*Expedition in Spain*

NGO “Laboratory K” conducts research expedition in search of new places are likely to remain Atlantis and other ancient, lost civilizations in Europe. The expedition landed in places such as Cadiz (Spain), Crete, Santorini. A search through the Russian submarine robot “DmitriS” in the Azores expedition will go to the seamount Spartel Kadiyskom in the Gulf.

As in all previous expeditions invited partners are specified rights to the use of materials of scientific, archaeological, and audio-video. Those wishing to test their equipment, sponsor or just to take part in the search are also invited on the expedition. The search itself is entirely non-commercial nature, found artifacts, as they were not to be used for research purposes.

The ship also carries a cross, blessed by a priest traveling Russian Fedor Konyukhov. Upon arrival of the ship at the port of Cyprus will be the installation of an underwater Orthodox cross. The event will be present to install the president and the Archbishop of Cyprus.

Point: Gdansk – Bremerhaven (August 25) – Eden – Amsterdam – Saint Malo – Brest – Lisbon – Cadiz – Palma de Mallorca – Menorca – Barcelona – Principality of Monaco – the island of Elba – Rome – Cagliari – Panteleriya island – the island of Malta – the island of Kos , Crete, Santorini Island – Nisyros – Cyprus (October 13).

The duration of the expedition: 3 weeks.

Approximate start date of expedition: 26 October – 17 November 2011.

* On board there are free cabins for guests and media representatives.

* We invite all who believe that might be a project partner.

* Terms and conditions for the participation of guests: ~ 800 Euros per person

Apply to Leonid Gavrilov, NGO “Laboratory K”:

[email protected],

+7 (916) 215-46-19


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