideas of what will happen in the Ascension Age beginning 12-21-12 that is simply called the Golden Age to all those of the old NEW AGE movement that want peace on this planet. The future will deal with the new spirits coming to earth now. We have a time shift that can better be explained by Anderson Institute at the Pythagoras Conference in Louisville.
Attorney Basiago and Alfred Lambremont  Webre will also speak on various topics of concerns. I believe it is Sharon Sabatini who  spoke too on Facebook on the IM that said if you are interested in attending Dec.16-18 to contact Alice in Louisville at the Pythagoras Conference webs www.pythagorasconference.com/ 
This conference will develop a Global Think Tank. Twenty experts in Science,  May 1: Advance Registration closes (add to your calendar); Dec 16Conference Begins  Why LouisvilleKentucky, as a Global International destination? …TJ May be there.
Andrew D. Basiago is a former participant in DARPA Project Pegasus (1968-72) that developed Tesla-based quantum teleportation and time travel in the time space hologram, initiating the U.S. program of time-space Chrononauts. 
We are integrating some of our variations of the spiritual theme dealing with that which in the past was only thought of as scientific. We must now all become spiritual intellectuals over the next era in time. 

Hi ED: 

Thank you for your kind emails and asking me to be your MENTOR in the years to come. Conferences I have assisted in the past all dealt with my personal interests. Now the Computer Social Media and Marketing on Computers has my interest since this is now my tool of choice for communication efforts. o come. I realize you are only 21 years old and your father is a preacher. 

I train many prophets, teachers, mystics in this world. This is part of the great awakening. 

Hi my new friend. You may join me on Facebook under many of the pages I have. Choose one. You said you are most drawn to the ETSpirit.Org then that should be the one you join and become a writer for to train your spirit energy.

You asked me a few questions that I am sure others would like answered as well. The way I work I was taught to allow each person only three (3) Questions because there are so many beings on earth close to seven (7) billion which is the cut off time and why those who are in tune now with the astral vibrations and known astronomy and astrology are learning that the stars and planets are much older than what is taught in schools. Much of each harvest time for the masters is wiped out on the planet and new souls begin training again on this planet.

I am adding some information I have never come forth before and explained because it wasn’t time. I had to wait until the season was upon us. There is a time and season for all of us in our training and education on earth. I have just been allowed to begin the future with the Planet Information Network and the World Information Network which window was opened in 1990 in Hawaii.  We have portals in time. I worked with one window for forty earth years. Space Portals are real and some are beginning to appear around the world. Some will appear as the veil is thin like towns and mirages that were not previously in the same space on this planet. This will confuse the masses. 

This is how in past civilizations there has come to be interested in magic and religions to many. The time to see things that could not be understood in real time because virtual time and space in the same place was not understood or comprehended. It is my understanding in all my nine (9) lives that this was part of why we have people like me come who are trained in various levels to use our minds in various ways to assist others. We are called Avatar Ascension Masters and to some they call us Time Lords because of our coming and going on this planet in various ways. Some of us use our skills we are taught in the other world. It is like Quantum Physics. We can use our minds to be in two places simultaneously. Some want to know the various levels and I have taught them in the last century. I shall begin to teach those who find their way to me.

My first memories are rather sketchy but the main ones I can remember are as real to me as today is. I was the only child so I had to be under three years of age. I can remember playing with one in particular which has an impact on other spiritual souls therefor called   impacular which is a term for an intergalactic soul. We are all intergalactic and now we will begin to share ourselves that way on this planet. I am told to now create the Planet Information Network.com. I was given the Ascension Center.Org name in 1990 to allow for our growth on this planet with those who would impact change.

I cannot tell you all the words for in this world they are hard to sound out. It is like learning a new language without the proper vocal chords so most of those I know use something similar to ESP>. He was a boy child ET and he could come and go like a hologram. I believe I was trained by him with ESP for the first time before reaching 3. It could have been at 2 because I knew him for a long time and remember very certainly when my physical earth mother left him in the house. I have vivid memories of Mother not letting him go with us on trips in the car.  She would allow me to stand in the back seat of the car and I as of average height as a child. My guess is that the alien ET UFO ship which is what we call them on earth which stayed hidden in the white clouds above on sunny days or did not have to materialize due to stealth mode which I will have to explain much later because of patent implications for governments.. ,

There are minerals used like Fe2O3 in Iron to ground or separate that which is from other galaxies and planets. Not all planets have the same minerals in space. Then we are taught about that which makes us more astral as in the air and can float. This entails ingredients such as those as a form of static electricity and magnetism and without a quantum engineering theorist able to think with both lobed of the brain at once it is very hard to share words. This deals with matter and anti-matter. This is why many of us were trained in space and on the planet. We will share the next 100 years learning how to become travelers in space and creating the future.

