Evolution is a touchy subject for some people

But whatever your personal beliefs are, there is one thing we can all agree on:

The human race adapts to its surroundings.

When we found ourselves in darkness, we tamed fire.

When we wanted convenience, we harnessed electricity.

When we saw the need to travel, we rode horses, then invented cars, planes   and spacecrafts.

Throughout history, every shift in our needs has been met with the creation or discovery of a life-changing solution.

But what about today’s dilemma?

How do we counter stress and fulfill the expectations of modern life?

How do we deal with information overload?

How do we channel our unique gifts towards improving our lives and the lives of others?

How do we fulfill ourselves on a higher level, when all our basic needs have already been met?

Open your mind and discover the answer in this paradigm-shifting video:

>>> Could this be the next step in your personal evolution? 

See You On The Astral Planes,

One thought on “Evolution is a touchy subject for some people

  1. Evolution of Human Consciousness
    Does our steady rate of consciousness expand along like the universe ?

    I totally agree – proper diet- vigorous exercise- good sleep
    Can heal- body- mind & soul naturally

    Once we detoxify and create balance within feeling good about one’s self
    Weight control,not tired,more alert of one’s surroundings
    Positive energy now creates attunement within
    Now the body- mind & soul do adjust to a higher frequency in intelligence and spirit
    Thus now creating a amplification of total self awareness

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