Faked and Altered Documents

From Scott L. Felton of Conwy UFO Group, North Wales, UK.

Dear UFO Enthusiast, I’d be grateful if you could forward this to your contacts as I’m trying to gather some information on a particular document which quite a few UFO enthusiasts out there have in their possession. Most if not all, will be in the possession of UK based enthusiasts or perhaps British enthusiasts living abroad. Copies however could be almost anywhere.
I have in my possession a copy of a document which is a Major Incident Log, set up to record events surrounding a suspected airplane crash on Cader Bronwen Mountain, North Wales on the night of 23rd January 1974. This is the same night as the infamous Berwyn Mountains UFO event which is often described as a crash.

The log was set up by Gwynedd Constabulary three months before it evolved into North Wales Police here in the UK. Many copies of the Log have been distributed to various persons over the years. I have made several Freedom of Information requests to North Wales Police for information relating to its role in events of that night in 1974 and I have been forced to file an official complaint regarding their handling and for obstruction each time.
North Wales Police has become aware that I’m privy to information which demonstrates categorically, that it has been involved in sending out altered documents, fake documents and other disinformation to various enquirers over the years – depending on who they are. I recently presented NWP with a copy of a faked Police document which it circulated for years. The Force then seized the document and tried to disrupt the FOI request. In a more sinister move regarding the aforementioned Log, the Force knows that I’m aware of at least one other Log which is different to the one I have. As such, in its resp[onse following an internal review of my request, it not only now claims not to possess any of Log, but claims to know nothing about it at all, despite my copy, those of others and, debunkers also openly referring to the document in their possession!!!!
How is that for a bit of corruption?
This is obviously going to appeal as I know NWP is painfully aware of the existence of the Log document and I know full well it possesses the originals still.
I might add, that my complaint about the handling of this particular complaint is also being dragged out. NWP is trying to buy time wondering how it can account for no less than two separate documents being fabricated/altered and originating from within the Force.
I am sending this communication out as an appeal, for anyone who possesses a copy of the Major Incident Log in relation to the 23rd of January 1974 and the Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident, to contact me via the email address below.
I wish to establish if more altered copies are out there and if so, establish how many different versions are in circulation and also, how recently those copies were requested.
I don’t expect any debunkers to get in touch as that would be assisting perhaps a pro-alien scenario and for security of my appeal, I’ll be unable to divulge any info’ about the alterations etc, but if you’ve ever investigated in part or whole, the Berwyn UFO case, you may very well have a copy of that document and I’d appreciate a copy and the date it was acquired. Everything is confidential and anyone who knows me knows full well that confidential means confidential.
So if you have a copy plus other details, please get in touch. The email address is:
[email protected]
Please, do not just send details in text or attachments. Let me know first that you have such a document etc and I’ll arrange with you to obtain the document copies etc.
Thanks for your time.
Scott L. Felton. 

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