I have a way to train others and I am preparing the way now for the spiritual intellectuals who desire to share my spiritual journey on this planet while I can still walk the earth…

We were trained from the time we we are born. It is told to us that our DNA is enhanced. I had to go to Long Island -Montauk Point in 1969-1972 in this lifetime and some trained as I did. I understand Andre Basiago was one of the boys that trained with me. He doesn’t know me in this lifetime but I know him. Some girls were kept separate. We were not supposed to be known and the man was not from earth and was very tall slim and had dark hair and had ESP and a German or Swiss accent. Then my husband’s father only did what he was told to do. I do not blame  him since he as passed on to the other world now. I was always most agreeable as a child because it was fun! There was a lot of love for children like me on board the craft. I was taught how to talk with my mind to the little people who looked like short Japanese people to me with slanted eyes and had a light yellow cast. Some had grey and some had a light blue almost a green. I guess that was where the green alien terms in pop culture in marketing items became so popular. Well, I will tell you much later in your training about them. ..

For now you just know that I have much training and I can only teach those who ask for it and when it is said in the old days one’s belly is full. Those above who are over those of us as Avatar Ascension Masters in this program have seen many of our humanoid kind go insane because they cannot handle too much change in the design of their thoughts and materialized world. This is why through the last 9000 earth years we have only chosen people who have had their DNA enhanced over generations on this planet. We are all stardust and from space so we are all the same it is just that some of us are at longer life  cycle and levels and dimensions like we now use in computer games to teach.

I called this hologram Cleo. Not LEO. Mother was amazed at my friend because she could never see him but she soon learned how important he was and asked me why she could not see him. I told her he didn’t like grown ups because every time she would come into my room he would disappear. Mother told many people later about my friend.

He told me it was because adults didn’t believe. That is where the fairy stories came from. Those who don’t believe cannot conceive! Makes sense when the mind thinks about it logically. Reasoning is a part of the grounding process. Our minds can become static with electricity and we become ungrounded. That is why we insist on learning the chakras on this planet and then we take them to the higher levels after astral travel for beginners. Who too much information in this one lesson for you. I apologize if I go too fast – your mind may not accept what I tell you if I share too much. We teach in small quantities because of what I told you about this reality and it has to do with virtual reality at the same time. IT is like energy that can be in two places at once in quantum physics. I can share more later on various topics dealing with the ancient mystery schools and now how we prepare the future with the combination of the old terms and the new terms. Also we will use the internet and the web.

Michio Kaku shares some of the basics for beginners. I listened to him a few nights on television and he has the right ideas and concepts I will just have to assist once they get past the string theory and the multiverse in time and space.

Anyway, back to my story and how I began or how I first remember them appearing to me. In various times when I was very ill they came to comfort and heal me .I learned a little each visit through the years myself. They visit in physical form as I became an adult. Then I saw some and I cannot admit or deny some worked with the government but I suspect so. I have my reasons and in an adult seminar with metaphysical believers who have done their homework I may teach this once again. It feels that it is time to begin once again – After 11-11-11 another portal in time opens up and I can begin choosing those I want to train that s ay they want to be such as yourself. I have a whole life as proof that alien civilizations and people as humanoids in various sizes exist. Even in hues of skin. We are still all the same. Never let the color of one’s skin bother you. That is one of the basic lessons on earth. If people can’t get beyond something that is simple and they can see it will be very hard for them to learn with what is termed a prejudice mind.

In the later years as a child there was a movie with an actor named Jimmy Stewart who had a friend that was a tall white rabbit. It would make me very upset when mother would tell her friends about that movie and compare my alien ET friend to him. They weren’t the same at all. So, this was when I learned about holograms as a child and then when they could also touch objects and make them move. This was how they taught me about telekenesis. 

Ed. You know how you asked if we could still write to each other and that you would need a MENTOR? Well, may I use your email to me to begin my ARTICLE for my WEBSITES and for UFO Digest? 

