Extraterrestrials Acceptance Extends Healthy Life Future


Sharing the Fountain of Youth
By: Theresa J Thurmond Morris
Extraterrestials acceptance extends healthy life future. Here is why. Many have feared that which they could not understand in the past about aliens and UFOS. We are about to change all of that ignorance and fear with the global acceptance that alien civilizations exist. We call this the acceptance that there are extraterrestrials that have always been superior to us and have visited this planet as they so desired. It is in our best interest to accept what our ancestors have shared in our history and cultures around the world. The one constant in the larger picture of all religions and cultures on earth are that there were visitors from the sky or heaven.
We have found out that there is a “GOD PARTICLE” that flows inside and outside of all things. This includes people, places, and things.
Those who desire to obtain a Doctorate in Philosophy as a Ph.d. in anything will want to understand more about everything. This world has advanced in light years beyond that which is now accepted in the world of academia according to the books that could not be accepted to obtain a degree that takes at least twelve years of study in the “Old World Ways” of doing things.
Education is important on planet earth however, the way that we are all sharing and learning together in unison past the age of accountability of the present eighteen (18) has far exceeded that which in the past we revered as one who is intelligent based on their special field of expertise.
We who are sharing and learning together in the social paranormal network are surpassing that which in the past was only accepted by those who were of the chosen in the Ancient Mystery Schools of the universal magick or magic.
There is now an understanding of what makes us all a part of the sentient intelligent being community.
We are all one species and as extraterrestrials star seeds and as ET we are considered the youngest in the galaxy and in the universe. There are various incubators or terra formed planets that are procreated and planted with star seeds.
We are exactly one form of beings that are in the infancy of life forms called humanoids on earth for lack of better words and understanding.
One being who will be recognized as understanding more about human beings shared in his book How to Live 365 Days a Year (Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ) shared during his time on earth the six basic needs that every human shares. This person was Dr. John Schindler and his findings were the following:
1. The Need for Love
2. The Need for Security.
3. The Need for Creative Expression
4. The Need for Recognition
5. The Need for New Experiences
6. The Need for Self Esteem
In addition, later, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, M.D.  F.I.C.S. who received his doctorate in medicine form Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons added the Need for More Life.
7. The Need for More Life.
Dr. Maltz was a well-known plastic surgeon who practiced in England, France, Germany, Italy, and Latin America. Dr. Maltz is he author of Psycho-Cybernetics, A new Way to Get More Out of Life.
The book is still worth reading due to the changes that we are all aware of who bother to stay updated in the medical research field of our species. We can see how far we have advanced and yet there are some mainstays in life that have not changed. These shards of truth that have been realized and shared in time with words are always good to see and share repeatedly with each new generation on earth. 
Many of today’s generations will never pick up a book  outside of their education and schooling process if offered to them at all in life’s future. The future is changing and so is how we are educating the global population.
There is a new way of teaching that includes the electronic computers and the Internet. We are more about showing through the eyes of media and video than ever before. However, the need to communicate information in the written form will never be outmoded. We may have the abilities to use our ears and to listen to the word, however it is to the benefit of all humanoids to understand hot to convey the thoughts that are conceptualized through the individual form that make us all the creators of our worlds.
We are all special in being different in a way that others who are Superior to our kind on earth can track. Some of us are coded with certain DNA after we are born on earth so that we can be traced and found in the millions of tiny humanoid star seeds that are seen on this planet by those who are in other galaxies.
We are the one’s in training for future endeavors work in other worlds once we graduate form and accomplishments as individual sparks of light in thoughts and deeds. We must be found deserving.
Being one being in the ocean of the universal plane of the Omniverse makes us a part of something much greater than only one being and ourselves on this planet.
We must raise our consciousness above that which we conceive as being only ourselves inside and out.
We are all attached to a much greater energy that some call GOD and others call the LIFE FORCE. Some realize that we are a part of the energy and that energy can never end or die, as we know it on earth.
