Final Serpo Message?

This is a bulk message which I’m sending to everyone who has contacted me at some point in the last nine months concerning Project Serpo ( ).

If you and I have been in correspondence since you wrote, then here are my greetings to you again.

In the event that I never found the time to write back to you, then please accept my apologies here. The Serpo website has been overwhelmed with thousands of messages – many of which were personal, contained details of fascinating experiences, intelligent observations, excellent questions, or even privileged information. Each message was read carefully and every one was appreciated – even those which profoundly doubted that the story was true.

Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy of

Although I did my best, I know that I missed some replies. If this applies to you, this message is to acknowledge that and offer my belated thanks. You may also have been one of the many who wrote a number of times, and, if so, that was noted and also much appreciated.

Whether the Serpo story is true or not was never my job to judge; I simply wanted to make this fascinating information available to a wider public. Considering the firestorm of debate that’s been occurring since the story first broke last November, that’s been an arguable success.

You may or may not have been following the story since you made contact. If you haven’t, I’d like to draw your attention to the latest (and possibly the last) update, posted on 7 July, at

Because it’s just been completed and is also easy to do, please find attached a text document which is a written interview done recently by Tim Ventura from American Antigravity. It may be worth reading. It contains pretty much all that I know (except for the names of some important individuals behind the scenes); explains my conclusions about the story (that it’s disinformation mixed with naturally occurring compounded errors, but contains what last November I called “a core of extraordinary truth”); and states the focus of my attention from here onwards, which is Project Camelot ( ). Do find the time to read it, and I hope you may find it interesting.

Project Camelot itself aims to provide a platform for researchers and whistleblowers to tell their stories safely and in full confidence if need be, offering safety in numbers for those who may feel threatened, and at the same time honoring those who have paid a high price for having had the courage to speak out or to challenge vested interests. Do check out the site.

Project Camelot is nothing whatsoever to do with Serpo except that it was inspired by one of the individuals who contacted me, as you did, on this contact form – an ex aerospace archivist who had six months of hands-on experience with government documents, photographs, films and alien artifacts, and who is now telling the story of what he saw and experienced. His story can be found here:

It’s unlikely in my opinion that there will be any more Serpo updates… but I still hope to be surprised. In the meantime, do stay tuned to Project Camelot, where we already know that there are some extraordinary stories, told by exceptional people, waiting in the wings. We look forward to hearing from you again.

With my best wishes to you,

Bill Ryan

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