The reason being, usually when people write me if they asked an important question to me and it isn’t about them, I put this question over in the category that other humanoids on the planet 

I first began having memories. Then I went on a ride in the sky when I was a little girl and was brought back to an open field just down from my house. It was next to the neighbors. I was missing and my mother sent for my Aunt and Uncle and her mother to look for me. She had my little sister in the house who was a baby. I was about 3 and 1 /2 almost 4. 

Then I went to White Sands, New Mexico when I was about 8 almost 9. I had just completed third grade and would be in the fourth. 

The Spirit People as White Ghosts had appeared to me when I died the first time in the second grade when I had hepatitis A. I got it the last reporting period of the second grade. I had to have my homework brought to the hospital and to home and then the summer was out. Then they appeared to me in the alien ET UFOS.

The time when I visited with Indians and a healing of the spirit and as a walkin in was done in a teepee tent with a shaman and smoke. This was performed when I went to White Sands, New Mexico with that same Aunt Vella and Uncle Rufus Henry with my grandmother Esther Sarah Richman Bolton.

I was also taken to White Sands up in an Alien ET UFO then but I don’t tell people because the stories always scared the daylights out of those who I chose to confide in. My grandmother told me to never tell anyone again about the people in the ET UFOS. My other Uncle actually worked in the Los Alamos Missile Range and another worked with the ET UFO underground. I went there the summer I was out of the third grade and would begin fourth grade at Ransom Elementary in West Monroe, La. 

I had many visitations and sometimes my mother would not know where I was. They didn’t take long though. When we train in school in space time is not the same. There it goes by the same it does on earth but when we return we are only missing 13 minutes. They cannot put back those 13 minutes and I don’t know why. Not sure anyone of my kind in space know.

The life I lead in space as a grown humanoid is not the same one I lived as a child there. Now I am a full fledged Commander and I have my own fleet. I can report in as a physical or so it seems to me there. It is like we are in the Hologram Fifth Dimension and to us here we can only take a part of us. We all have various parts, levels, dimensions, and personalities. It is apparent to those who I train as the Sages, Seers, Shaman, Mystics, Oracles here on earth.


For those who have trained most all their lived in the Metaphysical Mystery Schools their minds can read various levels of a person’s aura as mine can. Many believe that we only have colors in our auras and in our chakras which the believe are only 7. There are actually 13 on earth.

There are 34 in all but in this Omniverse we only use 33 for space travel. We have also after we ascribe and learn about the 13 and 33 we can learn about the multiverses which we also share in the met averse, Xenoverse, and Omniverse. We start with our own simply microcosm inside our brains. This is inside or unit or vessel we call a body-mind-spirit. Then we learn we can utilize both our inner being and our outer being or what people call our intrinsic and extrinsic which seems as if we did not inherit it. This will seem like we are Extragalactic beings when actually that is what I am here to teach to those who are at the level to learn.

 A universal message to those who are receivers follows. There are the NINE (9). Each has a purpose and work together as a team. No one knows all nine who holds the key to the thirteen (13) and the (7) seals and levels.  There are also 13 crystal skulls as symbolic representation of that which will be taught on earth. There is also crop circles or signs and symbols used for communication purposes by the most intelligent ones to learn with computers their meaning. One will learn that in thousands of years they used symbols on cave drawings with animals to mark the stars and this was also a calendar to mark when the nine and the 13 return. We make it a gradual concept in design between worlds of reality and virtual which is what words are chosen in this time. Senders and Receivers and our Avatar Ascended Masters do both. MANY LEARN TO CHANNEL AND SOME RECEIVE THE SAME MESSAGE FROM THEIR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS AND OTHERS FROM THEIR GUIDES AND SERAPH. Some are serving the Masters of the Supreme Beings and some have callings as the Galactic Council. I have heard of many levels of Channels and Psychic Trance Mediums.