Why the New Age, Paranormal, Supernatural, ET/UFO, Metaphysical, Occult, Ancient Mystery Schools are good for all of us on earth. Because it gives us the nourishment that we need to live. It is looking forward to life and living with anticipation of a new day and a new way of life that creates the elixir of what life is made of. We are all subject to stressors in life and life in itself can create new challenges. 
These challenges of life is what we are here to learn about in the universal creation that goes on forever in the ultimate expression and expansion of the Omni creative process some regard as GOD.
There have been various philosophies throughout history that have made humankind worthy of being. The fact that we are all alive and well on planet earth as a species of sentient intelligent beings accounts for something. The fact that we exist is what “Life is made of!” We are the proof that there is more than “US OUT THERE!” We instinctively have known that there are more of others and us out there in the universe.
If one wants to know about the true spirit of life and wants to live longer then one must accommodate one’s own life force to knowing inside that one can and will live longer. This is what we all share inside. The knowing that Extraterrestrial Beings exist and are out there in the universe and are superior to us gives us more to look forward too in life. Therefore, the acceptance of the future will include extraterrestrials for the good of the whole entire species on earth and in space.
We are all here on this planet to discover not only ourselves but also each other inside and out. There is an inner being that controls our life force that is actually our own spirit that returns to the original soul that some call the over belief or the over soul. The over soul was in the past thought to be a connection to this life force or the “Fountain of Youth”. This is the place where we can tap into the “Source” for all out inner and outer “ENERGY”. Some in science now call this the “GOD PARTICLE” of the entire universe.
We that stick together in the world and are of this New Age, Paranormal, Supernatural, ET/UFO/ Metaphysical, Occult, Ancient Mystery Schools, Community and newly formed Social Paranormal Network are all creators in both schools of Art and Science.
We are they who have strived throughout the years on earth to swim upstream like salmon desiring to spawn and gain the interest in new life findings because it is our natural instinct.
We as all animals desire to heal when we are injured. This desire can be controlled somewhat certain doctors of medicine and psychology have found. Science is now about proving that there is more to being human than simply existing in order to find out what makes us physical. We are about more than simply replacing body parts. We are now about learning to grow new body parts and learning about stem cell regeneration and the growth process. We are about learning what the RNA and DNA have to do with longevity in life. We are about discovering all that is required to cure cancer and what goes wrong with our inside and out in the physical. We have learned that much of the physical healing process is linked to our minds and the inner processing that we call thoughts.
The thought entities that we create have become a part of the healing process for all of us as a species. We as intelligent beings are said to becoming aware of our intelligence inside and how the flow of our thoughts actually creates the future for us all as one entire intelligent being species.
Those of us who spent the time to study the miracles on earth, the mysterious findings on earth, and are intrigued with what has been created and studied by humankind makes us all similar in certain aspects where the mind is concerned.
There is a part of all of us that some have overlooked in our species in the history of humankind. Some of our ancestors had certain elders who were looked upon as healers and medicine men and women in our tribes. Some were called the Shamans and those who learned of the energy of life from watching the flow of energy into our minds as thoughts.  These thoughts actually become entities because they are created inside the mechanism of our minds, which is housed inside the physical.
A glue that is inside us acts as a shield and holds all of our physical flesh, and sinew together. A covering exists in, around our electrical system, in, and around our capillaries. This film of life is a part of the life force that can be affected by our thoughts. This film that is a fluid and liquid is a major part of all of us. It can be felt when we are at out best in body-mind-spirit. There will be future explorations and research on the inner parts of our physical mainstay we call the physical body.
We are embarking upon the future and the future will change. We must have those who look forward to thinking and sharing positive ideas and creations for the good of the all. The magic elixir of life therefore is the energy to carry on and to look forward to life as a living entity that we are simply the host of inside and out, as we exist in a body-mind-spirit form. We must adjust to expecting more in the future of what we call life among the living on earth. We must take care as stewards of each other and ourselves. We are learning to globalize the planet with our thoughts and deeds that aim to please the Superiors who are in other places, and spaces, as Superior beings who are governed by the Supreme Counsel of this universe.  TJ

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