Fire Island UFO Sighting

By Chris Holly

Fire Island is a outer island that is located  off of the coast of  and  separate from the main land of Long Island  New York. 
Fire Island has been the play  land for many New Yorkers due to its  closeness to New York city yet beauty of being an ocean coast of incredible  open beaches. . It is only accessible by boat or small water landing planes. Those who are able to afford the luxury of  visiting this outer beach Island use it as their private vacation land. 
The fact that  it is only accessible by boat or water landing planes makes it a dream place for those who want to get away from the  populated city yet be only an hour or so away .  Once you arrive on Fire Island it is hard to believe you are only a short distance from New York City or the overcrowded areas of Long Island.  When walking the beaches of Fire Island all you see is open sky over open ocean.  It is a paradise in the middle of everything!
It is a thin island lined with small beach towns with summer homes connected by boardwalks creating  small hamlets along the beachfront. Many people own summer homes in these small beach towns.  The man who reported the following sighting to me is one of those who lives all summer on Fire Island in a home he owns in one of the beach hamlets.
While visiting a friend of mine she told me about an unusual sighting this man- her neighbor had while walking on the beach. She asked  him if he would tell me about it and he agreed.  I sat on the deck of my friends cottage with the man as he told me about his strange encounter.
He told me he was walking with his dog far down the beach between hamlets one morning before most people were even awake on the Island. He  liked to walk free of the vacationers and traveled far down the beach so he could enjoy his solitude before the rush of the summer day began. During one of his morning walks he  noticed what he explained as a huge cone of cotton candy hanging in the sky!
He and  his dog  were walking along the beach  when he noticed a cloud that was much lower than the others hovering out over the ocean. He told me that the cloud was much whiter and brighter than the other clouds.
This one strange cloud  was not moving along with the wind like  the other  clouds were. He also noticed  that  all the other clouds were much higher than this one. The cloud had a very specific shape to it that never changed  while the other clouds would shift and change shape as they drifted along . He told me he stopped and sat down on the beach with his dog to watch this odd cloud for a while.
The cloud remained in a standard position hovering lower and lower until it was only a few hundred feet above the water line. When the cloud fell close to the ocean he could see an outline of a metal gray craft that seemed to be wrapped in cotton candy. He could clearly see that something was being cloaked behind or inside this cloud shield as it came lower and lower towards the ocean line. As he watched the craft seemed to thicken its width and density of layers of the cotton candy cloud like material.  He also noted his dog started to growl.
He watched as this cloud craft object lifted slowly back up towards the other clouds once it  had reconstructed the thickness of the cloud cover to conceal the object. hiding what was deep inside the cover of white cloud material. The cloud kept adding altitude until it was level with the other clouds in the sky and started to increase its speed floating away with the higher clouds until it was far out to sea and lost in the blue and white of the ocean and sky.
This is not the first time I have had a report of  this sort and had to wonder how many other objects may be  cloud cloaked UFO’s that  may be   floating about right over our heads. I have noticed the clouds are strange on some days. I know the weather is extremely odd. I have to wonder how  often this has been  going on directly over our heads without our noticing it ? We are creatures of habit and easily distracted from our surroundings. This cloud cloaking would be a logical way to carry on as they wish right over our heads.
The man  understands he witnessed something extremely unusual and admits he had little or no interest in the subject of UFO’s or things unexplained until this incident. He told me that there is nothing like firsthand knowledge and seeing with one’s own eyes  something they may once have considered  ridiculous or to not exist.  Now he is a believer and knows it is time for not only him but for all of us to pay close attention to our surroundings as obviously events are taking place every day right in front of our faces and most of us just do not look around enough to see them.
I  agree with him and  know if more of  us did pay attention to what happens around  us many of the  things we consider unknown would soon be figured out.  Not only do we need to pay attention to what happens around us we have to  pay attention to what is the normal of things around us so we are able to quickly pick out when something is new , different or strange.
I will leave you with the message that  the world is up,  over and around you – so put down your cell phones and hand held gadgets and look around .  Who knows what you find looking back at or observing you!

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