Many of us also use Automatic writing too! I do and always have since I was a child. THERE ARE MANY BOOKS FOR BEGINNERS AND CLASSES IN GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS ONLINE. I use to TEACH CLASSES IN HAWAII LAST CENTURY. I ALSO HAVE FRIENDS WHO ENJOY SHARING THEIR PAST LIVES> It depends on each individual what they desire to share  about their soul journey here on this plane and planet. We all grow and the path seems long to some and short to others – time travel is now being taught and some engineers are learning to share the spiritual side of energy since everything is energy nowadays or so it is said and shared. When the words begin then many of us share the same messages around the world the higher we go on the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. I have actually heard Trance Channels begin and seen others begin to mimic the message while their eyes are closed and one did not know what the other would channel and it was not rehearsed it was spontaneous like musicians playing jazz and knowing the same chords. The more one knows and goes up the ladder of spiritual intelligence the more one realizes they do not know about the soul. It should be the quest of each and every individual to get to know their own soul’s journey. This is a way for us to learn of each other as we pass like ships in the night. We can also choose to share the long voyage in groups on this endless see of time we call eternity! TJ

You can see how human ability is offset by the desire for happiness, peace and security, how people’s vision and ability to know are hampered by influences even within their own cultures. How much greater these influences will be within a Greater Community environment.

This is the message that must be said, the truth that must be spoken, the truth that is vital and cannot wait. It is so necessary for people now to learn a greater Knowledge, a greater Wisdom and a greater Spirituality so that they may find their true abilities and be able to use them effectively.


Your freedom is at stake. 

The future of your world is at stake. 

It is because of this that we have been sent here to speak for the Allies of Humanity. 


There are those in the universe who are keeping Knowledge and Wisdom alive and who practice a Greater Community Spirituality. 

They do not travel all about, casting influence over different worlds. 

They do not take people against their will. 

They do not steal your animals and your plants. 

They do not cast influence over your governments. 

They do not seek to breed with humanity in order to create a new leadership here. 

Your allies do not seek to interfere in human affairs. 

They do not seek to manipulate human destiny. 


They watch from afar and they send emissaries such as ourselves, at great risk to us, to give counsel and encouragement and to clarify things when that becomes necessary. 

There are ALLIES in space who deliver messages to individuals to place them in words to share with the sentient intelligent beings on earth. This some that are being sent to various beings around the world. 

“We, therefore, come in peace with a vital message.”


Now we must speak of the fourth area in which your visitors seek to establish themselves, and that is through interbreeding. 

They cannot live in your environment. 

They need your physical stamina. 

They need your natural affinity with the world. 

They need your reproductive abilities. 

They also want to bond with you because they understand that this creates allegiance.

This, in a way, establishes their presence here because the offspring of such a program will have blood relations in the world and yet will have allegiance to the visitors. 

The visitors are not here to take your reproductive abilities away from you. 

They are here to establish themselves.

They want humanity to believe in them and to serve them. 

They want humanity to work for them. 

They will promise anything, offer anything and do anything to achieve this goal.

Yet though their persuasion is great, their numbers are small. 

Their influence is growing. 

Their program of interbreeding, which has been underway for several generations, will eventually be effective.

There will be human beings of greater intelligence but who do not represent the human family. 

All things are possible and have occurred countless times in the Greater Community. 


You have only to look at your own history to see the impact of cultures and races upon one another and to see how dominating and how influential these interactions can be.

Thus, we bring with us important news, serious news. But you must take heart, for this is not a time for ambivalence. 

This is not a time to seek escape. 

This is not a time to concern yourself with your own happiness. 

This is a time to contribute to the world, to strengthen the human family and to call forth those natural abilities that exist in people—the ability to see, to know and to act in harmony with one another. 

These abilities can offset the influence that is being cast upon humanity at this time, but these abilities must grow and be shared. It is of the utmost importance.

This is our counsel. It comes with good intentions. Be glad that you have allies in the Galactic greater Community, for allies we were always present in space will need. 

We are entering a greater universe, filled with forces and influences that you have not yet learned how to counteract. You are entering a greater panorama of life. And we must prepare for this. 


Words are but part of the preparation. 

A preparation is being sent into the world now. It does not come from us. 

It comes from the Creator of all life. 

It comes at just the right time. 

Time is for humanity to become strong and wise separately as a unit and together as a whole community… 

ABILITY: You have the ability to do this.

NEEDS: Events and circumstances of your life create a great need for this.

