Finally – A Must Have UFO Book

If  you are interested in the subject of unidentified flying objects  you definitely will want to read this book.

I rarely suggest books  concerning the UFO topic as I cannot find ones I feel will benefit the subject on a level needed to break through the wall of denial and delusion that has built around this subject. 

It seems we long ago lost our way with subjects considered unknown riding a  abstract  road  mixed  of fact and fiction .  It seems impossible to find material that gets to the point and is filled with data we need to digest and decide on the issue of flying unknowns.  

UFOs in Wartime  written by Mack Maloney is one of the best books in my mind written concerning the  Unidentified Flying Object subject out there. 

Mack Maloney does not waste our time with fluff or filler.  He gets right to the getting  leaving the readers head spinning with one  report, encounter or  sighting after the other .  This book  is  filled from first page to last with information  collected from  first rate sources and witnesses .  Mack left  no stone unturned in his research of  UFO’s  during our worlds history  of  War. 

Not only is the book fascinating in its first rate accounts  it  explains  reports of what took place in our skies during our  war conflicts going back  to AD 312.

How many times have we  had to listen to naysayers  whine  how they deny what they hear or read concerning the UFO issue  due to the lack of credible witnesses?  How many times have we had to listen to the complaints of those who feel only  crazy people or money grabbers are those pushing the UFO agenda?  Mack Maloney has given us all the ammunition to  give those clinging to that line of reasoning something to think about.  His book  UFOS in Wartime  will give the most hard core skeptic something to chew on for a very long time. 

This book is filled with unexplained hard to dispute accounts of unknown objects that were encountered by the world’s  best and  brightest   pilots , military people and other high ranking government officials.  This is not a book written about the dream state  imaginary encounter of a lost lonely soul- this is a book filled with event after event of those  I feel are impossible to dismiss.

The best thing about this book for me is that I now have a handy  reference book to help me combat the  hardest skeptic with facts and exact events  that are hard to deny.  To tell someone you have  stood  before a huge UFO and dealt with it first hand is like walking around with a huge sign tattooed on my head   that reads ” Insane lady here”  .  With Mack Maloney’s book at hand I can  recite case after case of  Unidentified Flying Object reports  that  back up  my  own  experiences with the unknown.

If  you  find you are often caught frustrated  because  your ability to reference  incredible  information quickly of undeniable  quality  UFO reports this is the book for you. 

I could not possibly list the information found in this book as it is filled from cover to cover  with  incredible  accounts  all of us should  be aware of concerning this issue.  You need to  read it  if you are at all confused or interested in the subject of UFOs.

Mack Maloney has presented an intelligent well thought out  book  that for me was a huge surprise and   now  dictionary type  addition to my desk top.  The next time a skeptic decides to catch me  off guard demanding  expert witnesses or reports with a  out of  side of their mouth snarl-  I will whip this book and just start reading it to them!

Do yourself a favor and buy this book.  In fact buy one for all those side snarling skeptics in your life as well.  Unlike many paranormal books that are rather expensive  this book  is well priced and for a few dollars the best thing you can own if  you are interested in the subject of  UFO’s .  I plan  on buying a handful of copies to give to those  who help me in my own UFO research as well as a few for those who have been biting at my back for years who live in full denial of that which flies about right over their heads.

My advice.  Buy this book!













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