Meditations, genetic dispositions for psychic sensitivities, Reiki healings, any opening oneself, even intense prayer, not unlike employing one’s mind in using  a OUIJA board, can spiritually be most seriously dangerous.

For those dubious or cynical about the’ realities’ discussed, herein, I remind you that it’s never too late to increase your learning, now that you’re aware at least that much knowledge exists outside of your accumulated realm of learning.

It’s sadly more than probable that there are many like you who are totally unaware of the unseen, as well as the evil unseen, which makes you and them all the more vulnerable.


Knowledge is power and in this realm ignorance is hardly ever bliss.

The unseen evil world around us is as real as the nose on your face and as equally hard to see, but it exists nonetheless.

Western science does not differentiate between spiritual possession and clinical mental illness; a child who hears discorporate voices and who claims to see spirits/ghosts is deemed psychotic not psychic, and thus is wrongly medicated.

As mental illness permeates our society as the most ubiquitous prevalent disease, its epidemiology and causality is largely misunderstood, just as in the example, above.

Is then, mental illness largely a symptom of demonic entities, meddling and infernal, seeking semi-possession?

Many institutionalized back -ward ‘psychotic’ patients are possessed not insane.

Unseen negative-thought beings are an astonishing negation to,”Seeing, is believing”!

Negative thought entities, from unseen demons, unseen reptilians or hostile ghosts are inter-dimensional entities, denizens of several parallel spirit worlds.

Most people with unwanted  predatory energy attachments will have more than one of the following:

Cold patches in the aura
Bad dreams and nightmares
Unexplained aches and pains
Anxiety and fearfulness
Obsessive/compulsive behavior
Self mutilation
Eating Disorders
Out of character behavior, especially angry outbursts
Lack of eye contact or a ‘haunted’ look in the eyes
Drug addiction or alcoholism
Suicidal thoughts or actual attempts

“Earworms”,  a popular term fa cyclical, obsessive melody or fragment of a song that will not go away or that returns again is a signature symptom of an intrusive entity ‘attachment’.  That revealing  melody is merely the tip of the submerged iceberg of an often highly intelligent devious astral parasite.

When I strongly psychically resisted, my inner imp would send songs whose lyrics reflected an all knowing proprietary demeanor:”You belong, to me”, an old sixties song and the Beatles’,”Can’t you see that you’re mine, we’ve been together for a long, long time” sinisterly echoed repeatedly, inwardly, in retort response…

it is astounding how almost universal this evil psychic symptom is; as we ride horses, we are likewise sought to be ‘ridden’, by brilliant and predatory negative thought entities towards partial possession.

They are lampreys and remora predators of consciousness, itself.

Try to dislodge it and it becomes less quiescent; sudden and persistent appetites, addictions, drug use and spontaneous unsolicited strong sexual urges blossom and prevail.

The only sure cure is a difficult one: to strengthen one’s ‘immunity” by a spiritual method.

Unlearn fear as fear feeds and empowers bullying negative entities.


One must self-dwell in a realization that one is NOT just a body with an inner spirit, but instead a spirit having Earthly adventures.

One must embrace the conviction that one’s body does not CONTAIN a soul, but that one IS a soul, temporarily residing in a body.

All bodies die, but the soul does not.  One is not one’s car,or clothing or body; we step out of those and remain ourselves, an undying spirit with creative God-like powers.  Within THAT spiritual realization comes authority and newfound power to repulse the evil that is unseen.

It’s a painful process for most who view themselves as mere victims in their body.

These people characteristically fear physical injury more than spiritual injury.

If one is ‘under telepathic attack’, psychically, with compulsions or nightmares, one can deter this ‘attack’  with a basic training course, a full realization of one’s spiritual existence, which extends astounding powers.

Predatory and opportunistic energies are all around us, as are many earthbound lost souls.

The Brown Lady

Are ghosts ‘lost souls’?

(When ghosts are heard on EVP’s, revealingly, they generally do plead for, ask for our help.)

If one stumbles into a haunted house or if a ghost stumbles into YOUR house, or poltergeists persist after a sighting of UFOs, then there are God-like powers of our minds that we can employ to help them.

Within a fuller spiritual realization comes the ‘voice” to assert control and authority.

Healing is a must for all those who desire to operate in other realms of consciousness.

You must have “Self ” – assert your authority and maintain control.

If you are experiencing negative vibrations, anxiety attacks, bad dreams or just creepy feelings, they are either thought forms, imposed limiting mental concepts, demonic reptilian aliens, contractual psychic bonds or disincarnate entities (lost souls) ghosts,  in need of healing.

They are bound to the Earth’s vibration or to human abductions because of lower vibrational attitudes and emotions.  Some are coercive and desire to manipulate or control.

Sometimes a demon will coast in like a Great White Shark and they like aliens, require much hard work to dislodge.


Love Heals

Casting out entities, be they ETs, spirits, demons, jinns or ghosts)only sends them to another place to torture and trouble another person .
It’s like pulling a nail out of one’s flat tire and then casting the nail out into traffic for someone else to run into.

In all healing, do remember that God is “pure” Love and exists hidden within every cell of your being. It is only the power of Love that heals and lifts, elevates the soul to higher planes.

Another essential self-defense rule?

Unlearn fear as fear feeds and empowers bullying negative entities.

I give you the following steps to clear the negative energy:

First,  hold close that spiritual metamorphosis realization that you are a spiritual being, a tiny fragment of God’s light and love.

1.  Close your aura by visualizing a white or gold light around you.

2.  Call upon your chosen cultural representative of God, be it Jesus, Buddha, Babaji, Mary, Mohammed, White Eagle or another one of the beautiful Many “Christed” Ones.

3.  Tell the entities they are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened.(repeat this as often as you feel it is needed.)

4.  Tell them that they are filled and surrounded with the Christ light and the Christ love (or the highest consciousness and energy available)

5.  Ask that your chosen  representative (I use my personal angels) arrive and take them to their perfect place and highest expression.

I often state that they be taken to the correct color light and to their proper place within that light.

6.  Ask that all negative thought forms, and limiting mental concepts be dissolved, and lifted into the light of truth.

7. Ask that all of their psychic bonds be severed, and that they close their auras to all but spirit of the highest vibration.

I ask that all negative karmic, sexual, known and unknown contractual bonds be severed. I augment this with a visualization of a blue flaming sword that severs black cords, in all directions.

Repeat this process until you feel clear.

There may indeed often be more than one healing to accomplish.

Remember that your spoken word is very powerful, and what is spoken, on their level, manifests instantly.

Many enlightened ones use this process before opening their energies and mind to prayers, healings, doing psychic readings of others and  angelic channeling.

Like burning sage to dissipate negative energies, this process creates a clear and safe environment and also lifts the vibrational energy of the one who is doing the healing.

Intent, the inner generator of your mind-soul, is nine-tenths of the spiritual law.

I am still becoming adept in this as a novice, but I recommend that you try to employ this loving ‘expulsion’ as it raises trapped spirit’s vibrational levels and does service to the Other Side.
Moreover, such psychic flexing of unconditional love, illustrates the God-like creative powers of the human mind.