 Clue # 9 : I like to share words on my path of love and light while I am here. TJ


1. Aliens visit planet earth.

2. There are various humanoid types of aliens.

3. There are both male and female classed aliens

4. There are various humanoid type aliens working together

5. Aliens visit earth to collect specimens and explore

6. Humans have been contacted on earth by aliens

7. Aliens consider humanoids of earth an intelligent being species.

8. Aliens consider humans a very young civilization of our kind.

9. Aliens come and go at will.

10. Aliens choose whom they contact.

11. Some aliens do abduct humans although they bring them back.

12. Aliens are interested in the Alien Hybrids.

13. Aliens have enhanced some humans DNA

14. Aliens have joined a benevolent alliance in space

15. Aliens of Andromeda Galaxy will be joining Milky Way Galaxy.

16. Awareness of Aliens Program in Progress.

17. December 21, 2012 accepted as Alien Awareness Project Date Assignment

18. Aliens can look like humans.

19. Aliens who are far more advanced than humans of earth are interested in our species.

20. Some aliens who are in the benevolent alliance are aware of malevolent violent aliens.

21. We are to become aware of the alien benevolent alliance and the malevolent violent aliens.

22. We will become aware of other alien civilizations in space from other galaxies.

23. We will be learning about the alien spacecraft captured around the world.

24. We will be sharing more knowledge of various human stories of alien encounters.

25. We will discuss the “Contactees” encounters versus “Abductees” encounters.

26.Assuming No attack or invasion, are good;

27. Assuming Advanced Technology equals Advanced Ethics and Spirituality;

What is a Superior Force;(Internal & External)

Intrinsic Realities by G.T. Parrish Bowers is a book coming soon.

Visit us on TJMorris.org a Social Network of volunteer Social Entrepreneuers of Creativity and Generosity sharing their work, words, life, and experiences while introducing others to their creative works as BOOKS in art, culture, education, science, technology, folklife, and paranormal experiences.

We who are considered Alien ET Hybrids are called Walk-Ins to some of the old Baby boomers (1946-1966). Then comes those we call the Lightworkers and the Younger or Second Wave of Lightworkers before we begin counting the Indigos. There are also the Crystals and the Rainbow Children. Depends on who one asks as to when one generation begins and the other ends. Just like we all have our ideas of what will happen in the Ascension Age beginning 12-21-12 that is simply called the Golden Age to all those of the old NEW AGE movement that want peace on this planet.

If I am going to be asked to keep track and make the decisions like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or on Star Trek for all of us who are” wanna- be” science fiction writers then I am going to use what I believe to be my own way of thinking about the dividing lines. So, all those who have been keeping up aliens, and ufo reports in the old way of doing things in the old age will be cut off officially as of 11-11-1.1

 Some one had to say it, do it, and make it happen! So, I just did! We will keep up with the various reporting agencies and directories online on the web and Internet. We will share the World Information Network (WIN) Alliance in the ET UFO Community. We will now form the Planet Information Network (PIN). We will know who will join us as allies and who will link in and also be added to our friends network. For now we only share connections and find each other using Facebook which is not owned by us but used by us. We see no reason to reinvent the wheel as in When in Rome.

Whether MUFON, CUFOS, and all other reporting agencies want to abide by my date remains to be seen but those who are into the Ascension will probably agree with me. We see the spiritual enlightenment of the implications that things can’t go on forever the way they have been. Therefore, forever, has some rules and we are setting them ourselves.

There are interested paranormalists that we call UFO Skywatchers who are intent on sharing their own views, ideas, videos, and photos with others on the Internet. Some are so into the movement they create fake ones and we must forgive these who are over zealous to say the least.  

But, we now have to be aware that there are people waking up all over the world and they truly want to be heard. IT is time to formulate, organize, and congregate with our similar interests much like Facebook is doing now for all of us. Most of us don’t need MUFON any longer when we can all meet on FACEBOOK and on WEBCAMS. Some will want to share their experiences and at the end of this article is one of those people who just want to know and belong with others who would share their sightings and belief in the ET UFO Boomerang shapes that fly in “V” formation. I am one who believes because I know and there is the fine difference in those who know and those who believe.   More and more people are waking up and sharing their stories of late. It is a sign of the times. I have many friends who are authors and speakers and they are jumping on the band wagon to speak at expos and seminars about what people want to hear and that is how to relate to the new paradigm which is a paradox. Most all are relating to the time that is date stamped on history as 12-21-12. We are now collecting all our information which has a speed up date on 11-11-11.  TIME IS ACCELERATING FOR THE ASCENSION AGE AS IS EXPECTED November 11, 2011.  

So we in the REAL ET UFO COMMUNITY would appreciate all your lives being in order with all of your past life hurts forgiven. What ever they are we all forgive you. Now we would like all interested parties in the REAL ET UFO COMMUNITY to step out of the crowd and be counted. We want to know you and your listed website or blog or websites and blogs if you have many like me. There are many being recruited as those we call Lightworkers and Truthseekers. There are many in the old paradigm movement of the last century still holding onto their old reports. Please get them out, dust them off, scan them and make them into DIGITAL MEDIA so the rest of us can read them and get them into the PROPER ARCHIVES for global future retrieval of those who will be left behind on earth. Many of you may already know of many of the “BABYBOOMER’s PARENTS” who are checking out. It is becoming harder and harder on many of us to stay in our body who are what the younger generation is calling the “OLD LIGHTWORKERS” – YES I SEE IT ALL THE TIME on WEBSITES. So if you are my age – I was a babyboomer born December 26, 1951 and I am also an ALIEN ET HYBRID WALKIN or SPIRIT inside a body-mind-spirit having a birth-life-death experience with the rest of all humanoids on earth. In other words I believe we are all ET aliens and  we are all Time-Travelers! I have even seen some major journalists quoting what I say and putting it in their own words and rewriting what I sawy about the future and the times to come – so go ahead and share the times and use my name in vain if you need too but get the job done. We need all those who feel like they had a job to do to come forth and assist in all the UFO REPORTS in all the various PLACES like CUFOS, MUFON, SETI, CSETI, ECETI, and all the VARIOUS WEBSITES like UFO Digest.com , UFOMAG.com, Open Minds, and so on and so forth. There are many to choose from depending on your taste and desires to seek truth in work and words prepared as information by TJ Morris & Friends.  I did not keep all the people records of stories that people sent me because I had no need.

 I was already on board and the plans were known to me in various levels and stages. I will do what I can to assist in the future alliance for the World Information Network (WIN) and will be linking and listing more and more websites that want to be added into the alliance. 

Some are thinking that the Galactic Federation are the EVIL ONES and sharing Don’t GET ON THE SHIPS! While others are saying they want to go home! So, Go figure! Each being will have to decide for themselves whether they want to stay on this planet as agreed – I was once offered a chance to leave and chose to stay to assist during this time. Some believe there are the EVIL ONES on this planet in the underground caves and caverns up to no good and come and go as they please with a hidden agenda. We have not been invaded yet and I only know of a few pilots that have disappeared and we cannot blame their lost persons report on UFOS because the government and military forces say that is Impossible.

We are now approaching the time of the harvest and our angels and guides if you will are going to begin sorting the wheat from the chaff and/or shaft just like our ancestors have predicted in the past. (1.Chaff to separate- grain husks from the  seed, as by threshing. 2. Chaff- Releasing strips of metal foil into the air to avoid radar. 3. To make fun of as in good nature teasing.) Those who have great thoughts and believe in their own spirit having a birth-life-death experience here to return to their souls elsewhere as in dual citizenship in space will be taught to be aware and awake.

Those who choose to remain on earth with those who will stay here and take care of the planet either dead or alive in humanoid body form will stay and be left behind. Some of us haven’t made up our minds. The fact is that people expect the “SHIFT TO THE UPLIFT” of spirit as the final and last days to occur on 12-21-12 or around that time. 

Even the “GREAT AWAKENING” of the spirit that the “NEW AGE” movement began has now shifted to the PREACHERS of the old TENT REVIVALS of the old days into the larger TV evangelism collectors of money. The  Praise and Worship groups who have basically supported Gospel Music are all tuning into a shorter sermon and more singing and open praise with their voices and instead of using E-mail they still believe in KNEE-mail. 

This originally was  another article and it was too long so Dirk had me cut it down so I best be getting on with my life and assisting those who choose to ask me to help them. I try not to spread myself too thin these days. It’s not easy being green I mean a pink alien.  

Send those old reports into the ET UFO COMMUNITY REPORTING AGENCIES. MUFON has a MEETING IN CALIFORNIA and I am NOT SURE HOW EACH STATE MUFON WILL VOTE ON THE HEADQUARTERS BOARD OF DIRECTORS. THEY MAY HAVE TO LOOK AT A NEW MODEL LIKE CIVITAN INTERNATIONAL of BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA AS A FELLOWSHIP OF SKY WATCHERS FOR UFOS. Personally I believe anyone getting into the game now is too late and are coming in at the last quarter of the game of life with the ET UFO Community. I am going to remain doing my part and adding those websites to my ET SPIRIT WORLD INFORMATION NETWORK DIRECTORY and then seeing which way they go as in which way their spirits blow.

From now on it’s all over but the deciding whether one believes they have a spirit or not and will they believe in the higher source and soul purpose for one’s own mission here on earth or will they simply become what we in the ET UFO Community call CANNON FODDER? Well, I would like to leave on a positive note as a known commander of the Andromeda Galaxy and there are plenty of us ET types who know we are all about joining forces and deciding which uniform we will wear. Remember all that Gene Roddenberry did for us on this planet as STAR TREK and all that we gained in technology and he was actually one of us who we called the original NINE (9).

We are chosen as what in other realms are called Time-Travelers and we are also known in earth terms as Avatar Ascended Masters having already died 8 times in this life of memories. I am one of the returns of the NINE. Just my name TJ can be shared as a reincarnation of the energy that is known in past lives all the way back to MU and Atlantis. Well enough reminiscing. It’s time to go and I really do want everyone to know we are all the same in the body-mind-spirit lifetimes here and some will get to see the rest of the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. Some will simply stay behind and learn Quantum Physics for the new life on earth! The BELOW is a TYPICAL EMAIL I get from PEOPLE are awakening and wondering WHAT DO I DO NOW WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE? – TURN IN YOUR REPORTS! TJ?  Hi, Theresa If you would like to put my story on your websites, Go-ahead use it if you like… I think Boomerang UFO Info would be great as it may bring out more people that have seen these things… I would love to know if other people have seen anything like what we saw that night. I really cannot be sure of the exact date; I have thought about it alot and have it narrowed down to the summer of 1962, July or Aug. My friend and I were both 13 years old at the time… I will rewrite the story omitting our last names, correcting a typo as well, and referring to the year as the summer of 1962. Robert .

Hi Theresa:

My name is Robert and I now reside in British Columbia, Canada. I googled Boomerang type UFO s and came up with your info… Back when I was a 13 year old kid I lived in Estevan ,Sask. Canada and in the summer I quite often would sleep out on the lawn in the back yard ,sometimes with my friend, and and star gaze until I finally went to sleep. Back in the summer of 1962 my friend Dennis and I were stargazing on a moonless night in Aug. when we saw these objects going zipping across the sky. We really could not believe what we just saw. I would describe them as five white boomerangs flying in a V formation… They appeared to be small and were very fast and silent… They first crossed the sky in a very straight line from East to West in approx. 1 second from horizon to horizon.  We were in disbelief as to what we just saw. Then approx. 30 seconds later they appeared again flying the exact same course from East to West again. It would have been approx. three or 4 minutes later, they crossed the sky from North to South again in straight line taking approx. 1 second from horizon to horizon, then approx. 30 seconds later they flew exactly the same course from North to South.  We thought at the time that they must have flown right around the earth from E to W twice then flew around the earth from N to S twice. I listened to the news on the radio the next day as I thought thousands of people would have seen what we saw that night but I guess us the only ones, as there was no mention of it on the news… After I found your info on the web, I found it interesting that UFO s can be the shape of boomerangs and I was wondering if you have ever heard of boomerang type UFO s flying in a V formation.  We saw them 4 times all together that night. I simply cannot believe we were the only ones that saw these things. Estevan Sask. is near the center of North America… I am not sure if that had anything to do with the flight path or not… My friend Dennis moved away a year later and I have not seen him since but I am sure if you talked to him, he would tell exactly the same story. We always referred to them as the “5 white boomerangs”. Cheers! Robert

Hello Robert:

Thank you for finding me under Boomerang UFOS. Yes, I have heard of V formation. IT is a typical flight pattern. Thank you for your story. Can you give me a date? Can I use your story on my websites/ See the LIST BELOW? I can place it in Social Paranormal.com, or ETspirit.org, or make a page for BOOMERANG UFO INFO.  ?ET UFOS Buzzed the Whitehouse – To Show The Reality of Existence. The whole world was watching and learning with major media writing about it in the newspapers. The world has since been brainwashed to forget by the makers of major media corporations who were in control such as the Rockefellers. Private Commerce became more powerful than government  and the government was then controlled by big businesses thought to be too big to fail. The large black operations were financed from that point on due to the secrecy of the ET UFO considerations on earth and in space.  

I have some UFO LINKS I CAN ADD TOO! Thanks for the NEWS. I liked your story. Send me the exact dates if you can and email me back if it is okay for the whole world to see you email to me if they want to view your story?  THE AIR FORCE CALLS THIS A “V” FORMATION WHILE THE U.S. ARMY CALL IT A WEDGE FORMATION BECAUSE THEY ARE PROTECTING EACH OTHER IN THAT FORMATION.  IT’S HARDER TO ATTACK AND SNEAK UP BEHIND THEM. YOU ARE COVERING A 360 DEGREES ALL THE WAY AROUND it is said to be the best pattern for travel. It is called a TRAVEL formation to cover distance. I will let you know how George Filer and MUFON prefers reports to be recorded. I am just now deciding to assist with keeping up with others since I have not in the past been keeping up with all the stories.  It is my understanding that most prefer to record their stories somewhere to be archived. The only place I have listed my own in the past was with MUFON. That stands for Mutual UFO Network. I can record your story as received with your EMAIL as a Digital EMAIL address and NAME.  If anyone desires to contact you in the world in the future they can use this address as long as it is good. It is probably best if we begin to document with some type of government identification so we can trace you down for more information. I am only trained in the legal and government type of investigation and this Internet documentation is something I can do in cyberspace on the Internet and simply have my WEBSITES kept and copied and archived which is done by certain companies already. I will keep this as the First One I am going to record in the new WORLD INFORMATION NETWORK (WIN) for PROOF.

 I personally use the ET SPIRIT.ORG for my contact with the ENERGY of those who are INVOLVED with similar interests that I have in the ET UFO COMMUNITY. Apparently there are many people who desire to contact me telling me their stories but in the past they just wanted to share them with me and did not want to go public. Maybe now times have changed for many as we get closer to the ASCENSION AGE. I also use the Ascension Center.ORG with many who have worked with me for years actually since the first Houston Gathering. 1984-85. I just did not recognize the world with the world until the log materialized in Hawaii, USA for us.

I will record this confirmation of ET UFO BOOMERANGS flying in the “V” pattern formation.  (If some words are hard to define or spell out or sound out. It is because we search for the common meaning on earth. We take the vibrations and sound them out into symbols and then the words of the language of the interpreter. Love and Light – Nameste – TJ

Good evening Tj!

I hope you have had a great day so far it is storming very heavily in South Carolina! These monsoons are so unpredictable. I had a rest period during camp today and when I woke up it was exactly 12:27pm. I enjoyed that moment mightily. I am also in charge of all of the sports at camp and I enjoy every moment.

As far as the websites, I really digested etspirit.org and struck interest in that page. I am a young writer, nevertheless, I am willing to learn more and more each day.

I ponder more than anything in my day to day activities. The questions I come across each day never cease to amaze me. I am more than certain I have had contact with the extraterrestrial. The contact is in dream form and I make a huge attempt to recollect them fully.

How did your contact come about and what was it like? My father is a pastor and I have been in a very religious background for a long time. My beliefs have been very abroad and I have no limit to the possibilities of the spirit.

I hope you have a very relaxing Thursday! 

Love and light,


 Love and Light TJ -TJ MORRIS» as the mantra and saying for all who live by the spirit.  This goes with Namaste as we each bow to each other for the spirit in each of us. It is an ancient mystery school custom. Also sharing our touch with the minds as greeting by touching our third eyes together for about a three second interval as a shared ancient custom. We are Lightworkers and Truthseekers and believe in divine creation of the spirit in us all in the entire Omniverse of the original creators be they called God and Goddess as the masculine and feminine. It was used thousands of earth years ago and the Egyptians understood the feminine and the cosmos as the mother and the womb of creation in the Omniverse. The future will delve more into the ancient mystical beliefs that were feminine and these became dominant because of some who desired to rule over being found to be light of heart as was first shared with all on this planet. We will begin recognizing those who have been called to share in the Ascension Age and with those of similar interests in the future in the Planet Information Network.COM. We will be working with those in the marketing and media with computer webmasters because of the need to further the awareness in the web. We shall create our own new expos around the world as the PIN EXPOS for Planet Information Network – where we can all share our wisdom. People want to know the truth and how to access it in the former paradigm which was the past while the future may seem a paradox.

Theresa J. Thurmond Morris


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TJ is devoting her life to the research of how the mind works in relation to the extraterrestrials who visit her in person and through what we call extra-sensory-perception as ESP. There are nuclear physicists working on the same energy and education that TJ has to offer for future discoveries about our involvement with ET.

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